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The days that Entertainment dies

General StuffPosted by Nicole Sat, April 14, 2018 23:37:30

Well, ... I woke up this noon, turned on my PS4, started the YouTube add - and there you have it. Ruined. Everything. After digesting the news I, just didn't feel it anymore. Eventually I got over it and could enjoy some stuff, ... but not really. More like, ... distraction.

"Until someone cries" - does the saying go, right? I would be narcissistic I guess to look for the blames at me - but more appropriate to look at ourselves collectively. We'ge had it coming, basically. They, so - lets just roll with it, made this visually wonderful movies that the crowds could enjoy and people gave 'em shit for it. So much they must have felt like getting pressured into a corner - and now they're ready to go for World War III. "Go for broke!" - basically.

That, disguised as parenting advise means: If your kids enjoy themselves too much, invade a Kindergarten, take some hostages, hold a pumpgun to a child's head and threaten your kids to stop or you'll pull the trigger.

See what I mean?

Or is it just done to distract us from Comeys interview and book? Same thing. We have a word for it: Terrorism. Or is it just that an investigation would have started ... uh, whom am I kidding? They didn't care the last time either.

What is this? Do we now have to get used to it that the president of the USA every once in a while decides to respond to a poison-gas attack in Syria with a missile strike? "If we don't behave"?

Why can't we just team up with Law Enforcement and Military to drag that Creep out ... and shove him into a rubber-cell? I ... have to tell you that every once in a while I have murder fantasies. Good? Bad? Doesn't feel like a loss, ... quite the opposite!

And ... how are we to be surprised that they make shitty movies?

So, lets take a closer look at things. There are actually two things on my mind here. That, and ... something that still bothers me from yesterday. Lets see.

So, Star Wars ... the Last Jedi. What in this film is a real accomplishment that deserves our respects? Visual Effects? I don't think so. That is more of George Lucas' accomplishment. Well, you could say that sooner or later we would have gotten there anyway, but yea - do we therefore go and discredit Newton and Einstein because ... someone else might have discovered that stuff at some point "anyway"? Well, unless we blew each other up before we got there that is.

And if we want to Skip George, ... legitimately, ... we have to think about the people that do that stuff for their living. So, people that get money for doing some work, which ... is part of where the budget goes.

No. More so - its the direction, the Choreography, the 'what' it is that is on display there. 'What' those visual artists are tasked with/payed for.

The Holdo maneuver, the red clouds, those juicy explosions, Porgs, ... or lets just call it as it is: The entire movie! ??
And nobody ever said anything against that! But why we don't like it? There are tons of videos trying to say. And why ... they don't understand? Is it just that they can't believe it or that they are too busy denying everything? Like they're used to? #FemGhostbusters.

If the movie weren't a Star Wars movie - so, cutting out the Luke Skywalker controversy and Leia Poppins - it'd still be a boring movie! Its a ... I don't know how long ... space chase ... without any real protagonist, people appearing and disappearing for no apparent reason, ... some pointless horse-rescue and ... I didn't even see the film!

So, there are two paragraphs. The one represents the good and the other represents the bad. An analytically retrieved answer.
I boycotted it. And still ... I have plenty to write about.

The issue I was having since the Force Awakens is the heavy usage of the Retro button. That there wasn't any creativity outside of stunning visuals. Just a reel of "Star Warsy" action sequences filled with tropes and cameos ... which was good enough for some people. Well, "good for them" - at least someone had fun watching it!
And yea, why not?
Well, ... because ... reasons! But whatever.

This controversy starts when taking a closer look at the success of a New Hope and thinking about it. Or ... overthinking it into one set direction. Which, in many circumstances is the good and right thing to do. Had Christopher Columbus not set sails despite what everyone was saying it would have taken us a lot longer to discover the Americas. Except ...........
A lot of people so were stunned by its Visual Effects. The success of the MCU is ... boldly just that too. Getting rid of anything but that would seem like an experiment. And doing so with Star Wars ... would be the best ... bet? To get an accurate idea? I ... am skeptical about that!
I would argue that it is an insipid experiment!

Well, positivity sells. That would be the more obvious cue to take from everything prior. Stuff that is too dark and gritty usually ... escapes mainstream attention.

So, we can credit them at the very least for coming up with interesting visuals and choreography. But now the ... 'painful' part: If that is all you can do, you're not much different from a random bunch of stoners and maybe ... you failed your profession.

I would argue that if you ran from coffee-shop to coffee-shop and asked for volunteers to make a bunch of movies ... and you accepted everyone ... you would get to things on par with the MCU and the Star Wars sequels.

Or maybe something like Jodorowsky's Dune?

