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Star Wars - The Last MacGuffin

General StuffPosted by Nicole Mon, January 01, 2018 11:00:52
[Core Issue Logic, Ark rambling, Working Quotas, Social Justice Warriors]

A lot of the times when I come to contemplate about the Situations and get to realize an odd - it usually, like 9 times out of 10, comes down to a problem of "finite/final understanding". Like vaguely lined out before ... sometimes "throw ins" (comments, statements, arguments, challenges)
are sortof disconnected from the "core issue" - as however reflected upon from a 'certain (individuals) perspective'.

That is conversation/diplomacy 101: That the partners perspective must be considered.

You can do that either way. Being fair with it, or exploiting loop-holes and what not ... thus being fiendish.

If I am arguing from my own perspective then you should relate to that as such. 'My' perspective - thus 'non-implicative' upon what yours is supposed to be - though implying that once mine were more superior to yours you should have a way of learning that.
And so I sense controversy here. Controversy around something where there should be none and that somehow strikes me as odd.

If you understand my perspective you can relate to the words that I'm sharing. What other perspective can I have? I, as of myself, am the "Grand Tower" of my perception. THe issue on the one side is that in these terms the "core issue" is fluid - in that each participant to the conversation has the right to define it in its own terms. Sounds bad? Well - its 'better' at least than the alternative of only having one determine what the thing must be; Thereby maybe including and excluding 'options' - for the other players for instance.

So, ... you are 'many' - for instance. I have my own perspective, you have yours. Then there is that 'core issue' - what the meta between these perspectives must become. In comes the bad boy and he turns it into "the MacGuffin". Reality Check: Thats like bottling oxygen and selling it. Thats what I do right now - and it isn't inherently bad. Do we need bottled oxygen to survive? But actually I meant something a bit more abstract and thus difficult to describe. Its like trying to make the purchase of that bottled oxygen 'necessary'.
So you might for instance try to remain stubborn about understanding 'the issues' until they are reflected in a light that suits your own agenda. That were 'rather bad' in that you prioritize things upon what there by principle can be no priority above.

Depending on your influences you may there be further attempting to get folks to side with you - thus 'shifting' the 'core issue' -effectively- in your favor; And that is "just as bad" while certainly worse since adding on top of the previous bad.
Now - the 'logic' underneath is however still "the same". Just that "the thing" has now been ... "coffined".

In the general playing field it is you who is trying to understand things that is "projoining" towards 'the core issue' and in certain regards a "safety function" ... 'a player' that increases the number of "points of interest" and thus ... making it harder for 'just one' to get his will.

So far, I think, the term 'MacGuffin' may have been used to do some amount of injustice to something within fiction that isn't quite as fictional as lies. But one thing we can certainly agree on is that a MacGuffin is always implying someones desire for 'having it'. "Having it destroys the World as we know it" - yada yada. We can all understand the concept of a Nuke ... or a trade deal, ... or a secret dossier with evidence for something; Within that context of "stuff" people may be willing to even kill for. Well, except thats counterproductive. Like the "being like Gandhi" ... thing.

I still haven't seen Star Wars TLJ yet, ... but the recent Nostalgia Critic on it changed my mind about to some extent. I now have to see it, just to see for myself whether it really is 'that' bad.
What I have to say here is however not really about the movie. It doesn't need to be accurate of the movies content. I'll be dealing with some 'figures' - sotospeak - as "word of mouth" has it. "Meme-wise" ... .

"The Jedi have to die". Something along those lines was what I ... kindof sortof anticipated - because - what else would/could it be? Let me impose one thing here: Our very own confessions are as avatars. Thats totally in the space of mind. A space you may have little concept of - but if you're a true believing Christian you'll share that. So - there is a confession of which there is an avatar that 'is you' from time to time. You believe in what you believe and what you know sortof aligns round about it. As of that you have various perceptions and perspectives. As an Author you eventually "learn" or 'understand' to channel those "inner avatars" - by maybe some creative way of abstracting your beliefs and understandings - into Characters. For instance.

The Disney Trilogy is quite outstanding in a few ways - regarding this subject. One must not look hard to find all those moments that are like attempts to mimic that "I am your Father" moment - and possibly thats on the good side of things; That the overarching background theme might just be that of 'being true to Star Wars' - as much as possible. But yea, as others - like critics of the "Triple A" games industry - might point out is there too little new. We could say: "More true to Star Wars than the Prequels" - but how are the prequels 'untrue' to it? Jar Jar Binks and Pod Racing doesn't count here. (Its all just about those two things isn't it? The remaining arguments for why they "suck" are debatable!)

"History repeats itself" - and then it totally disconnects itself from reality?

Oh, sorry. I digress. So - we have those 'gimmicks' then. "What defines Star Wars"? And there are a lot of videos on YouTube where fans (or alleged ones) describe what makes Star Wars great to them. And somehow Disney seems to have decided to throw all of that into a pot and see what comes out in the end. Can't blame them for that, can you?

What we so see however is "therefore" basically just a 're-configuration' of things that worked in the original Trilogy mixed with some fan-service and ... ... Jedi-Sith Bullshit.

At which point I have to call it what it is. If the depth of the Force is 'that' to 'them' - then 'thats' what comes out 'thereby' in the aftermath. They needed a Character, Luke, to perform within 'their realm of ideology' ... and instead of making this a nerd-discussion about the intrinsics of the Force within Lucas' Universe - I'm not having these issues with the movie; But the people behind it.

But well - how to tackle this subject without ... some nerd talk? Because to 'them' "this "battle"" is all about 'vision'. What looks cool on screen. Like somehow one must have thought that Leia floating through space would be cool and they figured that the Force might be able to do it and she may have had some training and its a life and death situation - 'done'. And as far as I've heard they absolutely nailed that part. But that to me is just window dressing. And if we can 'finally' get to the point that "sometimes" movies are good because they are more than just that ... we can finally move on beyond this.

Then there is the whole "next Generation" thing. Yea sure; But there are people like 'me' in 'this' generation too. Just sayin'. 'Saying' that if the torched is being passed over to those that treat the Legacy with disrespect, sotospeak - in movie terms, to the 'unworthy', you're gonna get a mess.

There is what the "ancients" had to say. Like maybe the 'good Indian' who teaches his kid to hunt and respect nature - versus someone who acquires such skills - pretending to be in line with their ideology - to use the skills maybe even 'against' them. Or in other words: There is an argument to be had that great movies are great because they tell great stories. Some don't - can be 'outstanding' nonetheless; Like ... Blade Runner or Ghost in the Shell (Anime if you really are that turned off by the live Action film) - but, ... there is more, still, to it than just great cinematography. Lord of the Rings worked because it was something 'new'. It has a pretty simple story ... is mostly about fantasy creatures anyway ... and stuff like that. On and on - the final 'cut' is that there is the other side; That goes beyond cinematography and stories like that of the Blade Runner or Motoko Kuzanagi ... are 'at all' a lot of sci-fi, psychology, ... 'real issues' even. We may not have to deal with living Technology 'yet' - but it generally opens up questions about life and life-forms. Its a field of vision of its own and 'when done right' ... it works out.

Which is where ... I have a hard time understanding 'them'. They generally appear to me as "not getting it" - and thats ... a big part of the whole problem. They ... 'chase' for "the MacGuffin" therein. The 'thing' they can 'extract' ... and make work for themselves. Eventually ... gshhhh .... shhhhhg ... [loud shreekie modem sounds] ... {disconnect}.

And thats how Luke Skywalker appears to me. Somehow - a ... misconceived Form of something. Its the issue that they - as dark side folks - disassociate from the Light and thus probably are not going to have any reasonable understanding of the motives of that side. When Lucas was 'telling' that Star Wars was more about Family than Space Battles, I take it that he has the sense of growing and learning on mind - issues about being in a leading position maybe, ethics of leadership, rule and power. And this "other side" seems to be what 'they' -generally- go and ignore. Calling it "the next Generation" or something.

RIP Justice Democrats by the way. It never was meant to succeed - was it?

So, the movie is free of any of that sense - like a desert is of jungle - or maybe more like a vacuum is of substance; Which might lead up to the argument that the movie is a 'technical achievement' in that sense.

"Must be ... the reason ..."

Standing by for ... Ark Update ...

Controversy. Ignoring my own experience for the time being; I realize that there is a lot of potential for conflict - basically importing problems we have in the real world ... into gaming. Social issues. Economy issues. Criticizing the game for what it is is difficult. I want to - saying: I have problems with the way how the game is ... fundamental core aspects ... err ... its, in this sense, difficult to criticize anything. Even Star Wars 8. It is what it is. An attempt. Someone having an idea - and while Ark doesn't build upon something already established this idea is on its own ... just that. Thereupon the game is made ... and it is pretty successful in that Light. It basically ends up being a hobby on its own. But more.

A thing for instance end up being tranquilizer darts. Arrows are easy to craft and so are tranquilizer arrows. The darts on the other end ... for the rifle ... end up being a tad more expensive; Saying that with 'rudimentary' access to metal, ... those things are precious. If one player ... in a group of 3 ... then for instance decides to blow out 50 a day and demand a refill the next day ... one of the three, the one who's going to do the metal farming possibly, ... ... what can I say? (And its not just the metal. A 'good gunsmith' would have gunpowder on backup - but ... you have to balance output to input).

Should say: You do the farming then!

So you eventually have to get to the point of requiring folks to actually have something of a bank account. What is "common metal" - what is not? So - time for building a safe?

My situation is that I've started to get attached to everything. And pretty much all of it 'rests' on the fact that someone has gifted us these top tier animals. I've gone out yesterday to find a female Stegosaur so my Stego would get an XP bonus - and upon checking my gear I noticed that I'd have none of it - not even my 'cloth "armor"' ... without those. I mean, it wasn't regular cloth armor - its green, blue and maybe purple - stuff you get from killing those alpha predators. Or ... I don't even know what you get regularly. So I went out ... on foot, initially, to somehow start all-over. Regular leather armor, some advanced weapons (regular pike and crossbow (upgrade to spear and bow)), ... and with a new motive (taming a Titanoboa) I made some 'low level' experiences with the swamp.

I was doing something wrong - but after I had that out of the way, I was ready to just tame every Dilophosaur that crossed my way, ... tranquilize, put a stack of meat in, move on - pick them up later ... "ish". And it was a pretty successful day. Still I had those cats with me - and without them; ... well. There was this Therizino ... and then again one. We may have picked the wrong area to settle in - and so a lot of our 'doings' at this point 'depend' on having that 'upgrade'. Its hard to tell - and - yet it seems the game is just starting to unfold. I can have a long term goal, like, breeding my own Super Tylacoleos, ... or Stegosaurs or whatever ... where, if I can trust my calculations the Tylas we got are actually 'bad' ... relatively ... in terms of Damage Output. "Sub Par". But they got everything else, mostly.

Well - in all manners of speaking; Ultimately I can and have to consider these "animals" 'my' property. Its ... Tamagochi on Steroids. In a Minecraft-ish game with Dinosaurs. To make any reasonable progress in that game I feel like you need to know some secrets; Things I haven't found any wiki on. There seem to be no guides - all of them seem to be catered to those that ... somehow managed to get into it.

In essence the principle of the game could be "staged" as ... you gradially getting stronger and stronger Dinosaurs so you can venture into more dangerous territory where you then can tame more dangerous Dinosaurs. In essence: If you see a Therizino somewhere, ... don't try to tame anything in that area unless you got one yourself. And we picked our 'second' base ... abandoning our 'noob hut' within 3 days or so ... near a place where Therizinos and Spinos are somewhat regular; Including those pesky Alpha Raptors.

The thing is that on the one side there are those 'realistic parts' - or "realistic" - which is that there is probably a predator out there thats gonne get your ass. Thus you shouldn't venture into unsafe territory without proper backup. But what is that? Dig that: A 240 Tylo, a 190~ Dilophosaur (214?) and a 190~ Raptor encounter a Level 40 Alpha Raptor. What happens? The 190~ Raptor gets targetted by the Alpha Raptor and dies. So - in 'normal' terms; What does the game expect from you there? You try hard to get some pack of predators together, more than 3 logically, and some of them will die. And I didn't have that kind of ... learning arc. I was busy 'building' - packing stuff onto my working Dinos while suddenly getting dragged into unsafe territory - no clue of the games intrinsic "Fuck You" attitude - and taming Dilophosaurs won't do anything in that area! Technically I could have had a Therizino already ... 'and' a Titanoboa ... but apparently thats not how fate wanted it to be.

