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Shitting against the Wall

General StuffPosted by Nicole Sun, April 15, 2018 15:00:16
Well, for as long as I have a reason to correct myself I think I have a reason to go on. I think I can call the previous thing an end. I don't think that it is too cryptic for people to understand; And in a weird way I think I maybe should move on and leave this blog untouched. Maybe start a second one. Or at least exporting the important ones to some extra sheet. But that wouldn't be my job, right?

Does Stan Lee need our help? He gots to admit that it is extremely, ... hmm, weird - how things contradict. We got to admit that video is more compelling evidence than a signed piece of paper. I think Stan Lee is old enough for us to inquire ... independently whether a situation of abuse is present and punish the guilty individual when found guilty regardless of what Stan has to say about it. But ... we don't live in that "Utopia" of a society ... ANYMORE!

Because reason ... apparently has died! And the best sign for it? Well, maybe not - but - the way things are: Star Wars Episode XI ... DID/DOES NOT DESERVE TO HAVE LUKES GHOST APPEARANCE. I'm with Mark on this one - although actually I should be on the side of Disney; You know ... professionality (why is that not a word? I get the idea that the apparent 'logic' in the English language is rather by accident than intentional. Hmm, yea, thats what History tells us!) and all that.

Do I need to get into the apparent/obvious contradictions of the last post - and the previous stuff?

Like, ... I complain about people complaining about movies I like but still I do complain about movies I don't like. I hope not. I hope you don't understand my attitude there as a call for censorship. But yea - its a mess ... I feel ... well. Lets put it that way: There are two ways. One is all sweet and dandy - the other isn't. And it doesn't depend on my actions alone. I mean - I exclude my actions from that picture entirely.

But so, that Mark didn't find 'a new hope' - in "A New Hope 2" and onward - thats not what ... to me ... Hollywood is or should be about! I mean, ... we can go on and say that Star Wars is something new in that the elongated Franchise Format that then goes to bind actors into its "treadmill" opens a new set of ... 'issues'. Borderlining into (or crossing the line of) abuse.

Saying "F-You" should be everyones good right!
Else we're dealing with Slavery.

And what? In the name of business? Thats the problem! Or a part of it!!

In a healthy society those issues shouldn't exist!
In a healthy society we were all something like friends or family - and "would you like to?" were met with "Sure!" - and done!

Well. I think its easy for these situations to get blown out of proportion. We have but a few words to understand that Mark isn't too happy about things - but he doesn't say that he's out definitely. Like ... definitely definitely. I think Mark is a bit of a genius there. He makes it difficult for them to want to work with him - so, being 'them' you got to wonder whether or not you want to - and sure. To the one side Mark is being a douche ... to the other side Mark is ... somehow being bullied. Bullied into "being the greater person".

And I find it strange how "hard" these issues zoom past (they've gone into plaid) our ethical common sense. You can almost see how there is an offensive concave of "political correctness" that so Forces Mark into playing along - and by being so, ... our standards of morality are being challenged in a really ... really weird way. To not say "controversial".

In that regard I also want to throw in that I have no doubt that the Antichrist has a ... very very large understanding of how to make people "like" him. Even Trump, in a weird way, ... I mean, we can see how he does that ... dragging people onto his side despite being ... even a narcissistic asshole. But yea - we ... don't have problems with narcissistic assholes per se! Thats part of the equation.

Being inoffensive, playing things nice, maybe being "saddened" when people turn away - there is no 'pattern' per se that we could take ... I mean, thats a 'pattern' we would conjure when being asked about what we expect from each other to get along. But so, ... is TJ Kirk not offensive per se. For instance. He curses a lot, insults everyone including himself, he doesn't say you have to like him - and his content isn't hateful or harassing - outside of the boundaries of providing healthy criticism regarding the status of our society.

You SJWs: suck it!

Its not too hard to see past this SJW nonsense - at least in concept. In real life, ... well - the story is different. There you sure have the "Prime Directive" of being inoffensive, playing things nice, ... because generally you can't tell whether it is you or the other one who's being stupid, ignorant, unenlightened and such. Its probably both! By sheer virtue of setting things straight.

At points I feel new abysses opening. I feel there is something as 'white guilt' - a desire for something like ..., in regards to Gender, Scarlett to win a major Tournament. Just so to have the satisfaction of stabbing the inner asshole. Thats what Obama was about - to a given extent. Think: "White Obama Worshiper". But can or should that be 'it'? Barely!

