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Fundamental/EmpiricalPosted by Nicole Tue, January 16, 2018 10:51:43

[SJW vs. Anti SJW showtime, the One Truth, the Empirical Way, Outlook]

So, there goes my Showertime. No, seriously! I was about to take a shower - (right after I got up at around 8:15) - but was somehow held back. Actually my plan was to go into Ark, ... then maybe take a break and then get back into it. I had a bunch of stuff on mind to write about it too - so I wondered. However - what finally got my ... "ink boiling" ... is a different thing. Its due to a flyer I once had in my mailbox and had kept for some reason. At the time it surprised me ... that I would find such a thing in my mailbox. The things the flyer addressed ... well ... seemed weird, ... strange to me.

I felt as heavily on the side of those that dispensed those flyers, ... while very well at first glance noticing already that the thoughts this flyer was rallying against were on my own agenda. So, in essence, this turns out to be an "Anti-SJW (or we shall see) essay" - but not in tune of the YouTube scene of SJW and Anti SJW, ... but in response to German politics.

A recent episode of TJ-Kirk however also highlights this issue from a different angle. Thereby responding to Donald Trump referring to other countries as "Shithole Countries"; And TJ takes a somewhat pro Trump-ish stance in being Triggered by the emotional news anchors shedding some tears. It is this that tunes into what got me concerned today, as I was reading through this flyer again.

The flyer is titled 'Gender Mainstreaming' and it ... basically takes a stance against "Anti Homophobia" measures that are (to be?) introduced into our educational system starting within Kindergarten. The way the flyer puts it, our Kids are thereby to learn about Masturbation by the age of 4 (0 to 4), Masturbation and Homosexuality by 6; Sex, birth control and Lust by 9, Gender orientation by 12 and everything about Sex by 15.

Well, ... what caught my attention initially is round about this - where I got a sense of ... what I was thinking/writing-of at around that time but sortof on overdrive. I got a sense of some people realizing the truth of what I was saying (and since I'm not a part of it I got to be suspicious) - but doing so in "their ways" ... where what I would fear is that they would do it in a way that would squeeze some controversy into it - and sure not leaving out those handles to ... benefit of those things otherwise.

You know, like Feminists wanting that them 'claiming' that they got raped should suffice for a guy to get locked away.

Like: "No, we can't just have gender-equality and tolerance, ... "it sells well" ... so we should look to squeeze some bullshit into it". Oh yea, which reminds me: How SJWs and ANtichristians link together: Youth. Well - "stupid bitches" sotospeak, that have the "mental assets" to turn ANtichristian to begin with - getting a chance at twisting some knobs in society. And because Antichristians are so Tolerant because Christians are ... its a shtick ... its ... so. However in my mind.

I fear they have some handles within the gaming industry, ... "duh" ..., and the whole issue whether or not SFV should be as Sexualized as it is or not ... still floats around. I myself, full disclosure, was - before I was opened up to the "Sexual Interpretation (of everything)" - pretty Mormon, ... thus ... sortof leaning towards non-sexualized outfitting. It was a feeling, but ... sometimes I act in conflict with myself. The point is that once I draw stuff I generally get a "deeper feeling" of what I'm doing, ... uh, ... stuff like ... sometimes the stuff feels 'polished' ("glossy") - and other times rough ... somewhat not right. Its a feeling I associate to some "on paper bullshit" of mine. Its hard to explain. Lets just say it appeared sortof pale and rubbish - yet I could not react to it. As anyhow - sometimes I would try really hard to do something and yet get such a feeling, ... thus not entirely knowing what to make of it.
Anyway ... I do not know what drove me - yet it is inevitable that I here do conflict to myself and were you to say that my first oppinion counts ... ooough, ... well. Lets just say ... what can I say?

I don't mean to rush this.
Reiterating on the past ... shouldn't be of any meaningful substance. Matter of fact what I do every time I write something is that I re-evaluate what I had thunk 'on the spot'. You could say: Thats why I'm here. Because I looked through the flyer today, found that I related differently to it than I did before ... thus thinking: "Oh, well - thats strange" and therefore now 'attempting' to make some sense of it by writing. Which is why you should maybe consider writing a diary. Or something. Writing helps with thinking. Having your thoughts written out helps you to reflect on your thoughts much better. You sotospeak can't escape that which has been made manifest.

Thats my experience at least. Based on a Mormon ... 'guideline'.

