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General StuffPosted by Nicole Tue, January 16, 2018 16:49:24

[Ideology vs. Ideology, Luciferianism, Gods choice]

Everything. Nothing. Period. Need I explain?

Racism: There's the thing - that, this should be simple. Christianity is/should-be inherently inclusive thus racism is should/be inherently disqualified. Simple thing. But - it seems the meaning of racism has shifted - slightly. There's a difference between racism a.k.a.: 'The recognition of there being such a thing as race (racial/cultural differences)' and racism a.k.a.: 'Being condescending based on racial markers' - and though it would stand that one is inherently good and the other inherently bad - not even that is 'clear' enough. What I mean by that is that 'racism' if we want to talk about it in terms of "the Christian Ideology" (to the point of me representing what I believe to have that sortof done) isn't a no-go. It works as a matter of given preferences in terms of a favored ... stuff ... like, birds of the same feather flock together. That said and done - of course there is no such thing as 'good racism' when racism is about exclusion.

So, what is 'my' Gods ideology. What do you get in once you're in with Him?

I think the main complaint that I am to address here are all those issues round about my God being unfair. It to me is "sugar daddy God" vs. ... 'My God'. And My God ... well, is possibly Homophobe, Mysogenistic, ... and stuff. I'm left alone - add that to the list. Its possibly where the crux is at, considering that my opponents would need to be many; Many that all can confirm each other as part of a greater whole through which we can discover the true Love of God. A Love that is based on sugercoating us. Or such ... .

See, it shouldn't be inherently abstract to think of God being "supposed" to look after us to some extent; And that society can shield us from what God could do ... without resorting to the heavy stuff (like fireballs). Society further can shield us from God - period. Speaking of Fireballs, ... a society confirming its belief in those having come from the devil - well - would have it that way. Period.

Its where the lines are getting blurry. So, ... ever heard this: "Maybe the Devil is the good guy"? And that sortof is clearly the idea. Evil being around here - in this world - as advocate for whosoever would have a stance against God. At least so in the classic Good vs. Evil scheme. But the more nuanced it gets, the less the Devil is actually of interest or significance.
Thinking of the first time the snake appeared - thats in Eden. God had planted the Tree of Recognition of Good and Evil and by telling Adam and Eve that there is something they don't know and that they 'shouldn't' - the situation is already there. Conspiracy, ... Wondering, ... a Lack of Knowledge wherein 'the Snake' effectively takes shape; Thus being just an extension of Gods creation.

But well. I think the easiest way to put this is straight forward: What I believe is the ideology standing against me is an abstraction of the fundamental Antichristian ... thing. So, the reasons they have to be upset about God, wrapped up into a religion possibly disguising as Gods. And somewhere around that is some ... "things being set Equal" stuff. So - if both impose as the true Prophet it comes down to what each has to say - basically. Ideology vs. Ideology. So, we choose - or you - who wins this fight. (But eventually God says that actually knowing which is which ... isn't entirely irrelevant).
This way ... we could save ourselves quite some headache - but ... it seems that in the end the smarter one has to take a step back and so we now pose as the bad guys. Lust, Temptation, ... all of that. But ... how could that work? How is that still Gods side?

Well, first of all - 'we' - do not need to care! We have learned how to live our lives, ... we enjoy it and our enjoyment 'rules'. Period. Whatever piss you got to take at it - take it - its your problem! This is what I learned - that ultimately - I don't need to let my part in life be diminished by your ignorance!
Yea sure, there are the 10 commandments and "logical rules" and what not - but guess what: None of us disagrees with that! I certainly do agree with the 10 commandments - as far as I understand them - but I no longer need to be bothered by my inabilities to perfectly obey all good rule. I know who God is - I know who enlightened me, whom my Salvation is due; ... so, if I then enjoy me some idolatry ... that would seem like a contradiction on the surface but my idolatry is not to replace that one and only God with an Idol. It only extends everything. But so, obviously, this can't work out if you don't have that ... thing with God. Lets say ... if I were married and I brought home the money and my wife spent some of it - yea, not making a drama out of it, there's a variety of things I wouldn't mind. If you however took my wallet and bought the same stuff that I didn't mind my wife buying, ... well ... different thing, isn't it?

