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A balance issue

Fundamental/EmpiricalPosted by Nicole Wed, November 21, 2018 19:39:20

Just something to Write about ...

Well. The way I'm feeling ... uh. The 'wayS' - because this is about ~issues~ ... like straight: The one moment everything seems cool, in an upswing ... and it seems like there's nothing left to be bothered about. Then something happens. Like in this example: I do something - and then what I do comes loaded with issues that tell me what the thing I just did may have resolved, ... ~terrible stuff~ ..., where it wouldn't have helped had I known about it. So, this creates this weird situation where I simple put ... happen to be blind. Its a riddle in and of itself, what this means or could mean. To me it seems like I "see everything" - and when what I do seems to sit right, that idea is reinforced. I know that I there don't 'see everything' per se - but I know why I did it and how I have set my mind up; Where in most of all cases - if not all (I suppose its all) - God has a significant hand to it. But so the question: How am I blind? And well - for once its stuck in there, that I don't really do stuff 'knowing' what it solves but just ... that it has to be or does something as it adds up in the bigger picture.

And then this stuff comes rather randomly. I so was thinking about stuff and suddenly I thought of the thing between me and Marie as a ... well. As flawed by misconception. The idea is that on some plane she's moving into a direction, where I found myself coming from the opposite direction while the image framed it so that she would expect me to be by her side moving into the same direction. So, her movement was towards my side and mine towards her. In simplest terms, I guess, the thing is that all of us have our individual 'normality' and a given imbalance therein that lets us 'desire' something that isn't a part of it. I think: The more sexual beings of us - and I don't mean by 'physics' but certainly 'of/in the mind' have a more sexual 'normality' and mostly because their mind "breeds it like that". To us the "world of norms" is prioritizing sexual ideas - which we (learn that we) have to be ashamed about and so we hide it. Its our "dirty little secret", basically.
And so - that is the idea - we 'desire' some bit of normality - some drift away from this sexual"ism". Likewisely that don't happen to be as sexual, or passionate or such, would happen to desire some of that. In a different way than they desire those things thats of their mindedness.
How this translates into the thing between Marie and me is I think a matter of how our emotions align. So, what has above been declared a 'direction', would in the ~taken sense~ also translate into 'intimacy wishes'. So, when two of a kind come together, mingle and merge, moving on as they discover one another - they're on "the same wavelength". Hmmm ...
And this helps them grow 'deeper' towards each other - though or as it also is a 'moving along' with each other. But would our 'targets' really be the opposite end? Well - thats a new question that maybe has to grow a little.

For what this issue has been so far - the thing is that while I looked at it I noticed a distortion. So, there is that issue that "by common tongue" 'all desire Sex' and so the idea that what my kind would have were like paradise. And so I insert the term 'Work-Splice' to name something I get to write about later. But in essence its - in here - synonymous for the philosophy of work whereby what we earn is what we deserve by physical measures. So, the idea that the rich are rich because they deserved it, and everyone who isn't just hasn't earned it.

This now 'interferes' with this "directional splice" in form of a Pyramid. While there is a gradient, which: To reemphasize it: Is of our conscious normality (our "spiritual places" where at some point also clarity comes to factor in), this Pyramid has it that a point that accumulates closer to my "zero point" (of the normality) than the center - however carrying that as its top. So, the more we earned, the better the places we can "habitate" within - and when so rich that you don't have to work anymore ... well ... habitation is either just "nothing" or ... "Orgy" stuff. Right? We can all relate to that ... . Without any means to it - there is no way such a thing could even be organized. Means are not only money - but its the foundation on which it all rolls. I can know how all the way I want - and want all the way I ~would~, no money no ... something.

So, here we can already see an issue with the work-splice. You can assume that people that don't have also ~wouldn't~ - and so the question turns into a "what 'should' we, then?".

Anyhow, I then tried to "move the goalpost". What I conceived as a dislocated center (the pyramids top, a point on the line) - I simply moved to the center - on the line; And stuff happened. Like, people would start to realize that "always Sex" isn't really as happy as they might think. On that line we all feel our place somewhere - which is our place because we're fine with it. But this pyramid ... makes our perception of it all problematic. Because, if you're fine with being just a worker ... "a Drone" ... what is it that you 'deserve'?
Further, while we all so "main" our place - there's more to us than just one thing. Like so - some would expand more into sexuality than others. And things. Things we usually can't do because our social economy is shit! So we have to be alright with what is offered. And that generally narrows down in "what "they" say a drone has to be sufficient with" - which happens to be that narrow margin they can control, wherein we better stay so they can count those out that "don't behave properly (a.k.a. Risk Factors)".

Dun-dun-duuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn ...