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General StuffPosted by Nicole Sun, April 15, 2018 01:47:34

[Disneys Force sucks, Culture War, my Origin Story]

So, ... it stops. Its over. Its ... right there. The plug.

The feeling itself ... its like a spark of Light that feels strangely uncomfortable. Its nourished by something - while I don't have a feeling of correcting myself to any extent. ... Hmm... Why am I here? I'm here because this feeling however took me here. Now, the issue has changed.

I've been working on something else the previous ... week, or weeks. In there I stumbled upon something that I meant to share, but I figure that I might have to give it some extra dedication. Well, I've written about it at multiple occasions and there seems to be some ... confusion about it and I think it would be wrong to leave it up to just that.

So, me and the Antichrist ... before this Universe got created ... the "pre-story". The way I feel, the general understanding is that I argue that he and someone else were using me as a mask and that I thereby somehow felt abused. Now I have a bit of a better understanding of how that went about.

Part 1 to this is the assumption that "dead matter" is created by God as He removes his "active will" from something. So, God can't do that because He is omnipresent. Presence of God means existence - basically. So the things He "removes His will from" basically freezes in its state and thus matter becomes a thing. So, the thing that stuff movies isn't a matter of God actively doing stuff over and over again - things are simply doing their thing while God doesn't bother to manipulate stuff. That must simply be how God works.

So, after God created me - or ... after I was created - I so existed there and eventually became female. How that is a thing ... I'm not fully sure yet. Yet, as we grow and our spirit thus starts to take shape we take on things which so "defines" ... well ... "what we are not". So, I grew - and recognized something that I was not - lets so call it 'male' - and so I removed my will. Now ... Light Bulbs turn on in some of your heads. Right?

So, I created the Antichrist - or the Antichrist so became as a shadow of mine. A part of me. As he became I realized that there were things about it that I yet liked. So, that is me as the mask. Triggered by Envy we can say. In that motion I created another shadow, a female one, and again, me surrounding it was that mask. Those two started to engage with each other, not knowing me, while also being now two sides of me that I am but simultaneously also was not. So, theres a male entity I am not with an outline that corresponds to me; And a female entity I am not with an outline that corresponds to me. That there is a part of me there is important to understand the feelings of abuse that bothered me. Those outlines.
I'm not entirely sure, but regarding my initial experience I felt like being reduced to just substance. Substance to their entertainment. If I wanted to make myself known, they'd understand it as something that is given to them to engage with each other. Eventually that made me want to escape them - so I collected myself outside of their reach and thats basically where the perverted part of me has been bred.

I guess we could compare my situation there to that of a homeless person that isn't allowed to sit around in public spaces. Further would there also be people - where, the places I gathered feel like veins and the positivity therein feels like ... pervy stuff. I therein so was a sow to a multitude of people that lived within those veins.

And in this sense so the ... thing of feeling like a piece of shit and enjoying it. Eventually God got around to changing stuff around, separating us from our being within each other, turning us into isolated units, ... and giving me a male starting ground would correspond to my reactions to the creation of the first "shadow". So, the thing there is as I withdrew from stuff someone became and so that ... was taken. I couldn't be that anymore. And because the "shared space" felt uncomfortable I didn't want to either. But so that that wouldn't make me miserable I was given something of a male ... something; While I myself remained generally me, which means that for the most part I'm a whore. Or ... in this sense ... whatever you'd call a person that lives to get fucked by others.

So in essence I was then allowed to reconquer the spaces that I abandoned while also being part of a new/different environment and social context.

Somewhere within and beyond this is a picture that was implanted into me - as - I suppose for me to talk to you about some of the reasons behind Gods decisions. I have written about that before, so it isn't really new. The image was a bunch of trapezoid bricks stacked upon one another, those resemble us, ... and whenever God would make a pick - give something to someone or whatever, someone else would have a problem with that. So, if I get married to X, Y might complain because of a corresponding loss and such things.

And we would forever be unhappy. Whether God did anything or not. And that basically because we would want stuff in an overlapping fashion and thus arises conflict.

The reason why this is a Star Wars issue is ... because of the Force. [laugh]. As a simple example. I have an idea of what the Force is, you have an idea of what the Force is, ... Rian Johnson has an idea of what the Force is, JJ Abrams has an idea of what the Force is, George Lucas has an idea of what the Force is. So, arguably ... he who owns the franchise says what the Force 'is'. Because ... writing.

Now, at Rian Johnson: Your idea of the Force SUCKS!
And no - The Last Jedi wasn't necessary to save the Franchise - and clearly - we don't need to argue about it anymore. Thats the big thing. If you don't have a concrete opinion about this ... well. Here's the thing: You'll grow older, ... and eventually you'll get to a point - maybe in a few million years from now, maybe tomorrow - where you max out the inferior perspective and in order to move on you'll have to accept the superior one. Veteran gamers have been there multiple times. I mean ... in this sense ... that experience is part of becoming a Veteran. You let go of your noob attitude and start 'gaming'. So, in terms of Starcraft II: It changes from a building game into a racing game - and 'THEN' into a strategy game.

Johnsons Force is a Mary Sue/Marty Stu device. There certainly are things we can do with our minds that resemble that. Once being mature we only a need to know a few things about something like that and we can go on with it. Some need to be told, to others it comes intuitively. I suppose thats the kind of thing Johnson went for. So, here we can use the Force as metaphor for believing in yourself. Which yea, is a neat philosophical realization of it. And I suppose its fair to argue that "the old ways" had to die for that interpretation of the Force to be implemented.

If Johnson were however inspired, or whoever wrote the script, this retconning wouldn't be necessary. For once. And from there I can call Johnsons vision uninspired to set a foundation for writing about inspired vs uninspired thinking.

The most objective reason for why Johnsons idea of the Force sucks to me is that it derails Star Wars into something profoundly less profound - which is yet just another step backwards in the name of "progress". This entire "generation" seems to be hell-bent on destroying its past - "believing in themself" rather than "learning of the Force" - which is also kindof "the easy way" vs ... the not so easy one. A chaos wherein the smarter ones either gain dominance or get stigmatized as "racist/misogynist/homophobe/etc." - he said she said, namecalling, ad-hominem nonsense ... because ... the Force.

So I believe that there are what we might call "Antichristian Culture Crafters". And I think that is what we have to be most anxious about. Or, watch out for. This attempt to derail our society into a pseudo-progressive hate mob that is set to ignore all reason in the name of some idea that isn't even pronounced yet.

I previously wrote something about ... or however people do also talk about it ... how we cannot tell right from wrong. Or ... so the question 'who' says whats right or wrong. That wasn't entirely right. Well, ... in conflict the majority says whats up, ... but in the ideal of a diverse society ... thats what I meant ... that attitude is bad!

And so, "here" we are. If you want to ignore it you just shift the problem to a later generation. And ACCs are, so it however makes sense, tasked with crafting ways to prevent that.

ACCs correspond to something that I proposed. Once we're enlightened and move on to explore ourselves and social synergies we get to a point where we can think about crafting our culture to our needs. End of the line. Respectively is there so the 'selfdiscovery' in Enlightenment, and the same without it. Without it we have to specify what is legal and what isn't - and with Enlightenment we're not in a hurry.

What I'm afraid of is that Antichristians will infest the higher areas of our society and filter out those who'd join them while somehow "shit-feeding" those that "wouldn't understand" - while "obviously" building it so that they can have all the freedoms, which ... "normal people couldn't handle". Sotospeak. In certain ways there are a lot of similarities. So, you got to be specific about what you want and become respectively critical about what you support! !! !!!!!!!!!!

The End

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