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Witch Tarot: Carnality, the Thief and Tentacles

Fundamental/EmpiricalPosted by Nicole Sun, September 23, 2018 13:21:30

[Witch Tarot Philosophy (Philosophic Insights | Meta)]

Well, this isn't per se about the Witch Tarot, but so about insights that have occurred to me while working on it. Well, the main title should be 'the Thief'. Or 'the Rogue'. Its a Card in the deck - and there is another Card which sortof fulfills the same ... criteria. I mean, I could also call this other card 'the Thief' - more so as of the "traits" that make up the text for it. The actual thief card thereby has a different meaning. Of course.

The thief by principle is a Dark Elemental Card of the Griffin Symbol. The other "Thief" card is also a Dark Elemental, however of the Elephant Symbol. The Elephant symbol however focuses more on the theme of Endurance while the Griffin symbol focuses on ... tailwind. And it has occurred that I've found images that work perfectly with the idea without really looking for them. Hence the image for 'Thief' is going to be a raven with a key in its beak. Except whence the Text works better with another one.

Now, why am I telling you this?

I've come to wonder about how the Witch Tarot "pictures" compare to the Waite Tarot. Certain images would not be found or the nearest would be profoundly more ambiguous - regarding the specific meaning of the card in concern.

Well, there is a blind-spot I have because the Design process is dependent on the Oracle. So the 'Carnality' card. Wondering how to translate the German word into English I had to wonder. Respectively has the term been changed into Lewdness. And that more likely because there isn't a real word for lewdness in German. Lewdness however does make a lot more sense in the Elephant Line than Carnality. And on further consideration, Carnality doesn't make a lot of sense for a Card at all. Which, is a Witch Logic thing I guess? This Witch Logic is well filtered through the Force. The look upon the world isn't as that of a Mortal. While issues like Temptation and Carnality might present themselves as large troubles, in my regards they are far lesser than one might think. So can Carnality in and of itself be regarded as a matter of various things - mostly under the banner of "Misguidance". The closest thus far could be the "Fake Love" or ("a.k.a.") ""Mind Flayer"" card. Which in and of itself is less about 'fake Love' but more of the conditions of being misguided; Maybe due to some parasitic entity, a deceiver or whatever. "The Mind Flayer". But it could also be the own lies one could tell itself. Its at all a reasonably complex topic that can yet easily be regarded within this "Symbol".

Further does it happen to conclude that Carnality isn't at all an emotion I have a proper connection to. Although ... well. It depends. Words are the real problem here. As this card accidentally happens to reveal. Starting off simply, there is the "Over-term" of Lust. There first is Lust as the "Biblically Negative/Bad" thing, and then 'LUST' as a Form of the Force through which God interacts with us. Thats my bottom Line for that.
Now I've learned that the biblical term is rather that of 'Carnality'. And when I now move on and am ... "Lustful" about certain things - so, desiring certain sexual expressions - it could be considered Carnality, or for instance Lewdness. Whence the words mix into the same - as Lust - a differentiation is problematic. So to be specific, I understand the feeling of Lewdness as one of enduring ones own Shame within a state of pleasure. Carnality on the other hand side is more a thing of Sex for the purpose of Sex - whereby that in and of itself is a somewhat perversion of Sex as a thing whereby the ... . Sex for the purpose of Sex will eventually breed some sort of "Artistic Desire", purifying the purpose and thus growing into excess (debauchery) and such. This stands opposed to the Lust within Enlightenment which isn't that purpose driven since the actual drive is emerging from passions "locked" within the individual. In that regards there are those passions and in attachment to that there's even Love. So because the Force also ties its "logic" to other people.

So there is the Tentacle Card. One similar to the "Sex Monster" - in the way the image so happened to be ideal. Both, from a certain perspective, ... roll with the Fantasy of it ..., are "traps". So, like the Sand-Pit-Monster from Star Wars. Its a Tentacle ... mass ... that eventually digests whatever it could grab. The "Tentacle Pit" is best suited for the Sex Monster because its trait is that it is existent for a very specific purpose. Therefore, in the idea, useless for most other things - and any Sex Monster but a Tentacle Pit can somehow defy this.
So, the Witch Tarot is ultimately dependent on the definitions/descriptions - which makes sense because a few words ... or well. A picture says more than a thousand words - some people say. And that of course is the problem here.
The Tentacle card is similarly a pit or a trap while here the focus is more on its ... thing ... as a ... "morally ambiguous divine power". Which I here meant to bring up in regards to this 'divine Lust' - or so: Clarity. One might surmise that the snake could be used here, but, the Snake already happens to be the Water Animal.

So is this at all just a short piece of the ambiguity of Terms, Images and Logic that is being attached to it.

Fill in only if you are not real

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