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A last word on (not) "the Last Jedi"

General StuffPosted by Nicole Fri, May 11, 2018 20:42:58
Well, more so in general. Upon pondering about why I am in such propositional liking of certain movies, that in a way of cognitive exchange with my environment to the point of defending their quality. It ... is strange now that I would say "it is clear" that there is 'the Synagogue of Satan' - as - when I did so previously its uncertainty gave me strength. Now I am weak to point out or see the obvious.

The issue now stands out to me as basically a question unto myself and others. It is obscure though. What is it? Why is it? We can start with the mere principle of a movie to the extrapolations of real life examples - but now what I see is different. It is obvious and hidden in plain sight. And I believe it is a very strong point on its own. I believe an awful lot of people, no matter how they are adjusted to the topic, will "agree" upon it, for as much as there is to be agreed upon.

There is a clear and simple purpose that a movie is to fulfill. When regarding it from a certain perspective however. That of 'the creator' ... or 'a creator'. 'The creator' -of the movie-. Or 'creatorS'. The writer, most specifically - unless the writer is merely a mirror to someone else. It may appear to be a 'big secret' of how "the craft" works - though actually I believe every creator does so intuitively anyway. It is 'the art of projection'. And by that merit I would further 'call' every movie 'good by default'. That so as a non-judgmental thing, giving space to creator to express itself.

This is also how one can see the art is something that is abstract. Like ... David Lynch movies. It might seem 'high nosed'. Matter of fact, my friend and another friend at the time once got into a really heavy argument about some really bad Hip Hop track. I must say that it is really bad - but it also was good. And that was our point. The other guy was really upset about it. He though really thought it was bad while we said it was good. He meant that we only pretend - for the lack of a simpler word - looking for art wherein there is none. And yea - kindof, thats actually what it is. You give the artist the freedom to express. If 'he' so chooses to make 'bad' Hip Hop - then thats ... a statement. But now he has to make it good in a way. That is in a sense the application of an challenge. One that in a sense is as any obstacle in the real world. Some people have this thing, as the movie ... whats is name, the one with Jack Nicholsen where he ... walks on or avoids the lines in the tiles. Some people have what is called superstition. And yea, if he so happens to pull the stunt, one must be able to say it. To all it.

Of course - such isn't really 'mainstream compatible'. I mean, at this point at least we like as much harmony and as little dissonance as possible. I think the relationship between the Trump administration and Comedy, or even between the Last Jedi and and Comedy. Worse case scenario - it was intended that way and we shouldn't be distracted by it. "Best" case scenario, ... . ...

The 'secret' word is 'projection'. The author 'projects' a reality into our minds - and the best ones are those that spawn further visions of our own. Be they related to the fantasy of the film or real-life inspirations; Or just flashy visions without a point. And I believe it is Gods right to project Himself through us as we are His creations. Whatever freedom He gives us, comes of His benevolence. For what is in His might, He never had to really suffer any of us.

Well, not beyond a certain point at least.

"The Dawning of Might"

What did He do with it? I guess it is in minds out there, ... that He might be a cynical bastard just out to torture us. "I guess we'll see" - in, whether I'll get out of this unharmed ... or not! Its a simple thing. Maybe I deserved a lot of bad things, maybe I didn't. Maybe it isn't fair to hold me accountable - and probably that would translate onto any of us who are deserving of His forgiveness.

What bads have happened. Who got hurt how? Hard to say? I know that a lot of my lifetime would seem like real luck - being always 'up there' - whenever I'm there, there's a footprint. Or maybe not? But I know one thing. I don't really envy those that can live a carefree life either!

I mean, I ~do~, in a very vague sense. I can see the delight - but ultimately, ... I don't want to change who I am. I could be forced to - in so many ways - abiding to 'sober rules of normality' - but I have my own delights elsewhere. Do I want peace like this or peace like that? Strong bat further apart, or steady but slim? We all get used to things. I guess thats the best common line between those that live in wealth and those that do not. The key element: The toilet. We all have to get there - and even the fanciest of toilets does eventually just turn out to be just that.