The Antichristian perspective is flawed in that it opposes God and therefore removes itself from understanding Gods true motives behind His actions. In their place they need to come up with other stuff; Which eventually has to be abstracted further to fit into their active agenda.

Who's ignorant there? If they say that we are - we must believe that God is of inferior insight than their Boss or entirety. Which is something I can logically not get behind.

Sure are/can there (be) things that I don't right away understand ... and whenever this issue comes up we're ... in the place that takes us here. So - the issue that I have to have all the answers because thats what I'm here for. But thats just the thing. There are things we do not understand ... period. There are things that I do understand which you don't - but thats a different issue. Here I know something you don't and I would do good, possibly, by sharing those things with you. But hereby its inherently so that the stuff that concerns me is biased through my own individuality. I have my own perspective - and no matter how centric it may be ... what prevents you from taking an arbitrary position I haven't considered (yet) and disagree or misunderstand? That would be you! And thats my main point here. A principality. I'm not saying that I'm not gonna share any of the stuff I deem important at this point - but sooner or later you'll have to get accustomed on your own.

And the more you'd rather have this not be the case, the more you simply keep on running into this wall. You might ignore it, pretend that this isn't a wall or a door I "should open" because "reasons" - but it still is and will always be, matter of fact, a wall - and ... guess what: If you get that ... you get it! And thats the point!

On the other end we don't need to pretend like we can't see behind "them" - thus moving forward arguing: The 'ideologies' that we are to be concerned about are all the little things that I said which someone could find an argument against. Its the same as with YouTube hiding censorship efforts behind the talking points of progressiveness and safe spaces and being inclusive and not racist and protective and what not. Doesn't change the fact.

Yea ... where 'freedom of speech' is good for as long as it fits the agenda.

We not? How would we do it if we were in charge? How could our "do whatever you want" attitude possibly work in a society?

Well - first of all: The less time you spend pointing your fingers at others, the more time you get for living your own life. And sure - I'm guilty at this point - but to the consequence of not having much of a life for my own. Be this ... therefore or whyever.

Either way you don't have much choice but to live your life either way; And pick a society/culture to be(come) a part of. What I like about God vs. theirs is that we don't need to cater to each other, artificially making sure that we're all inclusive and friendly and that everyone is happy. Thats not how I want to be loved - and not how I want to love my neighbor. Does that make me a bad/unfriendly person? Am I the grumpy single guy that don't wants any help from anyone?
Well - how does it sound when I say that I were happy to accept help if the entity helping me understood how?
Am I now arrogant? I mean, I say: People don't understand me. Their help doesn't usually arrive at me as helpful. In a way you could spin this and make me stand there as some arrogant person that needs the others around her to bend to her will - to adapt to me, basically; But what is it my fault? And ... I have been holpen by others already. Its maybe just that ... I don't need all that much help - period.

But sure, when it gets to myself, being true to my inner being, ... acting in interest of my own ..., thats where I'm bad at. I ... really suck at looking after myself. So, thats where I would need the most help, ... but that is a thing where ... its difficult to provide any help at all!

As for why God seemingly doesn't do anything about it - thats not how I experience it. Period. But to give a proper response to the concern, well, I first have to think. I then get to wonder why it is not a problem to me - and would eventually even get to think about it to begin with. I just know that I wasn't bothered by it before - and so there is no way that me thinking about it could change that. The question is why. And maybe its just that I didn't think of it - but so - if I had no concept of it, ... I wouldn't have noticed any help. Now that I do have concepts about it - there is some kind of help?
Well - there is more. There is the question: What did God do? At all? And ... can I defend it?

The one thing is that God never made any moves 'against' ... those things. It was me standing in my own way, and God helping me to change that ... is ... good? Isn't it? Isn't that how it should be?

Now, either way - its a situation that some of you might experience as "triggering". So, if you were caught up in that situation - or my situation - ...

