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Upgrades (Matrix Reality Check)

General StuffPosted by Nicole Fri, May 04, 2018 01:39:44
"There is no spoon" - I guess thats the first thing one should independently notice as a thing to keep on mind when things start to happen in reality. So, to not get crazy. But so, for me to not write endlessly about it, I guess there are those 3 Ghost in the Shell videos. The last segment in particular, well, where Cool Hard Logics Flat Earth debunking takes place. Its kindof between the lines, but thats the point.

Trying to read things into it ... its about that. That its nonsense. And the "center point" as the only point from where distances will be correct, thats a metaphor for that but "whats the center point"? You got to do some abstraction and not take things literally. Its a 'figure of speech'. Thats the whole thing there. As I read it. Its also in the ... on camera video, where the Oracle speaks about choices. I mean - where Neo says "So I think its time for me to know a few more things" and the Oracle answers "so do I". The Oracle there can't give you any answers! None however that weren't in the Screenplay. The movie won't change.

The 'best' that can happen is featured in the Top Hats and Champagne segment. You would have to download his video and get a copy of Ghost in the Shell and get busy with Video Editing software, where I then also recorded the end just for reference. Here so the movie acts as a Layer on Top, ... and whether there is truth in it or not shall remain subjective. My impression though was that it fits my attitude. So ... for that.

Now, in the previous post I tried to do 'this' in a somehow subtle way. Saying: "It" 'never ends'. Issues here, issues there, bla bla bla - and now what they want to be satisfied is another 24 hours of footage? Well ...

Like I have endlessly many Gigabytes available!

Or like you would sit through 24 hours of it. Why don't you just take the first of them all, and do your ... 3, 4, 5 or whatever many days Marathon to see where it ends? I guess there are at least 20 hours in it!

Thats why I'm kindof ... "aggro" writing this. I don't really tell you anything that shouldn't be clear in and of itself - but I guess I've had a lot more exposure to those things - and time to think about it and the intimacy with the matter.

The current 5 Videos are only there to help ... Scientists ... figure out a "5 Sigma" thing. So, the issue is that each new Video is countered with the "its carefully crafted" argument, and if the matter is already beyond a certain point of "unbelievability", who cares about upping the Ante by a bajillion? I mean, thats my "stress" - that which aggros me.

So, taking the fight vs. the many Smiths - there first were only segments you'd see during a 'RELOOP'. So, the first and the second reloop - which means that the last track is playing 'beyond' the movies end - and thereafter just go back to the first track. Its a neat little thing I found out just because I was curious enough to check. I mean, ... after the first one I played it back that way. Playing the movie, wait for the mark and then hit play on Winamp. And because I was bored and had nothing else to do I just kept watching.

So, that would already make for an extreme case of craftsmanship right there. Like, no matter when which track was originally recorded - Human Nature was obviously out 'before' the Matrix, and whatever came thereafter doesn't matter. The 'gaps' still matter. You'd need to have specific knowledge ... yea! Until they say: OK, but what if those "later" tracks got thought out prior to that already?

Good enough, the second video would seem like it could be exclusively made after the fact. So, Sandwich of meaninglessness?

SO, "How" ... just how? "No way!" ... OK ... I guess? Does that make 'any' sense?

OK, arguing back and forth - I then got it on camera ... and still bupkiss. Now "Obvious" (Windows you fucking bitch! Why you put Bing as my starting page? Why? Why? Did I allow you to?) ... that "I shot the Sheriff" was the 'base' for everything and everything got built up from there. Well, except that now there would be "so many" tracks that would need to be coordinated. Or, had to be - because obviously - it somehow works! Its there! Someone did it!

You could so draw a chart of the movie and at which points which tracks line up. And for the "its subjective" argument: Split the crowd. Either you're on this side or on that side. People on the same side can argue freely about what they 'seen' - and thats that. Lets do the math.

So, these previous 5 videos are just 'fodder' - to add some more and while those aren't as special as the first three - it maybe gives you a better idea of what I'm talking about! But as I was mentioning on Capcom-Unity, it wouldn't matter how much I did on whatever; That gets obvious to me now. "Their" answer is always going to be one that keeps you away from me, or me away from you, or them - or whatever. Or not?

