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General StuffPosted by Nicole Thu, August 16, 2018 18:45:25

[stuff ... Feminism, Synagogue of Satan, Southpark, Testimony, ... uh ... nonsense]

I have this to say: In regards to the "who is who"s of our time - there's, in the end, only one thing I cared to really know of someone that I couldn't really know in any other but asking God. That is, whether he or she or "it" is "an Antichristian"; Or, sotospeak, "part of the Synagogue of Satan" - as so in the sense of the revelation and not in the sense of "Holy Satanism" of course.

I then wondered - of a particular person at first - how could I tell? And the ordinary way of the Testimony of which I'm sure I'll have to write about more conclusively at some point in the future turned out to do the trick. And accordingly - I came to understand that most black (afro american) people just and simply ain't. Which on the other end needs me to say that if someone ain't part of them, that surely doesn't mean that its a good person. Or "unflawed" or any of that. But so - we can think of the state at which I "left" Sinbad the Sailor up to this point - or so, more specifically, the scene where Jamal proposes an alliance between them three as they all needed one another. The more I get to think about it, the more evident it becomes that this point exists. So, lets for instance suppose that we all became Antichristians. Well, whether you do believe that this could work out to a good ending or not is beside the point; But we can yet assume that it could - and at that instance see the "same ending" no matter the means of getting there.
I've seen a lot of Antichristians - today so, after ... starting to expand on this aforementioned instance. Sometimes they come in groups and while I was about to give a 2 out of 10 approximation I felt getting corrected to a 3 out of 10. They are there and in the end it would seem to be a lot - and I've seen that well, it is in-deed possible to develop a feeling for this stuff; But not at all to find ways to objectively differentiate. My first best "objective" idea was to say that they try to fit in while eventually maintaining something such as an individual style. But any person with the same goal would eventually end up the same way. Fashion is like that. Then I would think of the "symptom of YOLO" - (YOLO: You Only Live Once) - whether that be the "action" or "couch" type. People that try to live their life to the fullest; However. But then, any other person could end up the same way. If there was some unique culture at first, there would be others that adopt it. Thats just the way of life. So the next step is to think of the production of those individualistic things. And we might have a strong point suggesting that they constantly try to promote "their stuff" - but anyone with an opinion and ... bad taste ... (we all have been kids - you know how it is) ... could be the same. And fitting in sometimes requires them to "side with the enemy".

Actually I however didn't mean to write about this. I had something of a breakthrough experience regarding my mental health condition. Progress out of Depression. But I feel like this isn't the best time to do this. Its almost like what I ended up writing instead fits the time better than that.

So, CIA and NSA goes to them; FBI goes to us. It seems. I also have apparently been on the right track with my skepticism regarding a certain Love Interest; But also regarding those I've "fixed" on my "List". YouTube, though I haven't checked a lot but on the surface so far it seems to be a nasty battleground. So, Thunderf00t as the lonesome warrior guy ... that fits the bill for our side it seems. TB however wasn't one of them.

It still seems that popular opinions rule - that its the good one - and that morons drag the "statistics" down.

So I also had on mind to write something about/against Feminism. And this I take from my experiences with my depression. The "magic cue" starts with a common misconception. I would say it is. Although - several movies get it right. I mean, the idea of suppressing trauma as a bad thing. Yet so there is that conflict - which takes us to the misconception. The idea with 'healing' a depression, or one of them, is to convert negative into positive thoughts. That however isn't good - and thats the point - when this conversion happens by a lie. So, I wondered: My dad is an asshole - how can I convert that into something positive? The answer was then facepalm worthily obvious: I can get along without him.

