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On the Silmarillion

General StuffPosted by Nicole Fri, April 13, 2018 12:00:18

[eschatological oversight?]

Weird how a thing I barely knew stuff about opens up to be a topic I feel like I have too much to say about.

And first up: No, I don't want to write about myself; I rather have to say: "The sad truth about the Star Wars sequels", but ... lets ... see where this is going.

The more I think of it, the more I can't shake it. The Lord of the Rings has always been somehow familiar to me. I wasn't too hype about the movies, but thats more because I thought of it as concurrence. While watching them I compared what I saw to what I had - but yea, my knowledge about the whole thing is respectively superficial. Or was.

There are things that really ... sit deeply in me. That magical gate there that they pass to get into the mines, the Stairs, ... and as that became more and more clear to me I also became more and more curious about the whole thing. Meanwhile I gather that Hobbits are primarily inspired by his kids - I suppose - and looking at a picture of young Tolkien ... its crazy. I feel like I can remember looking into the mirror and wondering about how looks are determined. I might call it the struggle of/with vanity. How am I what I see in the mirror? And how would I look in a subsequent life? Turns out: In a way I can see similar features in his face as in mine.

Knowing how I talk and listening to Tolkien talk ... the parts I actually understand (he mumbles so hard ...) ... I can read into the nuances and get ... why or how. For instance is there that interview and after some point he starts to be more unintelligible - which I would say is because something has gotten him to think about stuff. So, he's doing creative thinking while having an interview and the answers become more uncertain.
Comparing his face to mine, ... I have a broader jaw, but my chin is also further back. +Selfconfidence, -Selfconfidence. More certainty and more passivity. Kindof.

THe word 'Silmarillion' alone also has some meaning to me. Nothing articulated - just - for once its a mysterious name at which I guess have a normal reaction, normal as in ... how others would regard it. But I also feel like its this "thing" - something that I still carry around with me. But its like a closed book.

However was I not too surprised about these:

things. And at that point I again want to take distance and not refer to Tolkien as myself. But the parallels are obviously there. "Fun fact": One of my favorite Lord of the Rings things is this:

Which is ... funny because ... thats what Morgoths part would be. So, loud and vain music endlessly repeated. Except ... not. Sortof.
Its interesting though that Tolkien went for Music to metaphorize the process of creation. I know jack about Music! And I get that people think such of him as well. Its the invert of demonizing what you don't understand. Instead of attributing it to darkness, it is there attributed to God - because Y not?

I can understand music as far as I can enjoy it. Yet, where my wisdom ends is like ... anatomy. I mean ... during my days as a Butcher trainee I did well until it got to the point of taking the meat apart. So, first step is to 'debone' stuff. Thats rather simple. But then each chunk of meat is further separated into further chunks of meat and here I kindof ... switch off. Blanks out.

Its more interesting now when thinking of my failures. I think in the recent posts a bit of that has come out. I can see how I thought that the 'loud and vain music' part was accurate enough to say what had to be said - and it still is - but actually its not quite that simple. But yea, whatever.

I also get to think about Christopher Tolkien and his dedication to JRRs work. Yet I notice that I have the same kind of dedication to 'my' fathers ('the' Fathers) work. ... Strange ... .

I really liked the Hobbit Trilogy!
Tolkien wasn't a huge fan of allegory I heard. And yea, ... I ... its a mixed bag. There's a narrow line between just twisting words and coining a good metaphor. Especially when the original subject matter is already a metaphor. But if you do like allegory you can do great things with it.

Whatever has come of Lord of the Rings ... the movies, games, ... maybe Star Wars, or such ... some things I see like Light that has come from it, others as Darkness. Not in a way that bolsters my ego, that because ultimately I have nothing to do with that, but ... it speaks a little to my skepticism about my own work.

And maybe thats why I can't properly relate to Lord of the Rings. Its ... my own work ... in a sense ... where on one side I have evolved away from it and hence look 'back' at it and thus inherently think lesser of it - on another side I'm glad that people enjoy it while ... I feel invested in it beyond whats rational to me. So, because I relate weirdly to it ... distanced ... its like whatever I care barely about. Like, ... Steven Kings work. But Steven Kings work functions differently to me.