With those Tylas now ... they do effectively 'mean' capital. They 'enable' you to safely get through the map ... at least ... the parts of it I know. Also do they happen to be bred ... so, they have an ancestorial line. That again means there is some degree of destiny to their ... "perks". Like ... "Terror Claws" (Claws is meant to be a word-play with the german name 'Klaus') has the highest carrying capacity of my Tylas. Sphinxton has the highest damage output. And their Health is pretty high. They may have been the outcasts - some 'product' the breeder didn't want ... and ... giving them to some 'noobs' was the better alternative to just killing them.

Well, there were three dudes - from three different tribes - that passed by and dropped us some stuff. The first dude left us a Tapejara and an Ankylosaur. He never showed up again. The second dude left us some scorpions, Tylas, a T-Rex, a Yutyranno ... a lot of stuff. Frogs, Lizards, ... . And he never showed up again. The third ... I wasn't really there, ... but we then had some Therizinos. And that tribe apparently has some bad rep.

And so, thinking of my own Tyla breeding project ... I got to realize that by then I'll have no real need for them anyhow. Its just drowning in dinos then and maybe plating the own base in metal because of nothing else to do. But thats not really the issue.

Some issue is that I've been getting bad vibes for recently going out and collecting some Silicium Pearls. Apparently we're not 'supposed to' have them yet. Yea, but neither are we supposed to have this gigantic stone base yet. In the midst of some not too friendly environment. And thats where the pointless arguing would break loose. I now have a goal in the game. Basically. So at first I fancied Parasaurs and Stegos. I wanted a Stego - thats been my favorite Dino in my childhood - but anyhow. Then I spent most of the time around the base while my Brother eventually amassed some pack of predators. He did it right I guess; I ... just didn't get it. What? Why? Well - I was in my game-mode and sortof realize that there is this whole: "Its dangerous out there" concept - and I still didn't have a stego at that time. I've been basically in a mood of "getting out there and playing" - ... and for some reason didn't want any ... predators.

Perhaps I just didn't 'like' the 'natural progression logic' ... while being put into a situation where I 'must' have that. I've noted it before, some sense of getting 'pushed too far too soon'. In this case it applies as all I had before leaving our noob hut ... and I was just about to start with gardening ... were three Parasaurs. And they worked fine ... in that small environment of getting out there with the axe to gather some resources. Its just the vicinity anyhow. Those few meters ... until the inventory is full. The area where we moved to is different. Gathering stones would take me along some beach ... and though we've spotted alpha Raptors on the other side of the water ... that one popped up just there - which previously had been relatively safe.
From a reasonable perspective I didn't have the time to 'gather' ... into a base to then 'look out' and realize what I wanted. Or needed. However. And again there are two sides to that story. The one is this - which 'obviously' goes to suggest something along the lines of bad luck, ... unlucky circumstances, ... surrounding some paralysis. Like ... knowing how to handle my Dinos. I don't think my 3 Paras could have handled that Alpha Raptor had they not been on passive - but not knowing how to react ... maybe cost us a lot ... the other time. I watched the video footage - and yea - that Therizino just jumped over a wall. "Lucky" for some part of our stock it didn't get stuck in my Brothers compartment - "Unlucky" however that ... everything else, almost, ... was the price for it.
I should have 'whistled' all to Neutral or aggressive. Instead I waited for a moment to jump by the Therizino - which was after my Brother had aggroed it, to manually switch my Stego to 'attack my target'. And nobody knows why they were set to passive to begin with.