I've had that breakthrough that ... this pitch black darkness which I thought I couldn't pierce through - got pierced through. I was waiting for something to happen that would make things better, ... and maybe thus I had that dream where I was flying through a tunnel of light; Like a wormhole - and a lot of people were there with me. They managed to get along quite well - and I, ... the more I tried to get forward, the further I fell behind. That has another possible interpretation as well though. That I was trying to do too much at once. And each of those things - after I so committed to it, became more and more complex so that I could actually accomplish less and less effectively and thus all the things eventually ended up in ruins. On the flipside however did I yet also do many things right. At least so in regards to myself - so, that all I needed was a little help. After I took Neuroleptics, well, it only took a few days for me to somehow stabilize on it and my "years of training" could do the rest. Which is why my "how I cured my depression" story would end up to be ... pivotal and short. In a way that lets me say - also considering the "reports" of others in our depression group - that we all move in different circles. So, one would have a depression, do the thing to get out - but in the end would still arrive in loneliness. For instance. Moving in circles without a clear way out. For me its simple. Finding myself is one piece to it - going the way another one, but learning to live - do the chores - ... more or less ... well, there's positivity coming up. I see it as ... being too busy to get depressed.

Now, this resonates with Feminism in the sense that Feminism - in its modern state - basically moves on without that Level of insight. Its ... a delicate thing to say and I'm sure not without justified opposition. In simplest terms does it stand as often told already. In my words: Ignoring the root of a problem doesn't fix it. Although in certain instances it does. So there is the issue with my past which causes a lot of depression. Being unaware of it - was part of my state of depression. Getting through the flashbacks and "seeing your enemy" was a next step. But what I can't change I can't change - and looking forward is still the best way to go. So is this not a straight line. There is a line I moved on until I stepped out of it. Then came some phases of readjustments, but yet the way is still that of moving forward. Which sometimes also implies moving back.

Moving forward here shouldn't be associated to achievements - although we, I guess, should still call it progress. Progress however comes on its own and depending on our mood that ... goes both ways. Once your stuck in a dead end - trying to move on just doesn't solve your issue!

How to best formulate it? Many ... "Militant Activists" ... (all?) ... tend to forget that you can't build well on a shaky foundation. It might be 'all' when we go to consider that those MAs are only "crowd catchers/control" - only part of the puzzle, never the real solution. Revealing Trump as a deliberate clown ... maybe. Albeit a dangerous one.

The issue I'm having is about the "positive, progressive Propaganda". Without being regressive and exclusive. The problem I'm sensing is maybe best compared to the issue with bad friends. So, bottom line: Their ways of making you feel good isn't a problem if you can safeguard yourself against potential disappointments.

"Joseph Smith was called a Prophet - dum dum dum dum dum ..." (Southpark Seas 7 - Episode 12)

Uh ... I just didn't know what else to write and that song got stuck in my head.

And yea - well, it just so happens to be with comedy that some times things are just a little ... over the edge. I think of the "Honest Movie Trailer" to the Matrix where they point out Neos ... monotone facial expression. Now, we could argue back and forth whether or not thats a good thing - but in the end its a note one can take with humor and thus tries to implement it into a joke. And when making jokes is ones profession - that would so tend to happen ... "sooner or later". And so - necessarily - with a comedy show such as Southpark ... well. Think about the viewer. The viewer goes to watch the show expecting to get a good laugh out of it. So in essence is it ... "business with shady background practices" - and in consequence one so expects to be laughing, but at the cost of it must also - in essence - be able to laugh about the own self. Getting too critical about "proper representation" simply ... goes perpendicular to that and is "harassment of comedy" in general.

I so love(d?) the episode where Randy holds his balls to the microwave so he can get testicle cancer to then get medical Marijuana. (Season 14 - Episode 3)

And its surprising how well - even if unintended - the "the Book of Mormon" musical by the Southpark creators ... nails it and "gets the spirit" ... in a way.

It may appear as "un-christian" because its all full of offense against ... everyone ... and it has "Jesus" in it, which is one of the things the Bible warns us of. "If they say the Christ is [here or there], don't listen to them". But we all know what that means and can tell that Southpark doesn't really mean it that way. We could also think that "Life of Brian" is a bad movie because it makes fun of "the Lord" - but no. It just tells some story of some dude named Brian. Yea, full of offense it might be - but the humor in it draws from the fact that our world is as fucked up as it is. Hard to say how Southpark might work in a perfect world. Is it a dilemma?

Maybe as a ... one of those ... "back in the days" movies.

However. Whatever. Sometimes I just talk shit - and I can't stop myself from it. Maybe there's a deeper meaning to it - or I hope so - but yea. Obviously this isn't really going anywhere. Anymore. So then ... peace and "goodbye".