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The inverse Skinners Box

SidesteppingPosted by Nicole Mon, November 26, 2018 15:03:59
'Skinners Box' is a term coined from Psychology thats frequently mentioned in the gaming community. It deals with the stimuli that get us to be more or less likely to do something. Like ... cookies for a Dog. So for instance when playing Free to Play titles all the blingin and chingin stimulates our minds that we've done something great although we just pushed a few buttons on the screen as instructed - and it gets us to repeat things. To feel rewarded. And sure - we can compare that to a drug. The momentary high from something thats potentially damaging. When I mention the 'inverse' of it - its what the applied Skinners Box does to those that apply it. So, the experiment may have started out of harmless curiosity - but someone saw it and right away "ka-ching! (Thats a way to make money!)". So they create that Skinners Box-esque Video Game environment, sell it, people buy into it and that rewards them for it and so they'll try to do more of it.

And so we can see that gamers being willing to buy into empty promises - or promises that are most certainly bollocks because 'experience' - lets them devs think they can get away with it - 'ka-ching' - and so on and so forth.

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