I find this confusing because "more often than not" problems just appear out of nowhere. Things that were all clear just the day before all of a sudden turn into raging thunderstorms. The ultimate WTF experience, ... sortof.

I don't know. I just sense that this is ... basically the main point of contention. What God does or doesn't do - should or shouldn't - while generally thats not on my mind because I learned to bother living rather than ... breaking my head over such nonsense.

And there are points where the opposite is the problem. Namingly: Inspiration. Apparently that suggests that I'm not doing my creative work myself. So, here now Gods help is 'bad'. But then, it isn't good enough either - as - God doesn't pre-produce everything. We have to do our own work to it. At least thats how I get it. I get a concept thats usually flawed at some points and my own cognitive abilities learn about them - eventually - I suppose depending on how good I did. The more work I've done the more experience I can resort to and the better God can help me out.
Good for me that none of that should matter anymore.

Ultimately the whole "which ideology do you prefer" nonsense comes down to you having your own preferences ... and if we are to settle on that, then why not settle on it so?

Well - so, whats the point? The thing is that the 'buggy point' here is that the 'real' issue is the matter of which 'standards' we set. Or get settled with. Thats the 'freedom of speech' thing. Right now it would stand that freedom of speech is one of those 'standards' we can settle with. Religious freedom - for that matter. So, they and me/us, we can sortof co-exist in this frame. But if we are to settle on some standard of ideological censorship - we 'should' understand that we really need to know what we are doing ... and even then ... we ... maybe had to find that we then should opt against it. Its however clear that a reality where you cannot freely express your ideas isn't a good standard but for the few that happen to be in line with it. Give or take. The critical issue here is that of how broad or narrow the tolerance there is.
The idea would be that "the Prophet" "is to come" and settle some standards for everyone to adjust to. Creating some sense of order. That then goes on to assume that its one vs. the other - that there is some ... point by point similarity. So, as for me: They would settle some religious doctrine as standard - and so would I - and the issue is which one the better one is; Where in both cases the consequences for the other side were similar. Or the same. Stuff like Sonic vs. Mario - rather than Civilization vs. Mario.

Or, "freedom of speech, but" vs "freedom of speech - done/period/and".

The easiest thing about 'my thing' is that nothing needs to be settled as some standard. We don't need to get behind the steering wheel and plot a course. Therefore we won't have to bother about the fight for who's in charge. Well - naturally those that get 'in' will be in and they will sortof get settled amongst each other and that in tune with the Light. And once that gets to be the official thing due to majorities - then so we have that standard settled democratically.

"No bullshit, no ass-kissing".

"But what about ..." - well - once its settled its settled. That ... about it!

You can read through the Gospel looking for stuff that specifically tells us what to do and what not to do - and you'll eventually notice that thats not how it works! Or the wrong thing to be looking for. ...

Well - I get some ... difficult response; spiritually, ... from making these/my points. This works as a reminder of what my Clarity is about - and while those things might seem irredeemable, there are redeeming points that just don't seem to settle with some folks. Its tough ... anyhow. But, first of all - if it works for me it works for me. On the other side are the compelling things about it strongly so because of the Light, ... hence it is God creating the circumstances wherein these things work out ... and thus it should be in His responsibility to make those things happen that way. However, whenever.
Well, sometimes the dealing with stranger philosophies/ideologies/stuff is just difficult, ... or uncomfortable. Whether you're on a more sexual or a less sexual page - the other side will always be somehow less ... comfortable to you.

So, getting 'raped to death' ... tortured, punished, ... getting fucked by Tentacle Monsters, ... that sortof stuff ... for instance. Good? Bad? Of course it depends on what your joy with a given part in such a story would be - ... while some would claim that for me just mentioning that I'd like to be on the receiving end I should therefore be put into it hard ... thats the core of the problem.

