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Is this getting racist?

General StuffPosted by Nicole Mon, April 23, 2018 01:37:29
So, who are the bad guys? Its obvious from the European perspective that ISIS is. Russia would agree I guess. The USA seems to agree. SO, what ... does ISIS have to do with it? Well, turns out that there is word that the CIA funds ISIS and accomplices. Those rebels are fighting Syria, Arabs are pretty much against Syria, with those Rebels, ... and the USA is making friends with them. There isn't really 'much' that could be said to take pressure from this "US Government backs up ISIS" accusation.

Here's what I would do: I would - lets say I become head of Germany - look for allies to declare war on the USA. I would do so while making sure, that all soldiers that get sent our way have the opportunity to surrender and join us. Then we just take their ships and what not right back the way they came - move into the White House - ... and other facilities maybe ... - and call it a day! Kindof. Sotospeak. Well, its a ... the idea of a plan. I'm not quite in "Invasion Mode" yet. But sure - its a war against Politics ... . So, ... it pretty much depends.

Whats bothersome is that there are people that would have to actively support this middle-east conspiracy. Which means that there is some part of the US Military that has been carefully seeded. Or maybe 'victims of war' ... weren't killed by the enemy, but by their comrades!

But yea - the USA is simply an actor in this. Thats certain. Not to say that there aren't similar "nests" elsewhere.
So - the best bet is an "Info War" ... in this sense focusing on getting troops on board/aware of ... whats going down.

Thus we need some Momentum. Starting somewhere ... but anyway. I think you get the idea? Not enough?

Spinning this around for the Military - we might start by taking over Broadcasting stations. I'm sure there is enough incentive within the ordinary person to push for this as well. Its this "sodding thing" that hovers around our faces that we can't touch, ... but would be the closest to the French Monarchy of the French Revolution.

And how does this now matter for me? Maybe ... me thinking about 'where' I'd be going? Well, in one vision I'd be starting in Iceland/Greenland ... though certainly in some way kindof assuming that I'd be moving to the States; At which point ... well. There's another thing. Thinking about 'where' in the States I'm pulled towards - its east of the Rockies - basically the center from top to bottom - ... which is where I suppose they have their strong camps. So, the Bible Belt - getting in there, getting people depressed about religion, coming in - offering "Redemption" and thus recruiting a bunch of crazy people.

And there might/would/could be more than you think. Like ... a lot!

I get that they try to "shift" blame to the state of Washington - thats where I feel they are pointing their fingers - practically. Like ... some weird ... its like the 'sense' ... the sources produce. So, while those influenced by it would be - so I think - looking west from where things actually go down.

And there 'have been' (I'm here thinking of an older picture I've drawn to just map out what I'm feeling) various "blots" in germany and ... hard to say how the geography scaled. Could be east of Italy, the shore there, or somewhere around the black sea. I'd spontaneously though say, from Syria moving up, but ... there's Turkey in the way. That doesn't quite line up. So ... Albania? But yea, that might have been about the stream of refugees. So, I by now should draw a new map, but ... I'll tuck that away as 'fringe science' for now.

Its however been dense around here (Stuttgart) - and some other stronghold up in Germany's northwest.

Romania, Hungary, Austria ... maybe? I mean - this is about people, and this Europe thing has pretty much been feeling as a motion - as opposed to what I felt/saw in the states. Thats pretty much - like a Tattoo it seems. Think, ... the Ori symbol (Stargate SG1) drawn upon the map there. Or an Ankh.

Maybe the contemporary real-world equivalent to the Death Star.

The positive in all this would be that - well - it aren't 'too much'. ... Hmm ... got to think of Infrastructure. When thinking of a cataclysmic event in the future, thats what would make sense to focus on. Technically labour is cheap nowadays. The rich folks just need to shift some bucks around while sitting on their asses and things will just happen. Thereafter however its gonna be more difficult because other issues were more important. But ... OK, stop!

Hmm ... to be continued ... still - I guess.


General StuffPosted by Nicole Mon, April 23, 2018 01:01:27
I have previously been writing about ... Money. Pressure. Something - trying to tell me something - in context as to why nobody was answering me. Or, wondering why I'm still here, alone - lets say: God wanted them (anyone whom I might want to move) to stay put.

Its a very specific type of pressure in that I can literally 'feel' it. I mean, for once the face of that guy is almost ... teleporting here ... I have a strange feeling in my left hand that feels pretty real, and weird - almost like I got it squashed between two rather solid and heavy surfaces.

So, now I'm watching Jimmy Dore talking about Syria and CNN and the Petrodollar - and this face once more came in. "The Petrodollar is Evil" - and I ... I ... ... "don't even". ... Oh, by the way: What does this even mean? -> I don't even ... "word". A.k.a.: I'm speechless.

