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Gender "Science"(/Gnostics) within Unification ("duh")

Fundamental/EmpiricalPosted by Nicole Tue, July 17, 2018 21:45:20

[Plowing a Path in the Wasteland]

This isn't meant as "politics" 'for the Unenlightened'. I don't mean to do that - as what I mean to do here is strictly 'post unification' 'studies' of the 'internal mechanisms'. ... Something like that. Which is not to say that the Unenlightened shouldn't be here. Strictly told ... this is far from consolidated or sophisticated; Yet I have reasons to strongly believe that not all that one is prior to Unification stays that way. In a way however that also allows me to lean the opposite way. Its complicated, somehow. Pretty much like a fractal. I mean, think of a triangle. Now you take "the center" triangle out of it, so you have three touching each other. Google 'triforce'. So, you've taken surface area away from it. Now continue and turn the three triangles again into triforces. And so on and so forth. We see that the surface area keeps shrinking. It eventually approaches zero, but factually that can never occur. So, ... in that sense ... the whole thing stays that large triangle of the beginning, is more complex and yet also less than it used to be. I'm not sure how good this analogy is though.

We're in the beginning of something. And I'm not enlightened to the point that I might act like a supernatural version of Google. And by the way has it never been the function of a prophet or a messenger of God to know everything. Thats a human fallacy I wish people would rationalize quicker than going down the "lets test his knowledge" way.

Disappointing? Well, 'welcome to the real world!'.

When it comes to Gender 'science' - you can't tell me what I am. Lets define 'Gender' as our "Social Orientation" akin to Sex, where Sex be the Biological, sexual outset we have. And in this regard I disliked, so - getting right to that Undoomed Video I featured - the terminology of our Sex being 'decided'. No, it is 'observed'. Its a pivotal truth. Observation is key. Now, that part of the LGBTQ community that is outraged by this - I would say something like "piss off" - but, to get right to that outrage, the issue is that biology is biology, and however the 'spirit' evolves is nothing we can determine. So we can take the word 'gender' for that. And to determine ones gender further observation will be necessary. I would think of "pre-schooling" our kids in a sense of testing their skills, passions, etc.. Something that should happen in school early on to support an individuals talents and such as soon as possible. So the individual will grow up with sophisticated knowledge of its very own 'thing' and may then allow for further diversification as the mind matures. So, this isn't really about 'testing for Trans-sexuality', but the same shouldn't really be excluded. We eventually shouldn't think in 'Sex' based terms either. I however ... am not entirely sure. Yet I'm speaking of my own experiences and in my own interest - and in that regard I think we have to look at something entirely different first.


Right on the point of "decided" vs "observed" - I may have to apologize but I won't. It just so happens that I count myself to those that are ... well ... somewhat offended by that notion. Its like I have some Bullshit Radar thats ringing alarm. And it turns people off and away. Like, what should we do? Roll a dice? And that "joke" - is actually a somehow fitting theme for what I actually have to share here. My experiences with my Trans-sexuality.

Here in this clinic it is difficult to maintain a female appearance. I try, but ... because there is no real privacy here (though I can be lucky that I have a single room) there is no clear line between getting styled up and being just 'at home' sotospeak. On top of that am I not yet officially 'labeled' a woman - so they address me as a Mr.. And that really sucks hard. It did so from the beginning, but in the beginning I still felt some closer to the Mrs.. I also wear my bra here most of the time with some socks in it, and every now and again that just looks silly and makes me feel silly. Because I am and give myself the way I am ... my male nature is just out there. Obvious. With a frog in my throat I can't talk clearly unless I really clear it and then I sound really male. So, my Sex is really "in my" ... and everyone else's ... 'face' most of the time.

I bear it - and am looking forward to see myself transform. Hormone therapy changes some things ... where I don't mean to pretend. I so just know that in due time less and less of the male appearances will remain. And thats my mindset at this. I wear my bra - but at times my fat-layer is really really thin.

And when it gets to gender neutral pronouns, ... I'm indifferent. But I'm not into playing ball with Archons either. That sotospeak is none of my concern. I'm interested in the Enlightened reality - and I'm sure that it will become the norm at some point. Anything outside of that, I don't really care about!

Looking at how I feel - there is this 'fat layer'. Well, no literal 'fat' layer. You get the idea. At times it is really thin and thats where I start to question myself about the way I'm going. And that is my 'head' doing so, practically. We could also say: The contemporary mind. "Opposed" to that there is the ... 'Truth of the Spirit' we might say. And it is that which really defines the being. Pretty much like so: That when asking our mind, a lot depends on our mood. We can be for things we might actually dislike and against things we actually do like. We can assume preferences and overdo them beyond whats good for ourselves or underdo them so respectively out of shame for instance.

In that sense this 'truth of the spirit' isn't sophisticated and has tolerances. We "construct" it as we go in a sense. This construction however is bound to an inner reality. If we so find something we like, we have an information that our mind can work with. We didn't know if it before, therefore we couldn't work with it; Except sometimes this inner reality just drives us into certain directions. 'Subconsciously'.

Once we so start guessing about our inner truth we're following this unpronounceable sense and shape it by chaining pronunciations together. (... English ...). And this isn't meant as a guideline. Its an example. As to fill our inner void with meaning. And thereby we already can experience our kinks for instance. We think and our mind reacts to the imaginations. But some things just happen to come differently. So my fixation onto older women and my Trans-sexuality.

My Trans-sexuality basically came as in a dream, while looking back my childhood is stained with symptoms thereof. Like late at night I would wake up, go to the bathroom, dig through our laundry box and try on my mums lingerie. Then I would take it further and look for it in my parents bedroom whence they weren't around. Its a mystery how these superficialities relate to Gender awareness, or how kinks could be so soon, and some might read this as a red flag as to what might have really been going on. Some form of Manipulation.

And this idea, or so the lack of a fundamentally solid counter-argument, at least contemporarily, really wears down my fat-layer.

But to me thats something I generally tend to ignore. It isn't fundamentally consolidated either. Even more so just conjecture. And one that doesn't truly check out with me. One similar to a lot of "things" I see as fundamentally pointless yet surprisingly effective in steering us ... apart. Its a thought injected into ones mind that the mind cannot really cope with and so that thought eventually gets nourished by our fears and grows stronger and stronger. Then eventually some sense of self-protection flags it as bad and so our "routines of normality" reject the things it grows up against.

I have spent my life basically being driven by it. Somehow. Well - I for once never really had any true occasion to 'come out' of myself. I enjoyed playing with "Toys for Boys" - but looking back I can't really say that I enjoyed being a boy! I always wanted to be female - although at some point the gender bias kicked in and made me forget it. Keeping it in the subconscious. Still being driven by it - sexually - although that usually just influenced my taste in porn.

But later then I chose to stick to my male self as for pragmatisms sake. Until I eventually had a really bad depression and I yet ignored it; Until I eventually came to express it and since that things have become better. Respectively am I not ashamed of myself now - although I at times just look like a guy with breasts.