"But how to be sure?". Well - I was sure of a few other things back in the days that went in the opposite direction of un-sexualizing stuff. Before I sent that stuff out I had already been open to the idea of for instance using the "classic" Costumes. I don't know what went wrong with me - but the core issue to me yet is that they 'deny me' - whoever 'they' are - that I have no position to talk for myself other than by these remote means ... so I guess we wanted them to have those victories.

How to be sure? Certainly not by building foundations on whimsical ideas. Stuff I maybe utter as something of a possibility. To me - my growth in regards to Street Fighter is very indicative of this. I was doing that stuff because I used to be a Street Fighter fan, ... somehow; While not having played it a lot since a) My parents forbade us to play those 'violent games' while we could - and then we had Nintendo Consoles rather than Sony ... and thus not much of a chance to play Street Fighter. On the PC I ... - but I never really had a handle to the deeper mechanics of the game until I was inspired to search for a Street Fighter 4 Tutorial once I had a chance to get into 'that'.
And what Street Fighter is to me now is roughly "that much more" than what it used to be. And in short: Street Fighter is "on the edge" gaming. Its ... what happens with games once players get their hands on them eventually. Like Speedrunning. Playing the game as "hard" as possible, ... gameplay wise. Like, ... in Super Metroid there is the thing that when the Avatar gets hit it bounces back. Some Speedrunners employ this mechanism to get a speed boost in various instances by facing the opposite direction they want to move into and allowing themselves to get hit. So do moves in Street Fighter have a startup, active and recovery time - counted in 'frames' - and how many frames a move takes determines how often you can punch for instance. Or, ... how soon you can start moving or blocking again. As a noob, especially as choosing to main Rose, this was really the beast to conquer. The, ... when can I move ... when should I not attack so I can move, ... stuff.
But none of that was part of those designs. "Duh" ... . Would those people have had "reason"/faith - they would have given me the benefit of the doubt, given me some crash-course and things would have been fine! But years of real-life experience are arguably better.


I'm getting this weird "rubbish paper" feeling right here ... in a different way though? One part of me perceives it as what public belief/opinion is "made to be" like. I 'suppose' that it is "them" trying to push some 'bad feelings' into your perception. And ... thats why none of my designs ever gained a lot of attention. Its the same thing like "the Prequels not being "Star Warsy" enough". Or wondering: "Aren't the sequels the most Star Warsy thing possible?". So, I suppose this Star Wars "controversy" is ... an inch we gained back here.

And non-sexual Costumes still work in Street Fighter!
Of course, being a Whore, ... I would change my stance on that somehow. But my stance on what was done to SFV - well - it came from an Arts "producing" standpoint, ... not a socio-political one. It turns into that because thats where its coming from ... but anyhow.

Well, reading through that flyer today however, ... gave me a totally different impression. Now it were the harshly ... homophobe expressions therein that turned me off. I guess I glossed over those because I pretty much expected those. I was pitched against what they were rallying against, ... not on their turf though. For instance is it emphasized that these educational concepts have vastly been designed by 'lesbian feminists'. Something about "social constructs". Well, here's two paragraphs, ... showing what got me upset initially:

""Sexual Diversity" in the educational plan doesn't want to enlighten, but to distinctively support early sexuality. Already for Kindergarten Kids there are Gender-Mainstreaming-Concepts, so that smallest ones already "question" their gender and learn of various sexual practices. So ware severe Personality disorders being preprogrammed - and that is politically even wanted.

Examples? Pantomime-Games, whereby terms such as "Porno", "coming too early" or "Groupsex" are displayed. Kids are to construct a "Brothel for all", wherein in each room different sexual practices are offered for Money. Kids are to purchase Sex-Toys by auction, make a drivers license for the Condom or investigate on gay Internet Portals - as homework!"

Sounds pretty absurd - to me at least - and that still today. So I wondered: Is this for reals?

What struck me the most is how these ways of "supporting my logic" though - as however anticipated - entirely throws the whole Clarity/Unification stuff out of the window. Or, ... considering the innocence of a Child maybe. So, being 'authoritarian' rather than 'investigative' - in the sense of ... understanding as an adult what the kid wants and reacting to that in co-operation with its parents being what I'd want, ... . Which also requires a social change ... which SJWs it seems want to kindof ... enforce. And this is how this article ultimately spins into the Anti-SJW direction for good.

I mean, thats the point - its the same 'pragmatic flaw' as with Utopia. Kids will grow up into the society that 'is' - and teaching them of tolerance within a vastly intolerant society - isn't really going to change our society. What those things will accomplish however, thats what I'm convinced of, is that the tolerance our societies already 'breed' will be acquired ... but so also the intolerance.

