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General StuffPosted by Nicole Thu, April 12, 2018 15:40:02
So, the Main Point was that when leaving Islam to itself, it almost always gets worse. Hmm ...

Its convoluted. So horribly convoluted. Ironically. I mean, compare what Crowder has to say to what Neil de Grasse Tyson has to say. The thing is that Neil blames Religion for them going backward in terms of science.

So, it wasn't Islam - it was a Muslim - that we are to blame. And thats the problem with Christendom too. That the Vatican is not Christian - for instance.

Sure can we say that Christians have been more civil. "We" retaliated while "they" were the offenders. Thats the more important point that Crowder makes. But in essence there is only one correct stance to take on this issue - and it gets into what we are to understand of the core of those religions 'today'. The Quran is objectively more violent - and Christians are as right as it gets.

This last video makes sense. If that one dude were to blame he would have had to be a supreme leader of some sort. Palpatine. Executing Order 66. But the thing is still there. Islam changed from one thing into another. And possibly does the rogue behavior of military forces somehow factor into that.

So - whats right? I think: The issue falls apart the more we do generalize. A beach is a beach OK, but sand is sand. If all that Islam is to you is what Terrorists do - you're telling every Muslim that he or she is a Monster. [Mic Drop. ... Seriously. Got to go! Therapy. Next Topic ... again?]