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(Spiritual) detox for Superstars? ?? ???

General StuffPosted by Nicole Tue, May 08, 2018 08:47:14

[About doing the thing and stuff]

A topic that has been lurking on my mind for quite some time now. Another one - yea. And one of those you could see between the lines here and there. At least once, so I recall, I uttered the concern that the way I present myself wasn't perceived "upon" benevolently by given audiences for being practically in a sense of perpetuation regarding potentially negative ... "ways of behavior" persistent within certain percentages of our general population.

When I so make it out to "people coming together" whether or not and if how much Sex I get I have this nagging "voice" telling me that there isn't much space for things "not" "coming together" in a particular way, generally speaking; My problem however is that this wouldn't be a bad thing. From a general perspective the conclusion is that it could AND SHOULD go either way, basically; And if it were clearly so that one way would be bad it should be pointed out right from the start.

So I feel that I have to break these things down a little further.

Baptism. Leading up to it is one space of time ... between it and Unification there's another one ... following it yet another one. If we right away got together at each point to have a gangbang of some sort, why the F not? I'll get into that, don't worry! Whether I object to or support that isn't the issue here. Its that once you have the smudge of required "goodliness" you'll certainly agree that if it happens once, it doesn't automatically mean that it happens all the time. I'd point out, as the thing most important above all, that you have the spiritual headspace to 'even make it'. And I don't know how I could go on for long without making certain proposals. But ... I'll get into that later.
What I mean that its important that we explore these things as given by God!

Am I frigid? ... Well, let me smoke some weed first.

Thats the thing that gets me the most when this topic comes up, and the simple answer to it is 'yes'. And that why I first went onto a tangent on how an individuals opinion is much as an unedited chunk of wood, that becomes more of a sculpture the more that individual has a chance to grow it. But it became too much of its own thing and made me loose my ... well, thread. But - since I'm not having any points as I got rid of that ... lets just, leave it in here.

In general peoples perspectives are simple. The opinion or stance on a matter by any person is to me by raw default an unedited chunk of wood - metaphorically speaking - and the more that person interacts (or is interacted upon) with different perspectives that relate to this chunk, the more it turns into a sculpture of some sorts. So, the more a person can say about a matter, the more that person did have 'the practice' to do so.
That is why arguments cannot always, or even ever just barely, be resolved intellectually. Within any given set of intellectual items stacked on some metaphorical table there will be those that have a greater intellectual "resolve" with it than others. "Golden Chaining" was previously pointed out as a negative - and this is right where it matters. We can now make the thought experiment more impactfully regarding Atheism. Atheists had a shit ton of arguments speaking for them - but none of them would really address the 'crux' of a believers perception. Although the believer would at some point be not able to intellectually defend himself, his argument isn't automatically less valuable. I mean, it is - in the general consensus of people coming together if he so happened to be part of the minority - but to shove "objective oppinions" down another persons throat cannot be the point of an argument.
Although thats all we ever do?
Sure! How else to share your own belief/opinion?
Even more so should you not feel discouraged from expressing your "low quality" perspectives. Maybe they're better than you think, ... and if not, ... you'll have the chance to grow! If you 'want' to speak - that already is growth in my book. And to act upon your beliefs ... well, isn't that a controversial topic?

I think its difficult for a minority to admit the cold technicalities of being part of a society. I had my opinions that people would look down upon and certainly had some bullshit arguments on mind to argue why, ... but if its in the end 'their' stupidity that 'matters' and that to an insurmountable degree - thats unfortunate!
Not taking people seriously 'is' the problem; But not being able to take everyone equally serious is the counter-problem. But ... I digress. The point is there's a thing and it could go either way. Good or bad. Thats ... just life the way it is. And we should be concerned about it! I mean - I mean to be concerned about it. Because I recognized that I'm on the right of things and therefore have been compelled to fight for what I think is right. And right now - I'm still alone. I still can only "pray" (though that won't do much and is also already prophesied which is a think about prayer ... so:) or hope that people will understand my points.

[shakes head erratically] Weird.

