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Ark : Survival Update

General StuffPosted by Nicole Fri, December 22, 2017 06:46:29
[The Sinfall, Good and Evil, MMORPGs, Gaming, The Dark Troll, personal argument with the Antichrist, enslavement/freedom, rules, predators]

So, for the time being - it seems - I'm lost in Ark. And something very dark I sense in there. And well - the previous post, ... its me being neutral again. In case you wonder: Thats how I ordinarily think and why I'm generally a calm and passive person. Within it I try to understand the world as it is - wondering why it is as it is. In different ways. I don't really have control about that. Who has it?

Why is it that God chose to give power to evil? Oh - damn. Well - hit me sideways! Thats "it" right there. He 'gave' power to evil - as it is within the story of Eden. Evil came forth - where the one side looks at it as 'evil came after the fall' and some say that evil already had power through the snake. But, did the snake lie when it told Eve that she would not surely die? It is in the Gospel that God came to redeem us from our Sins - sotospeak - and one part of it is Eternal Life. Well, Eve did surely die however, ... but ..., ... in the grand scheme of things she might of course still be living - or getting a chance for that redemption.

I wanted to look at it saying that evil was given power 'after' the Fall. Though it previously already had something. Something inevitable. The power of 'suggestion'. If I planted a tree and told you that this tree would grant you the knowledge of grtxr and fortmant - but that you shall not eat of it ... what would happen?
Its the same old thing. If God had not planted the tree, all would be dandy. But with good, comes evil. If you think you can explain good without its counterpart you're getting something terribly wrong. We might call it ... preproductive thought. Anticipative Calculus Error. You try to simulate something in your head where you foresee two general grand outcomes - for instance - as hereby keeping an outcome internalized to yourself. So - if you're rebelling against the simple truth of this you'd want to only see how it is mistaken - so you'll try to relate to the other side maybe, but not to any extent of letting go of yours. And why should you?
Well - that is one problem. But certain things are strictly not a matter of opinion. History for instance. "Maybe" you can say with the argument of "History got written by the winner, therefore it is subjective" - but we can get one further and say: "Good, so we'll just ignore the written history and go by the Archaeological one!"

Then people come with their scriptures telling them that it is wrong to look at Archaeology, coming up with weird stories of how and why ..., ... well - lets invent the Bible of Kekistan then. And then lets go out and preach the Bible of Kek Kakian, the grand prophet of the Kekistanian Holy Army Church Army - who came to us ... only visible to a few ... and delivered this grand Scripture to us, which, as an added bonus, only the few select worthy ones are allowed to hear or see any content of.

Maybe thats whats so wrong within this world, why ... so many people, in my opinion, miss the point. Mark Hamill vs. Ajit Pai and Ted Cruz for instance. Well - to me such talk is usually welcome prey. You almost had him there, but yea - its a tough one. Whats tough about it that the joints are only seemingly connected. Its a clear fassade but getting at them pesky links is sortof out of reach to ordinary folks and can't competently countered in just a few words. Mayhap that is why I write such lengthy articles and never really get directly and straight to the point.
Things change - with each word I'm typing, they might already adapt. So - there is a certain aspect of ... chess to it. And that is why "these things" have to be. Else I'd ... have no way to share whats going on inside me; And the pressure would be too much to take.

One part of this fight so far has quite often been that once I got to criticize thingies that were just there, ... static, ... not changeable, ... I feel something like someone taking notes ... and to go forward and see about what can be changed about it. And maybe it helps to here think of "the General". So - the "evil Mastermind" maybe, but someone who's in charge of his army, plotting and strategizing.

Sometimes changes seem to be impossible and we get to those "Controversies" - where the real 'threat' is in that they, so it generally ends up "happening" as "I see it in my mind", 'tear' 'opinion' into their clutches. They try to determine the terms, what they mean - and by pulling you onto their foundation you have to understand that you are no longer navigating in "common sense area" - plus you have to realize that in the public ring its more about what people think of you than the fight itself.

The thing that Ted Cruz replied to Mark, so I just noticed, is pretty much true to a 'vein' within "their network" - the stance of criticism towards the "so called good guys".

And why would the General not do the things he does? Well - maybe if he's "incompetent" - to that degree. Incompetence there only to the perspective of the other, basically, in the sense that he has his idea of what a General must do ... and every other guy that fails these guidelines is effectively deemed 'incompetent' ... naturally.