And so, lets ... look at 'Chris Ray Gun' for instance. He would strike me as that type of guy that those which were to support this Gender Mainstreaming/pro-Tolerance evolution would want their kids to become like. 'Woke', 'bright', ... 'reasonable' ... but I'm sure he didn't grow up that way.

That is why I like to keep the focus on what matters. What I think has the true chance of transforming our society; ANd that by giving each and everyone a chance and a practical way of changing themselves. That should set examples that the maturing youth would eventually need to grow into and learn of as well. Which is diversely different to Christian indoctrination and authoritarianism.

I guess its only fair that God here and there vastly exists in the 'evil' that is depicted within Motion Picture. Smith, the Architect, ... the Walking Dead, ... well ... give or take. I can look at Batman vs. the Joker either way. I can find myself on the side of Negan as on the side of Rick. Well, there is the clear Antagonism that needs to be blurred out of course. Although once its just man vs. man - or issue vs. issue, down the principles ... well - if all is just window-dressing you can as well dress it either way. Which, digging deeper, could be considered the "flaw" of the side of the Good Guys. There is 'no end' to be had - the show must go on - hence they are lost in the eternal struggle. Without spiritual unity there will never be real unity - and thats where most Heroes have the "Magic Plot Rod" going for them. This doesn't 'say' that the Zombies are the good guys - sure. But thats not what I'm trying to say here. What I try to say is that if you were to look at the Zombies as the Good guys/Christians, you can see that they are all pretty united in their actions, "agnostic" about Life and certainly ... "reborn" ... as slowly taking over the world; While the 'living' have petty arguments that divide them.

To further say that there is this 'veil of antagonism' that surrounds me. Whether its natural or because the ... "emotionally more dominant person/entity" twists it so be secondary. And that is something you should be able to step through; And yet the only way to properly do that - which is that of not falling for the 'evil' you perceive - is by the Truth. Only if you in truth stand on that side can you defend yourself as a part of it. And if your truth were fundamentally different to mine, we couldn't stand together.

Easy! Like you get all 'that' good stuff ... just from "here"; Where the others need to find ways to circumvent 'those' threads. Finding some way of blocking the only way to the truth out of your sight, ... finding 'reasons' and stuff that 'tell' why "this" side here is wrong. Things that totally bypass your personal Link to the divine 'except' of course you follow their guidelines, which involve 'not' doing certain things "because" - I would have similar reservations about your endeavors to find the truth. I would exhort you to pray to God, ... and right away could spot some "buts" or ... "good/better advise" - like, maybe try to make sure that you're reaching 'THE' Most High, ... or, ... trying to be principally bent on addressing 'HIM' rather than your own interpretation of God. I suppose thats as much of Freedom you'd get from them. That they would "allow" you to pray 'once' you have established for yourself which God you worshiped 'by ideology'. Because "duh" - if you're ideologically not in touch with "the God" you might as well rather not be with 'that' God to begin with. And to 'lecture' you what 'that' God is - thats what they are there for. "Go figure!"?
Well, its different to making way for your ideology being flawed - and thats what I am here for, I guess. And thats why there is a lot of stress between these sides based on ... talking. Talking of ideology. I say freedom and clarity and they go and find all the possible badness those beliefs entail.
Still my advise is to go for 'THE most High' - period. So you'll know who is who and you'll learn of His ideology from Him. If you can get that going for yourself - you know God. Personally. Intimately. If I were to take that away from you - I would sortof say that God couldn't be that specific to you individually. But sure ... "the more you know". And 'that' is what I am here for.

I'm not looking for my own. I rather believe that if you're looking for the Truth, you'll find 'my' God and therefore I will be looked after.

And along those lines can you find what were to matter to me were you to approach me. If you couldn't convince me of your faith - that is: If I so happened to be in doubt about you being there in Truth - that would be what it is. I would have to remain skeptical and might foresee an unhappy ending. I don't want to feel responsible for your spiritual wellbeing! I don't want you to depend on me. I want you to be there on your own, for yourself - so we both could benefit of each other; And I wouldn't be shoehorned into the(/a) leadership position (that I'm not fit for).