Going through the transition so far took me past a few things that could have consolidated some expectations that would have been disappointed. I only mention this because I believe this is a very important bit.

The way I know I'm into mature is simply that I am. Thats how its different. I never had to ask myself 'what I'm into' - I only had to think of "love" or relationship, that direction, and I knew what I wanted. Respectively was there never a point that 'made' me Trans-sexual. There only was a moment where it manifested. As it manifested it corresponded to my "inner self" and that how it just was. Alongside with Bondage and Gangbang fantasies.

I know what I am. Thinking about it too much however ... well, makes it somehow weird. It takes these 'truths' into a space where they are more throughly questioned and that also takes the corresponding experiences to another place. Either way however I just enjoy what I so happen to enjoy. I know that I'm not dominant although I may enjoy playing the dominant part. But while playing that part can be fun it isn't really 'that true inner' fun. Well, I previously made that joke analogy of pissing against a tree. Alternatively I thought of diagrams - a circle and putting different things differently far away from its center. But I think thats not gonna really cut it either.

But for reals - I for instance know of myself that those times that I walked out of a brothel with a really big smile on my face weren't those times where I had been particularly male. I have male ambitions, ... and so my contemporary mind eventually puts these things so that these things don't make me female yet. Alright, but ... I'm not truly satisfied by my penis either. However - I think there are things, feelings and emotions, we can label to make things a bit more transparent.

Things like ... when I feel my male sex-drive, so - when 'my balls are twitchy' again, I usually so try to think of what they/it wants. I so think of going to a brothel and wonder of what taste I have. That because ... although I know what I'm into ... I've learned of certain benefits of diversity. And right away - thinking of going to a brothel - or just having Sex - fills me with a certain urge. One I found difficult to describe but since recently its a bit clearer. So for once is there a demand that basically accumulates in my belly and ended up taking the shape of a baby in my womb. Thats however what I previously would call my attraction towards blondes. And it stays there now. I can't ... let it out - so, its no longer a male urge. So I ended up with someone that vaguely resembled my ideal. There wasn't much choice. And as usual the sex itself wasn't all that amazing. Well, aside of some comforts that intimate closeness holds. And thats a gripe I had for some time - that it maybe couldn't take long enough, so due to the limitations of the sex-work context. Or it couldn't be intimate enough. These missing things would go to constitute desires that kept going back. Well, she wanted to finish me off with a dildo - and ... that works a lot better for me.

As things generally that allow me to express my femininity. In Real life. So in terms of Sex that would be the positioning where clearly that is more than just Sex/Gender. There's also Kink. As per my personality, I'm ... well, there isn't much. It is also why I never had a strong urge to change my sex. But the change itself is generally positive.

So, trying to tell me what I am or have to be - as maybe incited by the assumption of knowing how to determine these things judging from the outside - I must strongly object to! We can, I can ... say that Gender is fluid. If I were a guy, a normal guy, it would be alright if I had feminine sides. These could be introverted or extroverted as well. So, were I a woman, the same applied for masculine sides. Now for transitioning that should also be the case. I have a part where I relate to my sex - so, that 'feminine side' at "that place" that makes me Trans-sexual.

And what makes me skeptical about the myriad of gender definitions is the ... fact ... that which sides we have and how they are is entirely dependent on the individual. The way I rationalize it is that the spirit itself is by default asexual, perfectly neutral and empty. Anything that becomes does become of the spirit - obviously enough - and so there aren't really any rules outside of ... "anatomic Universals" ... . But respectively is there plenty of space for all sorts of crazy. Or 'yet so'?

Well, the way I relate to myself by terms of Unification - is ... kindof different but not so much. The story for my mind is that I am a male being locked into conditions that transform my male elements into femininity. I rationalize that as I understand that I'm into women and in that stance have a male attachment. But this doesn't 'suffice sexually' while I sexually end up preferring the femininity of myself. Some might think this psychotic because its a fabricated fantasy story - but it doesn't really change how I love or whom I love.

It only adds context and makes it easier for me to relate to it.

So, the way I like to be taken ... for instance. Without 'clarity' - its just that. Some kink. With clarity ... well there's more. There are reasons, conditions, etc. that all work in tandem with a much needed relationship. So, its a story that in a sense says nothing but whats evident anyhow. So ... whomever I might end up marrying - that person would have to deal with my sexual preferences in some way. Else that relationship would kindof suck in that regard. And so, the way I love sexually in a way mirrors how I love ... "sensually" or "intellectually"? Well - if I love to be loved as a passive "slut type" individual in bed - and I want a happy relationship with my partner - she should be into that as well. Wouldn't you say? There has to be synergy. And with that synergy there has to be intimacy. That intimacy is as much as saying "how we love each other" - and all that clarity adds right there is a context ... to the mind that allows it to act accordingly. SO, instead of it just being a kink, its more of a situation. The situation bears further kinks - and all of them do come together in that context; So we don't have to treat each kink as an individual special object.

I have a bad case of D...thing

Fundamental/EmpiricalPosted by Nicole Fri, June 08, 2018 16:57:06

[How the Unholy matters to me]

And days go by as almost ... just a dream. One like the other seemingly filled with plague, every day another struggle and I just can't make sense of it all in my head. But there's a Light. Lets say that in the past I did something wrong and things kept getting worse and yesterday then went to bed with like no way things could get any more worse and so tried to undo the wrong thing by supposedly doing the right thing - and things all of a sudden turned for the better.

Then bits of the wrong came back into my mind and things got worse again. Now things aren't entirely better but I realize that I still haven't really had the time to really internalize that right vs. wrong thing yet.

But what if I told you what this right vs. wrong thing was/is about? You'd probably tell me: "Still doing it?" ... something like that. Still being like I'm the one in the wrong ... and don't actually have a 'real' reason to say all those things. So, eventually I'll cave into those things again, doing "the right" thing, things get worse again and then I'm gonna tell you whats happening and still nobody wants to hear it.

Here's the thing: The absence of "you" in that sense adjusting to 'us' in any way is a good indicator of whats really going on!

I mean, thats the thing. 'We' types of people don't know normality like you do. We look at whats normal to you, assume thats how we got to be and 'we' adjust to it. While you stand there as being all so smart by being so normal - whatever - not bending one way or another in the slightest - but we're the one considered wrong here!

Can you gather from these things what this is about?

So, why is Satanism important? Or more so - within Unification. Its a double layered issue/problem. I don't know how else to put it. I don't even truly understand what this is all about, but, at the center of it all - its about Worship. Nothing else!

