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General StuffPosted by Nicole Fri, April 13, 2018 17:50:58
What is Love? Over and over people ask themselves and others that question. Over and over people attempt to find an answer, or think they have one. But still we keep coming back to it. Over and over again.

Maybe we can learn of it by looking at things rather than people.

Over the time I have grown to resent looking at opinions that would counter mine. Starting with giving SJWs a chance, then Star Wars TFA fans, ... I got a sense of pointlessness. Why would I expose myself to such content? To have my mind be changed? To know what to fight in order to change someone elses mind? Entertainment? If self-interest were all I had, certainly, there doesn't seem to be a good enough reason.

The more you try, the more tiring it becomes. Eventually. I mean, some go into battle and are just peons - while others go into battle while being passionate warriors. There's a difference. But thats ... how passion is situated 'above' the petty of our day to day dilemmas and struggles. I'd say.

Eventually however - passion is what gets us triggered.

So, because I'm really curious about various stuff related to Tolkiens work, ... that feels strange now ... my work?, I checked out some stuff. I tried to find footage of Chris Tolkien to see if it connects to something - and well, no! Not really! But what I saw was rather short and at some point it makes sense to believe that he no longer would be the kid I'd have known. And thinking about it sortof makes me cringe. On the other end can I start to look into myself - like, if I ever had any kids, ... but I don't really know how to separate fiction from reality in that regard. What I find is obviously skewed. Because there is that on one side and Hobbits on the other I feel a sense of joy out of telling stories - as a joy about having a curious audience I can entertain.

Its a bit creepy.

In all this I feel like people ... at the very least wonder. A wonder that eventually accumulates into question relative to an interest which boils down into me, well, taking a seat in that chair again and telling you some stories/stuff.

What do I think of the movies? What would Tolkien have thought of them? Its an actual question I've heard directed at his grandson. And what about the Hobbit? In the end all that wouldn't be so important. If you know me well enough, superficially intimately, you know that I like stuff - some of which is just goofie nonsense - and that I like to distance myself from weird entanglements.

But still I feel that I have things to share. Or want to share. But its not always so easy to wrestle it out and wrap it into the right meanings. So, thinking about the Hobbit trilogy for instance. You could see why I would like it. It is very much so in the spirit of the Book - I guess - in the sense that its meant as a story for Kids. Of which we nowadays have young and old ones. But there's also a somewhat jarring feeling - certainly linked to various things I've heard that ... people disliked it. And to be honest - that would make me rotate in my grave more than what they did to the book. But more like rotating in my own bed. Unrest. Its no easy ... one or the other type of thing.

Thus I finally checked out that video which lurked in my YouTube feed for some while now - 'The Hobbit: A long expected Autopsy (Part 1/2)' - and enlightening it was. On multiple accounts. For once the case is simple: Dissonance. Knowing and Loving the Book and then watching the movie must be jarring in one way or another. So - someone who doesn't have that can watch it ... and simple-mindedly consume and enjoy it. Unadulterated. As ... a story for Children must be. Then however there are the details. So, best example: The Ring-Wraith theme put upon ... oh dear ... that Dwarf prince/Kings approach onto the white Orc. And that in reverse is something that stains my 'native' enjoyment of the Trilogy. Its a little thing for sure, but I can see how that is a screw-up. Unreal action sequences not so much. The issue with Bilbo proving himself ... yea, I can ... see that being an issue if you so can point out that there is the original which did it genuinely better. "Why?". But ... well.

The one thing is a major screw up because taking it deep enough, Music is ... somewhat sacred in the LOTR Universe. The other, well ... its Lord of the Rings!

Intelligence and Mood. "The more you know".

To me this feels like a big struggle that ... haunts me. In trying to make a fiction be realistic you eventually have to make compromises. The more serious you get about it, the more these compromises corrupt the vision. Sometimes problems can be skillfully shaded in such a way that things actually come together, other times you have to build a facade - or walk around certain "obstacles"/voids - and in the end you can only hope that it is good enough for people to enjoy it.

But back to the original topic.

Love in the cosmic sense is an aspect of the Spirit - a very objective property of the mind, an energy of growth we can say, ... or ... 'the' energy - per se. That surge of passion in regards to curiosity. Something we find that starts filling a void - up until we're full basically; And thats the "playground" for Love.

The ending of that Video ... thats the kind of stuff. Well, sure, it is taken from the book/movie - whatever - yet I'm sure that at that time, those two were having fun. And whoever made that Soundtrack did a fantastic job!