For the most part I'm just guessing, ... when it comes to what the implications thereof are to real life in 'this world'. And in deed are there things that work for me - to say - "as much as possible" is a thing. But there are also other things that would go against that. I mean - thinking about getting raped to death, ... like, right now I feel like there's a knife at my throat. Or maybe even in my throat. It makes me feel uncomfortable and totally not into the whole getting raped to death thing. But with a certain selection of entities that add some emotional context to it, ... that changes, ... thus arguing that it wouldn't have to be "saved for the afterlife". That should say that we'll have such things before this world ends - totally legitimately and integrated into society - but it does not say so 'per se'.
The issue is that we can't leave it standing just like that because this kind of thinking only ever allows 'one' outcome to everything. The proposed ideal. Without sidestepping.
It is for instance within the realm of possibilities that this case of me sometimes being warm and sometimes cold regarding issues about my clarity is vastly of spiritual concerns; And that me being warmed up for my clarity isn't - as related to the contemporary world - about the proposed outcome but the implied social dynamics.

As my clarity goes there are a few things that inherently define me as incapable of quitting any of this "insanity". I can only crave for rape, ... I must only want things that are sexual self-depriving (simply put) ... being the perfect slave all in all that is totally designed for a life of eternal suffering. 'Period'. And any move away from that would diminish the quality of the projected image.
So, thats how it is - or in simpler words: "The one outcome". There is only one - and the only difference from one lifetime to the other were how long I'd live, when what would begin - that stuff.
That is however true within me. There is no divergence left or right - that I could or would take. Basically. In principle. Often enough that goes deeper and deeper to be literally as absolutistically true as possible. So, ... to for instance say that my male veins are getting Characterized and turned into items that are then inverted so I get raped to death always. To so remove anything that would take any other direction. Thats just the general consequence of my will being bent to forever and always only being capable of wanting to get raped.
And as for how I experience it - the general gist is that I would enjoy myself in there more than I ever could in any other circumstance.



There is no 'but' to that which works within that setting. Thats ... another way of putting it. But that being a problem is like saying that there is nothing outside of that ... realm.

At the very least am I capable of existing outside of those things. Like I do right now. And it doesn't feel as satisfying or enjoyable as stuff inside of that realm, ... but still different. I suffer a lot, ... outside of that realm, ... making it literally so that I need to inherently distance myself from this normality - but still my life is OK in a lot of other ways. You could draw this life as a road ... and eventually it would inevitably lead into a black hole. Thats the one string. From a different point of view this road however is a plane, ... and instead of a black hole there are black hole "items" (like Video Game pickups) littered throughout. Those then aren't the full fledged experience, ... but "shadows" thereof which "at the very least" resembled, in my case, some Kinky stuff. Its the idea that I'm the slave of my wife through which all the depravity occurs - but eventually the 'emotional plane' whereby we're just generally in love with each other is more relevant than those Kinks.

"Which, when, how?" isn't anything I feel like answering. Either answer would inherently deny the other. The one side of me wants it - the other side feels intellectual/creative efforts (creating a game) as more compelling. The two are at conflict - without me being able to resolve it. It might be a combination of the two, but ... yea ... thats where we get into ... this ... "iffy" zone.

Either way you're required to either accept or burn me; Basically. Thats the easiest "print through" we can agree on I guess. On the one side I'm supposed to die, ... and on the other as well. But both outcomes, in this sense, would happen 'because' of some pressure that I don't recognize as a thing 'within' the Ninefold. That which (is to) abducts me into depravity is/should-be love ... and that inherently isn't or shouldn't be anyones business. So either there is this realm where that is possible or not - to begin with.

And so maybe its true ... that I don't like it ... is also part of the rape thing. Same as that I basically like it more. So. In other words ... getting limbs removed for instance isn't something I look favorably upon, ... but the feeling I get from thinking of some having been removed is opposingly positive. But what happens here is that I can't escape myself. I'm supposed to ... lock myself up within this outcome. The only thing that can save me are those with authority upon my life - where again ... at the very best I can be somewhat agnostic about that.

Ultimately ... what did I want to say?

