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Analogy Correction

SidesteppingPosted by Nicole Tue, April 24, 2018 04:23:35
Like a Brainsurgery with wooden sticks.


General StuffPosted by Nicole Tue, April 24, 2018 03:40:28
This topic is a bit ... weird and delicate. But, ... its inevitable I guess. What I mean is that the Book of Mormon, or is it the Doctrine and Covenants?, ... at some instance talks about the "end-time" and mentions 'schools of the spirit' in a negative way. So, ... back where I read that I was also working on the Nag Hammadi Codices/Edition Argo - and the idea was clear: Once this knowledge gets out there will be people that take it and teach it to people but not in the truthful/rightful way.

So far I haven't seen any of it - but - it doesn't say that they are visible. In a sense however are there drips of knowledge that I've heard flying around on the Internet here and there.

[Oh, random throw in: The award for 'best Scientific Achievement' on YouTube goes to: Cool Hard Logic for his epic take on the flower of life in this:

Seriously - this kind of Horseshit is ... important here; To say - laughter aside - this is the sphere where that kind of "Hippie Thoughtspace" needs to be re-examined and be taken seriously. The reason why I picked this video is because ... CHL doesn't seem to have misunderstood the higher concept behind it; Showcasing his understanding respectively. Or what I saw was just by accident.

Now, with this kindof settled - what has previously been described as "the Carpet" is ... Astair. Or Astair however is the term I picked to describe the whole phenomenon. Initially described by hinting at an emotional connection between each other via some other plane by which Hype is generated, for instance.
Eventually this is also about empathy, micro-aggressions, 'tensions' - all sortof telepathic things that aren't really telepathy but some emotional equivalent. The purpose of it to my regards is that it gives us a 6th sense of sorts. A sense of being part of the rest - even if just subconsciously.

With that out of the way, let me ... 'assure you' ..., that none of this "Infinite Horseshit" will be asked in the test! Thats not how it works.

I guess the video is generous enough so you get a good enough glimpse at the original material while also being kindof ... having a guide of sorts to help you stay clear of turds you might get sucked up by. You can assimilate these concepts and over time your mind can, probably backed up by Astair, internalize them as an experience and thus relate to them as 'real'.

Now do I not know too much about either - Astair and that type of Spirit Science - and I don't even really remember anymore how I figured out that Astair is a thing. I guess I just perceived some weird stuff at some point and began interacting with it and on realizing that it wasn't of my own doing it dawned upon me.

But this wouldn't really be a good article if I wouldn't use the opportunity to at least try and make this some kind of first lesson. Setting up shop or whatever. So, ... what is important here?

When it comes to Unification, God will be your guide. And as I've learned - Astair isn't really there to be 'used'. It may just be a thing for us while we're Unenlightened - but I guess it also adds to our relationship with the physical world. Being connected by God is one thing - it is entirely spiritual - but our physical singularity is where things happen.

Astair is even a thing that ... we're supposed to not use. Like, its actually important. The analogy I got is to a brain surgery. Trying to fiddle with someone elses mind without even knowing or understanding whats going on in there is dangerous.

Opposed to that we learn to believe in God first. The idea is that of getting to a point of familiarity and confidence thats in balance with the things God does to us via the Force. So, at first things are new and one sortof gets used to that. Passive belief is built up as established on this fundamentally certain premise attained via Unification; But because we don't loose our mind, our mind is still somehow stuck in this situation of doubt. Well, its not so much doubt, but ... the habit of not knowing God. That is countered by the force but not entirely because the Force doesn't appear as a figure that teaches us and talks with us. Its more like a blanket thats covering everything around us - a blanket we had previously not seen. It remains passive and primarily interacts with your deepest thoughts. That way you'll realize that there is something, your attention shifts focus - and at some point you've experienced enough to 'boost' your 'belief' basically - which is at the very same time "a" lesson on how we can control our thoughts. Its Astair~ish in the sense that we are to put energy into a belief while also shaping it. So, getting rid of the doubts through a variety of stages while the Force basically comments on that. The first step is a sword which will sheath itself in the scabbard once you believe and break loose and eventually strike at you once you doubt it. So - you can't avoid it. And out of the simple desire to not get struck by it you'll learn to control it.

Eventually the Sword transforms into a Staff and then a Bow and Arrows. At that point you can see first progress. So, instead of doubts coming in like fluctuations - you've gained enough so that the doubt compares to drawing an arrow from the quiver. And eventually you'll come to trace the intellectual sources of these doubts - and eventually it transforms into armor, then into an F-Zero glider, ... well. At the end of it all the thing changes. Instead of boosting your belief the idea is to relax - which is where after you believe you have to 'trust'. And that isn't an 'action' - and thats where the first stage of your development concludes. Up until then you'll be mindful about which Seal you're at - thereafter it kindof ... transitions into infinity. So, thats ... graduating ... basically. You'll even get a gift out of it. In a sense. Well, the thought you've built up will be ... shining in a super awesome way for a moment - which is not directly tied to any efforts. It comes out of nowhere at some point. Or, as out of nowhere. So, at the end of the 'learn to trust' stage. Which means, you will eventually have totally forgotten about it.

And yea, since I've totally forgotten what, if anything actually, I had originally on mind - I guess I'm done for now.

Fixing Luke Skywalker

General StuffPosted by Nicole Tue, April 24, 2018 03:22:17
So, this has been an issue of contempt ... I have found the thing that sets things straight ... I didn't mention it back there; But now I'm told that this is important.

So: The problem with Luke in TLJ is that this Luke isn't Luke - so many fans say. There however isn't a fixed understanding of who or what or why or whatever Luke is. I have used the term 'Dark Jedi'. Beholding what TLJ is about, I kindof see some sort of resemblance of that philosophy, but ... in a really really bad way.

So - rather than 'Dark Jedi' we can say "New Jedi" I guess. The term 'Dark Jedi' is coined from the idea that Luke has learned to use methods that Sith use without turning evil. So, passion. It kindof makes sense ... thinking about Luke as the broken man and Kylo as this out of control type of guy ... as through some unfortunate event. So, Luke started with passion to train Jedi - they inherited his wisdom but they were incapable of controlling themselves; Especially Kylo breeding darkest ideas of what he once might do with the power he'd have.

The thing is that ... I didn't see this going into this. And now I see that what I had felt to be true actually happened to be true - and while I 'feared' it to be true, ... I'm kindof relieved that it didn't work out so well. Not yet at least.