Carefully crafted ... tss. We're already in Supercomputer Level, and ... there isn't a reason to believe thats ever going to change because you just have to claim or argue that its an even more powerful Supercomputer. Where we going? Star Level? Galaxy Level? Cluster Level? Supercluster Level? Universe Level? "Why not? It makes sense!". ... So what ... does it?

Which is why - you should maybe care about what I have to say about it then. Just ... a ... suggestion. Learn the truth, learn that it works, and so on. If you get it in real life you'll understand - there is no Spoon - yada yada - thank you for watching and for reading!

Good Bye! [Sorry, ...but seriously ... - at some point you got to come up with something to make it solid; Like, at whatever Sigma we're at - ultimately it comes down to 'how likely is it that "such and such" is going to happen and while everything is under my control you'll never gonna believe it! Right? Right!]

Don't put the Lord thy God to the test. ... My arse! Whom are you putting to the test? God, or me? Isn't it about me? So, cap the Bullshit!
I mean, think about it: Even with all this people still won't listen to me. Not even a bit. 0.15% of folks that checked out my homepage stayed there for more than 30 minutes. So, you probably didn't even read the MAIN FUCKING TEXT - where ... ahw, sigh. Whatever.

Oh, and now my mood is too much ... not like you want it? So, ... I guess ... "Thank You!" ... for giving a fuck? Why should I not be pissed?

Oh, why don't I decloak my Starship? ... sigh. How ... ???? Right ... why don't I just ... "go home" ... ? There is none. Just in case you missed it ... that that was a fucking JOKE! I'm no ALIEN ... I'm HUMAN ... and I tell you that its GOD doing it. And you can't expect 'the thing' by which God shows His working to suddenly 'break reality' and 're-write history' just because you so happen to fancy that! It works the way it works and that is by the things being the way they are. Of course there only can be "so much" - but that is eventually every song ever ... yet! Thats what I meant by 'nuts'.

I mean, thats the 'miracle' about it. Those moments, those constellations, where things just line up! "The best thing about being me, there's so many me's!" ... get it?

"The first matrix I designed was quite naturally perfect. Flawless, Sublime, a Triumph only equaled by its monumental failure" ... [Summertime Killer].

The point is that God acts from within us. And about choices. Well, Keanu chose to be in that movie, the Wachovskies chose to make a movie - and what the movie would end up being ... well ... it apparently is in Gods freedom to just hijack it. Thats the point! Maybe it goes further, like, who wouldn't want to be an Actor or Director and that in a huge Hollywood production ... and who gives a shit about the plot anyway? Disney wouldn't! (XD)... and it can easily go even deeper. The fact of the matter is that certain things have been inevitable - and while artists rely on Inspiration ... there may be God! Thats ... another point! (Why Disney Star Wars sucks!) [_> God is the BEST - Period! Thats yet another point!]

"But why does he not ..." ... because thats NOT the point! If he wanted to, He wouldn't need to reveal Himself to us that way!

We're still free. We still make our own choices. Except when we don't! Call it fate or destiny! Thats how God can fuck you over for doing the wrong things! Simple! Or ... whatever. However! If it were just about that ... we wouldn't be here! This isn't to perpetuate Superstition, but to perpetuate Enlightenment! For, how Enlightened can a society be that doesn't believe in God while God very well exists?

"Bombs away" Enlightened! Yea ... tss.

SO, again ...
... because its hard to catch the first time - I think. (Sorry, this is mostly because ... whatever. Deal with it. Grow a Pair)

I'm only human, yet ever so often "this thing" happened to me. I began to experiment - and so this thing slowly 'became' a thing - for me - and it turns out, it was more of a thing than I initially supposed. Initially I only wanted a way to 'share' ... to have something of an example, so I might write about it happening - as something thats been around me since ... I don't know.

There isn't more to it. I just 'do'. Eventually have a feeling here and there that I should skip there or there - and in case of what I have on Camera (High Beats Low I call it, the first is ... IDK, just Matrix Reloaded feature/Reloaded I guess, the first thing, and the second ... I call Tidal Wave) some sense of harmony, ... or flow. Because after all I have synergy with God. Thats part of the whole story. 'UNIFICATION' - that what its all about, beyond cobbling all Religions together in peace.

And thats ... that! I hope I could enlighten some dark minds!
Or are some people actually pissed that God took the liberties to ... get that done? Well, ... "buhu" ...