So, some time ago - I think around where I started those tweets - I, for the lack of knowing how to help myself any better "returned" to praying normally. And wow - now I'm feeling significantly better. Just on behalf of mentioning this. Normally means: The Lords prayer. That led things to spiraling out of control however. Getting back to how I got used to it - which isn't really sophisticated - confused me. Eventually I did both - and generally not really understanding what I'm supposed to do I got more and more back to "normal". So until yesterday where I, as I had 'learned' it (supposedly), ignored the "Light side". Which by the way was 6 a.m. today - and I didn't do any Matrix stuff so far because a) There was a black out, b) I felt bad and c) by the time I had eaten I wasn't really in the mood and d) right now I feel like its a good time to stop it altogether.

So once more do I here have a moment where I have to take the dark side more seriously; And what that pushes me to think or rationalize is that it is a significant part of our spiritual reality. How, what and why is at this point irrelevant. "What matters is that whatever happened, happened for a reason".

Here's something I've written previously on that matter: {
Worship and Satanism

In order to Understand the role of God within Satanism we have to understand Satanism as a way of life religiously separated by God. Satanists are thereby individuals that live in a way where praying to God as 'normal' seems inappropriate. This however more as a community since to the individual the reality is still one wherein God is just that.

From what I understand however - God, to me however, in first place takes on the form of Lust. By being omnipresent and invisible God simply interacts through this flow of energy and so a Satanist sees God within these emotions. Whenever I so experience that special kind of Lust I automatically relate it to God and see the corresponding items as 'God-sent' or given. However respectively authoritative in value.

The kinky situation of myself ... . The kink I experience emerges from the weirdness of these values I experience therein; While however experiencing them not only due to lust as joyful. There is also joy in the playfulness of them. The reality of being a pet for instance. While I can't really find a lot of comfort defending this outside of the immersion within this LUST, there certainly is a leash and collar attached to something like veins which feel like steel anchored in spacetime. Steel not in the material sense but as 'sturdy'. Something that seems to emerge from some reality 'beyond', an infinite space of sexual energy. Lust, maybe ... but more so an energy that ... like heated metal would glow and radiate heat it "oozes" into my 'cognitive body' and anchors me to itself. I so feel "molten" to a grid, something that 'grabs' me - and in its structure I find myself in a kneeling position, acting as a pet.

Within this situation I see myself as such - and devoid of any privileges which mostly 'make sense' in regards to my outfit. So the idea that my outfit weren't my choice, explicitly sexual and in this position humiliating.

My primary Goddess is "Isis". This is somehow tied to my situation as a pet, but less through the corresponding structures but more through the inescapability of being in that situation. As I so am, through the structure, "assimilated" into this reality of LUST, she would be the Goddess of the given reality and so it is simply by virtue of being a "Sex Slave" (of this kind) that she is whom I'm primarily supposed to worship. Or pray to.

How to pray however isn't really all that clear to me. Usually I find different words each time I do so - while generally there are some items that work better than others. Thankfulness for being her slave, joyful expectation of getting exploited - those usually weigh less than what comes of a craving for the most horrible things I could sexually imagine. Living in darkness, getting tortured and raped, ... simply praying for my personal 'demise' in this sense seems to be the best thing I can do.

With this in mind I also feel it impossible for myself to resist her will. Whether that is absolute or follows some rules is left to be seen.

This I've written after I started 'Building Paradise Part 3' - but that file was corrupted. So - its lost. Either way I'm not sure how to continue on either of the two right now - but I think this is an important part along the way. Just so we're on the same page - one way or another.
Maybe its worth mentioning that this has nothing to do with my gender transition. These things still work for me both ways - one way or the other - and thats that.

Building Paradise - Part 1

Fundamental/EmpiricalPosted by Nicole Mon, June 04, 2018 03:22:57
Something is wrong with me. I'm too upset at something and responding to it by writing about it just doesn't work. There's a thing. Its like I can say things that someone is then getting offended by and then I'm stuck in 'that' zone. Its like a crack in a container under pressure. So far I've 'dared' it. Hoping to somehow contain it otherwise. Or so moving it to your awareness - because after all that would be a thing 'you', my audience, would have to deal with; As I think of it.

I want to do things right - but if everyone is against me that won't work. Talking will be pointless, writing will be pointless - and I couldn't 'do' anything because what am I to accomplish?

My mind is bothered and the only thing I usually come down to are Sexual matters. Myself in some regard. Just a few hours ago I was really down. After I was done being pissed off about everything and had a somewhat clear mind I got back out of my bed and its just a matter of seconds before all the nonsense that I've "destroyed" came back wrapping up. I played some Street Fighter - now I'm watching 6.2 - and while I had a somewhat clear ambition going into this, my mind soon got wrapped up in this kind of rambling and ... what I wanted to write about ... became something I didn't really want to write about anymore. I then tried to mimic what I did earlier where I was pissed, looked into myself and all the "non sexual inhibitors" were gone and I had something of 'myself' back. Except that I would still question it.

Whatever I can do about it is one thing. Its something I can't really expect of you and so I believe that there are these issues that have to be resolved first. But then I think about it - and now I think I should be writing something totally different. Then I would get there and find nothing; Thinking I should come back here - and ... nothing makes any sense.

Anyway - I think 'a Plan' is what I need. Thats it either way. While as where this was 'supposed' to go was all about the Kinky business I yet inevitably get into doubts about myself I think the premise can't be an absence of those. So, lets think about that for a moment!

Why do I have doubts? I have them because I have no confirmation of them. Same with all the things - at times literally everything. There are just a few things that are 'beyond' doubt. The Testimony as it is burned into my heart - the experiences after baptism and the kawoosh of Unification. But everything else - all the 'light', all things I associate to the 'force' are in doubt. I'm uncertain as of how much of it is just me and how much is 'fake'. OK, now I "get it". The force establishes certain things to consciousness and those then drive the spirit as per its emotional constitution. There are things I like and they were 'made significant' to me by the force and so my mind more inherently resolves to them. But when I doubt things its like I wrap those things up with some 'anti idea' - negating their influence for the time being.

I can't ever get out of this trouble on my own. I'm not supposed to stubbornly believe in any of it either. Thats obvious because thats not what life is supposed to be like. While those things were 'new' to me, my mind was busy figuring itself out. As of that I came to internalize things that then defined my understanding of things. Then I would go and structure my life accordingly - and the thing with that is that as far as I as an independent person am concerned my thing is my hobby. Everything else is supposed to be socially driven; And while the situations I've been in couldn't comfort any of those needs things just didn't go that well for me.

And now - its obvious whats wrong! The lack of any of the 'necessary' connections diminishes my ability to believe in them. Its no longer just 'there' for me to discover and be excited or joyful or happy about. There is nothing new, its all 'old stuff' - and upholding any belief in them is connected to efforts. Efforts that I eventually can't accomplish anymore. Work I can't do - simply because my awareness is situated against an endorsement of those items.