But sure - there certainly also is a ... slope of sorts. In this world. That is 'misfortune' - things where one needs money to compensate. Like a fine. Especially aggravating for something stupid. Like public transportation not being free. Or downloading a movie. Especially if its one I've payed for seeing; Or one of relevance yet dubious morale.

Those that have will gain, and those that have little will loose all they have.

Projection is so intrinsically tied to all the things we do, that our motives become visible through our actions. But sometimes we also get it wrong. Or right. In movies, our objective opinion - and thats the bit I'm "proud" about - is "stickied" to different planes of "judgmentality". So, one might look at a movie and look at the film-making aspects. Is the 'hand-craft' good? Others look for their individual highs, others for some kind of entertaining ... projection.

Loot Boxes. They are a problem. But for all exchange of money there is the argument that it works. More money for those that make all those things is always a good thing, isn't it? Well, ... maybe not. Gaming has changed. So the argument. "Single player is dead". And eventually it has been destinguished that there's a casual and a non-casual line of gamers/gaming. Call of Duty - casual. World of Warcraft - not so much. Well, casual is maybe not the right word. "Mainstream". Or ... '"cool kid gaming"' - 'easy mode'. Just hop in front of the screen and play something. This is where "Live Gaming" is at.

Counterstrike is beyond 'easy mode' since there is a certain layer of complexity that one first has to get used to. Lets call it 'underground gaming'. Comparing the two, we can call them both 'mainstream' - and Live Services. But it is in itself more of a hobby since the entry Level 'makes it so'. Everyone playing is 'beyond' that entry level, the 'norm' is already complex and specific. So, we're 'towards' 'professional' gaming.

Survival games are again different. They meet these criteria of 'professional' gaming - but in their progression they exist in their own bubble of 'Adventures'. Exploring. This we can include within what I would call 'general gaming' or "tabletop gaming". Here is the default place for all games ... we might say 'offline' games, just to be sure.

Things you would install on your computer - Civilization 2 maybe - just to play, ... building stuff. "Recreational data production and manipulation".

Loot Boxes are like 'begging for money'. Its a bag one might drop a few coins into - and that goes back into the wealth of the whole. Now, what is wrong with EA though? Or why does it hurt when it goes against Blizzard? "EA said" they made a mistake. And a pretty grave one it is. I had some words on mind, but now just thinking of it - the thought won't move ... but ... its dark and bulky, a huge dark stack of money, ... and I think I have to address it before I can write what I wanted to.
From the perspective of a Jim Sterling the issue is that 'such things' should not be in any game, ever, period.
Now I can forgive Blizzard - but generally I yet also find grounds against it. I don't like others showing the hot stuff they got for money, though that in itself is a culture ... lets call it ... schoolyard culture. So do I buy me my Street Fighter thingies. Others basically pay soccer stickers. Or such. The same we can transfer upon Collectible Card games and ... Battlefront 2?
Shadow of War?
We can see the abilities in Battlefront 2 as a deck of abilities represented by Cards. So it is a 'collectible card game'. Isn't it? Minutia? Trivialities? But what about Shadow of War? Isn't it just like a tabletop Orc collection?


Fact of the matter though is that EA so wants money for something that has classically and otherwise still is considered 'part of the package'. Is that good, or is it bad? Well. Shadow of War ... thats just a silly excuse and the beginning of the 'uprise' of what people have been concerned about for quite some time. It would set a precedent in what could be done and others would have to follow suit to keep up and that would change the face of gaming. "Tabletop Gaming" would starve out eventually. And professional gaming? Well, Stracraft 2 is deeper - and in my mind more interesting than LOL and DOTA combined - these two even emerge from the mother of Starcraft 2. Lets call it that. Yet they "steal away" the spotlight in their simplicity.

So - there's that slope. And at some point it punishes you for being the better "person". The one who's willing to put more sugar into their food wins the price.

To some, 'Live gaming' is the 'new' Tabletop gaming and one 'should' be taxed for it.