Yea. How the hell does the Petrodollar have anything to do with it?

So, it went on "Explore it and you'll find out eventually" - I mean, duh! I just ... am a bit perplexed.

"Fun Fact" - there is 'one' Country in this whole middle-east thing other than Syria that is being attacked by the USA. There is 'one' country in this whole middle-east thing that has been moving away from using the Dollar as the de facto currency for trading oil. Now guess what: Could those two possibly be the same?

So, we have this weird situation. USA vs Syria and Iran - with a bunch of other "slave states" in their grip - while Syria is linking up with Russia and Iran trying to make friends with Europe. All while the USA and the Arabian Emirates seem to have a really cozy relationship.

So, who are the bad guys?

... to be continued ...

A common enemy

General StuffPosted by Nicole Sun, April 22, 2018 23:06:32
I'm bothered by what I have to write about SJWs and Gamergate. I can't help but feel like I'm on the wrong end of the story, ... but ... I have no information to sustain that feeling. This headline is an attempt to get around that issue.

And yet again. What I'm getting is that OK - we can create this image of the gamer we don't like - but most gamers, I'm sure, would come out saying that that isn't them! A little bit of a life lesson: Things ain't always what they seem to be!

I mean, we have this image of the "classic gamer" from Mass Media reporting on mass shootings. So, gun enthusiast basement-dwellers playing Call of Duty or Counter Strike. But what I want to apply onto this is a bit of a "nerd filter". Lets say 'nerd' instead of basement-dweller at first. And lets say there is a scale from 1 to 10. To my observation the most CoD would to me rank low on that scale. I have no solid data to back that up, I'm merely suggesting, but of course I believe I'm somewhat accurate. CoD especially since its also a Console Game. So, basically: Casuals. Moving higher up on that scale - thinking of School Shooters - we get the 'Gun' category into the "What makes a Nerd" issue. Gun enthusiasts can be Gun Nerds but gaming Casuals.

"I rest my case"

At the Heart of Gamergate

General StuffPosted by Nicole Sun, April 22, 2018 22:28:24
Now, I'm 7 1/2 minutes into an Interview with Brianna Wu (by David Pakman) - and that is about the point where things shift. In the video. From, well ... "Gotcha" to ... well, ... [Sigh] - because I simply lack the contextual understanding required to properly get what she's saying there. "Gotcha" is ... maybe not the right word. But - for what I'm writing about here it is.

See - post this 7 1/2 minute mark the sentiment I'm getting into is: Well - shit happens! I mean - in the Gamergate sense. Thats when I try to give her the benefit of the doubt. And if I'm honest - I might believe that even although when taking it critically I could see her as a dishonest person.

What makes this statement so dangerous is because of the things that float around this person. She has a very compelling set of backstories to be believable in this position of "I got harassed, I'm going against it!". Two things: Her story of how she witnessed people investigating her address live just prior to getting death-threats and her story of all her friends that got bullied out of the industry. I mean - we can see how 'the person' with such a story might react to bullying Online.

But - there's this question from David: "Considering that 90% of the tweets aren't negative ..." - thats not even on her radar. OK, slip up - whatever - not big a deal on the personal Level. Blind, overzealous, whatever. What bothers me though is that this goes right past any kind of respect for those 90%. David tries to intervene saying: "I don't doubt that you got any death threats" - and her end is kindof like "Its obvious!". Just prior to that I watched Davids interview with Total Biscuit - and seriously, he has a more nuanced opinion on the matters.

And so back we are: Welcome to "what is Gamergate?".

There's that episode of Married with Children where Al and Bud plot to get Kelly into a Quiz show on TV. The main plot-device is that her brain is like a bowl. You can put information into it, but when its too full - information will spill out of it. So, of course - she gets all the answers right, then learns 'a' thing, and doesn't know the answer to the last question which so happened to ask ... well, what you think? Hint: It has to do with touchdowns and high school football.

Anyway. Thats kindof the situation in this matter. "Loosing track" of whats going on. You listen to these folks and you soften up for their sob-story and you can relate to their fight and ... now you're part of team Anti Gamergate.

What is Gamergate to me? I think of a kid sitting in a somewhat dark room - the light of the camera makes it seem that way - and this kid is sitting there in its pyjama holding some plastic toy, like the only thing it has got in the world - looking scared at the camera because it is afraid that someone might take it away.

So, thats "my" sob-story to get a bit of an equilibrium going.

And thats how it is. Because relentlessly, from all corners of the known Universe, gamers are being shunned for being gamers. And no - we don't like "Aunt Brianna" - (we're scared of her!)

