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Ark : Survival Evolved

General StuffPosted by Nicole Thu, December 21, 2017 07:16:08
[Bad Writing : retconning]

its a great game! I guess I haven't spent that much time in a game playing on for hours ... ever! Although - well. Its up there. Today something like 12 hours. Its a ... neat little game if you look at it from an outside perspective not minding to really get in too deep with it. And thats where I want to fetch up on some point of the previous post: "Bad Writing" ... 'a.k.a. "Retconning"' (... mumbles ...(yea, sometimes, maybe ... but no like it. "Have it for nostalgias sake".)). And in case you missed it: It doesn't necessarily make sense that ... oh, you think - if anyone can link up to not even slightly linked things together its me? Well ... ^^

Ark is cruel. Yesterday I went in ... and getting into the day I had these weird ... visuals. Nothing quite in the game but a somewhat schematic representation in 3D - well - whatever. Its transported some aspect of the game to me. Its nothing I could really ... tell me anything about but ... later that day it made its way into 'bad omen'. All the Dinos I tamed that day got killed or lost. Thats one thing you have to keep in mind when playing or thinking about this game. Things can die easily. I mean - I would have said that yesterday, but today ... I have more experience. I mean - yesterday it would have been the obvious. "Duh". And each however would find that out their own way, with their own mix of Dinos. I don't know if I want to give you any actual survival tips. You know ... "the Secrets" ... but, in some way things have their way of coming out naturally. So, just as a little hint: By the games mechanics you'll come to encounter certain threats. And if you just take some of that which is not too much for you to take ... you have something that earlier was problem for you and turned into something that works for you. But ... that way you won't get all of it; And thats why it may be best to play with others.

But ... what can I say? Its cruel. And you need to expect some time to 'learn' what you are up against to then become capable of conquering it. Where it might help to have some ... "pathfinders" in your team.

Today I was having these visuals again, but I waited a little longer - and lets just say: I came in just the right time. My two compadres were just busy doing something - and if I had joined earlier I would have been somehow wound up in that; Not having looked at the right place at the right time and found those few 'basic' Dinosaurs to get started with. Well, whats basic? That isn't the issue here.

The main issue is that there is a game in the game, basically, if you want to look at it from the other perspective.
Oh yea, 'the other perspective'.

Well - I have something to say about Fairies.

See, there is this thing ... that a 'Warrior personality' could be found arguing against the possibility of a Fairy being able to defeat a Knight. In a Role playing game however the counter perspective is brought by the 'Fairy personality' who would argue that thats unfair. Thats the one thing. THe other thing, to the thing, is what I consider the Truth of that: A fairy cannot be defeated. Except she breaks the Fairy codex, basically. Which is an entirely made up thing but within a Role playing game the person can choose to be a Fairy and so we get into troubles justifying certain activities. Like, what would a Fairy do and what not?
However - once a Fairy is about to receive the final blow, her energy is restored to full strength, she gets invincible and depending on the setting of the story gets a buff or debuff that suits the world. In my world she turns Supersaiyan.

Here's the justification: Fairy's are told to fulfill wishes. That they like to hide. A fairy is a creature people eventually encounter that has the power to do good for them. Adventurer A would go out - eventually encountering a Fairy and because of folklore would be triggered to catch her so she could fulfill him a wish. Adventurer B would do the same. Adventurer A catches her, Adventurer B gets his ass kicked. What allowed Adventurer A to catch her is his open-mindedness, the fact that there would be no 'last blow' that would either kill her or force her to do something she wouldn't want.

[puff puff]

Well, I did get something before I started into Ark today. Or basically yesterday. Maybe that brought the change? Today was ... rather successful. And that maybe due to "Santa's Visit" - but now that some guy dropped some gifts we couldn't deny - there's the question: Whats next? The way I get it - it would seem huge to us, but really isn't all that much. But with a 255 Ankylo and 255 ... whatshisname ... flying dude with three seats ... things get a lot easier.

They aren't particularly useful in general. The Ankylo just helps to fetch stones and metal. And the flying thing can fly. And at this level fend off some place ... protecting a place where a Dino is getting tamed for instance. And its a good Taxi.

But Pteras would do just fine.

So ... lets let the cat out of the Bag: Exobiology.

Its a Fantasy Biome intended to vaguely recreate the feel of the Dinosaur era. But - its possibly not really a Biome at all. I remember one article from some Minecraft Dev about the behavior of wildlife in Minecraft. How the set behaviors between given species created some dynamics. So, wolf-packs hunting sheep around rather than just randomly spawning blots of stuff.

Which was my first impression of Ark. That there are set spawn-locations and the spawns 'rotate'. So - on the other end you might have set spawn-locations with given parameters that simulate a given exchange. Maybe moving spawn locations. However - the case being that egg-hunters would scare off Dinos from breeding so you might end up fending off predators that thereafter no longer have an interest around being there; Were it not for some breed thats specifically after those buggers.

Where as it is a game and you can domesticate all of it ... ?

I'm not saying where this game should go. Or what it has to be. This is just a random insight I just had - as in: its there, ... and what I make of it is whatever.
What I'm trying to get at is saying that there are different types of players. And I guess it comes down to a thing ... like, there are those that like/love Dinos and those that don't. Or didn't. In the end it is just a game with some beginning and some end. What is the end of a Survival game though? Well - its boredom. Thats kindof where the point isn't really there anymore. Except ... you have some joy in the things that are being done there - which is however some form of alternate life. Farmville, ... just different.

I guess thats how the Santa on the Server we play has this massive collection of T-Rexes in all sorts of colors and shapes.

But, all in all - lets put it so: One can line out what the progression within a Game is by a bunch of nodes. First punch trees, then build house, then go fetch iron, ... make some armor. Etc.. By the time you got your first Diamond Pickax (in Minecraft) - you've generally already accomplished something. You've got a mining base, you've got a tool shed, some working economy to keep you supplied on foods and stuff ... while all along you can just be creative. Building stuff here and there.

Ark however adds a whole other Layer to that. Or could. Whatever. My idea isn't that it has evolved badly - I haven't played it all ... that much yet. We're just in the middle-ages, sotospeak. And with the Ankylo we can get a little bit more industrialized, but not by much. We haven't discovered much of the Island yet - neither metal rich rocks.

Now, 'of course' you want that game to have a wide variety of different play styles. "The more the merrier". And now you might be able to see the link to bad writing!