So it is effectively intrinsic to his strategy, by the way, the 'they' are the ones to determine ... "who is in or not". Basically saying. So, that you don't have to be like them to become their friends - basically. They either crawl up on you or you're safe! So the real trick is to actually avoid them.
But then they want to know if they can trust you - and however they manage that - there is certainly some justification as to why its good that way. If you point things out that are bad about it, they adjust ... and by that they mean to keep being right. But the problem there is that it has been flawed to begin with. And thats where they want 'us' to prove, basically, that ours (way) is not. SO, if you then only keep seeing flaws in what we do - try to wonder on which foundation those flaws exist. I mean, your concept of them.

So, grtxr and fortmant. If you explain 'good' without evil - you tell the person about things that are 'good to do'. Like, in a Video Game such as Ark - telling a person what to do and when to do it. Its like programming a pet. It doesn't understand why it does what it does, it just thinks it is good. Oblivious to the fact that there is a shadow-side to it. That 'good' - is here something that is still basically neutral, inherently plays into what we would need to describe as an animals inherent lack of morale. That you can basically teach it to be good or evil - not by teaching it the concepts of morality but by drilling it to do some specific things.
You reward it when it does "right" ... a.k.a. 'good' ... and it will respond to that by internalizing what it can about it.

If you then go and add the 'no' - a 'why' - you open the doors to ... ... well, what? Want to see it? Don't want to see it? Well - let it be simple ... and say: OK, 'why not' steal? And welcome to the "Survival Multiplayer Game Meta" of inventory management. Shared storage vs private storage. What is and what isn't allowed? Oh, and sometimes there is something called 'escalation'.

Should it be private? Should it be public? Such ... arguments?

Well - the thing is that to teach someone why 'not' to do a thing, you kindof have to teach that someone 'how it is' to be betrayed, for instance. Those things. And in some corner of my mind I'm dealing with an evil Troll that somehow establishes itself in a position of influence and whenever I get lucky it is taken for some "you didn't honestly deserve that" reason and if I do something bad it is constantly rubbed into my face tenfold.

I can't blame anyone. Its ... today I logged into ark. I had a plan for what to do. I took my Fly-ro-saur - and then noticed one of those Bird thingies right next to our base. I tried to get closer to see its Level, but before I could see it that thing was after me. I so flew away, took a curve back into the base - ... but I still felt threatened. All of a sudden 'woosh' - that thing came from behind. It was a Level 140 beast, ... and then there it was. We still haven't established 'beds' ... which might be my fault because I've read somewhere in game that the respawn only works once. Everyone had forgotten it - and nobody further bothered to think about Beds. Maybe. I did - but all throughout the day I didn't get around doing it. So - run back to base - and the thing was standing there, ... hitting a gate ... . I wondered why none of the Dinos attacked it though. I panicked - ran towards my Stego to set it to 'attack my target', but it I got killed before I could do something. On my way back almost all of our Dinosaurs died. So, all plans canceled and back to taming Dinosaurs.

"Why oh why". And what next?

I can only blame myself. I went in - did what I had to do but I didn't understand why I had to do it. It wasn't in my mindset. And that is as I understand it because I wasn't ready to get in yet. My mind has been ... well ... lets talk about immersion:

Playing a game like Farmville, you can get in easily - doing some stuff, planting things here and there, and go back out. Its "the casual experience". Yet even in a game as simple as Farmville there are pitfalls. Microtransactions for once. But has it ever happened to you that you put something somewhere that you later didn't like anymore. But for some reason you've meant it to be extra nice?

That is part of what I hereby come to contextualize as "the Shift". So - it gets clearer within Ark because Ark is much deeper of a game in that regard. You can get in and out - just like that - but if you're getting into the game you must consider that you're in ... well ... Ark : Survival Evolved. (We're playing on an official EU server. (665)).

So you're not spawning into a neutral and friendly sandbox environment. Thus part of the game is to get yourself into that mindset. So - what I 'should have done' ... in hindsight ... is to first stack up on ammo, then check my armor, then take a look at the resources - and then just play on. And then you're 'supposed to be immersed'. The plan for "now" may be as simple as 'build your Base' - yet within that you have to keep all sorts of things in mind. Maybe first take a close look at it with the Flyrosaur. Which is what I had on mind. So I didn't do any wrong per-se, ... I just got in ... from a bad angle.

