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General StuffPosted by Nicole Wed, January 10, 2018 17:57:59
[Robin Hood, Star Wars, an odd feeling, personal failure, ... extravaganza, Nerd Stuff]

Yea, thats life as I remember it. I want to write about one thing, but as I'm about to get into it theres the next interesting thing ... which is probably not too interesting and might not be worth writing about and so I wouldn't ... though ... then those things are generally still compelling enough that there is some convincing reason to bring them up. So 'crimes against medieval realism: Robin Hood (Part 1)' - gets me to think.

By the way, my e-mail address, ... 'Na-Asim' ... is somewhat inspired by Morgan Freemans Character. Asim or Nasim? So - yea, I loved the movie - and I loved Nasim. He, when regarding all the previous ramblings on movies, is the personified "it" - which makes this movie ... good ... or interesting. Though, its hard to say. Its Robin Hood.
And German dubbing is excellent!
(Which makes certain movies more watchable than the originals!)

Anyhow, what caught me now here is the scene in the beginning where Nottingham reveals himself and Loxley kills himself. There's something about it ... but I guess I'm too fatigued to write about it. Or ... am I?

I leave it at this because thinking of it leaves me with that weird feeling I hoped to find some straw about ... and, its kindof similar to a feeling I get when I'm high, ... but ... its not me. Well, that feeling - its hard to explain. The best and easiest way of putting it might be to say: "When you're so stoned you literally feel like embedded into stones". Its like parts of the mind have become solid and taken their fixed point in the relative space-time continuum so that once you move you feel them sticking to where they've been.
It comes with a weird echo ... I don't know.
But now the feeling I'm concerned about it from elsewhere. It comes to me as part of someone else, as though trying to pickax a way into my mind.

Its annoying in that it obscures my freedom to think.

So I was watching this video, ... 'Assassins Creed Origins is not Assassins Creed' by Cleanprincegaming ... and normally my thoughts would wander around, looking at it this way and that way ... and over time eventually end up with an opinion. Yet whenever I crossed the 'negative perception' domain this feeling popped in, ... that echo, ... that influence, ... being somewhat mad at me. While all in all I feel like "they" have gotten a hang of me being somewhat ... responding to that kind of 'upsetness' ... (a pros pos, since when do YouTube videos take time to load again? I've had it previously that I had to 3 to 4 times skip to the next video and back ... on, ... some ... video on why difficulty in games is a good thing. While yea, prior to the whole Adpocalypse even I had such experiences exclusively from China Uncensored.) ... and so I'm moved to taking either of two sides. Positive or Negative. Negative I can't because I'm forced out, Positive I can't because I wasn't able to properly settle on it. Neutral would have been it, eventually - as nothing else got through ... and this weird feeling came in right there, at that statement ... that it would have been Neutral.

And now this feeling is caught up in confusion.

Anyhow, this Sheriff of Nottingham scene comes with a similar feeling. And that relates to these "smarts" I've been mentioning. Shads video is a great setup to get at least something here. So, he points out that this scene is sortof unrealistic and one of the issues is that Loxley would have had some amount of soldiers to defend himself there. But now, ... what happened leading up to this scene? "What if" ... Loxley was in some weird situation that allowed Nottingham to kill off one soldier after the other, like in some Horror movie, ... where so this conspiracy unfolded leaving people clueless about how or who, ... leading up to this moment where Loxley looses his shit.

And about that ... I see a lot of chances for me to fail. Or have failed. Why am I even still alive? But yea, for some reason those outcomes are however ... impossible!

... blrp ...

lost my track.

Lost in Star Wars TLJ reviews.

Makes me figure: The success of the Originals wasn't due to the good stuff I like about it - but it added to it significantly. Just an allover good package.

And yea, I guess we can disagree ... as about Nasims role in Robin Hood; As delivered by Shad. The subject is odd. Its a movie delivered to a Christian world, basically, to the western audience, ... so what bugs Shad is on the other side a matter of self-humiliation. But where was I?
(But yea, Shads points certainly make sense in this modern context)

Yea, that feeling. I don't know what to do. When it gets to getting outsmarted ... or being the guy who's outsmarting the other ... all thats left to me basically is to LOL at my situation and say: Yea, right ... and ... what am I now supposed to do here?

Well, from what I gather I must be Kylo Ren. Like, sure thing, I try to be incomprehensible. Somehow. Well - God allows me to stand superior however. Its just that in hindsight I (must?) realize that I have an interest in being incomprehensible. The thing is that this weird feeling gives me not only a feeling of being comprehended (although, ... wrongly ... I guess) but also some weird ... sense ... of it not being in my interest. Saying as much as that being unpredictable is one of my ... things ... .

Which doesn't say that all the times they just didn't get me, they actually did get me. Its a whole subtopic on its own. The 'sigh' ... well ... "The Last Jedi" Level of ... "superstition" ... /"bad writing" ... and I'm not really sure what the situation is.

For the one part ... I don't even know if I properly distinguish between the sources of various ideas.
But in general there's stuff I 'sense' and parts of that somehow end up in my real-life perception - and thus I piece things together. Saying for instance that some part of their Psychology would be Nietsche type of stuff, ... but, ... no further thought given into it. Taking his ways, 1:1, zero development, done. Which to me means as much as: Incredibly naive and simple-minded. But its not like I have any intimate knowledge of his stuff. Just some ... cheap summaries. So, its ... overgeneralization. Two people who behave similarly must have identical psychological issues.
This won't hold up to any scrutiny I fear.

Yea, got me right there!

It works for me. Not sure how to properly express that. Its cheap thinking, OK, to me at least. Its a level of misunderstanding me that gets me laughing.