I guess it mostly amounts to the suggestion that 'maybe' those issues won't ever be of any concern to us because our emotions IRL won't ever take us down that road that far. Maybe.
Else - well - take it as an example of how ... free we are. Where most of my concerns that drive me away from my darkness are due to ... well ... some "political correctness" sortof thinking.

I however don't really feel comfortable getting shoved in there either. If it were up to me, if I had to be honest ... well ... by now this should have some comedy value. There is no way how I could honestly get out of this. But, ... on the other side do both possible ways feel off in their own way. Think of an egg - where you separate the yellow from the white. The one feeling is yellow, the other is white, ... but still the whole egg includes both.

Its got to be its own story that makes sense within our relationships - while, once 'snuff' would be legal ... I'd certainly envy those who could get snuffed if I couldn't.

Thats just a thing.

And yea ... "sorry" ... I guess.
Which, I realize, is ... a statement done in regards to a very specific setting. In a sense that any of those kinds of imaginations are very specific. There are certain elements that create the 'atmosphere' wherein certain 'Lights' are being triggered - and changing any one element might change the whole picture completely. Like ... thinking of what if snuff were legal 'already' - then I would have to change the point of where my envy occurs closer to the beginning - and in that I see that ... this isn't the case. I ... don't have that envy now already. I do have it in a remote sense - so ... its difficult.

Whats easy is on the one side just figuring out whats going on 'inside of me'. Thus - finding my 'clarity' - for all I got to do is to acknowledge myself in response to the Light. But yea ...

When taking all of this down into official terms ... there is a lot of dark stuff on a list of things that I would propose towards legalization. At the worse: Child Rape. Which is yet, as controversial as it is, equally ... something of a niche thing. Its very specific. Its not simply suggesting that Child Rape shouldn't be looked down upon. The idea here is that this is just a very abstract way of love and care. I mean - if our standard philosophy is to prepare a child for an independent life in our society - we already make decisions for that person which may or may not be good.
And I'm possibly the best case example. There is a lot of value that you can assign to me, outside of anything sexual. Speaking so of "Neutral, Intellectual Potential" or something like that. Now - if we generalized that people like me should get raped since childhood ... would eventually deny that type of potential to ever unfold. Plain theory. In practice we might find that it isn't that simple because of the childs growth and its parents emotional attachment. Yet the underlying issue is that this is mainly about the child and not the parents. The parents don't get to choose who their child is!

So on the other side we should be taking it very seriously that we can't just subject any child to "such parents" - while on the other side there so were the argument that God would judge a child by giving it to such parents. Thereby we however would suggest that there are as many 'such children' as there are 'such parents' that are getting offspring. It would make sense - but eventually there are 'so many' in life already. I mean - we could generalize, but in the end ... judging on a case by case basis ... is the safer option.

And so on and so forth.

So - I'm most definitely not trying to set the standard for anything of this sorts. [Now I got weed again].

I think the most appropriate stance to this is to take it into consideration that everyone, both sides, have the 'same' interest in it; Although that from different points of view. We could argue that 'we' feel sick for being the way we are - and we want to have that sickness ... somehow recognized and treated.

Its not that we 'want' Pedophilia to become legal. Although we are Pedophiles. That is, those of us who are. Dark Side. "Satanists" or for matter of distinctiveness: "Luciferians"? At this point I would feel like that legalizing it - as by a snap - wouldn't do too much good. I sure don't feel like we'd just go on and fuck children. Thats ... too sudden. It ... also kindof doesn't make any sense.

As, there - recognizably - is no reason yet to have that. No context. At least not the type of thing that I feel 'we' want. So, just "letting" us ... so ... doesn't sit right with me. On the other hand saying that we want to is true - but - not right away in the way you might think. I think this is a new piece of data on being Unified. There, to me - now more clear than ever - is a means to the end. A way to the goal. So - there is what I/we want - but that is eventually more complicated than not. At least from our "modern" perspective. You might however notice the little nuances that matter for me specifically, ... which cannot be easily generalized. Pedophilia might be an umbrella term, but so is Snuff, Slavery, ... and such ... and all that does somehow come together - and - as with cooking, ... sometimes the amount of ingredients is key to a tasty meal. 80% mayo and 2% meal wouldn't make a good sandwich. And we want that environment where we can enjoy ourselves the way ... its supposed to be. Settling for anything less ... would be ... less desirable of course. That is how we can get ... effectively ... darker and grimmer stuff to be legal; But that due to there being an extensive amount of well established (common sense?) knowledge that allows these statements to ... be ... 'real'.