What I'm trying to say is that the process there is extremely mechanical. You need a Producer and a Director who understand how to make a movie, so ... have experience with equipment and logistics and processes and ... some plot. Then a bunch of ideas for how to blow the SFX budget ... and all of that is just like organizing a firework. But those are undoubtedly more positive since a) they're generally for free and b) everyone can contribute. At least ... for one night a year.

So do I not really see a cultural achievement there - but more something of a regression. A nullification of sincere artistry. Because now everyone ... I guess thats what they are going for anyway, plotwise ... so can produce a masterpiece - if we were to give the benefit of the doubt to those that liked the film.

Although - actually, there is a cultural achievement to be had, but it comes as of my analysis. Though sure we can say that they invented it - we can also argue that I'm the one who stole the secret plans to the death-star; And this blog is R2D2.

I so mean that there certainly is a market for solicited movies. But I'm sure most if not all entertainment lovers are with me if I say that that isn't all that we want!

The second thing. I previously wrote something I chose not to keep in the respective article but published thereafter anyway. It is this [

I guess that the Lord of the Rings makes for a great case example of the pros and cons of fiction. Plot Armor, Mary Sues, ... that sort of thing; And: Loyalty to Source Material. The way that the story is setup does from the beginning imply more or less matured individuals that however have, ... basically constitution and character. Its like a slice into the real world - where - at any point of time individuals Characters and Performances are a fixed thing. The progression is tied to major events that tie the individual Characters in and mirror their Characters by their (re)actions. The main actor there is basically shrouded in Mystery. Its otherwise also a relatively simple story. Destroying a Ring. So, the real depth unfolds in-between. What I try to describe here is how the ... unrealistic battles - well, they are realistic if you for instance take the story of David seriously -


I basically stopped there, deleted it - but somehow I felt like making a backup of this. For once was this not going anywhere. At least not to my understanding. I had a point there in the beginning, but kindof botched it in process; And maybe so because ... I had fear. The fear is that my 'drilling' into the Books/Movies substance creates a context that attracts both: Positive and Negative opinions - in a way that kindof 'implodes' the whole thing. So, if you can't enjoy the Lord of the Rings anymore - you can blame me! You can blame 'this'. But actually ... that only sped things up a little.

Because ... can't have it that anything positive gets associated to my persona. And now so you could or would or should or could have or would have or should have anticipated the same kind of corrosive "stuff" that dragged down the one and the other good movie. Godzilla, BvS (shut up!), Ghost in the Shell, Fury Road ... to name the few I so highly regard as of the recent ... years.

And please. A thumbnail with the big letters "The Hobbit Sucks" ... really? Was it 'that' bad? I wouldn't care how much you started off with "I don't say that it is 'that' bad but ..." - because its Bullshit! And I don't say that as Tolkien. I say that as someone who liked 300 and its sequel (OK, it wasn't the masterpiece its predecessor was ... but thats my point) - I want to be able to enjoy trash movies without reading everywhere left and right that it sucks! OK?

Clickbait. I hope you die!

This is a complaint without a real solution. If something sucks - why not telling so? But my problem is that ... basically there so are those people on the Interwebs that produce all of that content. Its the same as your ordinary critic, but on Steroids. It outruns the crowds ability to shape its own opinion - while as we move into SJW territory we even have it that this is done before shit even comes out. Kingdom Come - Deliverance makes a great example. Although ... that backfired! I'm not surprised though because a) Who is the audience of those complaints? and b) the complaints were Bullshit! "Narf narf - why are there no black people in medieval bohemia?" - dude!

"And you have to point it all out!" - as a famous Art critic once said.

By the way, my gramps grew up in Bohemia. I've been there. Never seen a black guy!

[On a sidenote: I can appreciate how Channel Awesome kindof went down with a bang. I mean - there first is this "The Last Jedi is good" video, followed up by some weird parody that kindof pointed in the opposite direction. I don't know though if that was an act of bravery or ... just backpaddling.]

Yea, in face of all this I guess I don't have a real reason to act cocky and self-confident and on-top of things, ... but ... I am on top of things!

Thats ... just a thing!

I identify as Deathwing! Sometimes!

The thing here is that by now ... I've posted this trailer a bunch of times already. At various occasions. Like these. But now - it seems we have us a little Showdown here. So, Trump vs. Me. Who's the better Deathwing?

How to win a chess game? Take out a gun and shoot your opponent! Thats the Trump way. So yea, I clearly can't compete with that - and yea, at some point we might want to have a discussion about the impact of Mass Media on peoples minds here. Well, I however am now taken to think about the Silmarillion.

