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More of Ark : Smartass Evolved

General StuffPosted by Nicole Sun, December 24, 2017 06:32:14
[Not being done with the game, being done with the game, smartassing, rambling, ..., head spinning, time=management]

My head is really tanking hard right now. The issue there is that by 'casual' measurements you just can't play Ark. If you coun't in 2 hours of playtime per day, Ark is definitely too much. And so is one for parenting issues. If you're a parent and your Kid is playing Ark - you might not be able to judge the game by its content but you can now have an idea of 'well, it consumes a lot of time'. And is that good? Well, I think there are ways to set some game up with faster progression settings. And anyhow - a parent should be trying to get a hang of what the child is doing, ... which however is only good up to a certain age. Thereafter I'd say its pretty much all on the kid and all you can do is watch it and ... be of good influence, ... where possible. However ... .

Excuses ...

Do we, any of us, have enough time?
For anything?

Well - thats where modern games really worry me ... a little ... or maybe a little more than just a little.

A desert landscape. ...

I thirst for something, but I can't find water. The "orthodox" interpretation of that passage of the Bible (Isaiah's Israel prophecies) might be that we don't find the things we enjoy. So, arguing that movies are getting boring. That I would say has happened time and time again already; And the rate at which new and newer stuff is getting pumped out should be somehow related to that.

We look for something, don't find it and want to move on. And so there are those "pushers" ... I would have to say ... that try to get people excided over playing some game. Ark seems to be specific in that it is the evolution of Survival games in regards to managing playtime and progression. So, in Destiny 2 you get in and out and are eventually pretty much done with the game. 8/10 according to Jim Sterling. By that approach I must give Ark a 0/10 because there is no 'out'.
The issue is that before getting anywhere there is so much stuff that has to be done while nature is constantly fighting against you - that you're either making snails paces forward or get even blown back. If I think about Spike and Xera ... or the three Paras I had ... those were progress - and that gets noticable as you can't really do a lot anymore without some Dinos to carry some load. So - you'd think: OK, then keep some for backup. But yea, you then also should do that when you can. "Later" might be too late. And there you have a reason to go after those - once you have the time - you like. Or do you? Last time I did that a Raptor came out of nowhere. THen I tamed one ... but another one came right away. By the end of the day we tamed a Dilophosaur that got stuck in our Fort.

Spiteful "Tss".

We've now lost ... 6 flyrosaurs total. 3 of them gifted to us. Those mostly had good stamina to cover some distance. Now without them - the gained conveniences of having them ... are gone. Though - prior to getting a good taste of what the high Level (255) birds could fly, those conveniences weren't even obvoius. Not to me at least. Which is one ... thing ... into the direction of "our "pusher"" - the one who's with me/us/my brother. Of whom I don't want to talk badly - its ... a mixed bag though.

Today we've spent the whole day trying to catch some stone gatherers. Which we could only do because some dude dropped us a bunch of Dinos. Well - by now we have 1 T-Rex with Saddle, 1 Allosaur I guess with Saddle, 6 Tylas(?) at least, ... and thats a good start to start getting around. (The Allo is the lowest with 160/170 ... the Tylas are 250~ish and the T-Rex is 300+).
ANd we alost lost a Tyla. Its like the game wants you to loose them. I went out to look for our Flyer that went missing on our way back. That is, though I definitely never pipe them to Aggressive except when chaos is loose anyway - so they definitely, as by my checking, should have been either set on 'attack my target' or 'neutral'. Definitely not passive. However - even the ones we just catched went haywire and attacked everything in their way. (Is that something they learned from us?)

However. Then sometimes the Dinos just don't want to do stuff. I died looking for that bird - my Brother went out to check if its still alive while I ran back to our base - and all of a sudden my brother couldn't stop complaining about shit attacking them. And all of a sudden it didn't want to defend itself anymore. Just stood there. It went silent. By the time I found him - he rode that thing. Yay. But ... those are the kind of situations that just bend you over and say: Time for 'it' without Lube.

There are arguments this and arguments that way. The main argument would though - for me - yet be that this is bad game design.
By which I mean to say: "Why Ark Sucks" - with the disclaimer: What I have to say there isn't to say which features are good and which ones aren't - this isn't a "Tech Review". Its more ... 'esoteric'.

Giving 'our pusher' a "Free out of Jail" card - a.k.a. 'the benefit of the doubt' for once there may be an issue - I'd say he's pushing himself to being excited. So he's overly excited to play the game and lists up some of the things he wants. A bunch of Raptors and a T-Rex. But now the game for the rest of us sortof ... shifts ... where our fun gets to somehow depend on his fun. And that is fair. (I would wonder how Trump and few of his collegues playing that game would end up). Oh ... and the Antichrist. Here's another figure I'd label as him - but this isn't fitting on Trump. On top there is 'the General' - and now there was 'the Dark Troll'. If the Dark Troll were the left hand, or shoulder, trump were on the right hand side.
However - I'm getting lost right now.

Anyhow. Where was I? Plenty of things. And why Ark sucks. That ... should be left aside for the time being.