Why? Because we can't say "But muh games" because that makes us misogynistic hate criminals that are everything phobe and want to pew pew on the Internet. Oh sorry, that last bit included some sense of humanity. I mean: Mindlessly murder people on the Internet.


To really understand Gamergate you have to separate. As Total Biscuit points out: Gamergate is this "Hashtag" with 'no' entry requirements whatsoever. Now, whoever organizes under that Hashtag ... that isn't every gamer ever. Just to get things started. It'll get better! You might though get where I'm going with this.

You are very well "entitled" to understand that such bad people are part of Gamergate. Respectively can I go out with a Turkey flag and start shouting that Germans are idiots! Well, got to take some hairs from my head and glue them to my chin maybe ... ^^ sorry.

Anyway. You get the point there.

The main 'line' is: That you have to Understand Gamergate for what it is. A Hashtag. And many people relate to it because of things - identify with it because of things - and some of them only marginally/indirectly are about that harassment. Indirectly as that harassment gets SJWs triggered which then go all out on gamers again for how mad they are and that doesn't sit well with those that aren't in it for that!

Thats how the waters are being muddied - and so, maybe, finally, Gamergate might be officially known for what it actually was to begin with! An issue that gamers had with Game Journalists. Here I want to emphasize a thing that Total Biscuit pointed out, which is the idea that a Polygon article would spend half of its volume apparently ranting about Bayonetta being ... too something that SJWs don't like ... (I don't know that article but its 'that kind of stuff') rather than actually analyzing the game as ... such. A game!

I tried to google the first two names (well, excluding Anita Sarkeesian) but - I might have to do some more digging. Don't care enough. Makes me wonder why she brings up Anita Sarkeesian at 'first' when speaking of friends that were "Bullied out of the Industry", ... because it kindof doesn't make sense that way!
But yea, sometimes we get wound up in our own stories and then we talk about it and realize "woops" and start to autonomously exaggerate - so - to get the 'feeling' accross. Basically.

On the Gamers side there however is 'actual' hate. And that hate is being fueled over and over again. Even the most chill gamer can't ultimately stay put on his seat with all these stories going around and seeing how apparently everyone has bent to their biddings. Because ... "can't hate on Trannies ... with a sob-story" ... not these days at least.

Except that Tranny is me of course.

The sentiment however is more like - ... well. I'd make a Stargate joke here but the episode in English doesn't put it that well. Its about the Captain of the Daedalus giving command to blow up Michaels ship. It just sounds funny in german because they go for a humorous take on it. Something along the lines of "Make it away". And to me - well, ... I mean, where I have a different take on the story than TB for instance is ... a matter of temperament or something along those lines. So, we try to settle things ... and everyone that persists on their fake agenda ... rubble. "Too bad". I'm not talking of violence - I'm talking of ignorance. Except they become actually physical obstacles. Force where Force is due!

And everyone who's practiced their "Political Correctness intro disclaimer segue talk" is gonna be just fine! (I call it "Longborning" - because - the Character (Longborne) that inControl played in the first Rollplay Season (Neil Ericson) did that a lot.)

Some might call that 'evolution'. Adjusting to the "everything is triggering someone" atmosphere on the Internet. So, still, ... gamers come out on top!

So, in this perspective: SJWs are people putting their noses into business they don't belong in and being all upset if it doesn't smell the way they want it to. To the moderate mind that doesn't matter all that much. Thinking about Anita Sarkeesian - well - the story can be spun both ways. One being more serious than the other though! But on one side you have that gender-criticism which ... well - whatever! Its not really that big of a deal. Devs will do what they want and eventually listen to her points. And some just won't. And its less that those SJWs have set their target to get rid of that latter portion thats upsetting - but more what they take from it, ... as to demand the UN to give them power to shut down people that disagree with them. Basically. And then we can talk about the former as well.

Not too long ago I thought that this world couldn't be THIS bad!
And yea, if you're not too much into "Conspiracy Theories" ... you might want to argue that this whole thing is crazy out of control (Uh, yes - thats ... what people say ... on the Gamergate side as well) - but that eventually the people of the newer generations will get things right. So, you have "basement dwellers" that know everything about Gamergate on one side and "non-gamers" that know nothing about Gaming on the other side. "Good luck with that!"

... [shakes head, shrugs]


General StuffPosted by Nicole Sun, April 22, 2018 15:28:24

Its easy to make if you're willing to sell bullshit for exorbitant prices. And once all the "cheap" stuff is bullshit, you can charge extra for something just looking half as shitty! Seriously! Try looking for Trolleys on Amazon! Not that I plan on opening a barber shop but ... Holy SH.T. Yea, obviously I'm no pro when it gets to Barbershop trolleys and might be wrong and yea, I'm bad - you got me - I admit it - apocalypse.


It however keeps on baffling me, ... over and over again.