The opinion of an individual so is as a chunk of wood thats being shaped over time. Now, a topic interwoven with this one as far as I'm concerned is "A Manual to Child-abuse" ... "M'Kay" ... and I'll be taking it seriously; So much in fact that I'll try to not get into it unless I've got something to say about it. To take the progressive stance going forward however - "lets see" ... right as soon as we must ... which things we have to distinguish 'these' from 'those'. I would say that some certain spiritual/emotional synergy with me would be indicative of a 'whore' of some kind; And while I most certainly do advocate for child-abuse (well, Child "Abuse" in that sense) in case of those children I do not want that to be understood as me advocating for 'all kinds of' rape and abuse one could think of.
The point I want to make however is that we're not always consciously shaping our opinions. Sometimes things are just emotional and if we start 'challenging' those "Anti Pedophile" emotions we'll find a great deal of things that will make sense!

I'm sure that one question thats asked more than just once is about how to 'set yourself straight' if you can't ignore certain bad things. So, what if you want in only because it allows you to have Sex? And while I can only guess at this point I have strong reason to believe that this is a wrong way of being concerned about it. What you are concerned about has to be yourself. Whatever you are. If you're a white knight Christian you're in the end no different to a psychopathic mass murderer. To look at the latter, it would make a difference if someone were that because of a desire to kill or if the killing is rather a consequence to a more complicated issue. The thing is that the more complicated case here would be the easier one to resolve. I don't think that being concerned of a specific thing like that is going to get through, but thats most likely to vanish with baptism. But ultimately 'you is you' and you need to set 'that' straight. You have to let go of 'everything', basically, because any one condition you might have is already a bad thing.

But we also have to keep on mind that the bigger problems here are about our contemporary moral understandings. And there certainly are distinctions to be made. Generally speaking. Yet most of that we'll get to learn more about once people actually have personal testimonies to share.

But, lets shift focus back on me for a moment. The big question here is "Am I frigid?" - and the short answer is yes. But that mostly because 'where' I'm warmed up for it is to my understanding too different from how I normally am. Semi-short answer.

I'm a "guy" - by which I mean that I have a penis - and because it works with the whole erection and ejaculation thing going ('arousal') I happen to fantasize about certain things while being also concerned of my image of course. The issue that I might not look like God did me any favors whatsoever is kindof a big deal, but ultimately there is no good in lying about it!

And so there are thoughts I might regard as 'temptations'. So, Sex before baptism?
There isn't really a rule against it! And sometimes I feel like having one would be detrimental.

The dangers that 'are' to be taken into account are written into a Character named 'Eshem' - and her role basically is to keep Kosti from continuing on his journey. So, once again - Context is King. If one were to lure me into a never-ending Sex party with loads and loads of drugs ... that certainly would have to be ended sooner or later. Sooner rather than later.
In context though, I'd put baptism to the end of such an event rather than the start because once you're baptized ... its a thing ... to behold. And it isn't erotic. It can be ... but ... I don't think you'll be in the mood.

You could certainly go and see my expressions of clarity as a cry for help. I'm certainly saying that I'm some things because I'm more of that than what would meet the eye and want that to be recognized. Getting raped ... as maybe just right in the context of my own inner barriers.
What then generally drives me away from 'all' of that are 'overly dramatic visualizations'. Here I have to mention that my qualities as a Goddess are what gets the best of it.

My perspective as seen through the eyes of someone else who would in my mind come in as one of our own but still happens to be a stranger - the perspective is pretty much 'clear'. There so is a human-to-human kind of feeling and thinking of me as a Goddess doesn't 'change' the way its supposed to be, it 'creates' it. Uh ... yea, so ... well. Interesting. Let me ... zoom in on that a little.

There is this 'crisp' and 'white' feeling of 'clearness'. Maybe its different on me because my "things" are more 'special' - but the premise is that once we start on the base of being all equals we can so expect an eye-to-eye "contact level" type of feeling. Well ... feeling ... hmm. Lets say 'crispness that surrounds certain cognitive structures'. Thats to be emphasized, that we can so differentiate feelings into mere emotions vs consolidated thoughts that resonate in a "feely" manner.