WHat would we have? What should we have? From some dark corner a voice speaks: "Suffering! MOoooar suffering!!!!!". Which is yea, the one side of the story. The other side is the story of life. So - an Ankylosaur and a Tapejara. Hmmm. Almost 'as ordered'. A "Taxi" ... and a ... farming utility. The second delivery ... then gave us some ... claws. We even had a Spino ... I sank it to Cnidarias just moments after taking it out for a first ride and some words like "But don't sink it!" ("Yea yea!") or whatstheirname - and so I lost my Rex to who took care of it; But I didn't have any use for that T-Rex anyway. And everyone was/is happy. Kindof.

My Brother ... well, I don't know about that. He seems to just love the game.

But there are also two sides to that. WHen it gets to keeping stock of what we have ... I'm not having it. We all of a sudden had some metal due to the Ankylo - I've been ... modest. All I did was ... when seeing we had the metal ... craft me a pike. One time I did it knowing I maybe shouldn't. That because I hadn't 'payed in' sotospeak. But eventually I came home with a stack plus, ... and crafted me a sword. As I mentioned I already had one I was blamed for some 'missing metal' ... which was made out to be 'a lot'.

And as it goes. I was 'saying' that "I hoard away some iron when we have some in 'that' one particular shelf" - and the other day 30 bars were missing. That ticks me off into 'that' direction of tensions ... like ... "what am I getting blame for?" ... which I'm not saying because I feel like there is some ... problem ... and on further notice it is that this other guy, in relativity, could be considered poor. Living in humble conditions sotospeak. Initially however, I don't know 'what' he did. He seemed to be ... doing something but was initially somewhat underlevelled which indicates that he didn't 'build' all that much. But I did that - and - I must say, I preferred it this way. So we moved away to a new location - and while I was constructing the main building the other two basically built their dens. Then they'd be off doing something while I'd be left with my own den. They would have built a fence - and - the first time they did it it was too small, and this time it seems I have to enlargen it as well. But that isn't a problem. Its just that I'm building a lot and I like it. But thus I'm not getting so much else. Further, this guy just got started to go out and tame Dinos ... as even as he had Raptors he was too afraid to take them out. In some sense a good comparison to this is the Triforce. I have courage, my brother has wisdom and he has power. He could also kick me out of the tribe - I think - probably - anytime - and I don't know what'd be of my animals then.

Anyhow - as I'm going on - I'm afraid that my Bases are some sort of MacGuffin. I build them - while someone else claims the work.

One thing thats kindof awkward about the game for sure is the lack of any indication about how well your Dinos are doing. Like - a health bar for Dinos involved in some fight. The one with the first visible wounds is gonna loose and there is no retreat from a fight anyway?

With these Tylas the game really started to open up for me. And they also allow me to ... "leave the base" ... for a moment or two. And they make it ... more reasonable for me to get me towards what I want. Though I think I'll try to play towards it not trying to exploit it too much. I want to ... have the experience too. But while base-building ... I wanted a generator and next want to install an Elevator ... and ... so there is this 'niche' situation - thats totally ... non standard ... I'm in. Its a ... "whole new game".

The issue that I do have Tylas to fetch some stuff I want ... instead of 'waiting' until I have what I need to get me one myself ... such as a couple of Titanoboas to make some Kibble for them; By which point I'd have what ... I need in order to do that anyway. Or we'd just ride a Bronto to the Destination, farm stuff ... and get back ... . Tylas are great because they basically ... share the same 'perks' with humans. They can swim and need oxygen - aren't super specialized in doing anything - can jump and carry some amount of stuff. But I have no comparison to wild/tamed ones. If the data on the wiki is correct, those Tylas have an exorbitant amount of health. If the data on the wiki is correct - then they have a 'base health' of something around 7 times normal, but damage some points below normal. So, calculating the 'base' values from how much a level up on one stat is. So, putting one point into damage should increase it by 1,7% of its "base value" - 'after taming/bonus/whatever' - where an increase by 5,7 points is indicative of a base value of 335 compared to 400 for 'Level 1' Tylas. Health on the other hand is at 5320 compared to 700 for 'Level 1'. So, my "main" (Kobra Khan) has just slightly more damage output than a Level 1 Tylacoleo. At Level 240. Klaus doesn't even get to 400. (I'm sure I misread something. The part with the 'absolute damage, not percentage'. The game is kindof weird in that regard ... to me, yet, at least).