One thing that I have to think about is ... the "double standard" some BDSM folks accuse non BDSM folks of ... where, be it as it may, your own Clarity might amaze you. Not that it has to be sexual - but anyhow - is there that level of things we have to get settled. So - what we all would want is some database whereby individual can offer their personal experiences and respective conclusions to the public eye and therefore informing some crowd of things that in turn create a real idea of all the things that there happen to be - on that plane of reality.

Speaking of Spiritual Anatomy:

What we can certainly all relate to is "the eye". I mean - I have it, I know what it is, what I mean - and I have a hard time imagining that to be however not the case for someone. We can't be that different. So - circle with a dot. Lets just say. Is this accurate? Does it work for you? If not - well - ... that should be interesting!

So are we then eventually speaking of clarity - something we all should agree on "popped" like out of nowhere, underneath or within everything we thought was possible - and then is there on a level as intimate to us as we never could have imagined. So we all know that intimate sphere that we so get to call 'clarity' - which is where God does His thing of being with us. From our deepest insides we're built up towards/within a Character that we resonate with .... thus gaining something of a cognitive body through which we experience our 'beyond-ish' (esoteric) existence in the "beyond-ish" (esoteric) community. Which is where God does what he does when supporting our communications through physics. We speak = what speaks? It is our body that generates the sound - and we do not know how it does that. We just do it. We learned how to move our cognitive issues into our body - generating that which we so desire. Uttering a single sound from 'wanting' to utter them, down to mimicking more complex tunes. What we grow to through God generating a plane of physical existence for us that exists between God and ones self and thus not for anyone else, ... is however perceived by God and as real as a knowledge through which He can compare our individual selves to all the others that grow up in that space. We are sotospeak connected through a spiritual plane - and where that isn't God its one of Gods creations. Like our own established link to our Body.

It becomes noticable at some point - but again its ... something totally unthunk of ... that emerged like out of nowhere. That because as we grow we grow to a deeper and deeper understanding of the world we entered - and certain things require certain depths of insight - and that can ultimately not be forced/sped-up artificially.

But before I get too wound up in this, ... while I could so continue a dark cloud takes shape at the horizon, ... and however it begins by something resonating with who/what I am ... and me starting to feel uncomfortable about it. I lack the answer to combat this whatever there so "bends itself around me" - but it feels wrong. The answer eventually comes in identifying the individual who claims that part of me that is resonating. There I then clearly see that part of me which is resonated with attaching to someone, leaving that which started to resonate into me as nothing I have to that way synergize/agree with. And that in and of itself is a battle. Its a thought, ... a part of my mind that determines how I think or feel about myself ... and there are so thoughts trying to get in that are opposed by another set of thoughts - and however which way I believed it I'd make it for myself.

Thats what I dislike about passivity inducing media. The Bible is one thing. You read through it - sotospeak - whereafter it speaks for itself. Well, kindof. Its there. Its something. And after some time, ... that just is. Interactive and New Media and sorts however keeps the ball moving, ... we move from A to B to C to A. Well - whenever movies or trailers do that ... well, its a hit or miss thing. It can be done right, I think - but generally I hate it when the entire hype is in the flow and all the movie is generally doing 'well' is that everything is constantly moving and in some dynamic flow that leaves 'nothing' to me but sitting there and drooling, ... effectively.