You can't see those things 'now' I suppose, that because your "thing" with thought isn't 'through' the ninefold. But imagining it you can. Imagine orbs, filaments of dust or smoke, tubes that link between orbs, lights, vortices, even landscapes and buildings - as representations of thoughts and things that connect them - and every once in a while they pop up; And that you might experience. Once God so wants to hold a thought to you for you to realize that it is Him, He will not do that so that you couldn't recognize it. So, thats pretty much as with the Predator in Predator. He's 'invisible' but not. So you can realize certain things that are in there, you can take them as your own - nothing is there to distinguish it - other than those you just can't change. If you're asking for the vision I had about Pedophilia - you might get it. You have to have the 'visible' parts in there - as deeply 'you' as possible - so on one end, yet so the fact that you can't conjure it up in just the same way speaks one thing of itself, the next being the relationship to cognitive depth. Is it deeper or more shallow?
But I'm warned. Do - be - careful about that!
Don't - ask - "it"!
Its the same story as with ~the Testimony~. God does - not - want us to be dependent on '"~"it"~"'.
If you feel like ... paralyzed essentially ... in terms of looking for, knowing or finding an own way - you're essentially ... that. Paralyzed, essentially. So, thats a bad thing!

If the issue for instance that about whether Gods way is righteous (and so we therefore must know what exactly it is that I believe in; Its as with opinion, ... thats that ... here~>) - you may also ask yourself if yours is. And if it isn't, how could you judge God? So far the general theme were that God would owe us something. Or should be helping us out down here - totally not seriously asking the question for how that relates to the issue of us being here in first place.

"Did we deserve ... [it]" ... and I'm sure some will argue some kind of 'yes' version of something, like, that we deserved God to answer some of our questions. "Oh Antichrist ...". Golden Chaining forever ... . Thus and therefore, yada yada, bla bla.

The power of catharsis emerges from the dust of truth that remains of the deconstruction of a densely valued thing.

Value and belief is the same thing here. The more I value gaming, the more I value what it is built upon. That to me is for once the economic side, on top of which there are the major companies; And on the other side the artistic side, on top of which I value my own ideals of what art is about as the highest. And because I have an intimate relationship with my God and experience myself as an artist that comes with Christian beliefs. Most dominantly: the case of inspiration. But what works for the Matrix would be more of an inherent link between us as entities and the infinite. We could say that we compare to balls of snot on a wall where God is the wall. And the floor - where the snot would inevitably end up on if it wouldn't stick.

So - is it that: We should ask God to come down among us and ... ? Well. I would ask: 'punch us in the face'? ... something like that ... where they would say: 'no' ... and of course the idea here is a 'talk' which however already has started as something that is more like a lawsuit. "We demand you to come out or we won't change our ways". Period? Not Period?
So, He'd come down and tell you: You need to change your ways!
And you ... "why didn't you tell me that?" and He'll say something like "I did!" and they'll say ... what? "We didn't know it was you!" ... or ... did they?
Is it that big of a Mystery?

I mean, I can tell how this is certainly the strong point for a lot of people - so yea, lets say that 'if' you knew, this is pretty much not about you! I have to ask: Isn't it obvious? Well yea, how to? What to? Where is it? Right. Thats why I'm here. Or, I so happen to have this spot ... however ... whatever ... why-ever. "Hello earthlings!". So I can point onto a thing and say "Hey look!" and everyone's going to see it. Eventually. And that now is the problem where others say that God has to do it for Himself.

So, we go back up. God coming down, telling you to change and now you ask "what to?". "To me" "So I do" "..." ... . So you then change on the surface, you bow down and are willing to comply to any task until you find something to complain about.

"What to?" - are we having that discussion? Really?

"To what?" - hmm. Well ... weighing 'deceiving all people on earth' vs 'not' doing so ... is that what we're talking about?

