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It only just begun?

General StuffPosted by Nicole Fri, January 12, 2018 14:12:19
[Star Wars, Foolishnes, Wisdom, comparisons | Nerd-Love]

So, lets ... do some damage.

Why people who hate the Disney Star Wars movies are wrong: Well, lets face it! The Death Star could in deed not possibly have been faulty to the point of having such a 'huuuuuuge' weakness. And following in the footsteps of this conclusion we can find how truly, utterly, flawed the original trilogy is. How did Darth Vader not sense from the start that Leia was his daughter?

Yea, but bullshit aside, ... that is how we now got to those movies where 'the Force' is an all-can-do wish-fulfiller that would seem to defy all logic since there is no logic. It does what the people who see themselves criticized (Dark Side) want it to do since now they have the power to determine what it is.

Which is a great lesson in life, delivered by life. This isn't a movie! This is real!

So, we could argue about the worth of lessons learned by fiction - but not putting too much thought into it: There's a thing called 'good example'. Therein we don't really have lessons. We don't need to believe that we may be able to use the force to singlehandedly defeat a galactic empire. Movies would - possibly not for no reason - draw huuge odds the heroes must face, possibly impossible circumstances to overcome - to narrow the 'act' down to the most important feats of a hero. Hope would be one of them. The 'will' to do the right thing. To go against the odds. To ... 'stand up', ... to ... "walk tall" I would say if that wasn't about being a Tank of a person doing some wreckage.

We could try to take those "lessons" seriously just to hear: "Its just a movie!".

We should possibly however try to figure out: Who's taking the content of those movies more seriously? Who's really putting 'too much thought' into them? Maybe the guy who finds himself portrayed in a bad way? Like, ... how dare Lucas portray his Genious as flawed? The death Star couldn't possibly be that flawed! It would have to be utterly invincible. Yet the Starkiller base had the same flaws. ... ???

What I do, regarding the Original Trilogy, is that I from my appreciation learn to eventually appreciate it even more. Thats where all those nerdie interpretations come in. Its just ... nerd-love. Its awesome ... and if it can be more awesome ... its super awesome!

I digress ...

A lot of people complain about Rey being a Mary Sue. Though I didn't really have much of an issue with that, ... it is what in the end happens to be one of the more concerning parts nonetheless. It makes me question how the people who devised those stories approach living ... relate to life ... and what they want their audience to take away in that regard. The answer would seem to be: Nothing! Or ... "Whaaaat?".

The thing with me not having an issue with the Mary Sue issue mostly comes from the idea of rebirth. So, lets say Anakin died and got reborn ... we could assume some greater aptitude in wielding the force. But technically Luke would fit the same bill. Lukes training started pretty late, ... while Anakin was considered too old he was still a child, ... Luke was certainly way past that.

Being reborn myself, ... having previously been one of THE 12 Apostles, ... I would have that too. That ... more intimate sense of God, the Gospel ... and of that would tell that I never really had a doubt in Gods existence. Which would sortof work with Luke ... thinking of his almost childlike curiosity for and drive towards the force.
Yet when it comes to miracles ... my mind is still pretty blank. If I had to guess ... suggesting that the knowledge is somewhere within me ... well, ... ... thinking about it ... the Character Story for Dhalsim in SFV is pretty good. Something along those lines. You need to have faith, faith is expressed by actions - but you can't be too bold. "Trust the Force" would amount to both possibilities with a situation: Being on the right and being on the wrong track. To me: A lot of trial and error. Dealing with the little nuances my mind isn't yet capable of perceiving properly. Be it detail or complexity that finally fucks things up for me, ... suggesting that my journeys always ended because I had done something wrong at some point.
But ... in the end I don't know anything. I would need a mentor - but - then the issue were: What would he/she teach me? And what for?

I try to find links between myself and things going wrong in this world since I can't shake this feeling that I've been observed carefully ... mostly thinking about the times where I've done 'right' ... since mostly, ... I find those things mimicked to an extent that my accomplishment isn't outstanding by comparison.

Yet there aren't much things amongst those quite 'like' me and my ventures into programming. So, from wanting to write a game to learning how to code for myself - to a degree that would allow me to conceptualize a working Operating System - ... thats something that can't be mimicked because ... 'talent is an asset'. You could do that too ... as far as I got ... but putting it to use that is equally stunning ... is a different thing entirely. So, while I don't make it, it can't be copied. That simple. But that isn't really the issue. It can't be. Its a stub.
So, thinking about it - I don't really know what I'm thinking about ... actually. But yea, it makes sense. What I would have to expect, rationally, is that I'm being analyzed and from the cloud of points some would decide what to pick, how and for what ... thus adding another layer of abstraction to the analysis; While next to that they'd further have their own plans, goals and ambitions.

I possibly just got something wrong. Like ... realizing that what I was proud of at the time wouldn't amount to all so much ... ... yea. Thus I was shutting up for some time to get back to actions.