So, ... anyhow - do I have my own, legitimately tamed, Tapejara now. Really ... cool moment. I didn't record it though, I think. I ran accross the willow ... looking for some Level 100 Raptor that killed me before with the herd a bit further behind in ... relative safety. I ran into a Level 40 Raptor - well, he's called Tarzan now, and ... at some point a Tapejara just flew over me ... a slightly foggy morning and the wings casting those light-ray effects from the non-existent/visible sun. No predator in sight - snook up to it and cashed it.

So much for the Silica pearls ;). ... "Legit". Somehow. Its still dangerous up there. Don't trust everything you read on the Internet!

So what I have to say in short terms is that the game seems to lock content away behind ... "insider doors". Which is possibly alright - as it is with any other thing. You don't really get into things until you do. Except, I kindof got dragged into this. Breeding my own Dinos ... starting somewhere, is a reasonable goal inside of the game; But I'm not really ... 'sold' on the whole issue of ... whether I actually want it.

And I don't know what it is ... why it is ... that I imply some cruel motive to ... only really favor people that 'know' what to do. Its the Minecraft/"Wiki-game" principle on steroids. But at this point it seems that the game is fairly ... 'organic'. You start, loose everything, rinse and repeat ... as you get more effective and know what to look out for.

And so there is also the light side to everything. The game sortof had me hooked anyway ... while I'm struggling with the fact that I didn't really have it on my radar. Which is opposed by the thing that I pretty basically don't know what else to do. Which is where I start to worry; And thus spin towards looking at the dark side of things. ...

Something: Somehow ... in the meanwhile ... another issue has somehow oozed into my mind. The thing is ... lets call it ... "Judgement by "Fatilizing"". So, from 'fate'. The idea is that of having some "buy out" option - where then the issue is whether or not you 'have' it. If you do, you're lucky - if you don't, you're not - and if God wants someone to be 'safe' in some circumstance, He better provide him to have. Which is, kindof how life works. Its within 'any' situation that you either have what it takes to master the challenge or you don't.
Eventually that can however turn into more negative ... forms of itself. So, "working quotas". Where someone turns this into a 'demand' - effectively stressing things 'beyond' what 'ordinary circumstances' would provide. And at that point ... the person in charge is certainly guilty of some sort of bad thing. And once it gets down to motivations - what is right and what not - we'll need to let God be the judge. Except ... in these circumstances there surely are people, individuals, that also have a piece to say on that matter ... being essentially asked to forgive ... basically. Which kindof allows people in power to do ... anything they want. Basically.
But the other way around: Forgiving 'implies' that there is something that needs to/can be forgiven - which is in and of itself some kind of judgment. If we're stretching things, the rights and wrongs, anyhow - we can as well say that. Conflict with the Bible? Fuck it! We can perceive something as wrong and forgive it - which doesn't mean that we're now alright with it.

And so - whats the point? The point is that insights, such as knowledge, make us wiser - basically - and that instead of judgment what we need is progress. We can say that I've kindof "had it" with the Internet for now. Speaking of the Young Turks for instance. From my view - there's an old me and a new me. And now there is an even newer me. The old me was looking down upon ... atheists basically. For all they do wrong and don't get and such. The newer me was looking at them more ... neutrally ... and I realized the good in them. The even newer me is basically back to the old self - which is simply a stance about Atheism. And the whole turn that the Justice Democrats took ... only confirms me, on one side. On the other end there are all those ... perspectives of how to make sense within a world of chaos ... where none can tell the other what to do and how to behave and all that. It would have been, quite obviously, my main concern that we can't tell whom to trust. Thus they implemented "purety checks". Like - you fill out that form the way we want and you are in. Well ... "duh, did that backfire!". Its like: Let me get baptized to prove my innocence. Woop dee fucking doo.