I further suspect that the backstory of Kylo in regards of Snoke is that Kylo actually sought for Snoke to teach him, while actually just using Snoke - pretending to be weak and all that. Which yea - it would work, ... if the whole series was good and people kept watching it I could see how that might at some point be established. Or "as usual" - its me again who figures it out.

One of the final shots of Return of the Jedi is there however rather important to me. Its the instance where Luke has dealt with the aftermath of the whole thing and ... starts to look forward. This moment of lonesomeness - Leia coming in to check up on him but he's yet left there scheming. I mean, one problem one would face is the question for how to make use of the passionate Jedi in this new era. And eventually it makes sense to say that what goes up must come down. Luke had a great time - and now some hardships. But is it fair to say that Luke had a great time?
It is this thoughtfulness that ROTJ ends with - which so actually happens to be a setup for a brand new start. Which is what TLJ did, but it ain't hard to see how TLJ despite its attempts to talk to the politics of today utterly failed at actually doing something against the Darkness. We live in a depressing time - and TLJ made it even more depressing. And there's the disconnect.

"The Carpet", Mushrooms and a lonesome warrior

General StuffPosted by Nicole Tue, April 24, 2018 02:15:13
This is about a dream that I once had which has stuck with me ever since, finding equivalence to the real world here and there - and ultimately made a bit more sense. Which is what this is about. That bit of extra sense that came to my attention.

You may have read about this one before.

So, the dream starts in some World of Warcraft type of setting, but eventually the first scene was a flight through a forrest that was covered by some "creep". "The Carpet". It was entirely green, like rubber, with a hexagonal pattern - and while previously there had been worms jumping forth from and back into the soil, that creep prevented that. Eventually the flight went past that creep and I arrived at something like a gate to some fence - being somehow an entrance to that Forrest - and some people stood there that reported similar things going down where they came from and it became something of a crisis meeting. Leaving the Forrest there was a wide open willow and hills - and an army of Orcs was positioned there - ready to rush into that Forrest.

Somewhere to the left, when looking at that army from the Forrest, there was Mordor.

The next thing I can think of is that I was some kind of Swordsman Warrior hiking through some dense Forrest of Mushrooms covered in spiderwebs that looked a bit like Jizz covering all the Mushrooms - and I was moving up to one particular Mushroom that I thought was the source of all evil. But then I woke up.

What changed my perception of this Dream was a PBS Eons episode talking about prehistoric Fungi.

The thing is that Mushrooms helped transform rock into soil. So there is this strange connection. There is that evil creep that seemed to be impenetrable - but in a scene totally disjointed from the rest of the dream I was hiking through a Mushroom Forrest bent on destroying it. There isn't a proper scientific correlation I guess; Because, what could Mushrooms do to that creep? But in the idea - the Mushroom were the antidote to that creep.

Since then I've changed. I've embraced things ... that I previously would have condemned. And those things I embraced, well, they kindof fit that image of the spiderweb covered Mushroom Forrest.

What fits this interpretation is the issue with the Orc Army. So, those people that stood there at that fence - one of them most certainly looked like Gandalf. And there was a clear vibe of "Oh no, Orcs" - where - there is one Orc that was 'shown' to be a YouTuber that goes by the name itmeJP. Which to my standards of morality at the time - well, I would say that I saw them as a threat - I mean, I was a fan, but judging from surface values, yea - a scary army in-deed. One however also opposed to that creep, ... oh, I forgot: There was some force ... an army with buildings ... which was spreading that creep. Basically a mix of the Alliance (Warcraft) with a bit of Terran (Starcraft) and if I'm not mistaken also some Orc (Warcraft) (Buildings) - with some Valerian Mengsk type of leader coordinating the whole thing. ... which, pretty obvious - right from the start - has some kind of meaning we can find equivalence to in the real world.

Taking a look at this updated picture, the message is a bit ... more of a thing we can work with. The idea is that there is a threat that people are willing to fight against, ... but the critical element is an antidote to that creep. So: We have to understand our enemy in order to understand how to combat it. Or be lucky enough to just have the thing we need; And move on from there.

So, the Unit composition of the Enemy might be important. Basically units we associate to as the good side, ... with a few "bad boys" that would have joined their ranks - and this impenetrable creep ... well. I'm not sure. The thing is that what actually got me to writing this was ... this:

Although ... not directly. There is a creep - a carpet - that ... I think Kyle tries to cut through it at some point; Which you can see after he made the point of CNN spreading hateful content the first time. He gets more aggressive. Like there is something that interferes with his mind - and you might feel it too - which wraps up 'against' this idea.

I think we can recreate that situation. The creep might be gone - but - at least so from my memory. So, the 'shift' happens once he mentions Jimmy Dore, as of the article, and now the "Conspiracy" context is in the game. So, you want to agree - you've gathered enough information leading up to that point to agree - but then this creep comes in and compels you to be on the side of CNN.
And I guess that triggered Kyle to repeat himself and become louder and louder.
To so hammer that point home.
And the intelligene within this creep, so I found, kindof implies that the Governments decisions and CNN are 'the right thing'. Basically saying: CNN is right because CNN is right. Thats the "argument". You can oppose that logic - but in order to do so you have to be 'stronger'. Like: "No" ... to take the simplest of all "weapons", or "CNN is wrong" to be more nuanced - but the "CNN is right beacuse CNN is right" argument kindof works like a black hole. And because there is nobody actually making that argument there isn't really a beginning or end to it.

In the meantime there is also this 'feeling' where we start to feel the Jimmy Dore side as weak. As though it imploded. There is this sense of ridicule then, that sense of "Just a Conspiritard".

I can try to do something to it - but - I don't seem to accomplish anything. I might accomplish something once there is enough public attention that can jump in on it, ... . I have a suspicion. Your mindsets, regarding the SJW issues, should make you feel like you're gluing something together. ... The broken ring. Which exploded because it was instable.

But, ... this might be the wrong way.

So - we make a cut and now I'm in that Mushroom Forrest looking for whatever.

My lead takes me to thinking about the substance of the creep and ... OK, thats everyones first best guess, ... counter it. We've just been there and figured ... uh ... [shrugs]. If we think of it as SJW propaganda however - although it isn't directly that in this case - we can find that some attitude of ignorance can help. Respectively - lets just say: OK, "CNN is right is because CNN is right" - so, lets just do it wrong then!

I need to let this run through my mind.

Things have changed

General StuffPosted by Nicole Tue, April 24, 2018 00:50:37
Significantly enough to write about it ... and maybe enough to change my stance on the moral implications of my Clarity. But not enough to really say that my conclusion on that was bullshit.

