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General StuffPosted by Nicole Wed, May 09, 2018 07:05:24

[About the "3rd Strike"]

So, after 1 1/2 hours of King of my Castle and then some more - I feel like there's a lot to share but it isn't really ... 'worth it'. It may be a good example at some point, but right now it mostly just does one thing for me: This is 'not' it. So, as the few times before where I recorded something but didn't quite feel the need to share them - thats probably what happens once it isn't meant to be. And the "High Five" (although I wasn't high) get that done a lot better - as its actually worth showing.

So, not everything works with everything else always.
Kill Bill isn't an ideal movie for doing those things.

But I "got" decided to upload things anyway and do some hack recording to sum up the stuff I can't upload. "Purpose" ... is it. When a track plays, RNG selects the next, and whether it fits or not ... is irrelevant if it fulfills a purpose. Sotospeak.

But whatever.

3rd Strike. Well - this is what it to me would look like if I'm doing it wrong. The whole thing follows no rules, therefore has no boundaries and thus doesn't really make all that much sense. The Agent Game creates tension and adds purpose to the play in that it forces out an RNG sequence. Otherwise I might as well just let the whole thing run.

The issue was that I had certain things on mind that I thought that this next reel would have to feature, kindof went hunting for them and ultimately things began to calm me down again after I just let things run. So, that makes for 3 basic "disciplines". Playing the game, dilly-dallying around in the Matrix and just letting it play.

Beyond this there is I guess no point in trying any more. I mean. This is it. Either you see it or you don't. You take it or reject it. And so finally there is a sense of closure. "Every Alarm triggers the Bomb" - and thats what has happened. So ... although the magic is still real ... it goes the other way. Any arguments left to consider? 'Purpose'!

So, yea. If you got to say that I can't ... thats it! Thats what I just said! I can't ... though it happens anyway ... and now, I guess ... you wanted the mess, ... now you deal with it!

I mean, its already there. Or ... "still". The screwing around in me - like I 'have to have' that Kill Bill thing done right. But along with it there is a twisted feeling ... a spiral into hell sotospeak. What am I even trying there? Or what am I to expect? There's nasty stuff in there and one way or another its getting out; And thats not necessarily Musical material.
But seriously. What am I trying?
I can make personal experiments but with the need to record everything thats not so much fun. Not with this setup anyway. What I'm trying to prove I have proven ... and if you don't see it ... poor you!

So yea, what for? Either you expect me to fail ... or ... you don't. In the latter you got to deal with those that think the former, and the former won't be satisfied until the very end. "It would seem". And this one's probably as much of a failure as I'm capable of.

"Have fun!" (Hi Taylor! (Woooo!)) ... So, apparently Mr. K. Reeves is now considered to be the ... thing. Works for me! But really? I thought ... nobody gives a woop and I'm still talking to a wall. ... It never ends. I wonder who or whats next!