Its obviously an attempt to hold people accountable for what they are doing. At this point thats ... actually quite reasonable, ... so, as within US politics. There is the 'public(/"Popular") opinion' ... and this consists of a few points ... like medicare for all ... and to be a Justice Dem you must subscribe to these things ... 'from the people for the people' sotospeak ... but eventually the time would come where that couldn't be done anymore; And new threats - or old threats remastered - come popping back up. Like the whole SJW nonsense. "You got SJWed Cenk!". And for what? ReviewTechUSA made a good video (with quotes) on that. And there is really no logic or reason in that. The way the Social Justice Democrats phrase it ... pheeeeeeeeew ... this Cenk must be a horrible, horrible guy! This only works because the vast amount of people doesn't even understand whats going on there!
Why people laugh about SJWs? Because, ... once actually looking at it - which plenty of people have done - its just laughable! Best example: Cenk Uygur and Richard Dawkins.

Well, sure: You 'can' argue 'for' the ... "thing" of having some standards of ethnics and morale and such - which is so more the whole Richard Dawkins case. And on the other side - getting more and more experiences in a female getup ... I can relate to the "angst" about getting raped or the ... 'weirdness' that certain males ... have ... in that sense of ... this "Misogyny thing" - and do appreciate that we do live in a progressive world. But ... here the devil is in the details too. See - the 'progress' has come about somehow - by some way - and we 'had' it. It was there. Yet nobody was aggressively pushing for it - such as the SJWs do. Did we need it? Do we need it?
This aggressive push makes it so that there 'have to be' enemies - these warrant for the implied aggression. And the enemy here were everyone who disagrees because those that disagree do disagree with those social justice standards - which they actually don't if you cared to listen to what these self-proclaimed Anti-SJWs have to say. And what they have to say also throws light onto some dark corner ... which suggests that these aggressive individuals are actually counter productive in regards to real Social Justice.
Again the picture of TJ Kirk whipping himself for being white and male comes to mind. See - people are being 'demonized' ... for being 'unaccepting' of certain things, like, ... women rights, transgender rights, genderfluid pronouns (oh mah gawnd!) ... today I feel like I'm a mushroom by the way ... the amount of psycho"kinetic" (by physical means shifting the psychological situation - bad pick of words I guess. Substances are physical by nature - so, psycho-active is more OK) substances I've got in my system makes it even more so ... but ... what can a man do? A straight white man? Someone who tries to be a good person and 'accidentally' says something in a "Microaggressive" manner. Microaggressions ... thanks for the word though. What is it? Its like ... once a Slave has a dislikable 'tone' in its "Yes Mister/Ma'am" - like, in a way that says "Fuck you" instead. Thats ... a Microagression. And people are getting Microaggressive about SJWs I think ... at least ... those are the ones complaining about those things. So, someone who is Microaggressive is already doing a really really ... 'good job' at suppressing said feelings that might otherwise be 'Macroaggressions'. And those are your 'bad people'?

A note on pronouns: In the beginning it was 'awesome' to get addressed through the 'right' pronouns and terms. But everyone who can't handle being labelled wrongly ... well ... yet needs to STFU! Of course ... when its an insult things are different - but I can insult you even using your preferred gender pronoun - so F-U-C-K T-H-A-T!!!

And why not? What does it change should I out of spite decide to "slander" my "precious female fassade" and joke around like a Thug ... saying: Gender is nor should it be about ... superficialities. I'm not choosing to be Transsexual, nor am I choosing to be that for superficial privileges of how I may dress. I want to live as myself ... and I guess that such statements are too ... "self-dissasociative" for some people to "grasp". Morons! The issue is still that I'm not ... one of those Drag Queens or "extremely gay people" that ... are ... well ... extremely extroverted about those things. I just am not! Whatever - I'm not into writing about this issue right now. But ultimately I got to be myself ... right? So, if forcing me into a male exterior didn't work, lets try it with a female one? Sure - if that is your concern for what I'm doing wrong you're right - except that I'm not doing it!


If I'm annoyed by being referred to as male - even or especially when just internally so - thats indicative of the/a truth ... and if people don't respect that, ... you might be amongst the wrong people! Right? Wrong?

Well, there are points that SJWs can make - but while the objections to their issues aren't heard, as publically - as loud and clear - as widespread, all support they get is just borrowed!

And next to that does the SJW move for power have eerie similarities to the structure of the Chinese Government. Which is: Accusing your enemies of corruption. You should watch a bunch of China Uncensored to get a sense of what I'm referring to. I hope you find what I'm referring to.