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General StuffPosted by Nicole Thu, January 18, 2018 16:16:34

[Ark Update, Force Philosophy]

Isn't it obvious? "Haha!". Well - there seems to be an ongoing struggle - and this one's specifically odd in that it has me ... feel like the only ones I'm talking to are Antichristians. I mean - usually when I have certain issues on mind I feel something like a general audience. Some ... people standing outside that the issue also connects to. This may also be the case here - but not in the direct sense. While these things might interest you, ... its not like anyone actually cares ... but them.

There may be a lot to be said here, but in short terms - what is the reality of the force? What is its 'truth' - (Star Wars) - so that there is merit to the criticism regarding Reys ease of using it. We might take it really simple and add that Luke and Anakin having had certain difficulties with it, well - Anakin maybe not so much, visually at least; Which gives the viewer a sense of "its difficult". Thats just ... whats on the screen there. Why question it? Thats what the story wants me to believe - so in context of the movie/Star Wars Universe ... thats how it is.
Thats then what we could examine, once taking a science approach.

THe Mary Sue is like a pre-mature Deus Ex Machina. When describing Deus Ex Machina in that context, ... we have a situation of danger basically resolving itself through whoever is involved. That might be an impossible situation to get out of and something unforeseeable happens - or its more literally an "Ex Machina" (from the Machine ~ the structure of the Film) type of thing. Like, ... the Hero being given just enough time to learn what he head to learn by the time it mattered to save everybody.

Of course we should eventually wonder about the merits of such stories anyway. Whats the point? Whats the argument? Isn't it anyhow just, ... good guy beats bad guy?

But such arguments are inherantly of 'diminishing quality'. Its the 'retreat' from a challenging situation. There is an obstacle ... say, to "yet" - no matter how "cheap it is objectively" - try and make it as compellingly reasonable as possible. I guess 9.999~ times out of 10 the viewer knows that by the end everything will be good - while cases where any heroes or good characters that are being killed off are usually met with cynicism. So, here we can wonder: Where's the difference? Its all ... manifactured anyway ... so, everyone surviving vs. not everyone surviving ... ... same thing?

I mean - here we can say its ... creativity that tells the rules. There is no right or wrong way, ... as who would be telling those rules? There are guidelines though, ... and so it seems - a back and forth between how much which side thereof matters.

When it gets to artworks and movies and such - I have this spot on my mind which is occupied by people ... that well ... to me they are insane! Its a space crowded with echoes of arrogance, ... people that figured that everything they can imagine could be put onto the screen - while being given some tools like finished Characters and Environments to play with, high of the ease at which one can be made interact in some way with the other. However you put it, the end-result will be a story that can be turned into a film - and other people will take care of the miniscule details of making it look realistic, creating the models, placing key-frames, doing some choreography.

Its a bit as a good king vs bad king story - where the good king is concerned of the people and the bad king is concerned of his power and what he can do with it. The bad King might wonder: But where is the good of a King that looses his power? Well - where is the good of a King that is no good to his people?

So - back into Ark ... the case with the Metal? Well - I had certain examples in terms of Ark, regarding my own ... ways of being and not being a Mary Sue. So, just to add context. Like - my own ... Deus Ex Machina - sotospeak. Or ... struggles with Survival.

So - going into the game I was a total noob. Unequipping the equipped tool was one of the early major challenges. It didn't occur to me to just press the button again. I then figured I could go into the inventory and equip and unequip stuff from there. Well - all my previous cries for help didn't yield any answer until 'after' how I figured how to do it the wrong way.

Then one learns to build with foundations. First thing. Eventually one unlocks fence foundations, ... but until I would know that pillars snap to walls and foundations to pillars ... multiple "ruined" bases would come and go ... eventually. Well, two in our case.

And I wouldn't have had the time to really look into it, had we not flewn accross the map and looked at some other bases.

So - essentially the game here is like: If you start with a foundation, you're 'already' doing it wrong. Which I in my Mary Sueyness should have seen coming. Did I see it coming? Should I? Well - aside of getting a strong sense that I'm doing 'something' wrong ... I couldn't tell 'what'.
Again I should wonder: What did I do with my time? Well - ... first up ... building. Getting a base - a little hut to start from. Well - hard to tell. I remember running around trying to gather Wood and Stone ... without a Dino. I remember not only upgrading my carrying capacity, but also health, melee, movement speed and stamina. I was adding a second floor to the base the others have built. Once we had some tranq arrows there was this Stegosaur, ... and the Therizino. The other guy was the first to have one. It was round about then that I wanted to get into gardening so we'd have more Narcoberries - but due to the Trike that was no longer an issue. Though around me starting with laying some pipes and trying to make our base a little bigger I got my first bunch of Parasaurs. Round about then we decided to move on.

In conclusion to part 1: Got killed by Piranhas a lot.

From here on out - well, lets tell this differently. First things first. I was the one who built our first thing for making tranquilizer, ... and outside of gathering stuff, dieing and building some stuff I didn't do much.