There are certain topics that function like markers to me. Or just words. I will however omit trying to be explicit and elaborate about these corresponding things. The gist of it is that there are terms generally considered as negatives which to me ... have a certain 'shine' ... some sense of beauty. Things I wished I could dive into - and that all without weed or anything. However - with a lot of weed and maybe work I eventually get immersed within those desires enough to maybe have 5 minutes of joy while I'm rubbing my rod.

Or maybe 30 minutes of ecstasy leading up to that, after which it all calms down and I can turn to my side and wonder about what a horrible or sick/naive/misguided/whatever person I am.

In essence I do have a final stance on this topic. But there are other final stances that contradict - and which debunks which isn't entirely settled. Its difficult to judge what I really want however once I'm intellectually in the one thing or the other - both hosting contradicting points that drive the corresponding reasoning.

The separation into 3 domains is a thing that is about allowing us to grow beyond a social norm that would prevent us from doing so. Depending on how you see the world however, you might not recognize the need for it - probably while not really having a clue of which directions we might want to be going other than to circumvent things that by todays standards would be considered illegal.

What is 'culture'?

I think the process that I have in mind should be well understood by now; And in this regard the question of what my destiny is going to be wouldn't matter. But right now I'm more concerned about the now. My contemporary self that tries to establish a way of life that is based in reality and not within ideas that 'might be' or not.

Once I'm immersed within "my topics" I try to navigate according to my inner balance. I know the terms that contribute to it - as I realize which things work for me and which don't - and trying to put them into the right context when it comes to reality urges me to be as extreme as I have to be in order to express which terms matter to me and how.

The very same thing happens here and now. I want to write about something and I right away notice that the hypothetical stance of ignoring all of that isn't working for me. It creates a jarring discomfort that only increases my demand for the things that work for me.

I think a good picture is to think of a ship anchored before a shore. The ship is me in reality as you would observe me and the anchor is me in the reality within me. Anchor and Ship are connected by a chain - and this would represent the complexity of the synergies and flows between the one and the other.

The ship however is the ship, not the anchor. I relate to the world around me through my physical spot within it - and here I'm holding myself to neutral moral standards as I would expect of others. Here I want to move freely and not put myself into a box pushed into a corner.

I want to 'do' - "explore" - "conquer" ... without any higher or deeper "figure" of what I might be holding me in check.

But all this starts to fall apart once the chain is broken.

To understand what I'm trying to describe there a bit better we have to argue that the terms that we find within - those corresponding to the Anchor - are attributes of the inside. In this we are free - to a higher degree than this world might allow. In this "inner sphere" we're merely blobs of some substance closer even to a Quantum Soup than ... lets say slime. There is the own superposition and in correspondence with another individual we can exchange information in a way that simply works different to the spoken word. Its emotional. We can bend where we feel that we need to, or want to. Submission and Dominance are rather primitive concepts in this sense. Bending in order to dominate or to allow this domination to happen. "Harmony" on a deeply intimate level.
It is us - individually - within a soup of ideas that specifically caters to our own interests in this deeply intimate situation.
Ideas that take more and more complex shapes the more reason we can associate to them.
Ideas that eventually become subject to morality.

Smoking - although barely a system of intimacy - is yet a good example regarding morality. Smoking is unhealthy - we should discourage it - but should we prohibit it? Destroy all tobacco there is so that there never might be any of it ever again?

Smoking - to my understanding - however isn't just unhealthy. It is also good. I experience the venomous rush thats making its way through my veins as a relief. Some would argue that thats all about addiction. The lack of tobacco building up a need that causes stress and nervousness until I light the next one. What I have on mind however is the effect itself, the venomous rush, which also makes its way into my head and disrupts the processes of my mind in a way that is relaxing; Like a massage.
"I must know" I'd say. I do a lot of intellectual work - work of thought however rather than work of mechanisms.

Smoking - in one sense cannot be justified. It incites others to take up the same habit; And the slander coolness of a smoker might even make it desirable for boldly superficial reasons. But growing from within - there is a point where those issues aren't a thing and I can benefit of the things that smoking offers; And in face of it - why should it be illegal in this case?

Thats the issue.
At the end of the day this would be a struggle where one side needs to soften to the other in order for one to be suppressed by the other.
And I'll be amongst the first if not the first to demonstrably light a cigarette and enjoy it.

You might value perfect health, I do not! I value the mind over the body, the spiritual over the physical.
And don't try to argue with it. All you'll achieve at best is make me feel miserable - ... its not a matter of reason!
As you would only try to convince me by things that to me are means of making me feel miserable.

Regarding the Anchor - this all pretty much creates Character. Or shapes it. What I am inside eventually turns outward in one way or another. The chain or the given differences between a Ship and an Anchor are to say that this isn't always or ultimately a 1:1 translation. 1:1 would mean that I take the terms I value inside to the outside. That is a freedom that may be desirable, but eventually happens to be unachievable also.
The whole bunch of terms and how they connect - that happens to be a matter so complex only the individual itself and God could be able to truly comprehend it. What ends up coming out on top so would be an average, ... where a deep dark inside doesn't mean that I'm dark outside as well. Outside is different. Trying to live our lives in a way that doesn't disrespect others - that should be a given, selfunderstood, ... beyond question. That is the system the things held in the Anchor enter - but while I'm actually disjointed from what I perceive as the freedom I need I'd have to block those streams of consciousness and call that the life I'm supposed to live. Which means that the Anchor is a lie - its not actually who I might be. Its an insult to myself as it is an obstacle I hold on to that handicaps how I might interact with society. Ergo its pointless to have that Anchor at all - and I should go and find a new one that works in the given situation.

Trans-sexuality is another interesting phenomenon in this instance. Inside vs. Outside - being what one conceives itself to be, or being what society imposes onto you?
To all those that argue that Trans-sexuality is a mental illness and that supporting it is only making it worse I say: Go into the corner and be ashamed of yourself. Stand there and stare at the corner itself - until you think you understand how it feels to be Trans-sexual. Until you are depressed of looking at that corner - unable to move to where you want to be.

I've tried it, giving my male self a chance; And it sickens me. It sickened me to the point where after I dared to break out; Which wasn't at all difficult in the end; I gained comfort that wrought havoc at this delusion of being fine while ignoring my inner reality.