Hmm, this feeling might be the result of them trying to implant a perspective into me? Hmm ... that would say, ... that once it feels like they got me it just is by accident? And they want me to be upset about the new direction Assassins Creed took? Hmm ... well sure. My takeaway was that 'apparently' its a decent game. I couldn't get more out of that video! But I damn sure am not gonna be taking any heat for anything Ubisoft! I mean, I don't have particularly bad experiences; Neither particularly good ones ... its a mixed bag and I'm not feeling like diverging from this into either direction.

I didn't play most AssCreeds ... I don't care!

OK, For Honor? Yea, nice game! Which happened to suck big time. The problem there obviously was that such imbalance cannot sustain the longevity of a game that is (this) competitive by nature.

Compare that to Street Fighter V. I mean ... I can ... give you a few pointers. Akuma for one. The "Mr. OP" (OP ~ Overpowered) himself - is in this game far from that. He's ... slow. Sluggish. Such as that many/one old school Akuma fans moved away from him. I would see how it may be many. I for the other part like it more this way. So there would be that group of people too. Its just, its hard. Cammy is the other one. It looks cheap if it looks easy, ... but there is some amount of challenge to getting her in the opponents face. Especially against those with fireballs. Yea, there then are those that are going to say: "Well, just [do this trick]". Thanks smartass! "Don't throw fireballs". Back in the game. If it doesn't work it doesn't work. Its not that easy. Thats what I'm saying. To everyone OP there is a way around. Sortof. I mean, ... a lot of it may be due to the 2D nature - that its therefore less complex in what goes - ... but Cammys moves aren't that OP. Most of them are really easily countered. Thats the right argument!

Throw Loops suck - in general. One hit combo fatalities are a joke. OK, given - if you can ... well done! But ... there are reasons why people wouldn't use such tactics to win. And reasons why people would. If moneys on the desk ... well ... its you picking the games you play!
The Balance of For Honor was ... well ... I wouldn't talk too much about it but the Conquerer was just too much for me. Infinite attack loop. Or I just didn't get how to break it. Everything pretty standard. But over time certain Characters were just clearly more powerful and in game it showed ... and thus making it ... feel ... bad. Don't know. I just lost interest as the Faction War did just start to piss me off.

And what I actually wanted to write about, ... seems to only have been a premise to get me started here. Its about 'Gamers' ... in addition to the previous - asking the question for what difference there is between a Nerd and a no-Nerd. Following this suspicion that there still is some war on nerds going on. That "nerdom" is somewhat ... bad. And we can see the arguments. We're invested into "weird" things. We're the 'goodfornothing's ... still. We're only making things more complicated for ... "them".

As we make things more complicated for each other. Maybe.

Well, nerd battles can be fun when we can establish some ... "rule" on base of which one has to admit defeat to the other. In general that would come by the right argument where the one who lost admits it. That game however ends being fun if the opponent just won't.

But well. It is inherently a perk of the nerd that he knows stuff that others don't. Thats ... due to all the reading. Or whatever. The scavenging, the "looting, ... that amounts to stuff. Experience at the least. Experience that turns a noob into a pro. Over time. A noob is a pro to the uninitiated. If you saw a few episodes of Dragonball and liked them, or a movie, (attack of the 100.000 supersoldiers maybe), you're a pro to someone who gots no clue of Dragonball. 'Like' is the keyword here. Thats one thing about a nerd. They like stuff. With a passion.
But it takes time to become a real pro in Dragonball. At least that time it takes to read all the comics.

I guess I finally get Luke Skywalker in TLJ. He has isolated himself because his knowledge of the force is too vast and people aren't ready for it. So Rey turns up and he doesn't want to teach her anything - yet eventually gets convinced to teach her of the force in a way that he himself thinks is vague enough to get her going onto an entirely unbiased road.
But ... yea, there are some buts that pop up and I'm sure other people will have ways of pointing those out. In summary: ... . Donkey doesn't rhyme with Stone!

But yea ... the issue with Nerds then is that just changing shit under their noses basically devalues what they are invested in. Yet so, arguing that nerds get upset once their fan theories are debunked ... is I think nonsense. Else cliffhangers couldn't work ... ever. Eventually there though is truth in it - which is then though more of a crowd behavior thing. Stuff getting overhyped, nonsense taken out of context, while there is a clear continuation planned already - which then just stands there as the truth that 'a' fanbase won't accept.

A raw layout of a Star Wars plot is coming to me. Episode 7: After the intro roll, content has to be determined yet, the camera pans onto something, has to be determined yet, which takes us into the opening moment which sets up the introduction of the villains. Something of the remainders of Palpatines backup plan, some hidden operation getting caught off guard. ...

Its jarring to see how in all those arguments the issue for how the first order is that strong and the "Rebellion" is actually the 'rebellion' (again) is ... yea, ... talked of once and thrown away and from there on people that are still left arguing would be those that kindof don't care about it anymore. So, much for lowering the bars.

So do nerds basically through being what they are take a step forward into a ... landscape ... and settle in it. We might say. Like settlers. Whatever good we ascribe to fantasy there then becomes alive. Culture gets born from within fantasy - and reality is getting by that much richer. Its the nerds choice to value fantasy above real life ... which isn't equal to the lies above truth issue. Close, but not true. Possibly what happened, but still not quite actually the same.
History, Science, ... that is here on par with fantasy, but not lies.

This means that they gather insight about their environment. In the grander sense of games in general, thats ... who does what ... whats out there ... and people have different cognitive abilities, skills, interests and stuff and therefore different levels of investment into different varieties of stuff.

So, what can I say?

I don't get anything right now!