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The Case of proper Education (1)

General StuffPosted by Nicole Thu, November 08, 2018 21:05:19
I love it when scientific stuff can be explained Logically. AND so I want to establish the concept of the "first Rule of Logic" as being this: The easier the verbal configuration is to understand - the better". So that the simplicity becomes measure to quality. The point is this: Whence we grow, there is this that what once has been technical and complicated may one day appear in all simplicity. Like, ... the meaning of what it means to be grown up and independent - alias: Self-responsible. Well, at least here we do - as I assume that if these things become simpler - thats better too. So I love to come back to the "parable of the Good old Times" - where I like to introduce a Hunter and how the Craft got traditioned from one Generation to another. The tradition in this is nothing mythical, but simple a convergence between life and relevance. Hunting was required to bring food to the table. Or farming. Food is always a valuable ressource - so there will always be someone taking care of it.
Germany now has a shortage of Teachers - and if I were to blame our Educational System - I'd have to criticize it for having become too distant to the pupil. The pupil is treated like a Lab-Rat, or ... "Lemming", maybe "Zergling" ... the end to which is the also as "Poison Paper" referred to "Testimony" (so the literal translation of what we have as paper that contains our annual (or bi-annual) performance grades. With them the "Lemming" is then to go out and look for what niche he finds to fall into. And maybe the challenge of creating a good Educational System is after all similar to the challenge of winning a game in Lemmings - the game.

But more-over do I think that another problem with teachers is that there so need to people that have the desire to pass on knowledge to the next Generation. And in times where the split of the Generations is really dramatic - there's a gap of understanding and respectively evolving sympathies and grievances. The "Hip and New" attracts the "newer Models" and gives them a space to then even escape the elder generation. And this can also go on through Generations - where the "Escapist" is then no longer "Escaped" since there's a cultural bridge where else there would be just confusion. But still I realize that I don't really have a desire to play LoL (League of Legends). I think that LoL is a brand of society that is a younger generation to the "initial" Gamer crowd. The initial Gamer crowd simply emerged as a branch of Fantasy artwork. I think this is the widest definition. Nowadays there also is the opposition that some would call "Casual" Gamers - where some would like to include "CoD" (Call of Duty) and FIFA to that as well. And I think the dissonance comes from the Gap that exists between the Demands of the games that either crowd grew up with. The more Demanding kind of games - the absence of which is really lamented by many - were the first with ... Programming. Then came Arcades ... as the High End of what the Hardware was capable of. As Technology advanced - Programming Techniques and Ressources grew too - and so the complexity of what could be created. So was there the branch of the "old-school" established Arcade - and the ever evolving field of Entertainent Software. So ... PC Master Race? Well, in that case has gaming been Born on the PC, alright, but gaming itself then was its own branch - so that in terms of "Gaming" per-se, it depends on the kinds of Games you like.
And in the pathology to this text you can find something that you can compare to Archaeology. Well - History. And the so far undisputed Chamption: Causality. Everything comes down to a Reason - and in the Realm of Gnosis the ultimate reason to everything is Life. Life that could not be anything but Eternal and Infinite. Respectively does the term 'In-Finity' in this context reveal a sense of 'non finiteness' - so in the sense of "Never Done". That so because of Causality. Each consequence could so in theory converge with any other - yet so there will always be configurations that are yet to come.

So, did the first Insight now have a Start? A moment prior to which "nothing" Existed? And what is it born into? Thats the final question.

So ultimately we can realize that Existence is a mystery of its own - and so we can rationalize that there is a way in which sarcasm could be bad. I mean - Existence ... to be grateful for it ... or not? "It is - and now explain that!".
Hmm ... so how did we get here? "Digging for the Fundamentals".

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