Change isn't simple. Change is rather complex. We can change our ideals and everything ... no doubt ... but the extent to which one actually can accomplish such is dependent on how strongly the individual is attached to it. You can't change your confession unless you let go of what you believe in at that time. There are those single items - habits that maybe don't mean anything - that we can change without any serious impact on our wellbeing. When it gets to our identity however, the structure itself is bound to become itself again, no matter how much you try to bend away from it. Try to invent a person that is totally not you - and doesn't like anything you like - and act it out. What if you were to be that person for the rest of your life? Totally ignoring the effort you'd have to put into making it happen.

The moment you 'take' something out of that system, the system will replicate it. The moment you try to shove something into it, the system will override it. You can only acquire things - adding to the system and that way bending it towards what you find appropriate, but ... you can't change the past!
Except with the help of God however. God can hold items in place where you would snap due to your own inability to hold it there yourself ... forever. And while you hold something against yourself, you 'know' that you hold it against yourself. You take a conscious stance against yourself - and that is a mental effort that diminishes your ability to think properly. God can help. But if you don't like what he puts into you, ... you're bound to dislike it.

This is why oppression always backfires. It has to. As a function of life. The cosmos even.
I mean - what happens in physics when there is 'too much oppression'? A black hole starts to form which sucks in everything around it.
Or can a black hole eventually be 'full'? Well, it certainly messes with space and time in a way that ... could be interesting, ... but not so interesting that you'd like to touch it.

Resting my Case

General StuffPosted by Nicole Mon, April 23, 2018 23:14:43
OK OK, I kindof missed to point out that TFA did have not actually Character Development. Not to me. Unless you say that people doing things just so in general does that. And yea, technically thats correct ... but anyway. It boils down to: "Jedi does Jedi things" ... and that isn't really an tremendous accomplishment of storytelling. I digress.


Sure: Resting my case is all about me not actually having watched the movie and looking at things from the sideline. So, Karma. Thats ... the point. It would though seem like I have an ongoing hostile agenda against the movie - and sure, me being a good guy and by means of Karmanalysis deem it to be somewhat evil I kindof get how you might think this is the case.

Right now I have another fine example on the other screen - where so far my only 'objection' right now is the argument that: "It was really refreshing to see a movie that actually expanded on the mythos instead of just retreading the same ground we've been going over for THIRTY YEARS"". ... -_- ... really? I mean ... whaaat?

He sounds pretty young and ... this might actually be a case of someone being honest - on the other side of things -

"X-Wings, Tie Fighters, Blue Lightsaber, the Millennium Falcon" - OK, here he starts sounding a bit creepy - "Yes, this movie contains all of those elements but it also feels like its making some attempt to do something new and begin a fresh era of Star Wars that doesn't rely on old Canon to exist". ... @@@@

And now we're back at Expectations.

Luke. The pinnacle of missing the point. Right?

I want to throw in another Jim Sterling video here which ... may seem off topic, but ... I'm actually off topic, yea ...

... though, we've heard from the guy before that Disney doesn't bend to the demands of fanatics. Good for them! The connect here is that ... first quote. 30 Years? You mean: 2 or 3 years! Right? Thirty years ago was 1988 - so, the 3 Original movies ere out. Then came the prequels which were nothing like the Original Trilogy. And then came TFA which was pretty much what I get from this "30 years" ... Bullshit.

Now TLJ kindof ... in a sense ... tried something new (really?) ... but in this sense it ... comes too late.
To me it is a given that they fucked it up and by some line of reasoning there is little hope for that to change.

That isn't me not wanting the movies to be good. (I consciously didn't use 'successful'). This is more me not wanting Disney to be successful. Where, yea - I might be wrong, but so far - I kindof feel like I wasn't!

They 'could' prove me wrong though. But 'can' they - actually? They 'could' make a good movie if God wouldn't have to punish them for their decisions. Maybe ... ask Steven Spielberg about Indiana Jones 4 on that one. Which doesn't go to say that all non-Christian movies are just dreck! Thats not how this works! You may have noticed earlier on/further down below.

And you know how it is with living beings. They don't function like machines. So, if God wanted to ... well ... "wait for it" ... basically ... thats totally in His freedom as a living being! Some think it is 'perverse' to regard "the Infinite/Eternal "thing"" a living 'being' - but yea, thats where the disconnect is really ... really a big deal actually.

I haven't seen Star Trek Discovery nor the Orville - but, Star Trek has been tainted - and now fans ran over to the Orville. Franchise doesn't matter! Quality matters! The story of Discovery may somehow play out to be kindof OK or whatever - but what makes it so insulting is the 'Star Trek' label on something that didn't 'need' to be Star Trek!
Less people might have watched it - but so would less people have been bothered by it being Star Trek - because ... it wasn't!

I don't know where else to write about it so I'll do it here: I kindof disagree with the Secret of Mana remake. My favorite game of my Childhood. They have made a big deal of staying true to the source material, even so far that there is an option to play the original Soundtrack and to have a minimap that resembles the actual SNES version of the screen one is on. Seems like they had a clear vision, but yet they couldn't help but meddle with it in ways that don't really make sense. "The most difficult Boss" is now no longer actually difficult - the water doesn't look nice, I don't get why they decided to change how the menus work ... so, its a collision of two worlds. The understanding that people would be glad about a Secret of Mana remake, understanding that remaking things is a bit of a delicate topic - on one side - vs. not quite having a clear understanding about ... things!
Fans accepted it - because for the most part its the same game - I liked the Cutscenes they added - its all in all a neat package - but ... there's a bit of dirt underneath the whole thing. Minor issues. Somehow, ... hard to put a finger on but it wasn't a huge success. And for some reasons I don't think its better than/worth playing over the original. Because its just ... at the end of the day ... a watered down version of the old with a few cutscenes added into the mix.

I guess I have to take a similar stance on Street Fighter V - but the main thing here is that these things didn't fail so epically. And as to why ... I'd say its all about 'the mix'.

OK, where was I?

So - there is this thing that keeps on bugging me. The idea that I'm just jumping onto some bandwagon to appeal to what would seem to be the popular opinion as originally in terms of the Anti-SJW camp. I would say that they 'convinced me' beacuse they had 'compelling arguments' - and that would be the problem. Me not having that very same opinion up until that point. Arguing that I just make it my own for no actual reason other than pandering to the crowd.

This would go to say that 'actually' freedom of speech was never one of Gods values, but that instead we should abandon reason and become SJWs/Feminazis. My position isn't about being vehemently against feminism, ... which is why pro-diversity/feminism talk would get me. But when you put that into the context of Gamergate for instance, ... well, ... what can I say?