One of the big things thats really weird to me is the whole ... Sub-Creation part. So, when watching Videos on LOTR that go into who Zauron or Gandalf are - it always felt strange to me. Somehow familiar but still strange. Listening to the Evangelists take on it however, thats a whole different story.

Starting with Cereylla I eventually got drawn into inventing my own Creation for that world ... again. At the beginning there were Gods ... then, growing older I downgraded them to Archangels, but that more because I didn't want to label them as Gods ... as there only is one.
So, for comparison: Cereylla has 6 Archangels. 4 Elements plus Good and Evil. I however never got around fleshing that out. The Elemental Archangels are beings that have their domains on the main continent, have Elemental Spirits and exist in some symbiosis with their surrounding while also having one Species they have a deeper bond/synergy with. Those however generally exist secluded from the "civilized world".
Cereylla has "man" - then there are 4 "Meta-Species" (Elves, Dwarves, ... and ...) - and the 4 "Archangel Species" (which are more akin to Hobbits, ... in the sense that they aren't really 'epic').

Cereylla is a Continent that has a huge lake in the middle and a mountain within it - like a volcano - though its filled with water. There's a huge waterfall running down its southside - and some magical system circulates the water back up. On there the first "Cereyllans" (man) has been placed - and at some point in their evolution the Titan Cities got created. Huge places that could host Titans - first empty that have then been occupied. From there they could grow strong and expand. Eventually finding other Titan Cities spread across the Lands.

There may be a good reason why this isn't filled with Theological themes. I was young and didn't think much about it. I at some point had some images that assumed some more Character driven plot of creation, but I internally ditched it because it didn't satisfy my understanding.

What I would hear about the Silmarillion would seem ... silly to me. Its too ... random, ... too illogical. Except when I hear that Evangelist talk about it ... I realize that the matter is more complex than I myself would have thought. Now it happens to be so that I have a more concrete Theological journey and hence don't feel the need to wrap that up into a fantasy story.

Funny though how the thing with "the One Chord" ... actually happened. Or happens.

On another page however there's now the theory that ... I wasn't born to become who I am now. It would seem like the Antichrist has the power to rebirth people - and I so got born, put into an environment wherein I could creatively unfold, so that I would get to create stuff "they" could sack at some point while then however disposing of me. But how?

Killing me? I don't think. It'd make more sense to try to get a lead on me and display me for the guy thats trying to copy ... whomever. Its a win-win, because what I come up with beyond anyones immediate notice they can sack - and if I ever come out first ... they can just say that I got my hands on it ... somehow.

The gist of it: They didn't see me coming! While still having reasons to believe that I wouldn't - because - why would I get born into such a situation? Previously I had some Job~ish idea. A thing about ... what if ... "they" rose me, or ... I don't know.

But yea, those are damning words against my own family.

Anyhow - anaylizing the morale of the story we can I think look at it as at a Maya pyramid. So, it has ... steps. On top of it - it all plays out as in the beginning of the Silmarillion. Or metaphorized through the Ring when thinking of me as Zauron - so, the case of how the Ring is bound to him. That so in a sense ... things start to move ... somehow on their own. Whatever threat that I was aware of ... doesn't need to even phase me ... as it (dissonance) is ... right away fetched up by "God" (Everything) and reverted into harmony.