... moving on ... how 'wise' am I? I mean - to you, ... what can I do? I do think I've been wise beyond my ages ... and that I do have wisdom that I can share with you. But I wouldn't understand how to put that into a codex of lessons - since this wisdom isn't really obtained by going to school. Its ... rather circumstantial. There happen to be moments where I got something to say, ... as there are moments where I rather shouldn't. And sure, what sets me apart from a true sage is my own immaturity. I'm impatient, I guess. No matter how calm I am or can be, is that not to be mistaken for patience. 'Boanerges' ... 'Son of Thunder' ... that might suggest that I'm not even that type of person. I do 'feel' that part of me. Realistically. I'm calm - but eventually tension builds up ... and without notice 'ptchaaam'. I can be very passionate about my talking points, opinions, perspectives ... but, as some might notice ... those aren't automatically good properties. The way I can argue for a point doesn't make the value of the point. Its merely one interpretation of it and if mine are outstanding above all others its not my own accomplishment but Gods hands guiding me through.
Which is one thing I had to learn. To be as a Lightning Rod, basically. To go with 'the' Flow, ... to sense where I'm supposed to be, ... to mostly learn to be myself rather than trying to be "the Prophet" - in order to 'be' that Prophet. As what God wants. For ... we are no slaves! We, ... or at least I, ... if I can't speak for everyone else, ... aren't in it because we're programmed to, ... or commanded to. At least not primarily. We have a common sense about whats right and what must be done, but not necessarily the same idea of how and why and such. How it works is that from our own interest we get to the solutions that are provided by God. It is so that we do what we want to do, that we can accomplish what we want to accomplish - as in the simple sense: Having a desire, praying for Gods assistance and getting it.

Sure does this sound weird once you understand or think that God knows everything in advance or is at least always a few steps ahead ... that we got to trust that He knows what we want and that we'll get it without even asking. But what we want and what we want isn't the same thing here. I wanted a dinosaur as a pet ... which I didn't get. And that during one of the darkest moments of my Childhood ... where I began to doubt Gods love.

And it might seem contradicting that 'what we want' isn't what we 'want'. I guess it evokes a sense of God just guessing what we could want; And us being respectively 'wrong' until we kindof get onto that track. But if then so get to speak of personal desires ... we get into a whole other topic. But obviously, somewhere the 'repentance' part comes in, the part where we must change to become better versions of ourselves.

But ... it all starts at the same point: What you currently 'want'. What I once wanted was fulfillment of something I believed in; Which has nothing to do with the betterment of everything for everyone. Yea, the classic 'selfishness vs. selflessness' thing; Although the two things aren't mutually exclusive. I had to come to the point where I would make a decision that would set a course for me to do heroic things, sotospeak. Priority or not ... thats not the issue. And I shouldn't let personal desires be in my way.

When it comes to the fate of humanity, ... our future, ... what do I want? The good thing or the bad thing? How do I want it? All those determine how we pick our paths, sides, ... stuff. And I don't pull this from up my arse. I don't know these things because they've been lectured to me either, or hammered into my head. I gained a perspective and acted upon it - and the direction I took happened to be in Gods favor. Thats what makes me ... me. Why I am ... one of the bigger guys in the Holy Kingdom. Or sotospeak basically 'let loose' without knowledge or clue, ... and somehow made it here. Not because I out of my own self am so genius ... "I am Weasel" esque ... although some would ascribe some weasel-esque abilities to me. But because my curiosity would take me closer to God and the truth ... inevitably. Eventually.
And if God made you one of His, ... 'then' you could legitimately argue that you could/would have done the same ... ish. Or at all. Just differently. Like, ... your way.

But back onto the topic.

So, I just got something handed to me. So - as I was previously mentioning me getting mimicked, ... there are those SJWs. I'm not thinking that thats it ... but my inner response is sortof similar. SJWs have a lot of talking points that could come straight from me - and hence they to me are "those" which I 'felt' as sortof getting everything I told wrong. Those are the Mary Sues. They have their unpremeditated talking points with which they pollute the Internet ... while all in all all they seem to be concerned of seems to be that of taking a lead. Saying things, making sure nobody objects, bullying out those that do, pretending everyone agrees and moving on, gaining momentum, ... and yea - ... making sure that the "trigger functions" are in tact. So - if one yells "rapist" all go at him.
Did you hear about this Google incident? The guy who's now suing google for having been fired for having some 'feedback' in regards to googles hiring policies?

Apply what I just previously wrote onto those people and ... see the chaos! You can legitimately wonder how they would ever understand these things and find no satisfying answer other than fire and brimstone.

And thats also what matters ultimately, ... more than whether or not my paranoia were correct or not. Some were. Thats sure!
And no - this doesn't say that its important that they get thrown into hell - its this issue of ... actually talking. Like, we have mouths to speak and ears to hear ... #communication ... but some only seem to know those as tools of manipulation and consumption.

Those ... and Conservative Christians.
I'm cautious though to not include 'Right Wingers'. Although there are severe problems with the Right Wing ideology, there are those perspectives that are just as important to our society as shadows to our perception. Sure, in a cartoon you might get along avoiding shadows entirely ... but still there are situations wherein you need at least something ... to indicate the distance of a Character from the Ground for instance. But sure, you can still do it - just as showing extreme light - without it. But that is going out of ones way just to be overly sterile.
The SJW Frontline provides a great context. Since they've moved the goalpost so far that being Liberal and Progressive can yet be set on par with Right Wing extremism has that natural side-effect. There is the 'less progressive' voice of reason - which stands there as shadow that is getting demonized by those 'purists' who seem to only progress in one way: Shrinking the width of the spectrum. So, not only removing shadows, but dark colors in general. So as by now there's only Neon and Pastel left, ... sotospeak.

The Right Wing ideology that I think to defend is that of ... well ... 'economic rationality' we might call it. There's that talk some might know where some guy goes to explain why taking in immigrants is bad. Or might be. And he does that by having a bunch of tubes and glasses filled with m&ms or something - basically to show how little we do and how we siphon the smart people of those poor countries away. Sure, to a left leaning person this at first sounds sick. Throwing in reason to counter-act benevolence? But co-existence here is about also being able to please 'those' kind of people. Those that worry that our benevolence will make us dig us our own grave.