I mean, those are two real life things. It isn't just about an individuals talking point. Trump makes a great case example on that issue.

And so we can be running in circles. What is it that we're looking for?

We can import all the Feminist issues into Anti-SJWism - or more so: Find them - we have feminists in that camp by the way - and so it is all those that band together to resist this ... thats ... the problem. More so because they seem to be those that are on the top of the food-chain. For no rational reason at all!
That isn't "the People".

In regards of Star Wars - I was one of the first to get on the train. Some might argue that I'm its captain.

And there the video in the previous post kindof ... it feels like its directed 'at' me - trying to tell me that I got it wrong because all the boxes they think I needed to be checked were checked with the slapped on argument that I'm a hypocrite if I don't acknowledge that. Well, turns out I evolved and have a new set of boxes. Which aren't ... new ... but, I just don't get it anyway.

So, at some point this isn't about Star Wars or SJWs anymore - but the two are just so ... intimately connected to the stuff I'm concerned about, its just ... stupid to not to embrace that.

But yea, this is the video:

And it kindof shreds itself. Thats just it. And ... about the ending: Maybe we are 'dead' inside. A lot of the fans seem to be ... because ... reasons. Reasons for which I avoided watching it to begin with, maybe. I would however also be here doing this if TLJ was better than TFA.

And then there is this guy:

Point taken - but the point is the problem!

In a sense.

What makes this work is that it is Star Wars. We look at them younger ones today, they enjoy it, and some go and say: OK, 'thats' Star Wars now. But will it age well? I mean, Kids do still love the prequels, right? Unless you set them up against it.


The case ... won't rest. I mean, the big one. And the point I'm trying to make - ... don't think I'm trying to make you do anything. Or believe anything. Not in the literal sense. I rant against Disney and Microsoft ... and EA ... which I think is something that is alienating some people. Its difficult. I'm sure that my arguments go way beyond what all the people I agree with would ... easily come to terms with.

But there is a common denominator I think. Something about force and some equal and opposite reaction. Its this back and forth that doesn't seem to stop. People 'venting' their frustration about the movie is as normal of a thing as it gets in this whole thing. The other side moves into denial - and that in and of itself could be the end of the story. But some people just won't believe it, so they push back - and that push isn't ... making any sense and people in their heads start to align against it. As so manifesting within those Channels that at this point make their content based on reading Star Wars articles. SC reviews and that other guy. Damnit! It happens all the time. There's a video somewhere in my feed - all the time - or some channel at least - and once I however look for it, its not there. Which is ... probably to say that the YouTube algorithms suck! ComicArtistPro Secrets. And possibly a few others. (But honestly, ... thats lazy content with a lazy voice, so ... not really Entertainment).
How does this happen? I think God translates some motion into a feeling that some people respond to.

Another thing thats worth mentioning is the ad-hominem nonsense. So, "we" are fanatics, "we" had false expectations, ... "we" are misogynist, "we" are racist, sexist, homophobe, ... whatever. It would help to have a random label printed on the cinema ticket so we can have some clarity about what exactly we are.
I'm sure it can work like Horoscopes. If you ... look closely, you can find yourself in all of it!

On the other side you won't find that. I mean, ... not in that form at least. But to me that is OK. It ... it gets most toxic between PC and Console gamers. No matter how much I cherish THaCs content - I'm a console peasant and thus get thrown into the same basket as other console peasants - at which point one is comparing apples to pears - but yea, whatever! Getting called out isn't always a bad thing!

Some of the best games of all time are Console games and PC gamers would 'wish' they had it on PC! Constant pandering about graphics and flexibility doesn't matter if all one wants is to play a game - and most of the time ... Console gamers don't have to check the specs of their machine.
On the other hand you had those that would be pissed if one ever mentioned the PS4, or the XBone, in a not so neutral light and eventually some big mouthed words of how much better Consoles are performance wise although it wasn't really a big mystery that PCs were already outperforming both of them. So, with the right PC you can play games in 4k already, ... but who the F gives a shit?!

The issue at hand here is that we can disagree and still co-exist, kindof. Within ... reason.

I mean, I don't need to go out of my way to go and try to convince a PC gamer that Console gaming is much better! I mean, if we want to be objective about it - that just isn't the case. Some things are better here and others are better there. If you're pretty much satisfied with what the PC has to offer then you're gonna stick to that. You can't (just yet) expect 'real' RTS games on Console. #MouseAndKeyboardforconsoles. And even if - that wouldn't really be a compelling argument to swap from PC to Console. Microsoft being evil would be closer to that, but then, you can also switch to Linux, if you think thats any better.

The PC is a whole different world - a world you can't really put into a console withut making it a PC. And if its a PC - well - why not keep the PC?

I liked BvS - and yea, I eventually just keep on mentioning it as some kind of running gag at this point. Resident Evil Retribution would be a much better example because I just like it, simple popcorn B-Movie type action flick, ... and thats it. Not saying that negative opinions that solely regard the in-Game canon as the only valid thing a Resident Evil movie might portrait wouldn't make me wanna respond - but at the end of the day I don't care all that much. I mean - in a way I care because at the end of the day the 'common sense quality' of a movie is shaped by all of us. Mutually. So, I liked it - have to say that - and thats it.
And the last one was a bit of a letdown.

Aaaanyway ...

So, what does this all mean? I guess I just want Disney to implode already ... and all the other toxic nonsense right along with it.

They 'can' prove me wrong still - but not by trying to make a good movie. And not so much 'proving me wrong' as ... to just make things right. Its pretty much like with Gamergate. The whole issue cannot be resolved until those that actually did all the wrong come out and apologize. Thats just the way it is. Anything else demands vengeance, ... and vengeance, according to the Bible, is Gods shtick.

I mean, what can 'I' do? Seriously? I can write ... and ... else? I'm stuck! How can I 'punish' big corporations like Microsoft, EA or Disney? I can't! But so, ... I can remain innocent! If God does a thing, ... thats on Him! And then you either believe that God 'is' fair or that He isn't. And we can have the same argument.

It kindof 'is' the same argument.

And don't think I'm without flaw.

I don't think anyone can claim being always correct in an argument. Even if I'm always 'right' ... per se ... to a point that might get people angry of sorts ... ... . Hmm. OK - the thing is: Without God I can right away ... forget it. Although 'potentially' still being the same, God has an investment with me. I guess thats where the aggravating part comes in. That 'technically' I should be wrong about a thing but because God comes in to save the day I'm right after all. But its not like we're all on equal footing.

