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Drumpies new shtick

General StuffPosted by Nicole Mon, March 12, 2018 15:29:39

[on Gun Control/Violence - a psychological observation]

So, I wondered. I wondered first because Trump appeared so similar to certain ... lets call em ... 'fingerprints' (metaphorical for a spiritual equivalence) ... something didn't quite check out and thus I tried to be reserved. The thing is that he yet appeared too stupid. Judging from what I would know about "him" regarding those fingerprints that is.

The way he now gets over about Gun Control and Video Games, ... its nothing I would have seen coming or does appear familiar, but it does resemble an abstract derivation of what I would have seem coming. But ... maybe I'm over-thinking it. So far Trump didn't have any agenda that required anyone to care. Maybe thats still the case ... But as he now tries to tap into the liberal crowd he sits down and tries to appear more reasonable. And I don't know if I can believe that "those law enforcement officers" really performed as poorly as he would describe since he's the one making an assessment in move towards potentially passing legislation. Its like if you're the judge of a talent contest and the winner has already been picked from a handful and it doesn't matter how good you are if you haven't been picked!

And the left is now 'stunned' because they try to be reasonable and not be as those Democrats they hated on which just found talking points against Trump whether they be right or not. But I've already seen warnings being uttered. You know, that its a bit suspicious. Where, the concern isn't Gun control - the concern is the Governments ability to take away your guns without due process.

The way I think one is to properly handle this is to be reserved and first ponder upon the things that are new to you. Because once his scheme turns into being just confusing - you know what you really want and hence can ... "skip that level".
Or maybe thats just the right thing to look for altogether.

I don't know what to tell you.
But the video running in the background gives me some cues.
Which go together with some combustioning going on in me that urges me to get back into 'the topics of darkness'.

I know people that are into dark shit. Well, dark by terms of what is dark on the wall of things that are legal. So, Hard Metal, Ego Shooters, Gory movies, Witchcraft, BDSM, ... "World of Warcraft" - and I have to say: Legal is legal. So, saying ... 'it hasn't been forbidden ... yet!'. And why? Probably because people in charge didn't see the threat!
But ... no. I was about to get into something else. Coverage of those things. So - maybe you've heard of the accusation that Dungeons & Dragons - a game whereby people make up fantasy characters and a story to roll dices deciding whether a player did hurt a monster or not. "I take a swing with my hammer against that imp" "roll a d20". That game ... was accused of being something ... involving Satanic Cults and Satanism and Demon Rituals. Well ... "I summon a bunch of skeletons". "roll a d20". Safe to say that if I roll a 20 on the fictive attempt to open a gate to hell - it won't actually open a gate to hell.

That is reality as I know it!

You have to understand that a piece of media - lets take "the Ancient" D&D rulebooks - once reported on by some media outlet is the same as it is for those invested in it. OK, maybe Doom is an easier example. So, I like games, got a PC, ... and eventually ended up installing and playing Doom. Then, in school, I would talk with my friends about it. And that discussion is practically the same as some media outlet reporting on it = but different. So, 'we' (I and my friends) are "the violent youth" in that narrative.
But what do you think happens in the minds of ours while playing such games? That we get hypnotized ... walk to a weapons store, buy a gun and shoot down people?

Or ... Sex. Sex Sells? Why? Because I played Video Games that indoctrinated me to see women as sexualized objects? Or because certain shapes just automatically cause arousal of some kind? And 'arousal' - as you all might know - is ... an arousing feeling! I could be turned on by the story of Lot just the same!

The point is that if you don't know gaming and someones talking to you about gaming ... you're not really part of the 'crowd'. And the 'crowd' - what is it? In terms of D&D - a bunch of "Nerds" that enjoy playing dice-games with their friends. And D&D is deeper, richer and more complex than ... just rolling a dice to see how many fields you may/must move.

You have to also understand that this 'crowd' has to live. Has a life. 'Sub-cultures' form around interests like that. And sure - if you like something you first need a place where you can get it. I'm thinking of a comic shop for instance.
But on the Internet - there are videos on YouTube. Videos by poeple with a certain target audience in mind. So - what are those videos that are about gun violence in schools but targeted at gamers about?

[jeaopardy music]

"Don't worry" - "no real world links between gaming and violence have been found". General gist. Pointing out hypocrisies, pointing out suggestions at what the real problem may be - and ... here I can provide you with a bit more in-depth information because I was on a good track of becoming a killer myself.