In the second base I had an idea - or we had one - I however had one and thus laid the foundation to that and went on building. Now, as I got to the upper floor - things dried out. The others were busy building their stuff - and I so really started to feel a shortage of building materials. On one gathering trip then my Parasaurs died. Then was left with nothing, ... got up again with a new Stego and a Trike ... but they too died before I could even properly do anything with them.

At some point there I did put some points into Water and Food - but also into Oxygen. Meanwhile someone had gifted us two Dinos. An Ankylo and a Tapejara. Thats also where the Metal starts coming into play. However - later we then got again other Dinos ... a whole bunch ... and around that time I felt it was more important to first make my side of the Den larger before finishing the central building ... which was barely used anyway.
"Remember that for Later - viewers".

Well - around then we decided to again move and start bigger. So again, I took over the main building - and ... while I was sortof lacking a real drive to move forward ... I was compelled to stick around. One night - I was the only one left - I decided I wanted to take a deeper look into the water ... tried to get me a Megalodon ... and ... well - maybe find some silica pearls. I tamed one, lost it to a server disconnect while piranhas were chewing at it in the shallow water. But I still finished that fencing. Then, the next day I guess, I got me 4, ... but they too died ... after I was venturing too deep. Well - I managed to escape with a few, but some Cniderias and Mantas ... gave the rest to them. So, I didn't pursue that any further - but I still got out of it with a bunch of oil.

Now the case is this, that the central building/main base is semi complete ... its done but still lacking final polish and the extension ... and I'm the one who has spent the most time there. We have all the most important stuff in there - a fabricator, a generator, fridge, egg-hatching spot, ... but it sortof is just there for the heck of it. It could as well be my base. Now - the issue with that however is, as far as in-game "uncheated" achievements go - I can carry home the oil - enough to keep two generators running 24/7. Maybe even 3. But 2 is convenient - 3 would mean stress.

And thats sortof the story. The next thing were to get some defensive artillery to deal with some Titanosaur, ... but the Metal cap ... is way over out head right now. As for which I've gotten me some Turtles to get their eggs for Kibble to get some strong Brontosaurs. Which is my idea as opposed to taking the Quetzal and some Argentavi to the Volcano. And as chance has it - I know just the right spot. At least ... it would be a good guess and I've kindof gravitated towards that area anyhow. Predictably so?

I got a feeling ... that yes.

And ... something about it aggravates me. It has nothing to do with the parts that came organically. Like - I need them Brontos anyway, and after my Brother never seemed to have any luck at keeping his Turtles alive - mine are the only ones we got, ... and need. After we lost most of our Pteranodons - I also took it upon me to get us some new ones. And some Dodos while we're at it playing it that way. The Kibble way.

Dodo eggs for Pteranodons, Pteranodon eggs for Carbos, Carbo eggs for Brontos - and our Central Base happens to be a good place for some Bronto Mating Action. With Lights!!!

And I'm also working on my first attempt little-Bird-cave-exploration-shield-army. But thats gonna take a while. And I don't have a particularly good feeling about it.

So - thats the thing, where in terms of success ... it eventually happened. I can build diving gear, ... well. I don't know if my Oxygen is enough to get to those silica pearls legitimately, ... but I think so. But the nickname "Aqua Man" is safe. On their behalf.

So - there is that ... "Deus Ex Machina" ... that I so in my planlessness had enough foresight to skill Oxygen and try taming some Megalodon ... plus getting onto a Metal Gathering tour often enough so in time we had enough to start hatching eggs. Where, Bonus, we have a fertilized Wyvern egg in our fridge ... due to that, basically - but no way to actually grow the baby. Just the day I installed the first air-conditioners some guy in chat wanted to get rid of his.

Fertilized Bronto eggs for the Titanboa, Titanboa eggs for the Tylas.

Still I didn't right away start taming Dodos, ... then Pteras and then Carbos. Anyhow - I think at first just surviving should be priority. And Stego eggs are used to make Kibble for Argentavi. Para eggs for Raptors. Though we talked about eventually getting there - I never touched any eggs for kibble until my Baby Stego (RIP) wanted some.

Technically I don't need to keep my Plants alive, ... the fridge holds enough eventually ..., Oh yea, ... vegetables. Thats why. Need Vegetables for Kibble.

THat part is eventually just a matter of having a base to start wondering about which way to go. Though just having everything ... is another way of doing it.

Anyhow - that falls along the "die until you're done ... or got it figured out" line of things. I've somehow stumbled into place, ... and got what I need to be in that place. SO the issue. Which also somehow, passively, turns me into 'head of treasury'.

Well - my point though is that there was enough failure on the way ... like, I mean. Yea - sure. There isn't a need to have Megalodons if there is no use for the oil. I might have gotten into Brontos early, ... where occasionally I have the feeling that I should maybe tame the things I've just more or less accidentally killed. Try to tame the Bronto? ... Not now. Next thing that happens: It runs over our base. We kill it.