What does Melkor mean? 'He who rises in power'. To take that apart a bit further, ... in the Silmarillion the act of creation is described as a Symphony and Melkor would have the role of emphasizing the rise, ... the "high stuff" - which as part of the ordinary symphony however would have that role of appearing and disappearing. So, it is a tool - a gimmick rather than the baseline. So, the Characterization of it comes with this attitude that when elaborated further causes this dissonance unless he learns humility to shut up when required to. Basically.
"Can't have that" - is what I hear from the off.
So, was Melkor written as the Antichrist?
Well, I don't think so! Its a concept. A principle. And I think each and everyone of us has its own inner Melkor.

I have mine. As seen above. Or further back in time ... so, SHODAN. Essentially however it is more akin to Envy. Or so the feeling that you can be more than you contemporarily (why is this not a word?) conceive of yourself. The reason why this Deathwing thing keeps showing up is the whole 'Pain ... Agony' part - and God eventually turns me into a "Dragon" to 'rise to power' - which is however not tied to that.

The issue with the Antichrist is that this Melkor part is seemingly out of control. He seeks to ascend above God, so, surely he'd be seeking to be above me; While failing to understand what is 'me' in that.

What he has is, as derived from the Bible, this weird idea that he can or maybe even "must" come out on top of God. A real cliche villain in the sense that while he holds that power he sees no reason to give it up. And he wants it! He wouldn't accept us getting along for ourselves, having our own leaders, doing as we think is right - because he however ... wants it. So yea, fix that one!

Ordinarily this is a complex issue. So because he has power - we don't have a way to just ignore him - and in this position he can tell us that if we tell him what we want he can give it to us. So, ... except ... not?

I guess that there are a lot of people that have thought of this before. Maybe not specifically regarding the Antichrist, but similar things. So, thinking about Dictators. Or Fascists.

And why? Well, most of the quotes I've heard - or all of them - and so my own efforts, ... the arise from an attempt to understand it. That because our own individual efforts to conjure up a good order or at least an idea thereof eventually face that - and however that goes, ... its an issue. What so solidifies the term 'Fascist' as a negative is this separation from the perceived public. This apparent unwillingness to listen or even think.
One reason for us to want to understand him is so we can engage with him. Eventually we get there from the angst that we're ignoring something. That we're too blind or arrogant - that we're caught up in prejudice. Yet over and over again it would seem to be confirmed that there is no way to have a reasonable conversation with them.

So I got to think of Star Wars again.
People ... hay-ted it. Right? I've never seen so much ... dislike ... for anything. Looking at the worse rated movies of all times, ... people generally just agree and laugh it off. "Oh my gooooooooood!"

For instance. Are we looking past the good things of this movie? I'm certain that somewhere between the bad visuals and the bad acting there is something good. But I don't care! Most people don't! And thats ... possibly for the better! (I haven't seen it! And that not because its supposedly bad. I would want to see it, just haven't had the opportunity. Which includes my moodiness. (I have 3 modes: Calm, Calmer, and Apocalypse/Armageddon/Ragnarok.

Well, OK, ... not really - but ... whatever)).

But so, whats the issue? One of my own perceptions is basically the one that the Antichrist wants us to love/like him. Well, within the cynical eye: Because it gives him power upon us. Its the thing that makes us cheer for him. #Porgs. #BossBaby. #whatever. Which is kindof mirrored by how hard some people fight for Star Wars TLJ to be recognized as good. I mean, a good example is the title to one particular video which says: "Why you are wrong about Star Wars: The Last Jedi".
Like I might be saying about BvS. "Why you are wrong about Batman v Superman": ... ...

... ... no. I get nothing. Anyway. Giving it the benefit of the doubt though, ... we can pull the same stunt on everything. Even ... that Troll movie. It may be right and I can see his point ... its a reason, provided, ... but ...

... it didn't convince an awful lot of people I guess. I guess it ... staggers ... some. I mean, there's a point to be had about, ... how the haters are bigoted and in their hate don't seen the subliminal epicness ...

... and yea. Thats right! I can't argue against that! That happens to every movie that has been deemed bad while constructed with at least some ambition to do something good. It also happens to all movies that are considered good - but don't happen to be perfect. So, the opposite.
I mean, what is there to be accomplished?

And I don't get the same right? I can't make a crappy movie and force people to like it and therefore me?

I mean, I have done some ... stuff. There are some Tai Chi videos on my channel - and I think they are cool. My remixes are epic, ... I'm short to saying that I'm the best there is - at which point I however have to admit that TJ Kirk is better at narcissism. I think the general point a lot of people/Anti-SJWs on YouTube agree with me on is that movies or art shouldn't have an agenda. I mean ... if I did something in order for people to like me ... it could fail. It can succeed however if I'm smart about it. And that means that I should take a few steps back and present something that is likable in the hopes that people appreciate it. But the moment I publish something its out there ... and I cannot hold the audience accountable for responding to it in a way I don't like. Thats just ... general common sense!