I was cynical about it - maybe it was a juvenile attempt at being cool; Saying that I one day would buy a Katana and chop down people on a shopping lane. I was playing games at the time - but, ... I would argue that a) movies played a bigger role and b) that a Katana looks cool plays an even bigger one. And that is just subject to the actual problem. The actual 'thing'. What it is ... well, there's ... a lot it seems. First of all 'idleness' maybe. Thinking of 'the future' plus 'what is cool'. Maybe? Being inwardly disassociated from the crowd is another thing. And yet I was far away from any true violent intentions, ambitions or ... anything dark, really. I was joking, ... but ... yea, also kindof serious. Not that I dreamed about it though.
But the story goes on. I want to be sure though that I don't miss this - this, ... moment of how it actually became a thing to begin with. If I had been really darkly serious I'd have kept it to myself and done it. I ... guess. Or would have never mentioned it again and done it. And, maybe thats what people are still afraid of?

I kindof remember the day. And it started from some "cloud" in my mind. How can I say? Impulses? I was idly walking and it just came to my mind. Like a really silly idea. Forgotten the next day. Being surrounded by media that perpetuate violent ideas do I think not substantially add to that. You could get angry walking down a street and without games ... or martial arts movies ... or media of any kind ... end up with an ax, or a kitchen knife, maybe a gun.

My idea of whats really important here is this cloud. Or ... mental motions. I'll get into that. But to some extent you need to know what I'm talking about. Its something I would guess is normal. Not the content of the thoughts, but ... the motion. I would say it is a bit like ... the mind being a beast with really large claws - and ever tiny motion of your mind is being turned into thoughts. You can be really nervous about a thing, on other terms, ... be sweatily holding on to it, to your courage, ... while your mind is basically like a cauldron of boiling water and those claws continue to desperately fish for your angst.
Or you want to say something but the bubbles in your mind suggest something totally different.
It probably also comes out when trying to write something but having no clue. There's a determination to take the story somewhere that would help you write - but you might also just listen to the fizzle in hopes of finding a straw to grab.

Where it gets dangerous is once a 'violent fizzle' basically becomes a tree. Once the person so is getting obsessed with it. And there are 'things' - I would argue - that have to be given for that to grow.

I can tell that I just planted that seed of violence in 'your' head - but I doubt that it would turn you over into expressing a motivation like that. That because you got a life and what not. I had nothing. I had no real ambitions for the future at that time and so there was nothing to actually suppress those bubbles. If you are like that - you'll know it! That there at least is competition, I guess.
In essence though this fizzling is I think identical to what fizzles we have if we're into a person of our preferred sex for romancing. What to do? What to say? Saying that not every person is the same. Everyone fizzles, but not everyone is therefore a Casanova. Although ... we could say that ... but that doesn't change ... the fact.

What it takes for the violent fizzles to turn into solid ambitions is a reason. Drugs might play a part to that. So, smoking weed and getting paranoid. Or angry. Like - there's a story: So, a man wanted to hang a picture in his living room. He had a nail, but no hammer. So he wondered. He figured: His neighbor had a hammer - and he might ask him if he might borrow it. But then he thought: What if he doesn't want to? And he went on: But ... I'm a responsible person, why would he not? I clean up outside the house and have a good reputation. But what if he doesn't trust me? ... So this went on for a while - until he got up, got to his neighbors door, rang. The neighbor opened up and the dude who wanted a hammer shouted: "Then keep that fucking hammer you douche!".

This - in my opinion - is how killers get born!

Teens. Love. Puberty. Shame.
Bullying. Retaliation.

And maybe all of that just in the persons mind. Until it maybe grows strong enough so the last bit ... carries over.

I eventually got there myself. But by then I was already busy with enough other stuff so it didn't really hit me. So - on that note: Make 'good' Video-games you imbeciles! Its a reason to live! We don't know the minds of those that do those things - it wouldn't shock me though if them being sick of all the things the world has to offer was one ... trigger.

I think that because the mind grows with the person. So, if I 'nowadays' think about the whole Katana thing I feel that my emotionally closest reason shaping a motivation would be a general hatred unto this society. Projecting the bad of this world unto the people that inhabit it and then just being 'done' with this shit and getting it done with.

So ... the best analogy here is I think to weeds. Or vermin. That around the perception on the environment. Saying that a dirty society will breed dirty individuals. While - I would also say that we're good off. It could be worse! It ... I think ... used to be worse. Prior to Video Games. And that gives this whole 'Anti Video Games' agenda a really ... negative shade!

I would argue that there may never have been a generation 'better off' - and yet the world is a shithole - which is why I argue that the wrong people are the gatekeepers! As a ... general conclusion. But its difficult to really think too negatively of our future when thinking about it!

"We are out there! We have each other! Believe!"