So, you can 'elongate' the discussion that would unfold like that, but if we're asking ourselves I think we can agree on one thing: We should want to do the right thing and those that at some point have done wrong beyond a certain point of trust are primitively separated. As to say 'inexcusable'. It is that one thing that we want to see when we see a 'scumbag' Character in a movie - that he gets what he deserves. So the end of the discussion is forever going to be that God chose to remain invisible. Its about you! And me. How you and I interact with each other.

You can't blame God for thinking about the bigger picture either! Like ants can't blame us for treating them like ants!

And if you now want to go and start treating ants like humans or become as an ant, consider that there's a whole lot more than just ants that we look down upon. And when lived to the fullest - would it be hate speech if I said that I would find that disgusting?

So, 'independence'. Was what Rehabeam did Rehabeams fault, ... or was it the fault of his friends?
Uhm, independence. God 'chose' to be invisible - thats one thing; Except to a bunch, ... and now God is a little bit more visible to some more people. Thats the situation. So, where Atheists quaggle about evidence, ... now its there. Well, it is 'something'. Where Christians and Muslims and whatever quaggle about their God or their opinions or ideas or beliefs about the Spirit, ... now there's me. The two come hand in hand. Simple ... thing.

And so, whats that whole Clarity thing?

In a very very careful way of putting it, I so 'created' this Character that only has one purpose and so whatever it is being embraced by legitimately is so embracing it in that way. That however is coupled to a bunch of negative feelings - and they in turn also fuel my gender conflict. So when I think about transitioning I feel some sack of bile thats associated to it.

It now occurs to me that my own reactions to some of my own desires are objected unto by some other part of me. Its the "classic" at least of going to bed like this and waking up in some mood of disgust about it. And that at the very least can be attributed to "adjustment dysfunction" - or the "normality bias". And why that is - is a good question. Because still - if the way we got 'into' it was sound; We need to know why its there. Or we might panic and go over board.
But so - 'careful'.

Uh, so - where are we?

One thing I have to emphasize is that the 'my only purpose' thing is more of a match-making thing in this sense. There then are those that connect to me on deeper levels of individuality - or its just that.

Now is my conflict here just that. Or - to which extent are my own biases distorting my perspective?

I want to say and believe that I need something like a ... "Mrs. End Game" ... which does so come with some Level of unconditional support. An alliance based on more than just worldly things - a bond of intimacy that supersedes worldly interests. Where I feel 'loved' and 'belonging' as opposed to being just snot on the wall.
What would 'bias' me against it is the idea that supposing such is insane - and then proposing something else seems serious and sensible and 'neutral'. But if that generates rifts of dissonance it can't be really so good!

Taylor Swift, Amanda Tapping, Gillian Anderson, Madonna, Monica Bellucci. Megan Fox. Thats a list of suggested people that come to mind - if I had to name any - and so in order of "rightness", thinking about the more important sorted to the end - as the other way would seem to clutter things up.

Then I won't really feel comfortable until the whole Unification thing got started good! Now, my point of moving Baptism into the foreground is a thing. Or issue. In a way ... one sentence comes to mind: "You would want to suck my cock for baptizing you" ... I mean, if I was the one to hold it back you'd be begging for it. At least so as how the picture translates. So - I'm 'super benevolent' by returning that favor; Basically though saying that I'm the one in despair here. And once that is the standard, everything else has a taste of negotiation that I'm not really a fan of.
But then it also feels creepy. I think its like therapy for me right now. I seek therapy because of my gender - but the confrontation with an operation even before the thing was really in my think was a bit sudden. I mean, the situation would be: I want to change my gender ... therefore I seek therapy. But in my head the whole 'change' thing hasn't really processed into it yet. I had to 'admit it' first - while deeper inside it was all about making those little steps that I had to do to feel alive again. So it'll eventually amount into a conscious choice - and this seems like a better way to go forward with.

I would then expect that a lot of different people would bunch up in different collectives to hang out with me - but first of all I would love to get acquainted with some comfort that I could relate to as a given normality. So, what is to be the priority?
The one thing I could see as a "victory tour" to begin with - the other one as escapism.