When I then get to write things and my path takes me into that vicinity ... its also obvious what happens. The things I've internalized and are there - which are nonetheless rock-solid - come back into play. And the more I come to manifest of them, the more these things move to a higher "plane of logic" - so, the logic of the text that I've written. Then they begin to influence me stronger and thats how I then get into this "downward spiral". Although, there possibly is more to that. I guess there's a certain subconscious need I have for those internalized things to be strong on my mind. While I so didn't understand the herein established context I simply had a desire to get my mind into the right situation. And although I've solved that problem now; That doesn't mean that I can't forget about it and have the same problem again.

It would be 'nice' to have knowledges that just are 'unshakable' - but thats not how the mind works. Everything is fluid - more or less. I had to realize that in respect to playing competitively. Things I thought were fixed parts of my mind eventually vanished. And then there's a totally new situation related to doubts. While I earlier was getting better in Street Fighter although I didn't play it - now that 'thing' is gone and when I re-enter the game I have doubts in stead that suck me down.

"Fighting it back" seems to be hopeless endeavor. I guess my mistake was to mention it in the first place. That how they came to know of it; Target it and take it. Or box it out or whatever.

I guess I have to mention that I appreciate that some of you seem to be willing to help me; But you are mistaken! That whole Astair game is hopelessly lost. And to some extent I'm allergic to it. If you are willing to "give me your energy" you're possibly there too. It doesn't work just by the mind alone either. If you stay passive and don't actually do anything - 'we are fucked'!!!

And what should I do? "I don't know!". I do something so you can do something. What else? So, I do something that 'convinces' you to do something - like writing things - or what? I've tried the 'going somewhere' already. And I just don't have the opportunities anymore either! No money, no freedom!

There's only one constant: Any 'but' to the 'you move to do the thing' is wrong! My e-mail. Why not try it that way?

I'd say because you are afraid. Too much filled with doubts yourself, but me too I can only do 'so much' to help you out. And if you don't even check those things that'd help you - thats too bad! But I think thats beside the point here, except that it isn't entirely.

So, 'it' all begins once the kawoosh connects us. And from there on out ... . Well, up unto then: Ask Christ to be your teacher. If Christ wouldn't want that, He'd tell you so. And then you 'know'. How bad could it be?

Its about allowing God to steer your boat. Else, why would He? I mean, you have to wrap your head around it yourself. Either you think that He should and then you might as well ask Him just to be sure; Or you think that He shouldn't and you could ask Him not to; Just to be sure.

At some point we can't go on without it though. If we're in this Sexuality topic for instance. My assumption is that we'd go as we felt it to be right; And while connected we'd at least have that certainty of being all 'cool' with God. Unless you'd be cool with it otherwise. I mean, I feel like some have an issue with that, but why? I don't 'really' understand it! You could call it racism or something like that - but at least for me, in my situation, you should understand why I wouldn't want to waste my time with "those" people that would waste my time!

Or what would your counter argument to that be? That I should 'trust' "you"? Why? For what? How? In what way? To what end? For what reason? What makes you trustworthy? That you're a good person that wants the right thing? 'Prove it!'.

Then I get that people have issues about the 'trustworthiness' of our feelings at all once we're 'in'. Like, if we fall in Love with each other; How is it the right thing? And thats a contradiction to the other point; That of "trusting you although you won't make it in". There "you"'d say its OK, but once 'connected' all of a sudden it should be different?

And with all the knowledge of the things I've written - at least roughly so - things would happen one way or another dynamically, organically, naturally. And thats the plan. It ever was and ever will be. And if that doesn't work for you and you call me unreasonably paranoid - whats the point of that? Maybe you underestimate the enemy - and you think there's nothing to worry about; But yet I can't do the things I want to, which so tells me otherwise. And as you make no beeps on moving - I pretty much don't stand corrected on that one! - The End!

An essay of naivety and deprived objectivity

Fundamental/EmpiricalPosted by Nicole Sun, May 20, 2018 22:04:19
I do have secret desires, by which I mean that as my thoughts travel I do stumble upon those that let me 'pray' for them 'please to be real'. And by 'prey' I mean it that way. Well, maybe not in the classic sense, but in the way that the mind invokes God to direct it at Him and the thoughts feel as though they get embraced. First I would hide those desires deep within me - fighting against them, but later after easing up about them - in response to God - they eventually turned into prayer.

But what? There's a lot of "dark" stuff on the Internet - and at times it would seem that, well, in general I would tend to seek to get rid of Taboos. While that may after all be the case, objectively defended by the compromise of looking for what works instead, its not all ... well.


There's a clear image in my head that drove my exploration for quite a bit and it also shaped my understanding to no minor extent. I was watching a porn video wherein a pregnant woman was fucked by multiple guys. And they hit her hard. But while that was going on - well - what I understood as Gods actions at the time synced into my mind and there was a clear message. It was as though God took the position of the guy to show me what went on 'within'. And what I saw, or rather felt, was hate. Well, hate is too broad of a term I guess. Hate not directed at anyone - even more so would some kind of Love bind those individuals together, but hate simply put as a means to perform the act. To thrust in, doing it without any consideration for what might become of the child - or even so with the full intent to fuck it up before it even gets born.

Can I take that seriously? I wondered - but more and more I fell in Love with it. Not only lusting for being in the position of the pregnant woman, but also for being the child in her belly.

In my fantasy however - it doesn't really get that far. Once I fantasize of being pregnant - the guy is either somewhat careful or once I crave for more - my imagined inflated belly all of a sudden disappears.

Two conflicting pieces of information it seems. Yet so they don't stand without one of them getting "flagged" with a but. Incomplete information however, as always the case, ... how to deal with it?

One thing though got clear to me: As God is a part of us, our actions may as well be His. Being careful here - it might depend. It would seem like one thing that matters is whether the mother is to be "preserved" or not. Whatever the case, I started to desire being as lewd as my mind could possibly imagine - and with great joy did I behold how my mind appeared to be perfectly in tune with that. There is nothing I hold up there that I would regret loosing in whatever insanity were to unfold - except things that I might loose for the purpose of loosing something I cherish. It would be difficult to convince me of letting these things go, ... except ... when captivated in the proper circumstances.

As of these things I took it upon myself to write about these things in a purposefully aggressive manner. And while some sense of sanity would scare me off of those things a certain fascination and lust for "the horrors" of what might be legal on behalf of the divine emerged.

Although I didn't think it for possible I started to love the idea of getting beaten up - beatings of love that would allow me to internalize the determination of these respective partners and allow me to fall into the comfort my conceived misery in this way of living.

"Grand Success" in shape of being finally lost forever. Forever ... what a dull word ... - forever seems far too long, but yet I wish it to be so. I don't find it as unreasonable. I find that my mind is already so close, it would seem that all thats missing is a little push. A little push, shoving me down a line of misery, agony, ... punishingly rough at the beginning but yielding me in the way I want to be. Respectively did I embrace every moment where I thought I could take no more, speaking of fantasies - masturbating, but yet experienced pleasure that came upon me as inevitable as the effect of a drug to the sober mind.