[On Scarletts victory: If you've watched the Day[9] Episode you may get a sense of whats going on. The final match between Scarlett and sOs is crazy. I would have thought that sOs should first of all wall off ... but he went for a Stargate; Which is why the thing isn't closed. Scarlett sees that his front is open, immediately creates a bunch of Zerglings and then tries to hide them so sOs won't focus on his defense. On the other side is sOs trying to get an edge as soon as possible - while Protoss is basically the race that generally has the most catching up to do. Then Scarlett also goes for drops into the main base - and coordinating something like that isn't as easy as it might look. A pro certainly practices that kind of stuff, but that is also why pro players are comfortable not walling off, ... so, achieving the most with the least. Yea, Scarlett is a beast! That was sOs's mistake. Had the first batch of Zerglings not have made it in, things would have looked differently. The Oracle would have been ready - and yea. I'd say: Overcommitment on the Macro scale. Beyond Macro. On the Meta scale. Or call it female intuition.

"In all honesty" - my biggest weakness is that despite how creative I may appear to you, ... I very often arrived at walls that just seemed to be walls - while the way around was so easy. I had to 'see' the solution before being able to make sense of it. I think thats the female weakness. So - understanding the male 'drive' as something that is 'outward' directed is a bit deceiving in that 'outward' can also mean 'inward' where the inside is composed of things that again must radiate outward to connect with each other.
That doesn't explain why Scarlett won - [...] - that rather explains why there aren't that many girls/women in e-Sports. [theory!] (Oh, there's a post game analysis ... wow - ... the way it has gone! Oh yea, ... sOs also may have been scared. ... He expressed a bit of uncertainty ... which would explain certain screw-ups ... like that final wall-off. Had he pulled a few probes maybe, ... 2 ... 4 ... to block that entrance he would have had a bit more of an edge to get things done. But then ... its been GG the moment the first Zerglings were in, basically. Everything else would have been ... EPIC. Kobayashi Maru epic?]

Its easy to see how this over the past has been abused. Well, ... not everywhere in the world - and that would be part of the problem. Also are there linguistic barriers. So, I don't think that there are a lot of Germans that do watch a lot of English content. Most Germans wouldn't be fluent in English while I ... had a lot of opportunities to speak in English. 2 times half a year in the Philippines - one of those during my High School time, ... then College. Plus the time I spent in the states. Watching movies in English also adds to it.

So, by perception I'm an American - or ... Culturally - though, given my German background ... you could say Canadian. Where 'Germany' is the Germany 'after' ... "the" Germany. Black-Red-Gold/Yellow, ... not Black-Red-White.

Well, yet even so in the States itself it would ... not be that simple. I think there for once is a split into TV and Internet. Some of us don't watch TV anymore while others don't have that connection to the Internet. I would also argue that modern Parental advise suggests to not expose Kids to the Internet so much, which in a sense creates a gap. A youth that is split into "sinking" and "grounded".

So, the first important thing is that we don't have a Central Authority - and that is a big deal. Not knowing that we could or might have that doesn't get us to think of it. So, we don't think we could take influence onto it because we don't even know it exists. That however should be something like a Government - like so, of the Internet.


"The One Ring" ... [tried to break it, ... ... ^^] ... is this ... so the picture I get, so, this is a vision in a sense (noted for the reason of setting up context what 'facts' in this formulations relate to (so, what 'is' is a thing in the vision ... "any similarity to reality are co-incidence")) ... take a black guy speak about racism, take a woman talk about sexism, ... and the two work well together - as it is so that there is something that binds them. "SJW-ism". And that is first of all the way it should be. We all should be SJWs.
The disconnect happens as this SJWism gains a momentum into a direction that not all do understand - or can follow. "Identity Politics" makes this worse by as many different (potentially opposing) "identities" to identify with there are.
Identities so resemble takes on that 'quint-essential core' ... ('of humanity' we might say) - and they abstract it more and more, the more these opposing politics engage with each other in self-interest.

The attempted repeal of Obamacare is now however my best example to describe what I mean by calling it "the One Ring". So, Republicans have that narrative that Obamacare has to be repealed - and in a lot of ways we could say 'yes' - there is a lot of improvement. As a lot so basically call for Medic Aid for all. So, thats where the real interests are; And thats easily 'how' Trump is a bad guy. He tries and tries - and he fails. That is the narrative he would like to present - but what actually is it that he 'wants'? There is no substance to his plan other than what people call him out for, ... well, next to others that throw around with words such as 'Libtard', 'Commie', etc.. Those demonize those voices, where so the 'feeling' for the 'right thing' shifts in favor of Trump - and then these anti-social arguments start to make sense.
So what I argue is basically that ... people support Entities that shift the weight of action over to the Antichristians. Like me giving you money to give it to X but you carry it to Y instead. However it works.


"10mins of Mark Hamill being HONEST about the Last Jedi" - is a Video reel of Mark basically doing the "repairing" he was supposed to do to keep something of a good spirit. So, saying that he should be professional and give Rian the benefit of the doubt, being a good actor ... but what has that to do with Honesty?
It seems like done from the perspective of someone who was pissed about Hamills first reaction and went on to compile everything that ever so slightly went into the other direction and called it "Honesty" (to probably impose that the rest is utter billshit). How not to be upset, insulted, and what not about it?