The sad Truth about the Star Wars sequels - is in this context not so much a 'sad' truth. It kindof works to think of George Lucas as of Frodo - tasked with the duty to deliver the Ring to Mordor. So, the rings destruction here isn't much the objective, more so the aspect of letting go. This would be the "final piece" in the eyes of the Antichrist - the thing he much lusts for - the one really big thing he didn't own yet - yet it isn't his and so the respective rings call for its own master ties into the divine as ... well, ... real things. I mean ... God 'gives'. We as sub-creators can accomplish stuff - and God can inject ideas into that ability, making it more awesome, which in this world more or less directly translates into money and therefore power.
More or less because of how production works. Publication. Intellectual Property. Well, mostly so from the P.R. perspective.
Here so this industry is much like Mordor. It is secluded, it has just a few entry points; As far as I know ... one big, heavily guarded gate and a very narrow back entry. It may have helped to have been Roman Catholic - and that the book was all in all ... relatively dark. So, comparing the success of the Silmarillion vs. that of the Lord of the Rings ... echoes exactly how I think of it. The Silmarillion is clear about the victory of the good. Right from the start it establishes the supreme authority of the Father. That isn't good Antichristian propaganda. The Lord of the Rings on the other hand is dark and evil from start to finish. So, the Lord of the Rings was let in through the front gate, the Silmarillion snook in through the back-door.

I assume that the movie industry was different. Lets say ... Minas Tirith. It didn't come out of the blue entirely, but ... the US being a large piece of land where anyone could do whatever would lend itself to a new start - vastly independent from the rigidity of what we'd so expect to be present throughout the "old world". Yet so Disney is one of the ... bad entities if we look at it that way. An entity thats clearly more ... like a predator than a herbivore.

Hip Hop - would be another battleground alike. So, there was a transition ... from it being "niche" music to becoming pop-culture ... but, as a new form of music there first wasn't a lot of material to mimic and thus new Talent ... had a huge opportunity for success.

And the way we can look at Hollywood today is quite ... alike a Battleground. Well, the more so if we include YouTube culture into it. So, Marvel vs DC for instance. How movies that don't seem interesting at all are promoted to no end while other things sortof ... barely get any attention.

And I wonder if this also negatively impacts wrestling.

SO does it conclude that whatever 'sad truth' there is - its somehow ... part of the whole ... 'thing' ... plan. It is now more this idea of Mordor - that there is this place surrounded by a natural wall occupied by a malevolent force. So perceptive in the ... ignorance ... straight up ignorance ... with which "Lucasfilm" pursues its nonsensical ... idea(l)s.

Similar story as within politics.

A clearer picture of this would be that: Stage one would have been to "blend in". So, you - ordinary person - what do you know about getting into "Mordor"? Nothing because you're not creative. Or ... "good question" because you are creative. But now imagine the Antichrist who'd been around and is pretty much in control and so knows all the Top Secrets (well, ... maybe, maybe not - probably not ...) - at least he knows a lot more than the average person. So he could 'vet' you, ... and at that already a lot of strategy flows in. "You can't just go out and make everything be the same. Some have to be more high quality and others more low profile."
What I'm most skeptical about in terms of YouTube content are ... those top-10/science-topic things. It feels like thats ... like ... 50% of YouTubes content. The problem is that I barely remember anything from all the stuff I've seen, and in a sense it feels like halfbaked information. There is this "get smart through YouTube" vibe to it - and its easy content which also yields "public credits" ... sotospeak. On the other end ... its cool. Like, ... PBS stuff. Or - "wasn't there a thing about Brontosaurs being no Brontosaurs?" - or what about Dinosaurs and feathers? Its yet another 'loud and vain music endlessly repeated' thing.

'Bright Side' would be one of those more fringe channels.

Anyhow. Stage 2 is where there is a disconnect. They blend in - do their stuff to drag people onto their side - but while they blend in the individual doesn't recognize what their side is. Once they however start to get closer and closer to their true side - more and more people disconnect.

Stage 3 is then that the power they have gathered sortof ... locks them into these positions that are clear to see - and the more they twist and spin and try to suck people in ... (hehe, that rhymed ... but wrong) ... yet all twisting and spinning to suck people in ... doesn't change anything. Makes it worse for them. While based on their agenda they can't go back - since due to pressure or whatever the lines have been drawn so ... that they had to give up in order to do so.

Stage 4: "Plan B". Or C ... or whatever. Thats the mystery. Uh, yet ... still.

An effort of 2 lifetimes. Or ... 1 1/2.