Thinking of Video Games ... I have to think of Horizon : Zero Dawn, as a good example of an Open World experience. One of the few Open World experiences I have. There is the GTA type of thing which can be fun. Jumping into some random savestate and maybe doing some missions and eventually just aimlessly cruising around. On the other end there is the RPG environment whereby there still basically are missions (stuff to do) and the cruising around bit - but within an RPG there also comes progression in terms of Levels. So - parts of the world may be inaccessible. Artificially so, maybe. In Horizon that isn't so much the case. Once finishing the first part of the story, which is ... well, there is only one area that is locked off and that is pretty much the larger part of the map. It comes in three stages. First there is the village, ... then its vicinity, and then the rest - and the game does a great job of conveying that. So, you always basically know stuff about the next bigger area you enter that gives you a sense of understanding the Character even. In the beginning while everything is still new there are a few basic things to master - "fetch some fire canisters" - which is the games way of telling you to hunt down some Machines that carry those things - but doing nothing to help you doing that. All there is is the games intro tutorial. Then you are sent on your mission - You're allowed to enter the wild ... and you have a simple goal ... marked on the map. So, all you got to do is move up a significant stretch of the map - and thats where you would play around getting yourself a mount, hunting down some materials and doing some side-quests or finishing some challenges. The two things in mind here are a sense of direction and a lack of directions. Once you're allowed into the first big area, outside of Motherheart, you're basically still bound to the plot of the story to so unlock access to the rest of the Map - but there nonetheless is still a lot of stuff that can be done. It basically lets you loose - which is what you wanted all along - but if you want all of it there is this task that you still have to complete. For the rest of the game you're pretty much free to roam around - but certain bits are still tied to you completing the story. Its pretty linear in that one thing leads to another - but yet the way from A to B is generally an open challenge; In that it takes you further into the wilds. It keeps you moving, but not to the price of being perfectly on rails. Well - it doesn't just let you loose either. It wants you to have that amount of participation in its events ... that you're for the time being ... interactively involved with it. It asks you to this and that - things that eventually are 'required' and therefore "bog standard" - although, what do you do if the only mount nearby is ... a bit more tricky to hack? Well - anyhow - but you're still travelling the wild, fighting machines and mobs, ... with lots and lots of stuff to do and find in-between.

When it comes to movies - Mad Max : Fury Road comes to mind. It wasn't everyones thing, ... but its one "hell of a ride" that takes you through a lot of different shit where a lot is left up to the viewer to fill out. Not asking too much, ... but relating to the Characters mostly on behalf of their actions rather than their words; While being all in all given/left little time to breathe, but that time is there at all.

Resident Evil : Retribution on the other hand side can be pretty stressing to get through. But once you got some weed on your hand time to let yourself be immersed - its pretty decent. It has its little sub-plots and resulting circumstances and plot-twists - an actually rather complex situation at whole that is just minimalistically attached to the Resident Evil movies that came prior (by dropping the protagonist into a completely isolated sphere) so that one does not only not have to know a lot of them, but also has to catch up to stuff that hasn't been introduced anywhere. Well ... except for minor details that then don't really stand out in the whole. I guess it even throws some stuff in, pretending it had happened.

And why not? Its called "switching off" for a reason. Whatever works for you.

The switching off here comes through the deliverance. Its not mind-numbingly stupid - its just, ... providing stuff to you without you doing anything for it - except, as in a video game for instance, the moving from A to B bit.

All we essentially need is a bit of time here and there - provided you have the right aid to help you from here to there - and help you to put that time to the right use, ... most importantly.

The ideology itself thus is basically about saying that we believe that we can be "this open". And that maybe mostly because God is putting us to it. I mean - its not like we have much of a choice here. Which can be taken as a good thing. That so by putting us to things we wouldn't dare to admit. As - ... you have no choice other than to acknowledge that there are people that have my perception of things. And now you're supposed to judge us, or come up with a solution, ... like, ... can't we just let it go?

Its the part where you most certainly have no choices. Like physics, ... or concrete, ... . I can't change what my Clarity is - nor would I want to. Thats ... I guess a part of it. Why it is what God imposed as it. For the most part its none of your business - its then within its own logic that it here and there 'desires to connect to official terms' - . And thus the ideology is that God knows us the best and that with Him we can be free.

... to be continued?