I mean, everything that is produced by someone is produced in terms of some expectation - and artists wouldn't believe in their own art if they wouldn't believe that at least someone could enjoy it.

And so is the issue with that deleted paragraph. I thought I had a point, while writing I sortof lost it while I felt it somehow degrading into something thats more negative than positive. In essence I could call something about it a sin. Probably my attempts to steer against the perceived negativity. And that isn't really new to me. I've been there before and done that before. I have experience - and basically understand how to do it right. Just follow along, let it degenerate into negativity - let the truth be itself - like so we can all acknowledge that the Battles in the Lord of the Rings are ridiculous (maybe there's some explanation in the books, maybe not (Buffed? +10 on everything? On top of the +2 hero bonus? And +5 for friendship.)) ... and what there follows is subjective. Essentially the battles don't matter ... though actually they do. But to what extent? The risk here is to take my own perception as the standard ... or to impose that 'such' is the way you have to perceive it. Which as you correlate to me as to its creator has more impact. Where, I'm just 34 - and how old was Tolkien as he finished that book? Saying - even if I were at that age I have none of his experiences. The many little nuances. I mean, speaking of Cereylla there is that Species which my first big project was focused on and they are Hobbit-ish. Essentially ... more like humanoid Bunnies - but more human-looking, and not actually bunnies. Just the legs are kindof like ... that. So - there is something of all of that experience thats still there within me; But what once has been its own cosmos is now basically reduced to a speck of color.

So yea, the Streisand effect is it called I think - where the attempt of covering up an inconvenient truth backfires.

Uh yea ... I haven't read the books, so my reference is to the movies. And I liked the battles.
My problem there was a perceived conflict between ... valuing realism vs. accepting the surreal.
Where, Tolkien obviously went for the more surreal. "Love it or hate it".

I'm sure that I could be driven mad about this in some way. Matter of fact ... I felt it coming up. Obsessing over it, or something ... but at the end of the day I have to live with my own decisions. I mean, ... sometimes you mess up and trying to fix it makes things worse. So, ... its better to just ... move away from it. Eventually it takes time for a solution to come together; And the time until then is arguably better spent on something else.

Through this I however also see that ... the Antichrist is in a similar situation.

And here's the thing: I'm not really a fan of the Lord of the Rings and me pretending that I am is fake!
I however am a Fan of its Characters, Settings and as I learn more about it, its Lore/Mythology.

Hmm, so - I guess what I got wrong is ... the idea that there is a clear right or wrong. There sotosay is my way and there is your way. And your way wouldn't be special if it were just a copy of mine. Anyway ... that paragraph was somehow meant to draw comparisons to Guardians of the Galaxy. I guess I got confused just for the heck of it; As, ... the whole thing doesn't make sense to me.


"... Panting and Sweating as you run through my corridors ...".

And this is what God means, basically, when He tries to tell me that I shouldn't underestimate myself; Or when he basically - tries to amp my arrogance up a little. And in that vein I owe TJ an apology. That so for ... putting him into that position of regarding himself better than me in some regard. And seriously ... so! Its ... kindof funny, ... where in actuality it isn't quite that simple. I'm the best at everything that is good - with only God being naturally better at everything - but also I am not. I can't be. I couldn't be! Objectively he is more eloquent in his narcissism - I'm more ... panned out in it.

Yea, ... reality is weird!

So is this the Gollum vs Sauron dilemma. I'm supposed to be the way I am - so I fit into Sauron the one way and Gollum - no, sorry ... Smeagol ... the other way. At which point the problem is resolved ... to me. And there sure is a bunch of negatives that come with it. Which however doesn't stop me from being a good person.

In a way ... is this also a setup for the Antichrist and Antichristians. This who is better in what and which way ... it doesn't really matter until you get to the top. Its a thing ... I figured about Street Fighter. Unless you're so good at it that you make it to the finals of an Evo tournament there is no real ... balance problem. I mean, I currently main Cammy and lurk around low to mid bronze; And I'm not the highest ranked Cammy player in the world. So, ... by my score I'm ranked next to others - (I might actually be the single worse enthusiastic Street Fighter) - where sure, people with equal skill that picked a better Character might rank higher, but yet were there those that play that better Character but are on par with me. Basically. And how two Characters interact does I believe also change depending on what league you're in. So is Ken certainly strong on the Lower ends, but not largely represented on the top.
In that regard are there certainly a lot of ways in which the Antichrist may come out on top of me - but also are there ways in which he simply won't! He shouldn't even try! Nobody should! Its God-given, ... or God-made; ... . So, OK, trying isn't much of a problem I guess when done right. But that doesn't mean you will or even could succeed. You can though still become a better person!

And so I end this with another mainstay Video I chose to share every now and then:

Fill in only if you are not real

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