I would say that who comes first, draws first. There then should be some idea of how the thing would be going forward - and we'd move on forward that way. But then so there is this issue with ... well. We can look at it as at this super dramatic epic. I start somewhere at the bottom and I got to make my way to the top where this clique of chicks waits for me. ...
And I don't know how - but it comes across as stupid to me.

If so whatever I do is immediate to just one group while the rest is distanced to it - why should I not get started in the best possible way?
I mean, it sortof to me has to be about who joins me and how we reflect who we are to the outside.

Well, if there so is a tower, why should I not move to its top to light the fire?
But what is that?

Well, where power and influence converges, there I should be welcomed! And with whatever is given to me at that point is what I had to move forward.

But then, where power and influence converges is myself.

Baptism and Priesthood.
But where to move from? Where to go back to?
Who pays for what?

Taylor Swift fits the description of "Friend" the best so far.
But is that connection enough to break through the thick cloud?

Or would I so have to get lifted up to ascertain that there is enough support?
But how to - do - that?

Or how to do - it - then?
Is there a before and after that should matter?

Whom am I even ... ? Detox for Superstars.

Superstars to me in a simple way are people with 'strong mobility'. They have the easiest way, generally speaking, to get from A to B and support any type of living at either end. So, collecting those would make the most sense because once a connection is established they become stronger holds themselves. "Easy expansion". Since we're dealing with ideas and at first the logistical power to connect with it in its primitive stages thats like an instant Kamehame-Ha - and if I wanted I could assemble some code of something that resembles a structural identity of that light. So, as a guideline for how to behave; And to so broadcast what each node of Light should be to anyone else.

Would it do anything?

I think a general thing to wonder about is 'when' things are set in stone. So, there are 3 types of supporters. Unenlightened, Enlightened and Connected. And what I first connect with is possibly important. When shit hits the fan I rather be safe than sorry. And to avoid shit hitting the fan I better be there where I can accomplish the most.

So, the first thing will be - inevitably so - Superstars coming in and the 'connected' status could be expected to take some time. So, there's the social phase, they go home baptized, then get Enlightened and then come back to connect. So a pretty tolerant, breathing "worse case" estimate.

So, what do I know about it? What 'can' I know about it? I never have done 'it' with someone else! Connecting. So - to have the best experience I think someone I have a deeper personal connection with would be the better way to go. The least stressful as well. I mean, there is this thing that we're supposed to know something - but I kindof learned that the not knowing is the knowledge that matters. In a sense. That also happens to be counterproductive. As counterintuitive as it seems. You'll find my constantly obsessed more over the new than the old - and if you're like that you'd produce 'simpler' topics, the things I should produce for you ... basically. Which I can't or don't because that is stuff too distant from me at this point. The important things that matter however don't change. How could they? And about 'connecting' - I only have theories.
So, before I get confused with someone I can't really connect well with I rather get confused with someone I share sufficient intimacy with to look at things more intimately. So, to chill with it.

What is however ultimately going to happen is that things will gravitate towards 'each other'. Islands of Enlightenment will grow and connect. For the 3 types, there is linked and connected. Lets say linked for including unenlightened islands. In general I would publish things I want/have to publish - thats how you would get your information - while that would include stuff coming in from within through our connections.
So, with the capabilities of a Superstar in mind, it doesn't make sense to say that we shouldn't take full advantage of it.

And sure, why not start with a big pot to start with? Well, "it would take some time" before ... "anything" - so, nothing is set in stone yet. But the thing is, I feel like some setting into stone has to be done.

The first thing however that comes to my mind are symbols. I don't feel like creating any of them now - but interweaving a yellow and a blue five pointed star should do the first trick.