And there I wouldn't recommend that you go in without a plan, or the passion to stay alive or do something. So - I should learn that too.

Then the thing is that a lot of time goes into those Dinosaurs. If you take a low-level one, ... it'll stay low for some while. If you take a large one ... it can take several hours to tame it. And there is one reason to hate Micro-transactions: If you are dropped into a harsh environment it is just ... "bad manner" to pimp everything up with real cash and brag around with it.

The thing is that with premium items it is so that ... whenever there is a 'premium thing' you know that you won't ever get that through anything you accomplish in-game. While with Skins its even worse because they're just a theme dependent on some artist choices ... rather than you actually putting time and effort into building a Character.

And so it goes: "Look what I have achieved through in-game accomplishment" [shows off "shoddy "standard gear" in some random arrangement". THe other one goes: "Look at what I have achieved through spending money" [shows off a fire unicorn Pegasus and a laser sword with firework effect].

And usually those "premium things" go towards Death Skulls Fire Zombie Infestation Hell ... saying that the highest thing you can achieve is being a giant douchebag ... probably.

And maybe thats what actually started to corrupt and lead to the gradual fall of World of Warcraft.

That W.o.W. eventually - just due to what is available in game - shifted into a "Look what I got IRL" type of thing. Whis might be inevitable due to the fact that it is a 'social' and 'consuming' game.

I have a deep and 'urging' passion for Video Games. ANd what can I say, basically, about a game that I just started to play? Or didn't even play? I mean - if I say: "I like gaming" - do I then say that I do like everything the games industry does? Well - 'no'. And to which degree? Its been so hard to tell because ... its an independent thing. If only shitty games come out, what can I do? I might as well try it. "Lets see (and find out whats the hype about it)". Thats a social thing to do.

But by now I feel like I have ingested too much vomit for me to keep it to myself. I got to get out or else I'll eventually end up hurting someone, or something.

I can see it coming: I get me a Dino, get attached to it (and oh my, are there ways to that!), ... and then its getting killed off in some mysterious way. Like my first three. I had three Parasaurs. She Ra, Xena and Vala. I almost had a bird thingie but we didn't know how to force feed them narcotics. We thought that just having them in there would do the trick. If we had known, I'd have started with a Stego and one of those Bird thingies. But I so had three Paras and they were just perfect wandering around picking up resources. But then all of a sudden 'woosh' ... Alpha Raptor. And why is that in the game? These things seem to be specifically designed to just piss you off. You can't stun them, nor do they seem to fall if you fire those sling-traps at them. We've moved to the wrong place it seems.

But anyhow. I might have won if I had better control upon my Dinos. Or if I had known more about the nuances of how this thing works. Well - you learn as you go.

But attachment. There's this thing ... going on in my mind ... where something is trying to sneak into my suggestive comprehension of the 'thing' that is the Dinosaur IRL. Well, its a virtual thing. It has a Unit ID - in the System - is a virtual object - and in a way of getting immersed you somehow establish an emotional bond. Like, ... you give it a name. So, how to do that? After those three Paras died I was inwardly enraged because of that Troll. It seemed like I should have seen it coming. And all my inner sensors were registering it as an attachment problem. So the emotional eruptions within me had me ... spitefully disappointed so I was cynically planning to name all my future Dinosaurs things like Douchebag, Speedturd or whatever. Something entirely ... non-binding. But as I then got around the first Dino after that crisis ... (I suicide ran another Para I tamed in between - into a forest to fetch my backpack) ... a female, low level Triceratops, ... I couldn't help it but name her Xera. Because of that movie ... The Land before Time. Right around the corner was a high Level Stego. And Spike got achieved. Level 165. And the two rocked. Xera, with Level 24 ish, fended off some 54 Raptor. Spike was really good at fending off those pesky Ichtyosaurs.

And accidentally I had also found a really low Level, green, male Parasaur. Yay Ducky!

Ducky Survived the mess, ... earlier, ... but as I tried to capture another Triceratops he sortof punished him into a corner and the Trice wouldn't respond to me firing at him. Poor Ducky. Well - and the fate of that Trice? Well - he died on Raptor Island.