So, sure. Getting into this I was sortof afraid that I would end up on the SJW side here. As for that - I can certainly see why what they do seemed right. 'Pushing a progressive agenda' would help "impregnating" our society the way that 'evil' has done. Makes sense! That is assuming that this evil did so - and that the good had nothing to say meanwhile. Which isn't how it works/looks for me. What evil 'has' is power. But the people inhabiting this world - we, that are supposed to fight the good fight, are there as are the others. Here I refuse to draw a simple good vs. evil line anyhow. And you can "see" in Gods actions that He was cautious to not do so either. To set us up for this stage of neutrality. Why else 'confusion'? The Babel incident - at the very least - is a 'clean' cut separating us from our Origins; Introducing this Mystery surrounding our Origins; Making it difficult if not impossible - as much as reasonable I guess - to ever find unity on base of those type of ideas.

But so things get a bit clearer. Trump is only there to be the Moron so these SJWs can further push their agenda; While the way how Christians are presented in media is just the same - a clear setup to show them how stupid they are and so, yea, that kindof looks like a plan.

And no plan would set me up as the bad guy better. That I by principality must resist their progress.

So I guess I don't have to spend a lot of time getting into any of "the good" that these SJW efforts entail - its a non-issue while any "alliance" there might be between their points of view and mine ... well, suggesting that they are on my side and not on their own, is severely misguided.
I mean, thats ... my personal struggle with their issues. The question of whether or not we're secretly on the same side. The idea that they are trying to work towards the same goal as me - in a secret alliance with me - that I so should take a side with them. But thats not how it works. I mean - I'm not here to dispense "buddy tokens". If I speak well of TJ and such - I'm adapting their talking points to the extent I agree with it - and that so happens to be this general stance of skepticism towards this SJW nonsense. This SJW nonsense is a huge part of the phantom menace that I have been prepared to be prepared for.
The general idea of stuff that is like what I say, but in certain areas severely different because they don't have Unification. They don't have God. They might be able to sneak you into getting some Testimony and out again - but that only after indoctrinating you. Brainwashing you to stick to a very specific guideline - which on my side exists within the boundaries of 'what' gets you into the Ninefold. So, the 12 Aeons, ... and the prayer. 2 Conditions. That knowledge. That basic ... most basic Knowledge Universal throughout the Cosmos. Knowledge that is no Knowledge prior to your Unification - and turns into Utmostly Perfect certainty thereafter.

It doesn't matter from where you come - all that matters is God. Knowing the basics that are there to be known - allowing you to "breathe" that information and 'tune' your mind to its meaning - and if at the very least just to grasp those concepts of what God is; To then based on that make individual, independent experiences with that Entity.

So, the "Seal" (of the 13) to get started with maybe has to be the 7th. Independence. Once you gained Independence and from there finally grow into a holistic understanding of the Eightfold - there is (should be) only God who could convince you of Himself. God should be your standard for judging me, my friends and my enemies - the "mirror" through which you reflect upon this world ... yada yada.

It should however get you suspicious if you 'realize' someone else trying to fiddle around with your own intimate knowledge of the God. At the very least so when trying to tell you stuff that isn't inherently empirical. So - things you don't have a clear foundation for to even establish that thought. If I tend to do so, you should still be able to trace it back to the basics - and at all start there; Ignoring whatever I said for the time being.

But how is that going to evolve once more and more join this side? Isn't some kind of ... "social pressure" inevitable and the whole point therefore ... pointless? Well - think about it: Where does it start? And how does it continue? If we started on a flawed foundation - how certain could we be about where we ended? On the other hand, if we start on the right foundation - we there at least have that. Then we still got to fight for it - and what will our talking points be? By the time we've gotten this shit "over the hill" - it should be as public of an issue that a simple majority should be born from those 'empirical' right true unflawed concepts - at all. There is that - where the other side to 'that' is that we were the majority, the 'ruling party', the "social norm", ... and we would still say the very same things to your young ones to get them prepared. The worse that could happen is that they'd get it wrong and thus being not able to get into the Ninefold - that maybe because there is no sense of seriousness around this issue. Maybe thats what will happen ... 1000 years after. That so the society as of them will find itself incapable of guiding their Youth to the Tree of Life - because whatever - even so we see it coming, ... thus they have something of an argument we then can't argue against ... and then what? Who knows? Who cares? Its all ... just speculation and the only thing that can be told to get it right always - is that fundamental truth that works always, universally, throughout the Cosmos. And what else should we be learning about to begin with?

You are the center of your own Universe - and if you can't attach it to the truth - you'll be sucked into darkness. Period.

Fill in only if you are not real

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