In essence I enjoy the game. Maybe the balancing is just off. I mean, the balancing 'is' off - when going by all of my criticism (or what amounts to that) so far.

What I have on mind now comes with the word 'Nitpicky' - yelled in from the void ... out of context. But what I'm looking at sure is - somewhere - within the confines of Nitpicky. But its the 'avalanche' effect. It starts 'Nitpicky' - like, literally. Just a little bit of snow starting to move or maybe just a sound that got too loud. And then you got to deal with the arguments that are thrown against your criticism about the Avalanche. Like by that. "Can't change it".

"Thats how it is". And I don't generally mention it - I just think for myself about what I write, then get to eventually realize "thats how it is/might be" - and as I didn't feel equiped to argue with that I turn away and want to focus on my own things. Saying: In time where that might get to the point I'll do what I can do myself and then we'll see - regarding the things in my game - where it might 'break' those fundamental "thats how it is"s - maybe. Except ... on closer looks we might find that those games exist already.

What can't be changed for instance is the way Levels behave. Higher Levels beat Lower Levels by some margin, plus/minus buffs and debuffs (strengths and weaknesses) that apply.
Diablo 3 looks like an experiment in that regard, where the difference between 'overpowered' and 'underpowered' is rather strong. For some time you run through the game and nothing can hurt you and all of a sudden there's something that just one-hits you. On the long run not really a game for me. On first impression: Hell no!

But well, so ... he wants his Raptors ... and when we now come across a Raptor we think of him - because why not. I wouldn't have looked for one; Though I may have needed some. Maybe I'm to be blamed somewhere - but anyhow. Now we do have a T-Rex, ... and we don't need Raptors anymore. We're OP enough until we really wanted some metal.

The game is weird in that regard. There definitely are 'Tiers' - but they are more 'of the ecosystem'. And I'm not really sure how you're supposed to play it. Anyhow.

My head is spinning. Just ... getting started and there are so many things that just come to mind.
Then there is both - the good and the bad; And those to me exist in a really hard contrast to each other. Its really, dark and sinfully bad while on the other hand just beautiful and gorgeous. I mean - the fact that there is so much virtual wildlife, ... is strongly opposed by the rather obvious 'nonsense' thats going on in its logic. Maybe its settled on logical reasons - but yet in their evolution they just don't kick in right.

The worse about playing Ark right now is the harsh shift from in-game to real-life. The way I use my head. Now that I've somehow ... calmed down ... most of the things related to Ark don't really bother me anymore. Now this ... pain in my head ... however, just changed from being dark and terrible to being there and annoying. And when I'm now into 'real life stuff' - I realize that there is just too much for me left to do, ... although then there is that deep feeling of utter ... "pleasurelessness" ... or fatigue ... or ... well, ... just ... nonsense and darkness everywhere I turn.

But I'm not done with the game.

Not yet. And the Smart-ass thing: I have no desire to really/actually write about it. And now I'm distracted anyhow. Which maybe is the call for me to abandon this blog for a while. However - lets say most of the issues finally sicker away. And yea, thats where I stand and stood. When dealing with the people I have contact with IRL. May they be good or evil. There is a situation where we can meet - like - the whole 'truth in the background' part, whatever it may be - is just that: Unknown and never talked about. Whatever whoever pretends ... thats just how it is. And sure - there are tensions every now and then. And so - where from? Well - if one thinks he's doing right and the other thinks the same - and respectively each stance takes an issue with the other ones 'right' way - there's a problem. Like, ... in Ark, with commanding them Dinosaurs. There is the simple way - where as I'm told I shouldn't use piping commands. And granted, the longer I play it, the less they seem to work out. But thats an issue deeper in the game that needs fixing. As mentioned above, the Dinos sometimes just act strange.

Oh, by the way: I once started on a new Server while the 665 server was down, named my Character X and then all of a sudden in game was called Bobette. Should that freak me out? I feel like it should freak me out - but am already too far lost in the game to be even bothered. And back around this corner - I'm standing at a point were I want to have a Base ... where everything is tidy and safe ... and have to kindof work for it. Thats the game. Basically. Going out there, braving the wild, ... and building a home. The feeling that I have there however is different to the 'outlook' I have on/in the game. There I now feel something more akin to slavery. I feel like I'm supposed to farm stones and wood so we can build larger stuff.
I feel like we're moving too fast.

I don't know what I want ... .

I feel like I'm being farmed, or ... tamed, ... captured and locked up. Being part of a Zoo of some kind. In a setting where I just can't win as by being in it I lost already. Any type of in-game progression is another step into the wrong direction and the only way for me to actually win the game is to just don't care. To just play it for the playing - and not for self-expression; Or whatever there is.

Now that headache has changed into something that ... is crying.


And now I'm back ... at caring about Ark. Or my time therein, rather so.

I think I first of all should have a plan of how I want to spend my time. I mean, today and yesterday I just ... went into Ark almost immediately after getting up. I checked the watch, saw its post 1700 - and - thats late ... and ... the first feeling I got was: "I might as well play Ark". Then I might think about ... what to fill how.