But suppose we didn't need any money to explore all these options - adding some fake currency to satisfy the basic needs of gambling within an economy - what would we do? What would be done 'just to make money' - and what would be done 'for the sake of gaming'? Well - this again is skewed in comparison. In this scenario the consumer 'has' a given budget - by mere virtue of being a gamer. 'Fake currency'. Some maybe earned through in-game achievements, others as part of the package. [The best way to end an out-of-control inflation: burn all the money]

Economy. ... What is it? Well ... a monopoly that relies on income is pretty screwed when it is brittle within. See, it will need an income to sustain itself - and where that is to pay people, that money in turn translates into various goods. Food for instance. If certain goods become scarce, their prices go up; And so the needs of the individual grow too. Thus more money is to be invested, so as prices keep growing, while being required to raise prices in order to keep up. What happens in the end is ... "everyones "best" guess".


Who the Ori are - and Origin:

Episode 19.

The Ori are ascended beings. Individuals who turned into pure energy. These are highly evolved beings at first, so much they could already do as much as magic. Also their sciences has been 'maxed out' - and their minds so well versed about all these things that they became norm and then boredom. With nothing left to discover - some had been "outstanding" enough to ascend.

Ever since they had become Legend.

Yet vastly unknown were their origins. One society that split into two. Ones seeking refuge in a far away galaxy where they got known as 'the Ancients'. Those that remain would come to be known as 'the Ori'. Imposing as Gods they spread a message through their book by which believers are encouraged to act on behalf of their own, wielding their own will in their obedience. "The man who drew a Line in the Sand". Not the Ori, not a Prior, but a main of faith whom the Ori had watched. "Those that travel on the path ..." ... . It is a very real promise, as each Prior is a testament to their truth. Even so that those standing out in the book as true followers of the Ori are alive and amongst them. They ... can raise the dead.

They so watch upon whats going on. "The Ori see all". And manifest themselves from time to time. Maybe they even do so undercover. "The Darkness". And "all those who embrace evil". Those that do not travel the path. So are there those that do not believe in the Ori. They uncovered evidence that goes against whats written in the book of Origin. They are portrayed as the enemy, because the path of Origin preaches righteousness, unison, all that is good. 'Enlightenment'. Being as the Ori - with the Ori - united with them ... in the fire?

The profile of a 'true believer' fits that of a deluded individual that fantasizes about a glorious afterlife, dreaming of heroism; Zealous enough about it to become one of their warriors. So was Tomin, a crippled man who had been humble and faithful throughout his life - an ideal Choice ... or ... a plot hole? Why was he not healed already?

However. As far as the ascended are ahead of mortals, as much more we must suppose their ability to fool them is. They can promise and give vast insight - yet keep them confined in a state of worship. The book of Origin is most likely however to compensate for the 'obvious'/inevitable facts. So there is the world and there is good and evil - and those that prove themselves worthy will have a better living in their next incarnation. Probably. So are there now those that became Priors. And above them is the Doci - and we must assume that he holds more power than a Prior. He would so be 'the Ultimate warrior' who so dedicated his Life to the Ori to fight for them as long as it will take.

So, the Ori. The "Ancients", intimately known as 'the Alterans' - went a different way. They believed that they must not interfere into the lower planes. Any way of doing so would turn them into Gods to them, and they would not take that upon themselves. Some however would have a different idea. It wasn't their fault - but those that would associate to some 'vision' didn't associate to that 'codec'. So, where the purpose has been one that didn't defy the main rule of non-interference - the ascended Alterans could not disagree with these motives nor actions. But still meant to make sure that no boundaries were crossed.

Merlin saw that he could leave stuff behind to eventually help someone against the Ori should they somehow follow their trails. Morgan, well, she saw things unfold and figured that they had a common interest. She wouldn't impose as a deity by supporting those that had a great enough understanding of their reality while they would be "just an inch" short in succeeding on their quest.

We know of 'the Ancients' that they may appear in a physical Form. This we also see of the Ori in the ending. Also are there those that act. And these either go for, or against them. The Ori would so allow people to work in their name, most likely to not bother about governing themselves. And if they could set an example one way or another ... they would.
The Alterans on the other end, they wouldn't "hide" their existence, but they wouldn't really 'shout it out loud' either. Some would know more than others while most would simply know nothing. That which is known is mostly of a few ... well, Oma Desala and Merlin. And Morgan. Well, Morgan fought against Merlin - but eventually ... Merlin won ... (the argument).