And yea, what does sports teach us about it? There is nobody 'better' per se - except those few that just are - but to kindof quote Ryu: What makes you better is the will to self-improve. But ... then, what is intuition? For instance. Sometimes not the right way ... I guess.

So, you can't take me as a good example - easily. You can take me as a good example if you know how to separate things from one-another. At the best you could appreciate what God does for me. Which isn't all easy and simple. I mean, in a way it is - but life is still ... harsh. Brutal.

So, ... I'm a philosopher. I guess. Thats ... kindof the 'thing' that best describes my ... "professional situation". And that in a sense is a 'hack' of what I'm actually ... "subscribed to". Its a side-effect ... expanded upon. In this life. Counting in previous lifes, obviously ... I.T. wasn't much of a thing. So, Philosophy helps getting into I.T. a certain way - which then again has a positive impact on philosophy.

In all this - I understand where and when I'm wrong. Kindof. Even if I so happened to be right. I know what I thought - and believed - and where I'm wrong the most is ... nothing about that but in my own situation a lack of knowledge of what I'm doing what for. I get tired, I don't see the light, I get pissed or however moodie, maybe angry - and yea, although nothing actually happened. Well, ... "LOL".

Because of God I have an extra edge. It may be a unification thing, ... but ... in a sense do I get information while stuff is building up and you cannot really catch me off guard - because of that. Whatever you do - so, while you're getting something going - you can't believe that I won't be prepared for it.

This is unfair ... maybe ... but that would suggest that God isn't really in a "Fair Play Mood" ... for whatever reason. Its probably justified.

But yea - whats the point here?

Well, I'm trying to figure something out. I have made my points and as usually would have guessed that thats that - but - things kept bothering me. So I moved on, and eventually there came this feeling of ... me ... being kindof overextending - getting too much into a subject ... and looking for a way out I could only move backwards and end up where I began. But yea, I'm just writing - so, where would I end up either way if not ... where I sit? ... Yea. Uh, ... so - the thing is that there is some convoluted bullshit, some cloud, in my mind that I first internally fight against and eventually that turns into something I have to write about.

Right now I don't really feel that anymore. "My opponent has been crushed" it would seem. Or he took off. Maybe even understood.

But yea, there is still something. Like - you as the ordinary person might look at me and what you see could be a blood-thirsty "rage monster" with a somewhat pointless angerment about things that are "just movies" or videogames.

But isn't it so? If I'm a misogynist for not liking the recent Ghostbusters - can I not call them morons for doing so? There's more merit to my side of that story because I'm actually responding to something that is observable. You won't see me being a misogynist, aside of various fluctuations of character and habit that you might blow out of proportions while all I'm really wanting is peace and harmony. You might see how I and others pick arguments apart, eventually down to minuscule details that could get you wonder about ... "why?" ... and think its just a mechanism you could use for your own interests; But really - its more than that. Pants go to the bottom, Shirt goes to the middle, hat goes to the top. There is no mixing and matching without actually getting to the matches. And I think we've seen examples of how that can work the other way - but is in its falseness yet exposed.

Eventually I find myself so standing there - having made my point, being right, being victorious - but then they just walk away and again I stand there alone. I would go after them, and now I'm the aggressor. But yea - what else could I do? I could try to just stay where I am and sing praises upon myself. Because why not? The behavior of those around me would empower me to do so!

Because ... eventually this whole argument comes down to that point. Right is right, wrong is wrong - all is exposed - and what next?

In a normal situation we would expect the loser to "GG" - but this isn't a game. I guess there were certain moments where I should have "GG"d - but I didn't. And turns out - I was right about it. Well, "of course". And I think they don't really have a reason to move otherwise. In this sense of this being a war between two sides and nothing else. You go in - and fight until the last men standing.

But this isn't a war of weaponry. Not my side at least. In essence its the war against confusion, lies, ... all of that nonsense. And sure you'll find that no matter how much you appreciate or enjoy my efforts - the perspective may be a bit daunting. You're right the one day and wrong the other.
I'm sure that I have made some points that some people I would generally agree with would disagree with. And I don't believe in the notion that they should after hearing my point should ... err ... 'could inherently change their point of view.

I guess politics lends itself to that. Taking a liberal stance is rather easy because its just the most logical thing. I guess this is where the "I'm just pandering to X" is the most true. Where I virtue signal the most. But respectively am I aware that this position isn't perfect. No matter where I stand - I have to always rely on others because I'm not perfect!

"And fear not" ... saltiness will not go away. Not for as long as we have competitive games at least.

But I digress.

So, the argument comes down to that point where right and wrong stand exposed/revealed - and in this situation where a defeat isn't a physical thing - the loser can yet pretend to be the winner and move on as though people should follow that person. And strong emotions ... help. Because after all, well - in first place you as the observer are responsible of determining who won based upon which "thou shalt act" - where, if you're triggered you'll act even before the conclusion has come.
This means that the more zealous you are about a thing, the more careful you have to be about what you're zealous about.

Like, ... its easy to be all 'for' more strict judgment guidelines when you're put into the victim chair, confronted with an upsetting situation that gets you angry - though looking deeper that very same issue serves entities that profit from jailing people. And how to deal with that. Can you step over your own shadow and resist the urge for justice as it would cause greater injustice?
It would get easier if the activism against this prison-industry were large enough - the corresponding talking points more present - the perspective on what is at hands less obstructed.

So, standing there alone singing praises of myself - that shouldn't bother anyone. You left me there, alone, ... so you couldn't care less about what I'd do thereafter, ... at least if its relatively safe that I can't do anything horrible.

But maybe you're triggered by it - because you hear it - and those that lost the battle should avoid me at all cost because any further attention onto my self-praise might reveal the actual outcome of what has been going down.


I've noticed it and I'm not alone - that a lot of "REKT" videos on the Tube aren't actually all that impressive wreckages. REKT
With enough confident belief in me, I could go and slap myself and shout REKT and thus win every philosophical battle ever. REKT
The problem is that I'm no "Emo Warrior". I won't drag you along with me just for the sake of having a Ghoul Army to rely on. REKT
So, you have to get used to relying on yourself - and this way you can find meaning in company and society like no way else.

And this is a good point to end this with. [Nods and thumbs up]

up next ...
Moral Relativism.

May I Fanaticism?

General StuffPosted by Nicole Mon, April 23, 2018 16:29:59
OK, Star Wars again.