Part 2 takes us into an amusement park of sorts. And here it dawned on me: Is it ... bad ... that Hobbitton exists in the real world? So, that the movie set is now an attraction? First of all: No! Vehemently so! Well, how could I be a fan of stuff and say otherwise?

Like kids love Amusement Parks and therefore Disney world as "the" Amusement Park by definition - sortof - that there, ... its a very different type of journey/exploration. Of all the places you could go - its most certainly not the worse! Yet, the spirit behind it all is what matters. Kindof. I mean, if you know that a place is ran by a good person you can be happy. If you know that the place is 'owned' by a bad person - it ... stains the whole thing. And by 'bad' I mean - someone who doesn't ... think like a Child anymore. To whom all those paying people are morons that waste their cash on vanity - where you as a person would need to feel ashamed of yourself, stupid, ... silly for liking anything other than abusing and exploiting people.

And that cuts right to the heart of Part 2.

As I said that I liked the Trilogy, the reality of it is that I didn't care too much about it. I saw the first one, thought it was awesome and basically couldn't wait to see the second one. I don't know of another time that I felt that way. Through conversations I've come to trace my enjoyment down to its format. So, just a visually epic journey ... with lovable Characters. And in that "seat" I continued to enjoy them. But ...

... to me, the more informed I got about it, the "did it have to be three?" thing becomes an issue as well. The one part of me wants to say 'yes'! The other part also feels a bit torn about it. I think at the time I watched them I didn't bother - about how long they were, how much of it might be necessary or not - so, simply having a good time. Yet in hindsight things change as the experience has been had. And so ... the movies do seem/feel longer than necessary. Which however opens another question, ... opened in the first part. What is it? This nagging feeling - this - disconnect from things we once loved, this 'void' ... this 'chasm' ... this desire to be young again. To rewind time to ... better times?

I enjoyed the first movie multiple times, the rest just once respectively. Not saying that I don't feel like ever watching them again. But ... that said ... the first time around was fun? Do I really need a second time? I think Batman v Superman has similar issues. Throwing in a lot of talking helps forwarding the plot intellectually - but once thats 'in', watching it over and over again ... makes little to no sense and essentially destroys the movies "Home Cinema" factor. What helps however; And thats a thing; Is to basically 'meditate' ... 'into immersion'. I practiced that while catching up on Stargate Atlantis, based on some desire to get the most out of those few minutes an episode would last. Stargate has a lot to offer. I got caught up in it on watching 'the Ark of Truth' - and while watching an episode I ... lamented them being over so quickly. SG1 Season 7 Episode 7 for instance is a good example. On first glance it looks like nothing, ... and ... there's that moment. Where - the first words are being spoken. By that moment you're either immersed or not - and that will define the whole thing. The entire impression. Basically. If your mind is jumbled into too much "noise" - effectively - there's the "upper level" from which you look down and you switch out like 30 seconds in. The first seconds however already settle a very ... sensitive tone, ... I would think of it as a slide, ... leaning back, to fit down a very narrow tube basically. There is no "up-beat" in this, no "mega climax" of some sort - that isn't really what Stargate (TV) is about. You don't watch it to be 'set-up' for a 'pay-off', basically. Watching it is the pay-off, essentially.

That is another thing I can't really 'show' to you. Because what I show you is the thing you have to watch, but the reason I would show it to you isn't to see it (the Episode), but ... yea, well ... the Episode. "Through Yourself" - in a really abstract sense. So, you can see it this way or that way ... the Episode stays the same. (Yea, its 'the Naquadah Mine')

I could tell you that several minutes in you (might) get the point - but thats not really the point!

So, to wrap things up - ... I'd say that the Lord of the Rings movie franchise is unique ... in that it isn't Star Wars but comparatively big. The material has been written - no Lore bullshit on that side. And seeing how many people Love it, come together, have fun and carry that fun over to the audience which then has fun and goes on with it - as it all moves and everything mixes with everything else - thats fun!

Imagine a world without Entertainment.

Yea, watch Stargate! Plenty of depressing planets they visit.

Saying that its ... silly because its vain ... is silly. Its near heretic. Its ... downright cruel. I mean, if we use 'silly' in the negative way. Sure do we have problems in this world that make it ... difficult to just say that we should consider ourselves lucky that contentions about entertainment are our worse problems. Well, they aren't. But ... it could be. And to us ordinary people without power and influence ... thats as far as we get! Our goal should be to however bring the good of it to everywhere - and get rid of the bad.

Thats Love - right?! Have fun! And a lovely day!