So Morgan would watch. And one day ... maybe ... it would be helpful. Call it ... 'a science experiment'.

So, it is Morgan - while, looking at it otherwise - as though the Alterans randomly interfered - that would add cynicism to their vein as it would instill bitterness within those that knew. Or believed ... in something. To them, Daniel is in danger of trusting them too much. Believing in that higher power that is real and could objectively help them. He also knows of non-interference, ... but within this, he is in this strange 'mid-level' - and Oma Desalas point apparently must be that of ... socializing. The question - whether this separation must be final? Why not allow those that would seek Enlightenment to find it?

Therein the awful similarity to the Ori stands revealed. Daniel was one of those who made it. Who passed Desalas test. And Daniel ... he ... as Anubis ... would use their powers to interfere. Of course! Their ties to the lower planes were simply too much. The driving factors of their existence - that which the Alterans had lost eventually.

The Tau'Ri are on their way of getting there themselves. With the "memory device" (S9E12&E14) ... they have the first building block to an 'education singularity' - for the lack of a better description. This now is where Oma might have a point. They have it - as did Anubis, probably. After all, that tech was synthesized from the Gua'Uld. And they, well ... 'mind control' is right down their alley. Maybe though they're intellectually not as far advanced as they would think. Too egocentric ... maybe. Blind of seeking further knowledge, ... . Only a few of them thought that way. "Drunken of the World" we might say.

And those that follow them? Incapable of resisting, as those that resist would all be decimated. The Ori do not need to rely on brute force to get people to worship them. By making themselves scarce they institute a realm of normality wherein primitive life would be possible. This is true for both of them.
One growing up would so have to ponder upon reality, why it is that this powerful being is in charge of everything. They are there to 'regulate' - maybe - and as this doesn't make sense to everybody and the "caretakers" disagreeing with each other, that led to conflict. War further drives their economy. It is a simple fact that the Gua'Uld are there - and Jaffa - well, they get born with Gua'Uld in their stomach. They are an extension of their might. They give them strength and a long life. They are to enforce their masters bidding, while the riddles of reality led some onto ... tricky grounds. Teal'C eventually however saw a line between Good and Evil being crossed - another Entity worthy of challenging the Gua'Uld - and crossed the Line.

This we might say is 'Gods' equivalent to "a Tomin". Teal'Cs message to Tomin is his legacy. Fighting for others. Not for ones self. Fight for what is just. It is Gods because there is no God. So, there is no other but ... 'true Origin'.

Well, I can assure you that I'm not driven by an afterlife vision. Well, I do have some vision or idea of what 'the afterlife' is - but that is merely conjecture. Maybe an excuse? Well, the thing is ... I'm alone. I don't have that ... thing ... that I would need to make statements of 'our society'. Which is at least some resemblance of an actual society. But as I live paycheck to paycheck I live from now to then - I do what I do because it must be done. The truth ... that I found ... I have to share. What else should I do? Keep it to myself?

So, there is a God. But you would miss Him unless you knew Him in truth. Knowing Him in truth will bid you towards baptism. Do you see the Light? Can you ... travel the path?

Episode 20 - at 35 (36:20) minutes - the audio - up to - 36:48.

Baptism will lead you towards true Enlightenment. So is it made sure from the start that it is God that you seek. There is no enlightenment greater that that of partaking in the wisdom and grace of God, other than that of God himself. It is in His immensity, in His 'one-ness', be as within all that exists - that there is the truth of what is 'the Highest' - he whoms will no-one can defy.

It is only Him whom you must seek - all else - is as the dust between the Stars.

He is the one you may find at the bottom of your deepest depth - and so as the ruling force within everything that is around you. It is He who created the Universe by withdrawing his will from substance He had creating, leaving it to its own inherent "will" ... 'energy' ... honoring us as humans. Creations allowed to exist in freedom. It is ours to repent from our doings and seek attachment to our root - the one, the only true and ultimate root of everything. Except for math maybe.