Presenting to you yet another fine specimen of critical anger:

So, at 5:23 (although the last sentence didn't make perfect sense) you have the condensed statement I'd 're' to that guy. Its the very argument, basically, that he should look at and think about. He at some point makes the crazy jump to calling all those that 'didn't like' TLJ Fanatics, ... without any examples given, ... and continues to use the word Fanatic.

"You're judging the movie for what you want it to be, rather than what it is".

Yea, sounds in about right. I mean, arguing that this is pretty fanatic behavior. So, to not misconstrue his point there: According to him, people had expectations, they weren't fulfilled, therefore the movie is automatically bad. By the way: Someone did the math on Rotten Tomatoes omitting all scores lower than 1 star and calculated that the actual score is 24%.

And one example he uses to make this point is that of Rey's parents. Though every rant ever does actually start off with other things, to me its a valid point; I mean - I don't care whether or not ... I mean, I even agree that her parents being nobodies is a good choice. That alone wouldn't make all those rants possible. If the movie were good - frankly - sure, some people would say they didn't like it - but the things around that would or should generally be positive. And once you're on a rant - you eventually just start taking what you get. It isn't really 'positive' per se, like, in this hugely profound way that would have people say: "OK, I get that" - but that arguably comes back to TFA.

So, what he's saying is that "the Fanatics" wanted the movie to be a certain way - and so they hated it. However, take a look at those that attack the movie vs those that defend it. The defending argument pretty much comes down to: "You don't know what you're talking about" without actually supplementing that argument with something of substance. Like, if I told you that 1+1 equals 2, and you came around calling me a fanatic - without actually correcting myself. Yea, which should be difficult because 1 plus 1 IS 2 - but this is a movie, its more complicated than 1+1, ... and yea.
We've learned that Luke may not have had his final moment yet - thinking of a plot twist that changes everything. If we knew about it - we could say: Hey, he was right all the time. So is that, considering this one thing, well - talking of the detail in TLJ that most would have missed and nobody talks about (Holdo) - what the movie "is" then? So, it is ... two scenes.

That doesn't make TLJ a good movie. It makes the next one a better movie than it might be and sortof redeems TLJ - but substantially ... Mr. Browntable, you're judging the movie for what you 'want' it to be, and not for what it 'is'!

So, is Mr. Browntable a Fanatic? He doesn't sound like one. He's pretty reserved and calm ... and so he started off by talking of how Fanatics disliked TFA because it was too much like Star Wars. STAR WARS - explicitly 'not' A new Hope. That is kindof pissing me off. Just ... from an intellectual standpoint. "You said it!" - 'a new Hope' - say it: A new ... hooo-oope. Why take it back and say "Star Wars". Of course a Star Wars movie is similar to fucking Star Wars!

Do you want to be fucking kidding me?!?

And he admits that he isn't a huge Star Wars fan. Which I guess gives him the upper edge in calling other people Fanatics. But it just goes to say that he doesn't have any position to talk about a disconnect between X and Y. Outside of "fans" vs ... "casuals". Which means that this stance boils down to one thing: "Fans can fuck the hell off!". Which means that there is a very huge margin for being reasonable about it and saying it that way. "You're a fan, you didn't like it - I get why - but now its Casual time!". That would silence a lot of anger! A lot of people would still come out and say: "Whaat?" - because for that fucking obvious reason - but eventually the dust would settle and people could go their way.

And oh, Star Wars movies are 'not' Masterpieces. He said. This is now one of the things I'm kindof guilty of myself - but I 'have' to be that way. Because the substance I'm dealing with is vastly ... transcendental in nature ... and I don't really have an easy way to write about everything otherwise. I think. Anyway. The point is: I'm sure we can find Star Wars fans that would disagree! Sure, you say in your ... err ... he says in his disclaimer that this is just his opinion; And yea - trigger warning registered, "come at me bro" - anyway. This is basically ... something about Fanaticism in 'my' book. 'Telling us' that Star Wars movies are 'not' Masterpieces, woefully ignoring that people would disagree with it - thats you/him imposing a false premise. Its ... kindof unnecessary at this point to point out how "good" they are at causing havoc. Its ... whatever. We'll eventually get around solving those issues as well.

WHen I say that BvS is good or that the Prequels weren't 'that' bad - do I do the same thing? Like everyone with an opinion ever?

Certainly not. But ... "EMPIRE IS A MASTERFUL FILM" - is what I have on the screen right now following that statement. And it rubs me the wrong way, that you go out of your way to say that Star Wars movies aren't Masterpieces to then go and say that Empire is a Masterful film. Like ... whaaat?
What kindof mental Gymnastics is that supposed to be?
Like, explain to me the difference! I'm stuck there.

This only goes to extend the aroused suspicion that he's bullshitting us there. So, saying that the SW movies aren't MPs, that would get SW fans triggered thinking: "But what about ..." - so he ... 'blocks' that - which is interesting - by throwing in this 'sponge'. In his calm and reserved way. Yea, its a Masterful film. I don't even.

And yes! I do hold the series that highly that I say that TFA ruined it! You saying that the prequels sucked doesn't do anything to me. So, new term: Prequel-Shaming. "Bravo!".

"... that a movie like '[goshingly:] The Force Awakens' ruined it ..." - dude! It was a crappy rip off of 'A new Hope'. Come on. Say it: A new Hooo-oope!. "Sure Buddy!".

OK. Fans hated TFA because it was too much the same and TLJ because it was too different. Maybe that just means that both movies were crap either way you put it! That there is no 'greater logic' in this, like, that its all fanatics with their expectations. The Snoke case makes a great example: So, TLJ defenders go to say that Snoke was pretty much just a copy of Palpatine and didn't really serve the plot. Why is he there in first place? TFA! So, now they go to "admit" that TFA was terrible in order to argue that TLJ wasn't terrible. Sortof.

So, at that point we're at a point in his video ... I don't know ... seriously: We're talking about a "Red Herring" Character now. Well, like in old crime movies where the viewer had to guess who the villain is. You setup a Character so that he looks like he's the guilty guy and "oh no" - it was that dude whom nobody was suspicious about. But this is different. This is deception - and now fans of the sequels are 'pissed' because it worked. Sortof.