Sometimes I just "latch out". I shut down and do stupid things I don't know why I'm doing them. Like, with my 104 Dolophosaur and another 33 Triceratops ... I just went off to attack a large Dinosaur at night while I knew down at that beach there could be some Crocodile and stuff. And it was too much. But how lucky am I? A 124 Raptor just at our base. Once I had it ... I also already hat yet another Stego laying there. Good thing. I left him standing there ... as a Birdthing was around again. I put it on hold. I tried to get at the Birdthing, hiding in the forests. He got me. I returned to the Stego - and the Raptor was dead. "How unfortunate".

But anyhow. With attachment it then goes like ... or immersion ... do I want to kill those Dinos out there? Do I have a reason to? And whats with my Dinos? Do they have a Character? Well, they don't - but in the immersion you don't mind pretending. Its like with Dolls. They don't really have a Character either - but somehow it comes together in your mind anyhow. And so there is that 'voice' thats urging in, trying to "imprint" a Character onto my conception of my Dino. I really 'witnessed' it as I had a clear "dedication" to my Dino - which was straightforward. To just treat it as an extension of me. So - to make it my 'main'. Its been a Low Level Dino - and so I could still shape it to really suit my needs. Which is why getting a Low Dino would be done. Some stronger ones come as part of the pack for protection. SO and so. Thats the idea. Having some fun, ... . There would be a Godly joke. Putting us into a world like that ... IRL.

And so the Dino shouldn't complain about carrying too much. But once Spike got ready, he took the mainload anyway. Well ... feels like Years have passed by. Filled with just too many losses.

Anyway. It feels like I couldn't do anything right. "Sorry that I had fun there for a brief moment!".

Where was I?

That Troll.

And it also got to me in Destiny 2. That feeling I couldn't get rid off - that something in the background is tinkering with the Drops. Like, it isn't truly random, what you get, but somehow ... orchestrated or maybe even ... manually decided. I mean, its an issue. Technically it is possible ... so, "Dev Cheats" basically. So - getting into Destiny 2 I didn't feel like playing a game anymore I could just enjoy. And what I "hear" are background noises that want to test my behavior. Well - "whatever!"? Well - maybe. But finally that isn't why I like gaming. Neither do I like games for them to being tinkered with to test my patience or whatever.

"Sorry" for having enjoyed Dark Souls. Its "so contradicting".

[Yea, whatever! FUCK U BITCH!]

That Troll is more than just a dark shady figure. It takes shape within all those "premium items". And thus an image is drawing itself. Some person who wants to personify as 'the Badass' ... and to be that Badass he needs the Devs to cheat in ways for him to cheat himself into that position. "Well Done! Now we respect you as a true Gamer!"

"You are truly amazing and 'miraculous'!" (not!)/cynical.

So you want to play "with us"? Then why not play the game 'we play' instead of trying to bend the rules to your liking? And argue against us if we ever had the audacity to play by those rules without your approval! Because ... "you know" ... they're only there to suit you; And nobody else. Except those "lucky people" that are getting their share of the loot. And what you deserved isn't only what you need, its that plus what you think you need and plus what you might want ... isn't it?
And I don't have that right because it'd undermine your argumentation! ??? Or am I wrong?

Its that kind of thing that gets you reluctant to use software with licenses attached to it. Uh, ... because ... sometimes those licenses make you feel like that the things you create with those products aren't really yours. "Because if we didn't give you those tools you couldn't have done any of it!". Which is the same thing that Atheists say about Science and the gadgets it produced. Just ... the issues stand on different sockets. Right? I mean - the one thing is inherently clear: No science no gadgets! How dare God make it so that being curious about reality might actually yield some benefits!? It must be a ginormous conspiracy against you!!! [cynical]. And we got to then feel the wrath of it. Its assimilated and turned into a gateway for evil. Based on the "same argumentation".

An argument we can't win? No! An argument that isn't even an argument! If you fail to see the disparity in that situation you're ... just ... blinded, twisted, unwilling to see it - whatever. Its your problem. Oh ... wait. I forgot whom I'm dealing with! Its [big cynical/sarcastic tone-fall] 'our/my' problem! Because, what isn't?!