Then, what would end up gravitating towards me as the situation has it expected to be bound to either of two sides of me. Once the intimate one is to be ignored, I think that the names I'm listing would still attribute to that. In different ways. And there so also is an inside and an outside to it. And an in-between. So, its not all about Sex - and where it matters it isn't at all about Sex. The outside is something abstract, the in-between is sexual and the within is about some ... I dare say intellectual "convergence". So would I trust Amanda to take charge upon all things Child-Abuse related, that because I trust in her maturity. So, while to the outside - within Esoteric limits - thats all about getting perverted about it, 'inside' the 'value/volume' of things is determined by our 'inner virtue'. The sex comes in as the in-between, so - when in times of intimacy the 'bubbles merge' sotospeak. In those conditions child-abuse is about taking those kids 'in' that resonate with that. Here then those concerns can grow; And I don't think that Amandas contemporary stance to the issue matters a damn bit. So, the darker things I embrace couldn't have been explained to me either. I know that I was there, confronted with disgusting snuff porn and I couldn't make anything of it despite being told and suggested and what not that it might be. So, maybe its there deep within us but we've cut ourselves off or it is entirely on behalf of God - it doesn't really matter; There isn't much of a difference in terms of the 'demand'. Where, the demand is given by society. A society that God has to imprint onto us. We understand it that way, even when there is some Lore attached to human entities. So, I "give 'it'" to you, but that means nothing until God has done that. Once He's done that, thats it. Whatever that is. And in a sense its then true that I gave it to you.

So, whether she's into it or not - she will be. If she has an inherent love for Children I'd say its something deeper than just God deciding it for her - but respectively is the sexual bias eventually just a rather thin skin. Well, strong while upheld by the minds own principles, but useless in regards to the higher truth of things. Not to harm children doesn't apply when the suggested harm isn't a harm at all!

And she will also at any rate have to make peace with that. Either she just accepts it and takes her leave, or she accepts and embraces it as part of herself.

So, she may as of this get a bitter taste of the "abhorent" truth - but what does it change? Will it tear up all the rest that she is? I doubt it! She might be attracted to it - but the rest of her will ring a bazillion alarm bells and all flags raised are red. But there is an opening. And first she'll make her peace with God that way, ... and then she'll able to look at children through new eyes.

Now is that however a process over time - and the things she 'does' will be the things 'she' does. She'd probably first crave for a way to make sure that this isn't snowballing out of control and basically set it aside. People however so might inevitably come to her - and those would now be two types at first. People that need help and people that want ... "to know". And she'll have to decide on which side of the spectrum she sees herself on. So, amongst those that need help would also be those that provide help; Just as amongst those that want to know are some that basically would have to know.

A general 'rule' that resonates with me is the one that 'after' a certain age things become more critical. I would argue that we could do worse to infants since their senses aren't entirely developed yet. Pain isn't really a thing so much. But so the child would either have to be killed or taken care of. Traume is always connected to death - and the type of trauma carries over. So if you basically 'insult' someone for being put into an inferior position, thats a 'bad' thing. So is there trauma that the entity craves and the rest. Which children crave it and which don't is the next step to that.

From here on out that however isn't really a gender thing. Its only about subs and doms. At first.

So, once things are to grow community wise we need more detailed symbols concerning our behavioral expectations. So, in theory all you needed to do if you wanted to have Sex is raise the flag that thats what you're about. In practice is the idea that of growing entities - social compounds that converge around "an idea of chill" - and so there would be a spectrum of Sexual alignments.

There's something that strongly attracts me to Taylor that I have to share now. I do not have an inch of a desire to talk into any of the things she's doing and respectively feel the same about my stuff. So it seems that we converge around whatever time we have left after minding our own business - and while the in-between is the in-between the volume is pretty much dominated by this idea of coming in with whatever random mood - which comes to a moment of peace in the center that is fueled by "that desire" to calm down or chill out or whatever.
While I have to admit that this interest is strongly sexual, thats not really the part that clicks. Its trying not to have it, basically, which obviously is that which 'creates' this "blank volume".

Does it change once it is what people are staring at?
I guess anything one could lay his eyes upon can get sour.
At the least where the understanding of a thing is up to interpretation.

Anyway. There are people that know her that could get in, then those that know some that know her that get in - or want in - and in these circumstances thinking about Sex isn't pretty much of an option. But eventually some social bonds grow stronger and others weaker while - at the start there are I guess those that have Sex and those that want it. And those that don't want it.

