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LOL matrix hodgepodge

General StuffPosted by Nicole Mon, March 12, 2018 19:38:03


Rule 1: There are no Videogames in the Matrix because to living Programs thats like animal abuse. > Humans have no concept of gaming.
Rule 2: The machine is self-aware and its cognition present in virtuality. It has created a prison for the human as part of its original purpose as entertainment product. > The game is in a glitched state.
Conclusion: Neo has to 'Game Over' in order to reset the System.

Theory 1: The Architect games the human by triggering him to re-enter the matrix to continue with his scheme. > How is Zion being rebuilt? < The Architect selects some unsuspecting individuals from the Matrix.

This theory is now 'stage 3' - we might say. Part 1 is a statement that has people puzzled where now part 2, a dominant 'thing' has drawn the issue into some stagnation; Followed by part 3 - a concrete stance regarding the stagnation that stands out and triggers a shift. Well, if there were no further theories or takes on it. If there were a myriad of plausible theories, that would all be of part 1. As so this is a single thing in time - fresh at the start - that wouldn't be surprising. Respectively could Part 2 then be about something totally different. If there is any problem at all.

Speedruns offer an analogy in that there are games that are being run which in the grand scheme appear totally insignificant - while some of them are interesting in that the way the game is being planed has a certain entertainment value to it. It would seem unlikely that this is really some significant theory - but its a thing on a thing nonetheless.

The Game Over part was the funny bit - and then I felt compelled to continue. Now I have an example that when properly understood showcases how people can be ahead of their time by simply drawing the right conclusion. And that would come purely by accident. And yet is strictly happening within a social context. At least ... thats where it finally matters. Or - where 'tech' comes to be. We can get along alone on some rudimentary tech-level, ... but sooner or later our aspirations must come back to the social plane. And here ... "all goes". Now, if there is some weirdo who's thing is it to fantasize about Elves and Magic while daydreaming through his life - his stories might still be shared around the world. Or is it just my dream? I wonder. I thought I was 'that guy'. How is it - up there? Is it all just 'look down' or ... is there some ... artistic impression there? Some passion or desire that surpasses the amount of money it'd make?

But so. Psychology. Maybe? Well - I guess the Greeks had Philosophy - meeting in public places to talk shit! At least - thats how it works in my mind. I mean - looking at it, those places aren't that huge. And - it would make sense that there's some link to wealth that is to be drawn. Wealth - however as 'second' to locality. When born somewhere far away - you wouldn't make it into a greek forum. But a place now with enough wealth ... speaking of education primarily ... now supports intellectual wealth 'up there'. Over time these structures grew, I would suppose, ... and that eventually to places beyond our grasp.

The idea is pretty much alike looking at everything as an opportunity. And why? Because ... thats what I do. Trying to bridge some gaps. Tie some things together that need to get fixed together.

... ???