Yea, blame me for having to take a shit. Its obviously all in Gods control and His will and therefore ... [sigh] ... whatever dude! (If the only option you provide is for 'us' to ram you unsharpened into the ground ... this must seem to you like you succeeded, ... we "give up" ... to continue that argument. ...)

Silly fucking person! ALL CAPS!

Anyhow. To me there isn't much fun in gaming anymore. Which is, as I see it, due to the fact that I have only played a few games I actually wanted to play. I mean - games I was looking forward to play. But so is the thing with Dark Souls 3. Had it not been recommended to me ... I wouldn't have gotten the pleasure. But yea, whatever.
But if I'm now spending more time in games that 'piss me off' instead of playing those I genuinely want to enjoy ... but yea, which way now?

Is there magic? Is there a thing like "the right and wrong games to play"? I can see why I wouldn't have wanted to play Ark. Because of the feelings I got wrapping up how I'd feel playing it. In terms of Dark Souls there first was prejudice, ... then the feeling of being wrong, ... and then someone to guide me into it and then having fun.


The point is ... 'life is life/strange'.

And you might notice that whatever I had to say about Art is going down that route. You can't control what artists do, you have to take things as they're coming. At least - in this perfect little fantasy world. Its something simple - but even that doesn't happen in this world anymore because ... "you 'can' control it". "Thanks for pointing 'that' out "Sherlock"".

Why do you have to bend to our rules and we won't to yours?

Think about it this way: The "us" part inherently implies some established consensus between many. You are only 'one'. We've had it before!

What I wanted to "show you" in the previous post would come down to 'preferred playstyles' in terms of an MMO - as in terms of what 'the point of it is'. Is it the point to get to Max Level and have all the gear? Maybe thats one reason why MMOs need to either come up with something or are destined to fail.
In Ark for instance I could just choose to ignore all the Strong Dinos ... and that may very well be possible. Just playing "around" them, basically. I'm too green ... though what I see as 'endgame' ... would be to "have" all th end-game stuff. Like - a whole bunch of T-Rexes hoarded in a base. But what if I just enjoy the building and survival aspect of it. Its 'Survival' Evolved, right? Not "Predator Evolved".
And as a 'gamer' who takes some certain pride in in-game accomplishments I look, ... with a bit of grief, ... at the notion of "pushing" or "pulling" or whatever. Or the idea of 'the smart build-order'. Like, "push strength" ... and so you'll easily get through A. But in a 'cool' setting you'd be bad at B ... but we can't have that, not too much at least, right?!

I mean, on that basis I might as well let someone else play the games I want to play and do something else instead.

And so, "how to keep people interested/invested in your game?". Don't turn it into something completely different under their noses!

If the game mechanics we enjoyed aren't there anymore, or just in some watered-down cheap-ass version ... why the hell should we be playing it? Because of a lack of alternatives? Well - what isn't there can be created, ... right? Oh, the word 'slavery' comes to mind. (enslavement)

And what would you do, or 'could' you do - other than having a stupid look on your face when the Doomhammer hits you?!

Bowing to the superior one? Ha! Laughter radiates from my essence! Sure, but that superior one is certainly above 'everything' - who handed me over into defeat? Well - ... what is and what isn't 'being defeated'? As we've had it before, ... its all 'in your head!'!!! Enslavement: Being taken control over against your will.



Anyhow. On the other side of whats going on in me: Why or how am 'I' a 'Fairy'? Legitimately? Should I feel embarrassed? Possibly! Should I 'be' embarrassed? Nope!

THis is one of the many side-issues I'm having. I get to say and claim stuff that isn't substantially founded in this world. Like 'being Redheaded'. Or being a Fairy. Blond as a Fairy? Well, there is the Blond in me - and connecting to it makes me feel the Fairy in me. But when applying that I'm 'actually' redheaded, you get a redheaded fairy.

And using that as an Avatar to my behavior/character should give you the best picture of me being me.

The way I get to these words is obviously by the Light. Through God. Thats the whole issue with this Clarity thing. So ... yea. Well - wherever this might lead you, ... I'd like to close this with a little Fairy saying that came to my mind: "Wenn das Köpfchen sagt Nein, dann haste kein Schwein! - which means: "When the head says no, you're out of luck". And my head is right now saying no to in about everything.