In the silence of my fantasies and the niches of my writings I'd pray for being a victim, to glorify the sins of sexuality as such - craving for a rule of Lust by which these pleasures could exist as a definitive branch of the eternal paradise.

Respectively did I embrace the sensations of craving my one true Love to be dominant and sadistic towards me - craving for being her victim rather than her lover. Over time I retreated from that more and more though, just to find that still ... those feelings are mine truly. Far enough for me to eventually worry that my reluctance to embrace these things might win.

I task myself to be objective, but deep within I want that objectivity to be a lie - at least once it strives against these things. A lie since in truth I'm already determined about it. Yet - as these "suggestions" stand consolidated to me they trouble me once I get back to my senses and realize how wildly unfathomable they are.

Comfort comes in shape of rationality. It would only have to start - taking me in - and take me over the hill by simply continuing. Soon enough my reservations would be gone and I myself locked into a downward spiral of hopelessness regarding my future that would from there on be the norm.

From there on out fantasies of death and mutilation are just a small step away, ... a small step into a whole new world of pleasures I crave to explore. All in due time. And in turn of that I find my masculinity shaping itself to be female, submissive, aspiring to be the framework of a slut thats bent to expose herself to that life. And all that I once was would grow more and more distant - excluding my shock about it which would draw the outer hull of the expanding vacuum of lust within me.

Then a few clicks, key-strokes and up it is. What next? Nothing but to stare at the emptiness of my life. Maybe finding something to enjoy. Something other than porn - as I find my desire for such saturated. So again I grow away from those things and eventually start another writing wherein I write about it. Again a few clicks, key-strokes and up it is. And next? Sometimes its shame, other times ... a nagging need to correct myself. But what to? It couldn't be ... what I just denied? Could it?

I hold to myself that I have no way of really knowing, something that comes easy whence I'm confused. So I write and I find opportunities to sophisticate thoughts that rise up against my cravings. Yet - I always think, ... that I might be wrong about it. Think? Might? ... Forebode ... maybe. And then it clicks. Thinking of the sense as foreboding, it clicks. I want it. I wish it. But how? How could I ... explain that now? After all the 'sane reason' I've put into it? "Well", I think, "once I get born in such a way that ..." - it could be necessary. It should be! It would be! It feels ... complete! In a sense - this unlocks the most depressing opportunities I crave to enjoy.

I then remember things. Like the old Narnia movie where Aslan sacrifices himself. Back then it evoked a strange pleasure within me. One that gradually faded away quickly enough to be as though it never happened - and as faint as my desire to explain that any further. Then I feel cuts - and suddenly I know that I really don't want any of that. Or needles. Except the latter ... doesn't fade away without leaving an intoxicating sense of pleasure I might get out of them ... scaring me ... until one day it made sense to me. I still don't like it. I wouldn't ever do that to myself. Drugs can do horrible things, ... but not all poison is always bad!

Eventually things come to an end. The package is wrapped up. Its full, its smooth, ... nothing missing, ... yet it feels like it is too much; But were I to take anything away from it - I start to realize that I don't want that.

Love - Addiction vs Partnership

Fundamental/EmpiricalPosted by Nicole Mon, April 30, 2018 11:08:30
So, I was just about to go to sleep - so, I laid down and ... what happened next is as though God went into me to embrace me. So, I was technically embracing myself in my own imagination, and I felt comfortable. I wanted to respond ... and whatever happened next is irrelevant. What matters is that God then got up, told me that I was mistaken (done it wrong) - and told me to get up and write about it. I didn't want to get up while He tugged at me. I wondered: Well, what do I know about it? And he answered: Well, not much! Just go scheming and I('ll throw you a few bones). While He was so tugging at me and I was comfortable with being there as a stone - thoughts ran through my mind - and so I had a headline. I got up, and now - here we are.

The topic on mind is 'fake' vs. 'true' Love - and it deals a lot with ... wishful thinking, acting, pretending, ... that sort of thing.

So, once there is sympathy and you're in a romantic situation with someone - I think at least some of us are compelled to behave as according to screenplay. We're supposed to kiss - show our affection by putting more oomph into it - and at that moment you're a) rather guessing or b) in some kind of self-centered delusion. The latter is, you a) don't want to appear harsh or rude or negative. And matter of fact - I was about to write something along those lines earlier. Topic being: How being a complicated person is ... err, ... "better". Lets just put it that way. And b) you have some affection - the sympathy - and you want to show it.

So, how is that bad?

I guess I can't tell you that. You have to judge for yourself when you're in a given situation like that, but - an easy start to what I think about it is to say that you don't want to be a complicated person. You might not really feel like responding positively or romantically - but you kindof feel like, or think, that you're 'supposed to' - and that is really where the house falls together, ... for me.

Thats however what I did wrong.

Now I have to think about this woman I was writing about earlier in context to the dark splinter. One day we had a date and she wouldn't show up and I felt miserable. At that point she already had me on her hook. Its easy to say that one should be careful once you're the one running after someone else for no real reason other than some emotional addiction, but ... once you're in it - you're in it for the ... kick, basically. Maybe ... or, yea, maybe you think: Why not? Or ... what could be so bad about it? But eventually you have to stop and wonder - weighing what you actually get out of it vs. what you put into it.

Both these examples show some 'tear' - something that isn't there and requires us to overcome. And this 'us' is - well, not the two within a partnership - but us respectively as one of a partnership.

So, who am I to tell you that you're wrong when you're in Love? I've been there before - I mean, in "Love" - and I dare say that there isn't really a good advise or a cure or anything like that. You can't! And in event - writing about true Love can by the looks of it not easily be distinguished from fake. Except maybe through this little thing here. The best advise I could give is to be mindful of your life, to pursue your interests - or most of all God - and that will eventually give you the strength to let go if required to do so.

I kindof get reminded of a Stargate Episode. In it ... should I avoid spoilers? Well, it is rather anecdotal than on point. Season 7 Episode 15. So, well - Osiris appears in Daniels dreams and tries to use him to decipher some ancient text. Doesn't matter. I mean - thats ... I don't know. Just flashed into my mind.

I guess we can shrug my point off by saying that its how dating works. The guy is to rub his face into hers until she falls for him. And then just keep it there until she says yes. And then, its ... still mutual work. If things don't go smoothly, well, you have to work things out. But that can also be said to excuse an abusive relationship.

Love - as I believe in - is nothing like that. There is no uncertainty that would require one to go out of their way to please the other. And ... despite these experiences being all in my head - I also had other experiences, ... in my head. Feeling lost, or trapped in confusion, struggling to find answers or solutions, ... making excuses, blaming yourself ... . In a sense that is 'the other' being complicated. And if you're complicated - people either turn away because you're of no significance to them, or they'll chase after you because of something ... .

I mean, if you need help - if you don't understand - if you ... 'wonder why' ... or 'what' - that would sound an awful lot like all those things I had to let go of and left behind! And if they run after you - you might finally get that what you wanted - that, at least it might be fun for a while!