Trust in Him, ... and you trust in the Father of reality. The one who forever has ever been. He who conceived Everlasting Life within its wisdom - and stretches His infinity out upon eternity. And we - we are to understand it. We are to understand Him if we are to understand the fundamental truths of our existence.


And yea, of course there are promises for a 'glorious' future as well. But just dreaming of it won't do it. We have to find ourselves in the Light of God - working as individuals, together in unison. And those that seek conflict ...

... must seek it in competitive recreational activities. Else ... I mean they have to get lost. We can see it in parable so often. Kain and Abel, Romulus and Remus, Romulus and Vulcan, Ori and Alterans. The one will not be safe from the other until the other either stops being such a douche or again the other finds a safe haven.

Who gets the spoils ... is down to us. Down to how we decide our fate. As individuals, or as collective.

"Come join the "Mothership "Army""" - or toss us away. But be aware, it is us who were right in this matter. And you would as much know what you are to expect and why. After all, God to my knowledge is a good and caring being. In a ... beyond-ish way, but ... never lets one down! And what about ... ? Evil? Pain? Torture? ... Suffering? Maybe God is inflicting pain unto those that had inflicted pain before - and merely uses wrongdoers to do so. And what it all comes down to? Well ... isn't that a mystery that ultimately revolves around our individualities? And how we interact with each other? There are those who are lost between the circumstances, those that 'act', ... and those that "just 'live"'. Let us come together and learn of God. Let us make contact and see as a society how God continues to unfold amongst as within us.

S10E1 32:44 - 50

The true Light is within us. Hidden beyond a veil - and there is only One who can unveil it. No matter how close our descriptions and visualizations would get - it is worlds apart from the reality they are meant to reflect.

@ 37 minutes.

The crusade truly began as Orici was old enough ... no! Until there were enough worshipers in the Milky Way galaxy to sustain her power as an individual, and grow in strength while extending her reach. Introvertedly ... a wilde beast, a snakey selfish mind - fulfilling what they see as their destiny. Imposing as Gods - destroying all that might threaten their story.

Episode 2:

What happened previously, with the Knight, that was the point of decision. Morgan was to decide whether the sword 'could' get drawn, while it functions as the only weapon capable of destroying that Knight without causing collateral damage to the System which is supposedly protected by Morgan as well.

She was to decide whether it is worth revealing the secret of the sword, if there is someone found worthy of wielding it in first place. After that, the Library would be open - thats ... 'the issue'. So, it is as a miracle that this would fall in line with the impeding invasion by the Ori. Now those that gained access to the library have to prove that they are worthy of the knowledge that lies ahead. And well, eventually the duality just continues.

Now, a secret "thing" of mine is to envision a secret alliance - originated between O'Neill and the Asgard, Teal'C and others. There is an episode that envisions Daniel as a maniac - and as the story unfolds the potential of might grows. It is the question for what this power will do. It is however not unprecedented that 'Aliens' took stance amidst us to promote certain individuals upon others. An 'exclusive club' if you so will. That then comes with certain ... hidden advantages. Or how could a human go toe to toe with a Sudan warrior?

So, the 'good guys' are those who find favor in their eyes. As part of the Alliance it is their interest to help us on a good path. So they decide who remains in the inner circle. Who keeps the secrets. Well, eventually it is all leaking anyway - but secret outposts ... are secret outposts. But - keeping it a secret, might mean there isn't always access to it.

Mistrust? Who is who? Allies? Enemies? Sides and Frontiers? Who saved whom and did what or ... who knows and who doesn't and what is known where and what do people do with it? How does 'trial of death' sound?

Before we can truly be one, certain boundaries between one another must fall. And there is one that only God can break down. That which includes us within His society. Being His friends. Included within.

How does trial of death sound? Not good?

Well, eventually - for some - certain principles go beyond the contemporary. Well, Mitchell certainly 'earned' his spot as part of the team by barely surviving in rescue of SG1.

Uh ... where are we?


Projection. The End.

How China does or doesn't make it to the table. Considering a personal audience with the Asgard - or whoever gets to decide what - the Chinese set of beliefs, as much as any other, might sound pretty good. But whats really coming, thats what matters.