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Shit-Flippin' theory

General StuffPosted by Nicole Fri, May 11, 2018 04:57:22

[Mushroom vs. Carpet?]

I think I know whats happening. It happened again - and thats odd! Thinking about it - I only know of 'the one' incident I mentioned previously. So, that makes 3 total. Maybe there was another - but I don't really recall any of it.

So, I got a little mad yesterday. All of a sudden I was depressed and started to punch "him/them". Usually when I do that I get my steam off and then they return the favor and I just can't find any sleep. So I had this "Oh no, this ain't gonna end well" type of 'comment' popping up in my head, again, ... but I then just continued what so far had worked for me before. Its become somewhat easy for me to find the right points and what to do with them - did what I did and then went to bed. All was fine! I didn't sleep for that long I guess, but long enough to dream; And as I woke up I still had the 'thing' held up.
The dream; Well - it was some weird story. In the end though, someone so tried to frame me ... after I called the police as I saw someone die. That person had almost died before and the police was there as well. Some final destination type of thing. Its really weird. However - the person I saw dieing was myself. Basically. So, I was framed for killing myself; After calling the cops on having seen myself die by accident.

Thinking about the first incident - I don't know what I was doing but with the suggestions I had on mind this morning I figure that it must have been at around that time where I was doing well in Starcraft 2. The thing is - what I think they try to do in physical terms could be compared to inverting a sock. But if they ... "can't get the wrap" ... uh ... . Well, thats what you'd be doing - as a noob. You might try stuff but you're eventually going to flip a little thing ... like the size of a glove ... while the whole thing is more like a church-bell or whatever. So, by not 'grasping' the whole thing - or as it "outpowers" you - you can't really do what you'd want to do.

Anyway. So - I just woke up, opened YouTube and saw that Israel started war with Iran. And I think thats kindof ... what really bothers me. Where those 'neverending' nuisances are coming from or attached to. The point is/were that there are people that are doing their thing - regardless of what I do. Although, maybe I annoy them and make them more eager to do their thing. While doing that they would so "flare" and try to get the support of people.

Check this out:

So, the report is clearly that Israel started; While in the US that part is skipped and they go on to condemn Iran for "launching missiles" (retaliating). So, on that end now people in the US would get upset and join "the fire" that rages against Iran. How much support there is matters. Because the truth matters. We should be upset about Israel and the USA. But they do have this 'dominant narrative' going on which is primarily strengthened by their respective leaders being what they are. So, while Netanyahu and Donald want to fight against Iran - whatever they speak is kindof the dominant thing there. They deny all criticism and stuff like that.

So, what I then feel - as the thing that bothers me - is how the "fire spreads" - and what I do is essentially trying to feed it right back (up their asses). Or so changing the sides of the narrative. So - who the bad guys are. In this sense - those where the fire is coming from. They spit the fire and by that people would see Iran as the villain. Some would or might or 'do' say that this is counter-productive; Because if we expose the bad guys as the bad guys they have no reason to hold back. But in the same time they cannot act as though they were the good guys. The acts might remain the same, but the people react differently.

On another note would I like to mention that I think the Revelation of John is nonsense. At least a large part of it. I think it was hacked together from what the Roman Catholic church originally ceased from Christians which it then published to have an argument that would get people onto their side. Part of its might be true, others however not so much. Specifically Chapter 13 - possibly. I have that weird "feeling" that things were 'inverted' - basically.

History: The revelation of John was "released" 200 AD - while the gospels and the letters date back to around 50-60 AD. In regards to 'dating methods' - I'm not sure. But from what I understand there are various methods. When digging out stuff, generally speaking comparisons are made to know in about how old a layer of soil is. As I understand a lot of the 'dates' regarding cultures in Middle-America depend on some star related records; So - we could calculate 'how long ago' something was made and from there extrapolate. In regards to Christian writings I think a lot depends on contemporaries. Like, which people were around during which era and who referenced whom and stuff like that. It would be interesting to see whether or not there are papers we say date back to 50/60 BC and how old carbon dating says they are.