But now I'm out of ink!

Oh yea, the Testimony

Fundamental/EmpiricalPosted by Nicole Sun, April 22, 2018 13:07:40
OK, lets face it: If I'm wrong - then there is no Testimony. Because "the Antichrist" has the power upon it. So, "of course" it would come in my favor. So, in this sense there is 'nothing' one can trust, except ... for them.

Hmm ... sounds like someone ran out of arguments there!

Get it: God - above all - Eternity - Existence itself - alive. You - pray - asking that one on the top. And you think He can't answer? Really??

Siding with SJWs

Fundamental/EmpiricalPosted by Nicole Wed, April 04, 2018 14:58:39

At the very least is there a good joke to be had. Saying: It shouldn't be too difficult for me considering how 'feel' (as in "over facts") driven my content generally happens to be. But not am I just that, ... I'm also hardcore, fundamentalistically Christian.

Feelings over Facts

It should be emphasized - to start with - that a lot of being 'open-minded' (as in this sense) comes down to context and angle. Saying that: "You can be forgiven (for as long as you don't/didn't know what you were doing)" - and thats the thing. The more we extend the general horizon, the more it is a non-issue which side you're taking. But somewhere here is also the problem. That there is this 'barrier of knowledge' - and another one is following along, which is a corresponding barrier with communication; But 'there' we also would rather start talking of me being on neither side. Obviously. But sure, we can note that this is - if we really want to dig in that hard - another problem. "When are we "where"?".

I feel, maybe perpetuated by the 'wrong side', that there is this ... "accumulative problem" that I as siding with non/anti SJWs create this wrong idea - although not really wrong per se - that you as an "SJW" are supposed to give up and cross over. All the time I however expect those Anti-SJWs to notice that they themselves are required to do the same. Its so plain and obvious in the context - I'd feel really really stupid were I to try and tell that to them specifically.

Respectively should I feel ashamed of myself to use that as a means to condescend upon others, ... but the struggle is real. I would speak of a ruse, ... where now bad people would abuse their stance amongst others to basically 'guard' them - or represent. Respectively are anti-SJW people, no matter their stance, still 'ANTI' SJW people where the fact that they ended up standing on the right side is perceived as somehow unfair or what.
And thats where I see the Anti-SJW vs SJW thing going. Its less about one side of society vs the other, but more about those few SJWs that are yet sotospeak held hostage.
Hmm ... I wonder: This was the topic I had on mind which would have become the previous article - and to me right now this notion ... triggers the feeling that I get when I have just too much stuff on my mind - too much for me to be comfortable. Here I have a somewhat subjective idea of how the things I work on weigh in over time. I get precognitions of stress, cluelessness, difficulty - stuff like that. When it gets to topics - in the mode of me trying to get into all of them I feel like never getting any sleep ever - and still being hopelessly behind.

The more that you (folks) make real progress, the more this SJW nonsense becomes an abstract of the past - and we move on towards recognizing people by their standards. Thats 'anti politics' in that we have an empirical recognition of individuality from where we have to acknowledge that everyones political idea must be valid when 'ripe' enough. Which doesn't mean: Equal to any other.
We can say that politics as we know it is harmful - although, ... I think ... things kindof balance out, eventually. Kindof ... because, ... we an say that about World War 2 as well. And can we compare Trump to Hitler? I mean - that question ... its ... uh, ...

Hitler wouldn't succeed these days. Except he changed his strategy. How to get to power? Represent something that people want! So was Hitler going sure in that there was enough hatred against Jews - so he could give them something they wanted. That this wouldn't work today anymore is good. I was powerless - and that was good too. It wasn't I who defeated someone - it was society that remained resilient to yet another take-over. No matter what we imply or extrapolate from whichever group at whatever point; Or how we suppose the plan looked like; The good in people that was abused to drive it all remained - for the most part - on top.

Which would have been the biggest mistake of the enemy. That there wasn't/isn't enough evil to capitalize on. So, its closer to bad luck than it is to a mistake.

A pointed synergy

I have to however get a bit more detailed on the part of how I related to things before I actually learned of them things. The first thing should probably be the issue of me being manipulated or exploited. It turns out for instance, that the way I felt was as though I was an SJW that had to argue against Anti-SJWs - which is the part in me that got triggered by Atheists and had to denounce them. On the other side however I felt a deeper wrong, ... and that was about whoever took what I was about and just went with it, but without God.

The angle of approach

can be shown really well here. There are certain issues I have in common with SJWs - and based on those I could synergize with them. The same goes for Anti-SJWs. (Taking some weed now)

But here's why I really can't roll with Anti-SJWs: I feel uncomfortable. Yea - this is shorter than what I had thought of - please ... I'm sorry!

I had this situation where I was immersed in the things I had in common - to a point where my mind 'glued' with them. So, yea - thats a thing. What then happened is supernatural - its a Unification thing kicking in I guess, though such could happen to anyone in slightly different ways (not as ... 'luxurious'). I felt uncomfortable and ... thats my armor kicking in. It imposes a feeling of vulnerability or something upon me where I then can focus on and it will lead me to its source. I don't know how normal that is - actually. So, what happened there could happen in many ways. To some this might be the entire lifes journey - and eventually even within Unification.
Where - the important thing I guess is that we are humans, ... with or without Unification - and God can still interact with us. Whenever I write about Unification - ... when I write of new stuff I generally find that what I write about has 'shadows' in the eightfold. It takes some time for me to learn how to adjust so that what I write doesn't do that.

Anyway ... thats ... just by the way stuff. I guess its more important that I mention stuff, rather than elaborating on them in depth and detail. (Especially or at least once I'm not entirely buffed to do that)

... yea, so or so; Or else whatever.

Sense in Senselessness

Huha, ... yea - we could say that about SJWs. There is an empirical senselessness which however compels through something of meaning therein. Its an idea though that can be captured in words. Its not that big of a mystery either. All one has to do is to evidently listen - for if the point were as far off as that it wouldn't be anywhere to be found - we don't really have a meaningful discussion.
So: Safety, ... Justice, ... thats the stuff. Yet so are SJWs piked against Anti-SJWs - although Anti-SJWs want the same, even if maybe coming from a different set of empirical virtues. What Anti-SJWs say is: How do you want to achieve that? A good example is equality: We legally do have emancipation; So, how do you want 'more' of that? So the problem goes: You want more by now adding privilege to the implied "minority" - ... and well. Striking! Women are the majority. And so by giving women rights we chose our new oppressor?

Say: As we have emancipation, the 'more' on terms of justice couldn't be taken as a gender issue/conflict. So, also racism. As we in Germany have it in our Law that all human beings have a right in their dignity, ... we have racial emancipation - ... err ... you get the idea.

