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General StuffPosted by Nicole Thu, May 10, 2018 05:44:24

12 hours ago I was asleep - or waking up. I had a dream that somehow juggled itself into my "forehead" as I was snoozing out (waking up) and though the first conscious thoughts I had was that I had a really important thing I should write about, I deconstructed it while gaining consciousness.

So I had no topic actually for the day - and thats all fine with me. Although it might seem like I make it out to be an every day struggle of mine - I don't really need it that badly. Yet I'm writing on it, ... so yea. Be it as it may.

I had similar things before. And it is clear to me that these events are there to be ignored. I mean; One day I woke up feeling all significant and empowered to really write about something important - but the image I had was a Terran Command-center using Chrono Boost on itself. For outsiders: Chrono Boost is an ability of the Protoss faction within a game called Starcraft 2. Terrans are another faction and they don't have Chrono Boost.

So whenever such things happen I "get it" - that someone's messing with my mind. Or something.
I however still recall the central "item" that would be the topic; Which is all about the things we value and how we might determine our ethical backgrounds from that. In a bit more depth - the dream I had was some Walking Dead style Cannibal trap thing going on. At the end I came to value progressivism as 'the' thing - the one 'good' thing - but thats bullshit! You can create a perfectly progressive society and in the walking dead just need some progressive psychos to let it all go down the shithole.

The dense imagery that emerged from the dream converged around 'items' - stones with guts in them - being thought of as things one could 'hold' in order to basically convince others of ones own good intentions.

But I have a better thing to write. A question: What is the leader of Enlightened people supposed to do?

Can he in fact assume a position of superiority upon them?
And how enlightened is he who in order to comply with this bullshit transfers the privileges of enlightenment over to a leader?

In the System I imagine there in deed is a place for someone most powerful upon others. I called it 'Delta Commander'. The way it works though is that people are to tell him what to do. Like a cursor, basically. We could also call it "opinion police". In essence someone who by modern standards would spend most of his time watching YouTube while promoting and demoting things as he sees fit; While also having all the connections to all the important things as to avoid communication problems.

And so ... there is the weakspot of the whole thing. We could call it "hate speech". Some group of people having an opinion that the Delta Commander would oppose, then some enigmatic/charismatic leader rising up against him and while he's at it re-arranging the whole system to get some "good old" Dictatorship going. And once that turns into an Enlightened vs Unenlightened thing ... yea ... that'd be the end of the story I believe.

The Universe might continue to exist for those that get out of hell on probation, basically, to at some point eventually discover the wisdom of old. Who knows? I however like this idea - the thought that "Judgement Day" or whatyawannacallit does not 'end the world' - but that as written in the Revelation ... things will simply be renewed. At the very least to so hold this concept to myself: "Star Trek and beyond". But sure, on the other end I also like the idea of there being some definite end of some kind.

Could we talk about Climate Change here? Like, yea - certainly getting rid of pollution might be a good thing God could do - and so all the polluters are right? Well - not really! It won't matter 'that much' - but being mindful about our environment is ... just general decency in my opinion.

But so - what are enlightened people gonna do? I'd say they'd look for a way to get things done together. I mean, ... the existence of bullshit is pretty much dependent on shitting bulls - basically. /

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