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General StuffPosted by Nicole Fri, April 13, 2018 19:56:19

[Religious Crimes and such/Continuation to 'something I Love']

Guardians of the Galaxy ... great stuff. Why does it work for me "despite being Marvel"? If I told you that I think they are good movies I'm sure that even if you aren't the biggest fan of them, you're not really having any issues. (Except if it were DC, ... sotospeak, ... then I'm sure we had some issues - ... I should watch Justice League).

The vitriol thats out there about these things is ... 'the same' as there is about SJWs, Political views, Religion - ... and I know one fanatic I'm sure about! I know that person rather well. I See it every day ... in the mirror. Which is concerning to me.

But I also have to say that I understand Islam, in its violent tendencies, as an important element of Gods plan. Its morbid, in a sense, as the violence is clearly intended. Its a ... physical force set against the rise of roman Catholicism and its outgrowths. The 'war' for the Truth ... seems petty if we sit down and attempt to think about things - but while the one guy sits on his chair someone else is hiring soldiers to be sent into combat.

And so there is this dilemma. And we can blame God for it. He created the thing that would help the Antichrist to become immortal (in whatever way) and grow ... in power ... as prophesied. So, he created a malevolent force and then another one to stand against it. He does that by taking the written word that is embedded in peoples hearts - where we believe in things that matter to us. The ideal of peace is usually ascribed to some ideal. Rationality, lets say. We are to rationalize for ourselves how this peace could be - and the more a thing is against it, the more seriously we feel it as a hostile thing.

As a Christian I can so be happy that Christendom is strong in the USA - simply because. Because Atheism is wrong. But that a lot of what they believe in is watered down bullshit - well - takes the fun out of the equation.

And here is the "second line of defense" which goes to imply that God doesn't manipulate our intellectual progress by directly changing our minds to the desirable degree. So, it wouldn't matter if God had given us 'any' religion at all. There are reasons to suggest that every ancient, ... "native" ... religion was created by God - where otherwise we would have one "protoreligion" ... and we'd disagree about stuff there too.

Thats how 'one Christendom' became 1000+ Christendoms, ... etc..

We'd kill one another nonetheless and while we could argue that Religion is an amplifier we could also argue that if a nations religion wouldn't be violent enough they might end up ditching it.

In that regard I believe that God has a plan behind where he puts us. I'm not saying that all Muslims are the same. Sure are there people alike everywhere. Good and Bad. ...

So is the search for truth and sanity a thing we have to deal with - either way. There so is a radical stance we all can take, at least so in the idea, like ... everything that goes against that has to be thwarted. And I don't want to twist this into an "abuse of Religion" context. Or misconceptions. We would believe in our thing, whoever this 'we' implies, and were sotospeak perfectly right in killing everyone that disagrees. Thats perfectly rational. The problem is however in our baseline of assumptions. And thats where the rationality ... falls apart.

And thats where we have to get - as a society - as a whole - to being individually capable of dealing with one another where the crux isn't just one. But the biggest problem is ... lets call it the "Juggernaut problem" - so - where a person has a belief that is flawed and it gains momentum and just won't stop. So, in the micro-scale.

And you "shall notice" that, ... the value in this sentencing isn't a 1:1 translation into reality as in regards to habits or behavior. That is impossible! We can read it, acknowledge it, but then again ... what is a 'flawed belief'? Who determines what we are to see as good or evil? For once ourselves - but - we feed off of that which his presented to us.

We can't judge how we as a species would have fared without God doing things here and there - but we can still blame him for everything. Thats however what I see being the final frontier. Where it comes down to it. Where we find the one way - where we kindof need to forgive God while thereby also forgiving one another.

So - that. What I wrote previously might be taken as: "OK, lets ... say we have to embrace the SW sequels" ... but whom am I kidding there? ^^ Like thats gonna happen! Which sucks for some ... I guess. No easy way around it!

To be as neutral as I can ... kindof ... the thing is that the back and forth between fans and haters was ... well, the fact that there were fans that had things to say that didn't work with the haters propelled the haters to be even more ... 'specific' about their critique - and eventually things ... turn solid.

The issue is an individual one. Pursue or Dismiss? See the good or the bad? But is it an option? In the root of it ... yes! I wasn't a huge fan of Harry Potter but that doesn't drive me to write pages and pages of how hard it sucked. Neither do I ... "feel the need" to do so. They weren't 'that' abhorrent. Thats ... normal. So I wonder how ... we got to ... "this" ... TLJ issue.

It ... kindof goes as far as ... well, ... OK, maybe I'm taking the turkey out of the oven a bit too soon here - the Anti-Trekker isn't through with his series yet - but since it went down from 50+ to 50- ... I think we can call it a day. Things have turned solid and thats something I could objectively move on from. So, generally unbiased as by what I see. Although I would complain otherwise too - but as with BvS ... I eventually come to shut up about it. But still I feel like its "outrageous" that I "dare" calling TLJ a significant failure.

But yea, ... maybe I enjoy it a bit too much!

But how I'm banding back and forth here - I have to lean really far to the side to not ... be in that 'area' where I would easily add my opinion to it. And in part I believe I have a few good things to say there.

But yea, thats that.

Guardians of the Galaxy. I wanted to write about this in the 'Things I Love' thing - so, just arguing ... about the thing that to me makes a good story. In a way thats like the Sam Harris interview by Cenk Uygur. Where we blame Sam Harris for handing out tools to justify nukes and torture. Which ... intellectually I however have to ... acknowledge/agree with. Its however controversial to even think those things. The concern is ... teeth-gnashing. Sometimes you just end up writing yourself into a corner. Have been there.

I mean, I can imagine that this guy started out confident in his education and rationality to tackle a controversial topic, ... and the more he thought about it the more ... depressing his picture became.

We can see the same conflict in movies. Instead of blaming Video Games we could also blame Quentin Tarantino. Because ... reasons.

What I'm trying to throw in here is the other side - the not so happy stories. One reason why I'm comfortable with Lord of the Rings is that I must think that I wrote it and therefore understand the mindset behind it. So - there's a good intention at least. If thats why it sold so well or not is a different issue. I would though say that the lack of such is why TLJ failed so hard.

And so do I look skeptical at the Marvel stuff because ... its kindof ... nowhere ... on that spectrum. Which is maybe why it works so well for the masses ... as popcorn theater. Because ... why not?