So, ... I got immersed and then somehow 'glued' "with" the SJW mindset. Think of the tip of an arrow made up of a set of blades that are made of only the sharp piece flowing like an ornament. At the tip of it were the bits I agree with. But backward, that pivot of agreement branches out in a whole lot of stuff ... that I can't agree with. And thats also where I have to stand against it on my own. Independent of how Anti-SJWs have it, ...; But that then also invokes "those" that take what I say in a veritably "Godless" context.

Anti-SJWs on the other hand generally share a set of empirical concepts that I synergize with on a foundational level. There is a ring of light that basically 'locks in' with it. And so, "No, we can't use our feelings to tinker with the things that should be empirically contextualized as safe standards and defaults".

I mean - we are free, but should that say that we should be free to decide whether climate change is a thing or not?

Put your statement (reasoning) on a sheet of paper. [As between brackets] as a ... thing that delivers your point in as few words as possible. I mean, when dealing with politicians this seems to be necessary. I've seen a lot of clips where answers just didn't get answered. But well, admittedly - people can also ask a lot of bullshit questions. SO, we have to find the right balance.

Yes or No - 'because'.

Straw-mans and shit

Somewhere in this (the SJW "arrow-tip") is something that to mee feels like a true arrow, or spike, erected against me. I suppose its even just that - taking my own words against me. Where what I refer to as God is however lessened to a degree they can compete with. Or reversively are properties of the divine applied onto whatever they have in Gods place.

So, if I have the right to refer to God as above us, they have the right to refer to their God as above us. Where they miss a point is at the points of how that effects the unbeliever. So, my God has reign and dominance upon me as I give it to Him - to, as I assume it of him, decide within reasons and tolerances when or when not to do something. To the unbeliever it matters not. To the unbeliever God is just God - as far as there is a God. I do not have the right to 'claim' that God, unless that God also claims me. Yet I cannot claim that claim either - unless its objective enough. So - there is a point where we have to step out of individual ideology and acknowledge "empirical society". So, here we can say stuff like: If I throw a stone at you - hard enough - in your face - you're gonna get injured. Empirical Fact.

Here we contribute unto by voicing our opinions, ... and yea - he or they who would forever try to bullshit around at it ... need I go on to try and explain it to you?

So God as a thing is that God that we can all objectively relate to. That we can inherently not since God doesn't present himself that way to us. Its like in that Scotland Yard board game, so, where he who plays Mr. X moves around the map invisibly and only shows himself ever so often. So, we can know God by what He gives us objectively. And what that is is something one is to individually understand - as with all things in reality.

So, the God that I impose/shove/push on folks is the God that they can find for themselves. I draw a huge, thick, fat, borderline continental line around God with me and that. If that God compels you to listen to me - you're welcome!

But so it also matters ... yea - I should work that into a page update - ... how many that respond to these things actually know of that, ... and have understood it. And internalized it properly. But what is 'proper'? Sufficiently. Sufficient enough to ... well, I guess at this point I rather have to hit the "not too much" side of things.

Externalized Misogyny

So is the issue that of what I 'externalize' - of my ... 'religion'. I mean, thats how 'they' have to see it, because they don't really have that omnipresent God on their end. To them what they do must be a matter of providing something that people must then let into them. That is what they have in place of this empirical line that I draw. Or, when moving onto their playing field - what I externalize is this one thing. While you can't get that one thing you must remain outside until you do. Simple as that. Whatever the things are that I do write about, whatever "micro-context" (the individual things) there were - it will always come down to that, ... first thing.

Thats the only thing you have to let into yourself. The only thing I shove onto you, ... what you so basically have to trust me on.

The rest is just about doing the work. Producing them words and terms and structures ... thoughts, ideas, ... and such.

Catering to Feelings and Worries

That. I mean, ... thats ... ... well, the things we want - that however happen to be complex gains. I mean, ... think of ... the war between Muslims and other Muslims and Jews. Its easy to say: "peace" ... is what we want.

So, there is the enemy, ... the 'demon' that is to scare you ... the monster I think I have the solutions for.

Internalized Correctness

A.k.a.: I suppose you can only agree with me. Everything else must be wrong - by definition (or are you not for the "good things"?). And sure - I could extrapolate that towards a more serious talking point ... one to externalize ... and then argue from and about. So, I have living evidence. You?

Therefore my external authority must be superior - and subsequently all those who oppose me have to be punished in some way.

Rule 1: I'm always right. Rule 2: If ever not, Rule 1 takes effect.

And sure, what you should learn of me goes a different way; But anyway ... . So, the God you'll find IRL is my God - and therefore I am right. I notice: This is significantly 'darker' than what I'm serious about - its ... worthless if it ain't true.

Anger Management Issues

Well, touch a "Rational Person" on that nerve and they'll be as emotional a SJW! Speaking of Pedophilia as opposed by Undoomed. It doesn't go a long way. If we're upset by something we only have what we are aware of to argue with. What we see of Undoomed there, so - actually, should concern us. That he does not, matter of fact, have rational arguments while generally being grounded on denial.

"You do wrong and I oppose that!" - so the general gist - and we all have those moments I guess. Sometimes with more and other times with less truth behind it. So, getting annoyed by something might be the most universally shared reason to "get triggered".

And sure - there is a reason why Undoomed would or should get Upset there. Its the same why anyone should or would - get upset about stuff. Not just that. And in case even so against it. In a best case scenario we can have all that, while each side is grounded in truth and reason of truth. An abstract one I guess.
If we were to so embrace Pedophilia - what do we need to expect? This we can ask - and get to conclusions that outweigh any reason to understand whether or not Pedophilia is generally wrong.

With legality of it - new questions emerged: How does the dating happen? We can no longer pull out the 'fate' card because then it becomes a legal market. So, what otherwise must endure social harassment is then eventually also introducing trading back into the romance. Giving it to the parents - they could see daughters, ... or boys, ... as value - to sell to the highest bidder. Or ... "sell".

So, that is mostly a societal issue - and it is ... 'even so' ... (as it turns out) ... important. The thing about "the Orwellian Future" (I haven't read Orwell myself) is that it is the consequence of ... what happened. Sure. As any fiction of future - it assumes certain events to take place. The manifestation of power within an elite that suppresses the working class is one such thing. Thinking of how it can or could or might happen, money is of course one thing that can come to mind. Balance shifting on that scale - add some madmen into positions of power and boom. If we so live in poverty and pedophilia became legal, and balances of power would create enough grey-space for child-trading - that would enter the 'norm' - as, because it happens, society is in some way skewed towards it. So, the powers that reign leave a mark.

So, by opposing Pedophilia on legal terms we also oppose the concept of trading with it. Outside of legal definitions we simply value childhood - we exalt it - as our culture shows: We try to give them paradise. Funky Wallpapers, Flashy Toys, ... everything is Fluffy or Super or both, ... but so, the older we grow the more of the fluff goes away.

A happy family is a family with happy kids.