I don't like how this ends

General StuffPosted by Nicole Sun, April 22, 2018 14:09:28
but somehow ... I had do have some Kerrigan in here.
(But hmm ... I guess Valerian wasn't really the bad guy. I can't remember though ...)

Oh, the Blessings

General StuffPosted by Nicole Sun, April 22, 2018 14:08:30
are on my side now. Right? Oh oh, ... this is getting me Star Wars triggered. I mean: Did you ever have that ... feeling? I mean ... I guess some people call it "Micro-aggressions". Like ... whenever someone doesn't like TLJ there's this Micro-aggression thing thats like "Oh no, You're so wrong, let me tell you all about it before you finish your sentence! [Lalalala]".

But thats beside the point.
And at some point - also rather subjective. Like, what is better? TLJ or the Matrix stuff? I'm sure you can "transcend" your opinion to think its TLJ - which totally goes to ignore all the goodies. "But, its just mechanical" you say? Hmm - ... oh, ... all mechanism and no heart? No ... substance? [...]

I mean: The argument went like (and thats sortof the big chunk of the dirt that has accumulated in my mind): So, God cannot answer but because they are so good at playing the game we have to trust them. P) of course!

Of course I would respond by pointing out how that doesn't mean anything. I find it a bit difficult to word it right now, but in essence: If I claim they are Antichristians its all said right in there already. The answer to that then is that "I'm stupid" (the Antichrist is) - which is maybe why they bloated Trump up so much. To make that point. Well, maybe not stupid - but cursed. And they'd use all they got to make it seem that way. There has to be 'something' that holds people to such an insipid belief - which I could say: Hmm, "Testimony?". I mean, it would seem "selective" - about which Divine functions do and which don't work in favor of God. Of course all the ways someone could independently rely on are naught. Right? Because - that would be too easy or something.

And you can't trust God being inside of you either! NO - "you must resist!" - because ... independence ... yay!
But don't we all agree on the fact that there are some things only God can settle for us? Like, as He so chose to be invisible, which 'visible' "thing" is there for us - at least 'one' to start with.

Sad - to see what has become of my life. I'm just a living rebuttal to them. At this point. Thats ... "my job" ... basically.

Is this enough to diagnose me with PTSD? Even?
Oh no, the Trauma is still going on!

They screwed Star Wars up so hard - the Holdo Maneuver has created a black hole thats eventually going to consume the entire Franchise!
I'm not sure if I can see that as a blessing!

Unless it is their pronounced agenda to get rid of all the "unholy" stuff. Yea. Maybe they are self-aware enough of their inability to get anything rolling so they just ... step on it. I Dislike!

I mean, sure there are certain downsides to fantasy and art - but so is to everything. I mean, what does 'not' cause Cancer at this point?

"There is just one thing that is “probably not” carcinogenic to humans, according to an analysis of more than 900 substances and occupations by The World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer for their potential to cause cancer in humans.

That thing is caprolactam, a substance used to make synthetic fibers like nylon, which is used in yoga pants, as well as common household items like brush bristles. While even short-term exposure to this substance (like what people who work in factories that use this substance encounter) can cause your eyes and throat to burn, give you headaches and make you confused, it apparently does not cause cancer, the WHO reports." []

So, there you go! "Probably"

So, we should all kill ourselves then? Yay, Baptism!
But you're probably wrong with me because I'm actually 'trying' to get the word out!
Oh, I'm taunting their precious plan? "Trust them!" right?! It'll happen eventually. Just waaaait for it!

Oh, it has crumbled?

I was about to say that it would be a "shame" if something were to happen to it! ^^
... Whatever. Whats the point? They fight me with their art - or not? And I "whine" because I got nothing to respond - which is then "just an act" ---- but what wouldn't be an act were 'their' efforts of gate-keeping me out; Which in hindsight turns out to be their mistake because as it stands they were wrong by doing so!

I mean, check this out: There is 'no' way to settle this. At all. I could do the matrix thing and task their God to predict what tracks are going to play. But - the moment they wrote stuff down "I'd know about it" and go a different way. Which sucks because I want more! But I'm not gonna give you any! Right!

So, it keeps coming down to the same old principles. You decide! [That sucks! But yea, what can you do?]

Oh yea, the Testimony

Fundamental/EmpiricalPosted by Nicole Sun, April 22, 2018 13:07:40
OK, lets face it: If I'm wrong - then there is no Testimony. Because "the Antichrist" has the power upon it. So, "of course" it would come in my favor. So, in this sense there is 'nothing' one can trust, except ... for them.

Hmm ... sounds like someone ran out of arguments there!

Get it: God - above all - Eternity - Existence itself - alive. You - pray - asking that one on the top. And you think He can't answer? Really??

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