Has something like that been done?
If we find a Christian writing that is older than 1700 years, the Phantom Time theory can be considered debunked. The alternate explanation were that Christ died a century or two earlier, at which point we're back at 1900/2000 - or, 450 bc was more like 650 bc, so - some double nonsense going on.

But back to the topic - I wonder how this relates to my gender. I mean - as far as I can tell it does.

So was there the point where the Astair topic became a bit of a larger one. I would call it "the break out". And one of the earlier things I found was something of a shell surrounding me. Often enough I didn't know what to do. So I did the things I could think of, felt successful enough to call it a day but ... "something". One of the boundaries that I encountered was a shell around the shell. The idea is kindof like asking who the bigger person is. By volume. So, who embraces whom in the physical realm. And so the more outward I would go within myself the 'heavier' a certain boundary became. Although I could sortof peep outside I however didn't find a way through.

I've let things rest for a while and eventually this shell bothered me again and I tried again - after I re-practiced certain things that followed up to the sword thing I wrote about in the main Astair article. Particular the one thing I was really bad at. Anyway. I tore one thing apart ... where, the point for me there is 'the strength to envision its falling apart'. So, you tear it apart and then you either believe that it falls apart or you doubt it. That way it either does crumble or come back together. There however are still cracks I suppose, either way, but the strength of keeping them vs. the strength of closing them "generates" whether the cracks are actually serious. Yet so are there cracks and as I created them I can get back into them and try to make them larger.

At some instances there's also intellectual content that matters. So, breaking an 'idea' thats critical to a system would be more "auto devastating" than smacking at 'armor' sotospeak.

So, I got rid of one hull, then another - and then I started to struggle. So - there was resistance. And then there was a later that wasn't like the ones before. Instead of having one 'chunk' that could fall apart rather easily it was more brittle. So, it wasn't like a metal sphere that once broken was broken, but more like stone in that a crack would tear out a bit of the whole - so - getting through that would prove to me more difficult.

But - looking for a way I first tried to get to the other side - get an outside look - and eventually I got the idea. Why not cast cracks into it, like ... the "roots" of a Mushroom colony? So I did - and thats where I'm at now. Give or take.

Its weird - as - at this level I also dealt with my gender identity. And at first I felt like I couldn't grasp a clear thought on that. I tried "male", I tried "female" - but that wouldn't take me anywhere. I then came to a moment of inward reflection - basically 'grew' my "from the ground up" experiences into it; And that magically crumbled the whole layer.

Now the situation is that I think that since I woke up I slipped somewhere and that manifests as one brace of some dungarees - attached to one of my shoulders. The image attached to that is Urien, from Street Fighter, ... and now I have a deja-vu.

Its all there. Except that I so far didn't mention the other two images part of this mess. Theres a weird figure with a strange hat and Cammy from Street Fighter. I suspect though that this is some "end game" stuff. The images that remain are somewhat those with the strongest ... most weight 'left'. Urien so is somewhere in the middle ground. Regarding my association with him - I thought about learning him but I kindof didn't. I think he's there because he's still more of a bad guy. Cammy would come out on top because Rose isn't there yet. She was there on my mind as part of the previous "shit flip" - to a point that she'd have been in the headline; Had I done that, so I eventually nerfed her? The 'strange hat' is one thats been around for some time. Its like ... when slicing an egg in half the long side. Those ... rebel dudes in Star Wars have similar ones, just that the long side is pointing forward. In the context it appeared on my mind it was associated to Aliens and now I think that the symbolism of that hat is "the first species" - so - when we go back and backer, those that were there 'in the beginning' - as the first.

So, according to this - and if the deja vu is relating to some premonition - there so would be the bad ending where I didn't get that final layer down and now would be struggling "as cammy" being "overtaken by Urien" with some weird lampshade figure laughing/smiling down at me.

... Only on ... ^^ OMG.

You can't tell this to anyone! Seriously! But now this 'brace' is pissing me off!

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