Still - point being: There is a struggle to the goal. I think of it in terms of what I have been prepared for when. The thing being that while in some way the story can be told as a flawless progress from A to finish - ... err ... - its a Deus Ex Machina thing rather than a Mary Sue thing.

It might seem miniscule, but a Mary Sue would have showed that Alpha Raptor. I don't know how - but thats kindof the thing about it.
A Mary Sue would have never lured that Therizino right into our base ... by accident ... she would have built a trap and tamed it. So without any prior training and expertise.
Someone just waiting for one to try and tame it - thats a different story. I ... just wanted to know its level ... first of all.

But yea, Crystals aren't really 'my' resource ... talking of it. Though - digging into caves ... with Bug Repellant ... - might be my way of gathering at least something. Not enough to build a house of glass ... but I don't even have enough points left to unlock those structures. Not if I want other things ... like a Chemistry Lab ... maybe ... ... we'll see.

In other words now is what we see in the Original Trilogy something we could describe as 'resistance of the Force'. It resists the person attempting to use it. Not that though as of that being its intention - its merely an observation putting emphasis on the 'difficulty' from a different perspective. This allegory works, I guess, ... because something that behaves a certain way - even without intention - yet follows some sense of an intention. So - the earth orbiting around the sun may not do so because it wants to - but we could still speak of the precision at which those things happen as of a higher intent. TO just so point onto the ... thing. Relating to it as an intention doesn't change how things work - except you want to get overly spiritualistic with it. Where then, yea, Jesus said it. If you have enough faith ... .

But thats not the point. Its ... counterproductive even.

Yoda eventually teaches Luke that size doesn't matter - so, its within acceptable margins that there were some trick to it ... allowing Leia to do what she did. I mean, to the point of exploring the idea of the things the Force can do. And it is here where whatever tolerance I had snaps back - and I got to say that the question for how to get the most out of the force is one of the underlying "hidden" plotlines of the movies. The Sith so turning towards vile actions to commit themselves to the dark side ... for of course: Ultimate Power. The Jedi on the other end avoiding the dark side - only implying "reason" (sanity) as the answer for why. Its just 'the thing' - the way it is - a.k.a. "Deal with it" - but it works. The Sith would disagree - elaborating how whatever, ... - and thats sortof the struggle. The one sides lust for power throws it into ignorance about its consequences, ... while the other can only refer to it as a threat. A ... dark and sorry thing.

And I still believe that Lukes incident on Dagobah, where he saw his own face underneath Vaders helmet, is about Lukes decent into the Dark Side - aspirations for Power to kill Vader and/or save his friends - imbued however with his own Goodness, his will to not fall into the Dark, thus materializing as a warning.

And I mean, that is the whole shtick with these desolate learning incidents - where the Hero is annoyed by what he's made to endure. He begins to question everyone and everything, but by pushing on - those things become less and less meaningful - and in his anguish he's led closer and closer to the things that really matter. Ridden of the confusions ... the shackles ... of everything else; Free from the waves that drive us back and forth - free of the tides that pull us up and down.

And certainly ... it makes sense that his choice to leave Dagobah is also somehow involved. The question whether he should stay or go - ... would also concern him, while slashing through the bushes. Stay and become a great Jedi, or leave and risk everything? Righteousness over ... Pride?

The difference between seeing Luke as a "grey" Jedi and understanding Yodas perspective is I guess ... complicated. Yoda would be telling us that there is a harmony with the force to be gained from withdrawing from the dark side. Which to me is - something as a passive synergy rather than an imperative application. An 'asking for' rather than 'commanding to' (the Midichlorians). As of that though there were clearly more than just one way ... "the Force works". In Yodas mindset then ... the issue between Light and Dark is 'literal' - there are two distinct sides with its own demands of getting the most out of it. On the Light side "salvation" is brought within passivity - as part of the Force and thereby the greater workings of the Cosmos - and on the Dark side it is brought about through activity - as wielder of the force.

Luke there would be a guy "separated" from this Loop - in my interpretation - taken by the force - to offer a third option. To say that perfect passivity cannot be the highest there is - and maybe that played into Yodas behavior as well. Being cautious, careful to teach someone of his age - being cryptic and indirect. Well remembering, perhaps, the mistakes of the past, ... or being woefully reminded of the pains that Anakin had caused.

So, how could Star Wars continue? I guess ... I'm as conflicted as George Lucas about it. I mean, I wondered - why he's contradicting himself so harshly when it comes to the Sequels. I knew quite early - and nobody was believing me - that there would be prequels. I mean, its obvious today - and it says 'Episode IV' right there too - but I was one "of the few" not confused by Episode I. ANd I read there were to be 9. Then we hear sometimes yes and sometimes no.
I myself - had various ... ideas ... but nothing quite manifacturing a clear idea, or something such as movies. Isn't the story over? Would anything further not just be a desperate attempt to rekindle a flame that might as well better be left extinguished?

I guess nobody really knows or knew how to continue the saga, ... so ... "might as well ...!"?

Fill in only if you are not real

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