So, connections get made, things become more and more organized, and here so is also all the space for meeting and greeting and getting stuff settled. So, as seen over the extent of time. So, in an ideal case I'd be moved from here to 'there where' some group of people would be waiting for me, ... we'd have some kind of party talking a lot or whatever - and yet I'll be looking forward to at some point not get to sleep alone. To yet however seek a space of refuge to get settled somehow.

So, the feeling - literally - is someone coming in with a lot of suitcases where I can box in my valuables and that stuff then is pretty much safe. Its part of the walls of the foundation of security I'm embedded within. At first it might be too far to say it like that, but as there is a certain vibe of inevitability to it I guess I got to call it inevitable.

Hmm ... but yea, neutrally thats about what you'd collectively put into it - where so those that have the money would like to see something, ... or should it not? Well, given that it is the thing ... well. What is the cause of action? Classically we might say that it is God through us - as of our connection to Him and the certainty imbued within us. But then there is the thing that procured this warranty - which when taken out of context could be abused, where so the act of disregarding the ultimate cause would render all concerns of scientists and science believers pointless.

So it should be within the actions simply a grace of symbolism. You so put money into a pot calling it the "Starter Kit" for the one. Then you appoint someone with a budget to take 'the One' there. So, Segulo will have to confirm that I may go with you - while the idea here is that this person is 'entrusted' with a means to accommodate me along the journey. This first capital is an extension of whats in the pot - the call goes unto 'the One' - and so the candle has to get lit. It has to be recorded so it can be part of the rail, ... and so the starter starter kit can go over to me.

So, ultimately is there capital and influence that is to go into the hands of 'the One' - and so I picture a video that confirms the people that are present, records the act; Where you might prepare a laptop, so with movies and music, and the capability of recording the whole thing.

So also then there at the pot - and then I'd be looking forward to sharing everything. But is that the weak link? "The Trap"? Maybe there is unity, maybe there is not. So, the person coming here would need a reliable chain back however, at the very least is that the next question. And there's probably a good vs bad ratio. So, if the way back were insecure, what means would we have to get around it? Would it be worth inviting that person in?

So, maybe don't think of the pot as a whole thing. Maybe something like a fetch-quest.
And because we don't really have or want to go through all of this - there's a much simpler solution where folks first of all hold on to their stuff.

I think we can also say that once I'm getting into murkier waters I want to have some Leveling done. But so is one of the first things we want protection for sharing these videos. So, allowing people to make videos about it. Going in depth with the source material. Or so, fighting for the right.

Now, the problem with this intimacy thing is that its dependent on a thing. One I'd depend upon at some point anyway, but its less a matter of luck vs. suicide. Too dramatic?

Well, detox to me in this regard is synonymous to deescalation. To not make this into a super epic drama of earth shattering proportions. But lets not be stupid either. Right?

So - how can this work? It can't work if you can't figure out some way. I'll pretty much need to comply - and so it also has to enable me to do so. Thats the big mystery. But, what if so there's a chain of motions going on that thinks to take over, as a friendly "father" type of entity - and its wrong? So - a bullet out of nowhere ... I mean, as a metaphor for Taylor Swift ... might be the best bet! Nothing 'done' - or 'established' - so, other than a slight dip into the whole there are no endorsements and ties and what not. No dependencies.

On that end its all about motivations. And my ability to certify myself.

So, people get to collect into their collectives based around their individual issues and I'll decide which ones I don't go to.
So, basically I need a chauffeur of some sort. A world tour may just be inevitable.

But risky? Well ... there are those two sides. Those that may see and those that don't. In the far end of things there will be some dude or otherwise that'll hear of things the last and whatever is happening should happen the right way.


I am!

I mean - it also really depends on how organized "people" were. But technically one is enough if we are to believe that God is watching over us. And the rest is all about them places where I have to do them thingies to show some certain people some truth live on stage. Then we can talk about Baptism and onward.