I mean, its hard to tell what the idea 'really' was. Snoke shouldn't have been there to begin with. How did Snoke and Kylo even get together? Kylo "killed" Luke, ran off - and then - ... the First Order? ... . That at least is my take-away. Snoke shouldn't be there, Rian killed him, ... which to fans just spells out "Bad Writing". "No consistency". Sure, not everyone would have liked any alternative, but ... that goes back to Snoke being there to begin with, which only goes to substantiate the criticism had against TFA.
So, now however 'that' can't be OK - because sequels Fans will tell you that they are awesome - so they have to come up with this idea that Snoke is a Red Herring. WHich ties over into the next point, which is that Kylo is the actual villain and "Fanatics" hated it because they thought he'd turn to the Light side. Whaat?

Anyway. I don't feel like I have to take the entire video apart. People didn't 'want' Rey to be evil so much that they ended up hating it. That would mean that we'd have Kylo as good vs Rey as bad ... which, actually, would make for a more interesting Film. But I suppose they couldn't write such a thing because there isn't enough "raw material" to copy.

So really, the 'Fanaticism' argument does totally backfire here. Like everything about this new Operation so far. I find it funny how they had built another Death-Star~ish weakspot into the bad guys flagship and then had to find some way to work around it. LOL!

Sad! Just Sad!

(By the way: Every elaborate criticism I've heard of the movie - going up - did 'not' matter of fact ignore the cinematographic quality of the film.)

So, now however this has critical mass. "Ultimate Triggeeerrrriiiiiiiiing!" ... [boom].
And the ending of the video Sucks!

Sorry. The images just tell me that some dudes are walking around the creation of another while we're now supposed to "feel sorry" for Rian Johnson because he dedicated 2 years to it. Right. For that kind of money, I think you wouldn't find a person that wouldn't throw away those 2 years!

Its rather clear by now, to me at least, that the thing that bothers me the most about these movies is an issue with patterns and "mechanisms". That mostly because I generally ... have a thing for thinking that way. Thats where I'm on board with George Lucas' "it rhymes" analogy - although analogies are 'anal' if you don't see them yourself. "How do they rhyme?" - well, not like 4 with 7. Star Wars has a Chorus already - the opening crawl and the theme.

Karma - that is one such 'pattern' or 'mechanism' - and I believe that these ... help us setting boundaries for ourselves, or building bridges, ... 'navigating'. It isn't hypocritical to assimilate the concept of Karma just in order to become a better person. Sure, one who becomes a good person that way is different to someone ... like Luke or Anakin ... so, "blaming Karma" is a bit like cheating. I mean - the point of 'internalizing righteousness'. You go to tell yourself that you don't do a thing because horrible stuff might happen in consequence. Thats ... not bad! Doing so is a symptom of goodness to begin with - so, eventually things mingle and mix and you just grow stronger and stronger against evil.
This in simplicity is a thing that stands diametrically opposed to the "good in balance with evil" idea. Good cannot 'really' co-exist with evil in a synergy that is without drama. And drama is not goodness. Good seeks to vanquish negativity - which I mean from an actors perspective. Obviously when taking my religious background the story is a bit different. But that isn't an active evil that seeks to destroy - its about the human facets that can be evil if not put into boundaries.
The thing I'm wanting to get at is that ..., well, basically 'good' is a property of life whereas 'evil' is an umbrella term for neagative outgrowths. Power for instance. The "Lust" for it. A Life in and of its own perceived goodness aspiring for things that by far and large aren't really good!
In a sense is this good vs evil in balance move something of a philosophical attempt to cement the place of evil within society as something we just have to accept. It is evil misunderstanding its place in reality - and that I don't think is a thing that God really 'likes' to be around. So, I think that TFA was bad but still kindof OK because things had been vague. The premise was bad - apparently - but with each step they took to take this ball home - things just got worse for them.

Yea, thats a pattern. A mechanism. I believe in. Karma.

Where the thing gets crazy is where we start to think about 'gaming' it. So, the most common "Karma hack" would be to do a self-deprecating joke in order to "block" negative energy for instance. So, those that humble themselves will be exalted. And eventually the whole thing gets crazier - and we're dealing with all sorts of patterns and mechanisms - which meant that I had to grow a little in order to basically adjust my own opinion to the information available.

So, "Surprise", God really is the Eternal one!

And fanaticism? At some point we all get into situations where we could be called that way, I think. Just ... know what it is you are fighting for!

Which is ... where this isn't a Star Wars topic. And don't think you have to know it all!

The thing though is: Karma is a simple thing to grasp. Its 'lesson one' basically. And so we can build up on it, stack things together - find ways around it - but then, ... I have to think of that scene from Space Jam where Bugs Bunny tries to be funny at the aliens by pretending he doesn't know Bugs Bunny and the Aliens reply: "What do you think we are? Stupid!?".

And thats that! Its why Episode 9 is probably gonna fail as well. I'm sure there will be lots of arguments about why it sucks and why thats wrong and at the end of the day ... we'll have to wait for the other day to come around.

"I rest my case".

Do I? Have to? Is this a thing? I think it is. But sure - what else ... could I possibly add to this at this point?
I feel like I'm done with this though. Until ... 'then' ... however. Quite obviously!

So, a One-Up for Putin?

General StuffPosted by Nicole Mon, April 23, 2018 05:28:42
I mean, it kindof makes sense that Putin would support Trump thinking that he's doing something against the Establishment. In regards of Crimea I'm not passing judgment on him while I'm kindof in favor of his move; And all the other stuff ... [shrugs] ... whatever. I don't know anything. And yea, thats ... what it is.

I mean - if we then go think that Putin is in bed with Trump - the world just starts looking a lot darker. And eventually I don't see anymore what I could possibly do. On the other side I could think that my legacy would matter after my death, but I don't see how it could. So, conclusively must 'reality' be somewhere in that area where ... stuff makes sense.

However. I was like hit by a wall earlier on this, ... got focused on other things, went to bed - with that awkward feeling again - and at some point it dawned upon me ... and turns out ... it ... something ... actually makes sense! This ... I mean. The starting point. That the petrodollar is why.

So, I had this dream once - and in it the Antichrist owed me all his money and he gave it to my partner. She in turn gave me a small bit of it - and that in a sense works for me now as follows: The one account is what 'they' (Antichristians) have - and the other one is what "we" have. And there is just no ... question who the big and who the small player is. So the thing were that the Petrodollar makes it so that they have money like crazy while we/they (the good guys, according to my side) have to be extremely conservative. So the issue that in a resource battle - no chance! So they, the good guys, had to wait for an opportunity - so - for when their money/power wouldn't matter anymore.
Which is then that part of Gods plan that I don't really need or even shouldn't know about, because getting there would by my own account pretty much be by accident.

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