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General StuffPosted by Nicole Wed, March 14, 2018 16:54:24

[Diversity in Pop Culture]

Ghost in the Shell is now free on Amazon Prime; Am currently watching it - and so far my entry to it has been negative. I've seen it two times thus far and generally enjoyed it. What disturbs me now is that the Plot is kindof pointless. Guy creates a weapon, puts a random brain that might hold a grudge against it into it and puts it into a highly specialized unit of crime hunters. Its nothing that would ever happen in reality I guess.

The main actress distracts me. Her eyes are odd. I wonder, can we see the movie without that?

And why is she doing that Dive? Its ... when trying to bend around the oddness of the eye issue - and trying to flex out the whole "oh no, Scarlett Johansson #Whitewashing" nonsense - that ... doesn't really ... stick out that much anymore. Actually the movie is a sequence of horribly bad decisions!

On the other end need you some explanation to tie those images together - though so, as a picture, is it ... the story of a creation turning against its creator? Or is it the machine turning against a part of itself that didn't work properly? I ...

Well, here's the thing - and all you SJWs listen up: To me, ... Scarlett Johansson is a bit like ... well, more on the Bruce Lee side of things; Rather than Justin Bieber. Its ... Blade ... rather than Twilight. She is she and she does what she does and ... thats that. A "Scarlett Johansson movie" ... . Speaking of 'strong and powerful women' and such. ... She is that. I don't know how real it is ... but ... so, what do I know? I can tell from what I see and if there are others ... well; I'm unsure ... but ... what isn't?

But well, the movie in the end does make in deed somewhat sense. And its a cool and epic movie. The choice of Takeshi is one I do approve of as well, ... where - the Anime was a pretty niche film as it is and doing homage to it in this way feels more like a service than a cash-grab. But Sorry, I'm not supposed to be a fan of hers I guess because thats Sexist!

If we are to say 'Survival of the Fittest' - we assume that there is some 'open choice'. Like ... Hunger Games. Pick a few Teenagers and have them go at each other. Or Twilight maybe. Otherwise ... generally the side-cast. As ... if you want to make a movie, it would serve you well to have some vision. And so you do some casting, ... or ... I don't know. Scarlett doesn't strike me as a particularly odd choice for that movie. She's worked herself to become a Superstar and so if you want to do a high profile niche Comic Action flick ... and you so on one side go with figures such as Takeshi ... to settle a tone of ... so, what the idea so there is ... in terms of ... I don't know ... its a celebration of Pop Culture.

Otherwise, once I'm too fixated on Scarlett and digesting her as odd I don't see anything but how she sucks in that role. That can't be the purpose of a good movie, right?

Yet - how to support newcomers? How many movies is one actor then so 'allowed' to be in, or ... how or where do we cap it? Producers, Directors, ... everything. ?!

Or do we want to be racist; Arguing that Bruce Lee and Blade are good examples of how a Diverse cast has been in leading roles 'classically' - within given category of things - so it can't be her?!

I'd argue that the most realistic thing about that movie is her hair. A human brain in a robot wouldn't see much use for showering ... . Or, Body Care changes and she needs something to contrast the artificialness of herself.

Up next: Warcraft : The Beginning.

Epic! I mean ... its the time. The time where Orcs, Cartoon Orcs - more or less, could be displayed that realistically. And "woe and behold" we kindof by accident have something that has Cartoon Orcs in it, is quite successful and so on to make it happen. I guess that pretty much speaks to Warcraft and Blizzard. The kind of gameplay they created. Leveling up and Upgrading stuff. Eventually to the point of that movie happening. This movie even does the opposite to white-washing. It again takes white Characters ... turning them into something else ... lol/sigh. But as a thing its a white thing. You can't blame white people for being white. And sure, if you want it that way; Then Blizzard is white for white. And its success is white success. But is that actually even an issue? Or is it just group A doing some stuff and group B enjoying it - where group B may be anyone. Culture is weird and odd - and - having cultural differences isn't just a matter of race I think. Race blurs, ... as I'm sure whites vs whites is also a thing.

It happened and we could barely envision how else it could have happened. White Nerds making stuff that white Nerds do. Period.

And pay close attention to the nuance between Good and Evil.

Every party needs a madman at their top; And that is the character the player would take over in classic Warcraft (RTS) - as - the annihilation of the opponent is what the 'game' is about. And ... judging them now ... how could we?

I'm sure that the lack of people of color in it can be traced down to a variety of issues and after that we can account for what anyone could have done about anything whatsoever. Education, Cultural Integration, Artistic Ambition/View/Talent, ... . "A price payed by taken lives" - and thats where he realized that [guy with green glowy eyes] wouldn't listen to reason.

I think that is why books can be more enticing. Such detail can be thrown in, its not difficult, and ... thus more concrete situations can be drawn. I think the 'fantasy' argument, so - thinking of the good of media or books - that it sparks imagination, can here work both ways. A movie is less strict - or - "judgmental" ... although it can be more so as it requires less explanation in-between.

In this 'white' Fantasy world it is difficult to bring in people of color because everything is pretty stereotypical. So - Orcs are so, Humans are so. Adding color to the palette, that is my opinion, would come with more than just replacing a white guy.

I have no reason to shill. I'm not getting anything. ... But I like ... what we have.