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General StuffPosted by Nicole Fri, April 13, 2018 18:09:10
My main problem with the previous stuff is detail. And ... to be honest ... here's a "deleted scene":


I guess that the Lord of the Rings makes for a great case example of the pros and cons of fiction. Plot Armor, Mary Sues, ... that sort of thing; And: Loyalty to Source Material. The way that the story is setup does from the beginning imply more or less matured individuals that however have, ... basically constitution and character. Its like a slice into the real world - where - at any point of time individuals Characters and Performances are a fixed thing. The progression is tied to major events that tie the individual Characters in and mirror their Characters by their (re)actions. The main Character there is basically shrouded in Mystery. Its otherwise also a relatively simple story. Destroying a Ring. So, the real depth unfolds in-between. What I try to describe here is how the ... unrealistic battles - well, they are realistic if you for instance take the story of David seriously - don't matter; Or - they are 'fun' - and those are the moments that matter. Why we keep looking for it. Where, ... all the things that happen online nowadays ... involves a lot of people that in my opinion could be a lot happier if we lived in a better world.

The reason why this doesn't easily apply to the Star Wars sequels is because their claimed philosophical values are a lie! They are depressing. The fun is there where people agree! ^^ :P


... uh ... ??? confused.