And this is a very crucial detail if we now wanted to settle the discussion on base of 'simply talking about the legality of Pedophilia'.

I would have to vote against it for as long as a few critical elements were missing; And that in ... like: For as long as I don't know them - that is as a division by zero. So, sure. We first want to know that its safe. But ... we don't want some silly studies either, shoved in to claim that it works out while ... we as a society don't work out that way.
Here's a thing about studies done on people: If you take a sample of a group of people that lives in a way that works for 29% of people, ... the results of that study most likely just apply to those 29%.

Pedophilia is a very serious topic. And ... it is certainly one reason why I perhaps had to ... become a little bit irrational about going out of my way to write about certain things. It is though serious as in: Genetically serious.

Analogous to that see I my setup when it comes to me, my clarity and my privacy/intimacy. But that for another time?

So, if we imagine a Paper Magazine that would be all ... family friendly ... yet also focusing on the progress made on understanding Pedophilia - it would only be as true as the society that is reflected therein is your own. A danger ... so it seems ... if we suppose that the reflected society is the ideal we should strive for.
Well, it might be - in deed! It would so be in this case. Conditions wherein Pedophilia works out well - that however would only apply to ... 10% of the population maybe?
So, we should strive for it - sure. But one danger so is if we use that as an excuse. If the majority would live like that - then sure! Thats what I'm saying though. Otherwise the magazine would however only mask the truth - of what the legalization of Pedophilia means to the majority of people.

And so I am a victim of society in that I were a Child in for Pedophile action, though I can in hindsight ... be grateful ... about having been protected. Get it?

Sure, ... I mean. There is the standpoint from where I could grow upset at society, speaking of how miserable my life is because I can't live up to myself - but I don't need to have it "at all cost". And well, that differentiation makes it ... complicated. Or difficult.
Yea, difficult is the right word!

We could say: "Society will find its way" - good, but ... if we don't have a real influence, individually, that is as leaving it up to itself; With all the balances in place as they are. And because of human nature - well, ... this has to lead to conflict and what not. Something. Chaos. I mean ... anger.


So, what I mean by 'genetical' is that ... speaking about Pedophilia, we first of all speak of a "Child". A Child is a Child as it is not yet 'matured'. We ... so have puberty. We have to grow up - understand the world around us - and so there is that period from birth to that which we can label as "pre-mature" at least ... and that is synonymous to DNA. It is an idea we from a grown perspective must understand of our own, as what we do isn't all driven by instinct. So, more or less. Once there is such a thing as a Doctor, we would come to that person if our child showed symptoms of an illness.

These days, I think ... well. I mean. In terms of what future generations might look back at and laugh about is how we exalt parenthood into an end all be all argument. So, whats best for a child is up to the parents to decide. That is good while we have no common sense understanding of Childhood. Because the Parents are compelled to Love their Child as some last line of defense.

Clearly: What I so imply - or get to imply as first solid thing - is an environmental aspect that takes care of our children instead of their parents. But here so again it matters how the balance is shifted. So, how 'elite' is one to be in order to "comprehend" the decisions being made?
So is that which I propose in the same breath also that which I oppose. And I got to make that explicitly clear here. "Oren Ishi" style.

I mean, if there is ever a chance that it is a "we take away your kids" institution, ... definitely no!

In totality do I want to say that we as a society first have to change - starting to organize properly around child-care - and that we cannot force that out. I ... in that guess have to emphasize one more thing:

There seems to be something about fashion. Like, that Illuminati have no hand in anything sleezy. Which is the next thing: Who are our fashion "Gods"? And what is our science of it?

It matters!

A parent is an individual that has the first hand responsibility to decide about its kid. Its ... the first thing. That because the individual was involved at creating it - so, it is 'his' and 'hers' - and if they assume they have to decide for it, thats what they have to do - period. Anything else is a 'taking your child away' scheme.

So, if a parent doesn't trust the person that were to 'care' - or make any decisions - it would commit a sin by not using its parenthood as a reason to oppose it, ... society would ask a sin of each individual and therefore must be opposed. Basically.

So do we have to look at common wealth and archetypes of living conditions to first of all map out what we are. And so we need to figure out how to achieve that. From there we will evolve as we improve those - coming up with new ways as getting rid of older ones - and so there is this 'us' ... the 'we' that there is. Which is: An issue of who is in charge. Who basically decides which voices are being heard and which ones are not.

(I think I got it: My enemy plays the "Kings looked away from him" Card by arguing that his politics are controversial.)

And so, well - we get to the root of the 'issue'. The 'pike'.

We can discuss it all day long: If you as the majority want it one way, thats how its gonna be. And so the consequences; Whatever you had wanted them to be. If a boulder is rolling at you, ... you either a) get out of the way or b) get hit. You can also c) imagine it to roll around you, ... but whether or not that is a viable third option, ... is kindof debatable but generally ... not really. I doubt we would find volunteers to test it!

"I wonder why that is!"

"Can somebody please tell me!?"

"Noooooooooo!" (Darth Vader)

LOL! George Lucas, the bringer of the most High Quality Meme!

But if you want to say that I want to bring about the legalization of Pedophilia, you have to contextualize that by all the other things I want to bring about; And I might do well by adding a bit more clarity to that.

I first want a society that can discuss things properly.

ANd if you, so my perspective, can't get your ass up and "go to church" - to connect and socialize - I don't really see it happen!
And is this me now teasing you?

Well, in order to tease you ... my promises would have to be promising, right? I mean - if you wanted it, you could all go on and do the exact same thing without me. Which is maybe even what someone has risen up to do already. "There is the way" - maybe.

You can talk of me as a Pedophile; And what society makes of it will forever be that!! If I ask society to be tolerant of it - I ask that of 'it' - ... while what 'it' does ... is written on a different page. As I would generally ask of society to be more considerate ... within such tolerance. To learn about what you don't understand. Which yea, isn't easy - but, ... thats why I count on Unification/Enlightenment.

So, ... round about this topic ... I generally ... feel like I'm kindof producing blueprints; And wherever I pull the "God" card they just have to make up something. Or they would try to skew my way to what they think they can conquer.

ANd as before it stands as my first argument. God first. Once you get through that - so I'm sure as I'm sure that my God is the true living eternal One - we can get together in a way that'll work out.

Otherwise - and thats a given: We will have to find a way to 'select' those amongst us that we trust at making the right decisions. While, the more power is involved, the more we have to change how we think about it. The danger is always that the top doesn't do as we would - and probably thats also an issue of how responsibilities are structured - but ... well.

Atheistically speaking: What we need is a process thats focused on 'the Childs way' - so, moving to a situation where the grown person can look back and attest righteousness at the system.
And that, as the story goes, isn't given if the child has absolutely no choice!

Except when things align just well. But that is a different story.

But thats all for now!

"Thank you God this is EPIC!"

Fundamental/EmpiricalPosted by Nicole Fri, March 23, 2018 20:13:43

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